What Japanese People Think About Divorce

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  • It’s terrible but true, a lot of marriages end up in divorce in reality.
    Although it's getting increasing, we have less divorce compared to US. And an American woman asked me why it's less in Japan. Actually, I have no idea.
    So, let's talk about that!

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  • Lyn Charles
    Lyn Charles 10 days ago

    where can I get that Pikachu

  • Lyn Charles
    Lyn Charles 10 days ago

    I have a negative image

  • Lyn Charles
    Lyn Charles 10 days ago

    this is why I want to marry an Asian woman raised in an Asian country

  • Lyn Charles
    Lyn Charles 10 days ago

    she's Western, of course she is

  • alexandra fragoso
    alexandra fragoso 14 days ago

    i would say divorce would be sad *however* in my family's case: my moms parents divorced when she was 2 and that was hard on her especially since her mom was quite abusive

    so she always dreamed of having a good family she could raise and a good husband ^^

    but instead she married my dad when they found out they were having my sister and though i do love my dad, he was not a good match for my mom asides from goals and certain aspects of life/relation since he is a person who is more hardworking but not so much great at affection especially the type needed when a person has dealt with emotional/physical abuse before

    even though she asked for very minimal things and was very kind and pure sometimes life turns you a bit bitter

    but they didn't divorce because she didnt want it to affect me or my older sister but sometimes keeping together is just as bad if not worse

    my house was a bit physical and emotionally abusive for years and though sooo so much better now

    but it did cost her a 90% blockage heart attack in her 30's due to stress and other things

    sometimes it makes you wonder until what point is divorce the option to take

  • alexandra fragoso
    alexandra fragoso 14 days ago

    personally i am a bit scared of dating and marriage i prefer being alone i think at least for now

  • apricotpomegranate
    apricotpomegranate 20 days ago

    This may be a controversial stance, but I view divorce like I view war. Divorce (in love marriages) is ALWAYS a negative thing, but sometimes it is a necessary thing. Just like a country MUST protect itself when attacked, a person must end their marriage if they're being physically abused or some other reason. In both cases it is a necessary action but there are significant consequences; loss of life in war, and loss of love in divorce. On the same tangent, in many cases, there alternatives to divorce (and war), such as actually working at a marriage by increasing effective communication, and peace relations between conflicting countries I guess... :P I believe that both Japan and the west have the same amount of crappy marriages, the reason Westerners are more quick to divorce is because of a flippant view towards the covenant of marriage and a optional view of marriage that they view as a transaction. For example, you give and take or you're out, no big deal (despite how much it may fuck up their kid's lives to grow up with parents that hate eachother). All that being said, DIVORCE IS A NECESSARY OPTION!!! I am not claiming the opposite at all... however it should be viewed as the absolute last resort because divorce fucking sucks. PERIOD.

  • Philip Johanson
    Philip Johanson 25 days ago

    Saying divorce is from bad luck, I think, is an excuse to not look at what you did wrong with the last marriage.

  • Philip Johanson
    Philip Johanson 26 days ago

    Divorce is not a good thing let's not get mistaken. If anyone has children those children are always better off if the parents either stick together or work together we cannot ignore that, and the West is suffering greatly from ignoring that in society.

  • Karl Carl Carlos
    Karl Carl Carlos 29 days ago

    The Sacred weight and reality of Marriage is over... Modernity has its positives and negatives.

  • Studio Yuraki
    Studio Yuraki 1 month ago

    Is no one going to catch that pikachu?

  • PR TechGuy
    PR TechGuy 1 month ago

    I have a negative image about divorce too. I do believe that there are times when it is necessary. However, when children come in the couple needs to find a way to not lose their identity as a couple. What I mean is to do the things that made them happy together before children. Sex is also very important. Both men and women can cheat based on not getting the same type of attention they use to get from their spouse. It is critical to do things together and enjoy each other sexually as well. If the Japanese culture is watching so much porn and having so little sex it seems to me that they rather have sex. Maybe the culture will change more over time and people will realize that sex is a very beautiful thing that is a normal part of life and enjoyable to both parties involved.

  • darrin hughes
    darrin hughes 1 month ago

    Japan divorce rate does not mean couples are happier compared to America, in Japan the women are much more tolerant but definitely not happy, so America divorce rate high but happy people in Japan divorce rate lower but miserable, what do you prefer?

  • kamaboko1
    kamaboko1 1 month ago

    I have lived in Japan for a couple of years (and have a MA in Japanese History). When I was there I got to know a number of Japanese women, some divorced, some not. The consensus among the women I spoke with was that divorce is not popular simply due to the perception among peers. On the other hand, it was perfectly OK to have a lover outside of the marriage. As one woman told me, think of marriage as a business partnership. You both take care of each other. Yet, love is something one finds outside of the partnership. Great lovers do not always make great partners and is usually a bad choice for a lifelong commitment. One woman said, always pick a stable partner, and if you do not end up loving them, you can always find a lover.

  • cr4yv3n
    cr4yv3n 1 month ago

    "Although it's getting increasing, we have less divorce compared to US. "

    The US is a pretty low bar to compare yourselves with :P

  • marine021393
    marine021393 1 month ago

    自分的に問題は多分結婚するの前に分かってるはずの事があります。まずは結婚と言うのはデートとか遊びとは全然違う。誰かと結婚したらその人に死が来るまでずっと一緒にいると役即するんじゃないですか? それと思いと言うのはたまには無いですね。その時にパートナーとして別れないように然り者になれるの必要がある。その全部分かれるならば大丈夫と思う。その考え方があれば離婚のかのせいが下がると思います。

  • Phantasy Starved
    Phantasy Starved 2 months ago

    In a topic related to this, I'd be interested in hearing Japanese perspectives on dating someone who already have children living at home from a previous marriage/relationship, something which becomes quite common to encounter in the U.S. especially for single men dating in their 30s/40s/50s.

    For those younger folks whose first reaction is that it shouldn't matter - if you are a responsible person, then it really does. I see less of a problem in being honest and avoiding women who have kids because they don't want to deal with them, rather than continue in the relationship if they're going to be a disinterested, uninvested, or even an outright bad Father.

    There's also situations that occur where someone may not want to force their natural children to all of a sudden share a home with stepchildren. Yes, it oftentimes works out fine but there can definitely be situations where the kids don't get along and there can be strong resentment in having to share living quarters or share time with their parents. These situations are even worse if the kids feel like they are not being listened to - that you care more about/listen to your new partner more than you for them.

    It's a complex topic but I'd be interested in hearing discussion on this, since I believe it would occur less often in Japan than here in the States.

  • Indri Manning
    Indri Manning 2 months ago

    if im married someday id like to keep this relationship forever and if its possible i dont want have a divorce unless there are reasons to. like; cheating, abusive, drunkard, transgender

  • Yannick Mupompa
    Yannick Mupompa 2 months ago

    How can you have a serious discussion with someone dress like Pikachu? xD

    I would have been laughing all day long.

    But it's nice to have people like him, it brings good vibes.

  • 007MrYang
    007MrYang 2 months ago

    The fact that pikachu is just sitting there, makes me think he's had a string of ex-wives XD

  • chromospheres
    chromospheres 2 months ago

    I think the culture of USA relationship is a type of lets love then hate each other then separate. I think USA society is like brain washed as to what should be and what should be not. But cheating in USA is of a much higher rate, There discipline over the years have fail it is no longer lover the partner but developed in lust the partner. Once the spice is gone in there relationship they look further for spice in their lives I guess they get greedy and want more, I think these types of people are always lost they have dead souls. Japan have  much better discipline into there culture.

  • Naizgroth
    Naizgroth 2 months ago

    Did she just compare a TV Show to reality? She does know Friends is scripted and not real, right?

    That girl has her head in the clouds.

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  • sean shindelbower
    sean shindelbower 2 months ago

    Okay where do i start: The REASONS why divorce is so high in the US is actually for some crazy reasons that i think you should bring up.
    1. There are to many negatives(consequences) of Divorce that man opt out of it(This is the most recent trend).
    2. People marry to soon sometimes don't TAKE the effort to maintain the relationship because of many reasons.
    3. NOT saying all women do this: But there are women out there who marry men for his money and when they divorce she gets a lot of it. This ties into point number 1

    Anyone think i am missing any?

  • dark phanthom
    dark phanthom 2 months ago

    lol i will never ever marry!! , i don't want a woman to take my house and half my money and properties 😷😷😷 !! .

    better to live free like a lone wolf and have blast with different women all the time .

  • Melied Baez
    Melied Baez 3 months ago

    In my opinion get divorce one time is "okay" but more than one is like wtf?? are you getting married without thinking well?

  • Rajiv Raj
    Rajiv Raj 3 months ago

    Men shouldn't get married in the first place, its a raw deal and when the divorce comes the initiator is the wife, she'll take the kids and make you pay.

  • Awa Mapumba
    Awa Mapumba 3 months ago

    that Japanese Man Yuta is really smart ,i love his mind

  • Guardian OfTides
    Guardian OfTides 3 months ago +1

    when you see pikachu in a video about divorce XDDDD

  • That Gaijin Fella
    That Gaijin Fella 3 months ago +1

    Was married to a Japanese woman for 16 years. Divorced a year ago after many years of loneliness in the marriage. I was ignored, treated like a ghost and ridiculed by her for years. Wasting one's life with the wrong person is a crime in itself. Staying married to the wrong person for the sake of social acceptance, also wrong. I couldn't care less what other people think - it's my life! We're still good friends and share our son. I've since met a wonderful Japanese woman who is the complete opposite of my ex. Divorce is never pleasant or wanted, but sometimes you have no choice.

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson 3 months ago

    The Japanese always seem so uncomfortable with social issue conversations. I loved visiting there but it seems much like the U.K. Where people don't really say what they mean and all this suppressed frustration

  • CookerWins
    CookerWins 3 months ago

    what's wrong with this Pikachu guy

  • Devon
    Devon 3 months ago

    I mean, it happens. Of course it's not a good thing, but sometimes it's necessary. For instance, if a partner is abusive towards their significant other, that's inexcusable. They should seek to improve themselves and fix their relationship, otherwise they should just get a divorce. No one should have to suffer because their partner is a massive jerk on that level.

  • Maria Consuelo
    Maria Consuelo 3 months ago

    I married a man I loved but with the full awareness that it wouldn't be easy over time. Love must be supported by mutual respect and flexibility. This way, when a couple reaches old age, loving memories can replace romantic love and the thought that they built something lasting together becomes a reassuring feeling.

  • ParsimoniousTV
    ParsimoniousTV 3 months ago

    I think divorce is depressing. Like imagining myself in that place I think that it would be VERY hard to live through. When you marry someone you never think that you'll have to go a day without them until death and then one day they just decide that they don't want to try anymore or that they don't care anymore or that they want someone else. That's your best friend. You grew up together, live together, had kids together and now they just say...never mind I don't want you anymore or you're not worth it anymore. I don't think I would ever be able to move past that if it happened to me.

  • FF2Guy
    FF2Guy 3 months ago +1

    Honestly, I think it completely depends on the situation.  For instance, in many places including America, people get married more or less on a whim and then don't put in any energy to compromise or maintain the relationship, which is just the wrong way to go about it.  On the other hand, some people are just not compatible, in which case it is just better to cut each other off entirely to save themselves from stress, or to protect their loved ones from any kind of emotional distress.  But I do agree with that one guy in the video that if I feel there is even just a possibility that I would divorce some person, I shouldn't plan to marry her.

    ATHEPISTA CO 3 months ago

    if divorce with no child at all is fine. if divorce with got child is very hard because will have custody cases very difficult.

  • Anny L E
    Anny L E 3 months ago

    personally for me married = love, respect, trust, support each other so if my husband cheating on me n do bad things to me I would do anything to save my marriage n improve my relationship with my husband but if still can't maybe divorce but it is the last option
    (as a woman I don't like share my husband, his heart, mind, love n body is mine n just for me (I don't care if everyone call me selfish or whatever it is)k

  • terrann3545
    terrann3545 3 months ago

    One of the biggest reasons people get divorced is due to impulsivity and not knowing your boyfriend or girlfriend well enough and jumping into marriage because the sex is fantastic and you "get" each other, you need at least one year to truly know if they're psycho and or needy or more, which means they have nothing to bring to the table lol . Another is not accepting the views and traditions or what ever it may be of the one your dating, "my way or the highway" kinda person. My wife being Asian waited almost one year before being intimate with me because she wanted to get to know me, to know my character before wasting time on a relationship that would fail if we'd just jumped in, 24 years later I'm happy as the first day I met her. cheers.

  • Becca K
    Becca K 3 months ago

    I know more than a few people who have divorced and remarried 2, 3, 4 times. It always seems to be that person picking the same type of spouse with a problem, like abuse, drug addiction or serial cheating over and over

  • Jilly D
    Jilly D 3 months ago

    my parents first got married because thet had me.my parents got along better after their divorce. they used to fight all the time. but after their divorce they became friends. They even went out with mutual friends together and stuff. they did wait till my brother and I were grown though.

  • HercULAS
    HercULAS 3 months ago +1

    patience and tolerance is greater in Japanese communities compared to the UK/US. i would like to say it is a fact. it all comes down to life style and culture.

  • Down the Hatch and Itches to Scratch

    That the guy dressed as Pikachu and the stylishly dressed guy are in the same social circle is as big a cultural difference between Japan and the west as the topic of divorce is.

  • PaladinMJ
    PaladinMJ 3 months ago

    strong negative image divorce.

  • zara kimi
    zara kimi 3 months ago

    If u asking me..i dont believe about marriage and marriage life...😌😌

  • Jeff Hartman
    Jeff Hartman 3 months ago

    It's not divorce. multiple... what's disturbing is that someone repeatedly uses the romance and glamour of marriage over and over and didn't take it seriously

  • Grant Glaze
    Grant Glaze 3 months ago

    I work with a man that has been divorced 3 times. He blames the ex's but I see that he does have a temper. I my self have been divorced once.The only negative side of divorce is the affect on the children.

  • GamerOfThe21stCentury
    GamerOfThe21stCentury 3 months ago

    Sadly in the United States relationships are treated like cars. After awhile people get bored of each other and want a new model/New Relationship and infidelity is becoming the social norm which is very sad.

  • Ibnul Arabi
    Ibnul Arabi 3 months ago +1

    Agree with Yuta. That's why I avoid all Caucasian girls. In particular, Americans, British and Australians. Not to mention, especially Europeans.

  • Mikaila Owens
    Mikaila Owens 3 months ago

    Being a divorced person there are both positive and negatives about it. My personal experience is that we both tried to continue the relationship but it got to a point where it was just not possible to have a healthy relationship. So we decided to divorce. I never thought I would but ultimately it happened. But it's been several years now and I am much happier not being married and have made many progresses in my life that may not have been possible if I was still married. As long as you try your best before you divorce and not just give up right away, divorce is ok in my opinion.

  • Anthon Deutsch
    Anthon Deutsch 3 months ago +3

    If you divorce many times the problem is the person

  • EskiltheWanderer
    EskiltheWanderer 3 months ago


    It's interesting how different cultures handle divorce differently. My American grandfathers (I have two... one is my mother's stepfather, because her mother divorced the first! LOL) have both divorced and married about three to five times, and it's rather shameful of them; now, even they have a sort of sad, negative image of themselves, like they're hopeless to keep a marriage forever but lucky that they have what they have now. There's a sort of honesty to that. It admits that we are not perfect as human beings. This attitude is in contrast with my Slovak grandfather, who ran off on my dad's mother when they were young, and started a new family elsewhere. Unlike a divorce, which can be messy and life-destroying at worst and cordial at best, leaving a marriage the way my European grandfather did is a dishonest kind of abandonment.

    All in all, I'm glad we have the option to get a divorce, even if others might look upon it shamefully.

    I would love to get a response from Nobita to this comment in some way by the way!

  • EskiltheWanderer
    EskiltheWanderer 3 months ago


    • EskiltheWanderer
      EskiltheWanderer 3 months ago


  • julie
    julie 3 months ago

    My dad cheated on my mum when I was about 7 yrs old (I don't really remember but I was in primary school). Once your partner cheats on you, your trust is almost completely broken. My ex bf went out with my friend and although he felt guilty and confessed, our relationship just wasn't the same from then on. In my parents case, they almost went through a divorce. Of course back then I was young I didn't want my parents to divorce but as I got older, I sometimes wonder if things would've been better if they actually did divorce. Mostly because my parents are like polar opposites and they quarrel a lot. A LOT. It affects the kids y'know. However, realistically speaking with the separation, my family wouldn't be living as comfortably as we are now so I'm thankful for that.

  • Ben Franklin99
    Ben Franklin99 3 months ago

    Divorce is very healthy if you are married to a bad spouse - one who drinks, drugs, is abusive, who doesn't care about you, won't work, is a bad parent, has a personality disorder (technical term,) etc.

  • 乡下人
    乡下人 3 months ago

    Hi Nobita San, did you read the novel 失樂園 by 邊度淳一. The story in that novel seems very much related to this topic. So I would like ask: is that situation pretty typical in Japan nowadays?

  • Justin G
    Justin G 3 months ago

    You have to realize that divorce was not allowed in Catholic religion (which Japan has a long history with). It was only until Martin Luther started speaking that the idea was debated. I guess in Europe and America, the idea was more accepting. Not really sure but great video non the less. Keep up the good work.

  • Business Logistics
    Business Logistics 3 months ago +1

    In USA divorce has become part of their culture just like homosexuality. In Africa we dont think of divorce. it happens but we dont take it as normal. We dont like here. Homesexuality in Africa is like a no no no...

  • LogosTheos
    LogosTheos 3 months ago

    That's why I don't mess with Western women

  • Benji Zax and the Alien Prince

    actually divorced in america is a business!! it actually benefits the feminist bitches!!

  • FiferJanis
    FiferJanis 3 months ago

    Obviously it's not ideal, but sometimes life is too short to be stuck in a bad relationship, or one that doesn't work out. I was divorced by age 27 after 4 years... but for the past 15 years I've been in a steady relationship, but marriage hasn't come up. We don't have kids and won't, so never saw having a binding contract as needed. We own a house together and have 2 dogs - probably more of a committment!

    My former husband and I were no more than friends who were roommates pushed together by parents and friends trying to "define" us when there really wasn't anything there beyond friendship. I wanted someone who was an equal partner whom I felt some sexual tension for; not be a mother to a guy 12 years older than me whose parents were trying to get him to leave the nest.

    I also feel like one of the biggest issues I have with marriage is as soon as I was married, I ceased to be a person. I was the lesser part of a "thing". As if being a woman isn't hard enough without being reduced in social status to someone else's wife/property in this day and age... NO THANKS! I am my own person with my own career and own interests, not someone else's XYZ.

  • LeftRightExtremist
    LeftRightExtremist 3 months ago

    Great video, once again. Thank you.

  • Tero Väänänen
    Tero Väänänen 3 months ago

    What's the point of having a negative image of divorce? It is not like it is a fun thing for anyone, and something anyone wants to do.

    People just need to get the high image of marriage out of their heads. The morality, and ideals that are tied to it are misplaced. You stay because you want to, and not because there is some invisible moral prison holding you in. Marriage does not make things better, nor is it any guarantee for happiness. In fact, it can make things worse when the couple should have said sayonara a long time ago for everyone's sake. People live in fear of themselves and other people's judgement, even when they are all wrong.

    Why is there a such a thing as marriage? Security and money, status, family pride and all of the above, plus government got your tax balls. And religion; oh man, no better way to corral the sheep (and collect the money - they got that down a long time ago). Children are there for succession of family status, money, and pride. Have that kid out of marriage, and suddenly that kid is looked at side ways, having less value, and the woman is cheap. Why is that? Because family status, money, and pride. Don't have those, well that sucks. It is a whole lot of garbage.

    And look, marriage is strong when women have a weak position in society. It even used to be the only way women could have possessions and income. Marriage WAS their income. And yes, it still IS their income even in western countries in many cases. Why does the Japanese wife control the money in the family? There you have it. It is not a position of strength, but proof of the weakness. Men can have side women because they can!

    If you can avoid it, do not have a marriage where there is an imbalance of incomes because it can be a source of big problems. It is good to have a woman who has the same power you have; not only can you cover each other's asses, but you can separate in peace. Take off the pressure of being the only idiot with money, and then feeling guilty if you have to walk away. Have kids, then even better, they will be covered.

    Now, give women power, and independence, and divorces start. In my home country over 70% of divorces are initiated by women, because their position is better, and often stronger than men after divorces because they have their own incomes, have better social and support networks, and wide government support. No reason to stay, and bing, bang, boom. Divorce rates are not low because it is morally bad, but because people can not divorce! As soon as you reasonably have that option, 50% divorce rate, and 60-70% divorce rate in some European countries. People don't even bother getting married for the ridiculous hassle that it has become (and the obvious illusions).

    So, if a couple divorces for the right reason, I don't give a damn. Good for them, and good luck.

  • Yana Sarkar
    Yana Sarkar 3 months ago +3

    Daichi has the best opinion.. i think that way too... If you marry someone you have to stay together forever... if not then don't pick them!

  • Latonya Johnson
    Latonya Johnson 3 months ago

    Divorce is very common in America where I live when I was growing up half of my childhood friends had parents that were divorced

  • xYuushax
    xYuushax 3 months ago

    Who cares about feelings of each other, when raising kids is more important than your own feelings towards each other? And what? You want your kid/s to suffer? If you care too much about your feelings, do not get children, do not get marriage or any relationship at all. This maybe the reason why most western families are broken families.

  • xYuushax
    xYuushax 3 months ago

    People who can't commit to each other shouldn't or should never be in a marriage. Or be in a relationship at all.

  • LemonadeDan
    LemonadeDan 3 months ago

    First time I get to see Yuta's home from the video call 😂

  • Dajon Yo
    Dajon Yo 3 months ago

    How do Japanese woman view pervs/ sexual men?

    • xYuushax
      xYuushax 3 months ago

      How do Japanese men view pervs/sexual women?

  • camille caumont
    camille caumont 3 months ago +4

    if you value feelings over stability and raising kids....you'll probably get divorced

  • Greed Recycler
    Greed Recycler 3 months ago

    I believe divorce is going to be vastly different thing towards a couples situation. My personal experience, both my parents had a divorce when I was 8. They just didn't love each other as much, no fighting no cheating. They were just unhappy with the relationship.

    I mainly followed my mom, but hollidays and weekends would be spent with my dad. Both my parents got remarried, my dad and step mother had a baby together, and mu step dad had his son from his first divorce. So essentially I have 4 parents, 2 step siblings, 6 grandparents (some of them passed away).

    Honestly, it ain't that bad, I truly believe everyone is genuinly happy in this situation. I simply can't imagine how life would be if my parents never dovorced.

  • Melanin Deficient
    Melanin Deficient 3 months ago +1

    Just don't get married it's a bad contract for a man,you're signing your rights away... especially in the west.

  • Cristina Príncipe
    Cristina Príncipe 3 months ago

    Divorce wouldn't exist if people didn't come up with the "great" idea of getting married. Marriage is an oppressive patriarchal institution that should be abolished some day. So if divorce help people break free from that oppressive institution, then it's OK for me 😊

    • xYuushax
      xYuushax 3 months ago

      what's the point of marriage if you'll just break it up? Don't waste money and effort, because it is stupid and impractical.

  • Vy The Fujoshi
    Vy The Fujoshi 3 months ago +1

    I have divorced parents and I have been living with my mom since I was 9. What people don't understand is that staying with a partner for the rest of their life isn't something as easy as just getting married. Getting married is the first step out of 1 million. For a couple to grow to support each other and become part of each other's lives requires them to evolve individually and evolve together also. People change all the time and some couples aren't able to keep up with each other's changes and that is when it starts falling apart. To be a long-lasting couple is to be able to fall in love with them every day as they change every day also. That isn't something that can be easy as some people are afraid of change and just want to stay at a stagnant stage, but that isn't possible. That is why sometimes, divorce is the only choice you have left when both partners are drifting apart. I wouldn't say divorce is something positive, but I would try my best to avoid it obviously. If it ever comes down to that, I won't like not consider it as it can actually make my partner's life and mine better. To be honest, my parents getting divorced was the best thing between them staying together and just fight every day or not talk to each other at all, and them splitting up and finally being at peace with each other and themselves. So yeah, this is my opinion.

  • LordAuraa
    LordAuraa 3 months ago

    First of all, Ross is a fictional character. Second, he was an idiot.

  • John Yeo Suryawan
    John Yeo Suryawan 3 months ago

    I think divorce is good for both partners even if only one partner feels wrong about the marriage. A marriage should be based on a strong foundation and not romantiscm. Marriage means the couple are committed to each other forever and they truly love and like all or most of each other. Divorce is the right thing to do if u just thought deep enough and realized that u chose the wrong partner. Otherwise u would hv to feel wrong abt ur relationship for the rest of ur life, which will slowly eat u.

  • adam mohamad
    adam mohamad 3 months ago

    I am not sure whether to take the pikachu guy seriously or not

  • Walter
    Walter 3 months ago

    Fun fact!
    Did you know that the number one reason of divorce is marriage?

    huehuehuehue :)

    • Amy Xivier
      Amy Xivier 3 months ago

      Joke? Because it is not funny tho. I'm glad you thought it was a joke, believe or not there are always dumber people that think like Walter statement(even though it is nonsense for us).

    • Boshii J
      Boshii J 3 months ago

      of course it's not the number one reason. I was only trying to explain that Walter was only playing with words and saying a nonsense joke. I guess some people will always take things seriously.

    • Amy Xivier
      Amy Xivier 3 months ago

      Of course. They must be married first so that the word divorce is exist. But, it is not the number one reason of divorce happened. We have to take a look at WHY its happen(the situation that make them want to divorce). Anyone who be with their partner without marriage can use it as an excuse to broke the relationship but there is no different with divorce. Remember, marriage just for those who commited for relationship with their partner.

    • Boshii J
      Boshii J 3 months ago

      I think Walter was saying something obvious as a joke. Walter was saying divorce can only happen when you are married. You can't have a divorce if you are not married. So Walter was saying number one reason for divorce is marriage because you have to be married in the first place to even have a divorce. -0-

    • Amy Xivier
      Amy Xivier 3 months ago

      There are a lot of people that never divorce so your argument is invalid.

  • Claudia Blaj
    Claudia Blaj 3 months ago +6

    Marriage is old-fashioned XD. There is no need to marry so divorce is not really a topic. I don't know in the USA and Japan but in France half of all the couples are not married even if they have children.

    I honestly don't understand why people get married nowadays. Financial reasons, love ?

    • Amy Xivier
      Amy Xivier 2 months ago

      MinieAnne It is not stupid. The people is.

    • MinieAnne
      MinieAnne 2 months ago

      Amy Xivier that totally stupid, getting married will not stop people to cheat, if a person want to cheat , marry or not it will do it --'

    • Amy Xivier
      Amy Xivier 3 months ago

      xYuushax I agree with your country. It's like prostitution to have kid without commitment between partner(first step is marriage). I have a good image on marriage.

    • Claudia Blaj
      Claudia Blaj 3 months ago

      Wow, thanks for being so open-minded.

    • xYuushax
      xYuushax 3 months ago

      but in here in the philippines, you might even get arrested if you're not married and have children, if you're a foreigner that has a relationship with a filipino, and have children and not yet married, you will have serious problems.

  • Terry Sukairain
    Terry Sukairain 3 months ago +2

    I think the high rate of divorce can be linked to media glorifying relationships that you need to be in one in order to feel complete, leading to alot unresolved issues or experiences the person hasn't been able to fullfil. it's always a terrible thing to rush into a relationship without first coming to terms with who you are as a person, and not fleshing out what you look for in a partner. I see it alot with my friends they rush to get married, and have kids. not necessarily in that order. 99% of the time they consider divorce or even cheating.

  • Kirito Nightfire
    Kirito Nightfire 3 months ago

    Well I personally think divorce is a bad thing. Here in America its so popular because after many years of marriage you start to lose interested in each other so you get a divorce so you can start fresh; then instead of trying to work it out or talk about it, so I can divorce the "easy way out" because your not willing to put the effort in. Most divorce in America are rarely beneficial to the family/children its more of a selfish act that supposedly makes you feel empowered. That's why I kinda actually like Japan's view on marriage, its so traditional and in way religious. Also divorce in America is economically beneficial due to court case if your trying to take from the other, and also you can end up with bad step-family. There is also the emotional and mental problems for kids with divorced parents. Its always the kids who suffer the most due to the fault of their parents/adults. But divorce has more negatives then benefits. Well that's my opinion anyway.

  • Kahrese Stathum
    Kahrese Stathum 3 months ago

    *when she busts out the japanese faster than i could bust the nut*

  • Mr Boardplayer
    Mr Boardplayer 3 months ago +1

    Is no one going to comment on the Pikachu randomnly sitting there? lol

  • Nihon - Daisuki
    Nihon - Daisuki 3 months ago

    I subbed this video for you Nobita. And man is it hard work and time! Enjoy!

  • Bloke Masterson
    Bloke Masterson 3 months ago

    Seems like a divorce in Japan is a scarlet letter for life.

  • Sigurd Kristvik
    Sigurd Kristvik 3 months ago

    hmm... I know quite a few that have experienced a divorce, either to themselves or their parents.
    It's can be very bad for the children, but some adapt to it after a while.
    I understand it's importance... it's a way to leave unhealthy relationships for women and men... but it's still not some thing people plan to do or look forward to do.

  • Aurelija Jeleniauskaitė
    Aurelija Jeleniauskaitė 3 months ago +2

    Very good topic, Nobita-san and thank you for releasing discussion video about this.
    In general, divorce is much more common in Western countries. I would like to share an example from my side.
    Coming from Europe, a small country called Lithuania, it is easy to notice high divorce rate here. However, my parents are still married (for almost 32 years). Saw them having a hard time, angry on each other... But also being very happy. They greet each other in the morning and say "Good night" with love, every single day (which is true admiration!). They also give each other a date on marriage day every year (same for day, when they met each other for the first time) and renewed vows after 25 years old marriage.
    What I meant by sharing this - romance and intimacy part is important to keep marriage strong. Same as speaking with each other. Actually, Lithuania and Japan have a lot in common (we are also quite conservative in a sense), despite a complete difference in a divorce situation. So, even in conservative culture, love fire can still be incredible. In the end, everything is the hearts of both sides.
    It could sound easy to say - "oh, you are so lucky to have parents married for so long". Maybe, in some way I am, but guys - marriage is an art, which you learn through experience, through pain and tears, as well as joy and wonderful moments. And, if you manage to stay together until death,, this is ultimate, eternal. Nothing more beautiful, what could be imagined.
    In my case, there is another side. At age of 25, have not been in a relationship not even once. Loved twice and both times took action myself to approach guys. As a result, I was heart-broken both times. Guess what - I still believe in true love. In one marriage for a lifetime, which still (of course!) hope to find. And one of those guys is still my friend until today!
    (Nobita-san, thank you for video, where you encouraged women to approach guys - it is not a joke - there are a lot of men, who are same scared to speak with women, even in Western countries!).
    As the final note - divorce could seem as the easiest way out. However, there are always several ways and it does not have necessarily to be the easiest one.

    P.S. I imagine you probably hear it a lot, but I love both yours, Nobita-san, and Daichi-san channels. You are doing a tremendous job and I am saying this from the bottom of the heart.

    For Daichi-san - after seeing your "Free Hugs" campaign, I am going to do 3 events like that for special cultural work. Actually, your videos were the ones, who truly inspired me, so thank you so much for that! :)
    I hope you will keep doing wonderful job guys, you both are amazing! :)

    With warmest wishes,
    Aurelija from Lithuania (now living in Armenia)

  • Andrea David Farnocchia
    Andrea David Farnocchia 3 months ago +3

    Life is one. People should look at their business. If something doesn't work why should I be unhappy forever to please the expectations of the mass?

  • Adrienn Rigó
    Adrienn Rigó 3 months ago +4

    Personally, I think if a marriage does not work for a couple anymore, there is no point to maintain it. The parties are just going to annoy each other, feeling like they are drowning and finally try to hurt and "kill" each other to survive. Of course, there are exceptions when, for example the couple has kids, so they try to keep it together for the kids' sake. Sometime, it works. But many times children suffer the consequences of a bad, superficial marriage.
    From where I come from people usually get married (mostly after living together for a few years, or even more) because they love each other (even after spending a lot of time together), and experienced they are a good team.
    Of course, it is hard to resist our family's and society's expectations for people to get married above a certain age, and their negative image of divorce. However, we are living in a world where we can follow our heart and decide for ourselves what works for us. So why not do it? We are responsible grown ups, or something like that. XP ....or at least trying.:D

  • Magical X3000
    Magical X3000 3 months ago +2

    when it comes to divorce because of cheating on me in my case I would have left my wife forever and never look for her again and last but not least I would throw away the ring or sell it.

  • Kendraah
    Kendraah 3 months ago +7

    I had to comment on this video, I am a twice divorce single mother. My First marriage my ex was abusive and almost killed me and I got out. My second marriage my ex ran away with another woman and divorced me leaving me with our daughter.

    I dated a Japanese man and it was a huge issue for him and his family that I was divorced with a child. I think it is kind of unfair to judge someone for something they had no control over. The woman always gets judged the harshest when she is divorced. I would love to have a complete family for my daughter but am judged too much based on the fact I have a child. I am in college full time for nuclear medicine, I work full time and have my own place and car. I do pretty well for myself. But because I am a divorced single mother I am looked down upon as dating and marriage material.

    • Capt.
      Capt. 2 months ago

      Point about this is it is not easy and at the same time, you got to take it slow. Once you are divorced, you have to go back to step one. I can tell you the story about how my mom gives me a stepfather. That process also takes a long time. My mom got a divorced in 2001. Took her a long time to convince a man that she has no man in her life and that her divorce status is real. She started dating in 2008. She finally married in 2016 and now he is my stepdad.

      The step one process is give him time to know you. Step two is let him be your date and not your family member. When he loves you, he will forget that fact that you are a single mother. That is how you can give your daughter a stepfather.

    • Capt.
      Capt. 2 months ago

      I guess this experience is showing you that once you are divorced, it is not supposed to be easy to convinced men that your divorce is final. Think about this. We live in the world where a lot of people can fake being divorced but in reality they are still married and refused to leave their spouses. Some people do fake divorces just to get more than one fiance.

      For your case, how long has that Japanese man and his family saw you as a divorced woman? Examples can be like let's supposed this Japanese man heard you tell stories about your husband in the past and let's supposed he heard the news that you were divorced for 1 week. Would convincing him your divorce is finalized? It would sound like you purposely broke up with your husband just so that you can convince him to date you. Being divorced for a short time would still make them think you of you as marriage material. I can understand you have a good reason to get a new man, but the convincing part would have to be the tricky part.

  • Mizuyah
    Mizuyah 3 months ago +5

    Interesting topic. I feel like Japanese people are about how they come across to other people and so will stay in a sham marriage in order to keep up appearances as oppose to think of themselves and they're own mental wellbeing. In the west, we are selfish. We put the individual first and if the individual is not happy, then said person will opt for divorce if it suits their wellbeing. I don't really have a bad image of divorce. But I did watch my grandparents who are still married by the way, gradually drift a part. There is no love in that marriage and it's kinda sad.

  • teamvjmck blah
    teamvjmck blah 3 months ago

    The White women in the video I feel sorry for the sucker that marries her. She is way to relaxed about divorce and sure to have a few in her future.

  • teamvjmck blah
    teamvjmck blah 3 months ago

    The last thing you want is a high divorce rate like the US. People often ask, "What is wrong with the kids today" well single parent homes is a large part to do with it.

  • Albert Dennis
    Albert Dennis 3 months ago +3

    it hard on kids if there are any. I could sometimes be deviation.

  • Angela Jiang
    Angela Jiang 3 months ago +1

    when I was in Japan last year I saw the guy in the pikachu jumpsuit in shibuya.

  • Duda B.
    Duda B. 3 months ago +2

    i'm not sure about divorce in US, but i can tell you how it is in Brazil. Both my parents are divorced twice, and actually, i only had two friends that still has their parents together. Here divorce is very commom, once i said to my grandmother that i was thinking about getting married, but i was afrait that i might be happier with someone else, and than, she said : hunny, better alone than with a bad husband. People here don't have afraid to show their unlucky relationship to d others, they have afraid of living unhappy for the rest of their lives. it's something about -" mutual respect, and let you partner go search his own hapiness, such as you."

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