"Spectacular explosion during Delta 2 rocket launch", Cape Canaveral. January 17, 1997

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  • Holy Prophet Elijah Tishbite

    Nu ajung la capat cu orele de somn in fiecare noapte, incepand cu august 2015 si pana-n prezent, din cauza unor persoane numite Fiara in Biblie la Apocalipsa careia i s-a dat sa faca razboi cu Sfintii. Nici rachetele dvs. nu ajung la capatul destinatiei.
    Kim Jong-Un = Holy Prophet Elijah. Conflict Coreea de Sud, USA si Japonia.

  • SmokeyTube
    SmokeyTube 11 days ago

    Ksp doesnt even do it that good.

  • The Rolling Gamer
    The Rolling Gamer 12 days ago

    I'm just sitting here like 'Ooh pretty!"

  • Yokisho yue
    Yokisho yue 19 days ago

    Expensive fireworks

  • JD Ciano
    JD Ciano 21 day ago


  • aAaa aAaa
    aAaa aAaa 24 days ago

    very expensive fireworks

  • John Russell
    John Russell 26 days ago

    Best man made firework in history of mankind and most expensive ..biggest would probably be TUNGUSKA RUSSIA ..wow now that would have been EPIC to see with welder goggles and 200 miles away?

  • U.S.A.F Fighters
    U.S.A.F Fighters 29 days ago

    best firework

  • Andrew Klein
    Andrew Klein Month ago

    It turned the truck into a sweet low rider, man.

  • HeavensDemon966
    HeavensDemon966 Month ago

    Excellent story!

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago

    mg watched this at half speed cuz of last video, #ifeelawful

  • dollarhugo37
    dollarhugo37 Month ago


  • Chuck Legg
    Chuck Legg Month ago

    Great story, thanks for sharing with us.

  • MAIL
    MAIL Month ago

    Et le son, l'on veux entendre l'explosion !!! ):

  • RetiredGuy Adventures

    I worked at Cape Canaveral when this happened and worked at the Delta Launch complex 17 between 1990 and 1993. Back then they would pull the workers back to the intersection of Lighthouse Road and Spin Test Road for the launches which is just slightly over a mile from the launch pads. It was maybe a couple of years before this disaster that they started pulling us back to the Industrial area for the launches. If the workers had still been pulled back to the original pull back area many would have died. I viewed the explosion from the Industrial area when it happened and later drove through the wreckage after the area had been opened.

  • Fuh Que
    Fuh Que Month ago +1

    Well that sucks, no one died. Columbia and challenger were better and those explosions weren't even as big and spectacular.

    • Fuh Que
      Fuh Que Month ago

      Eh what can I say. To me any explosion that results in 0 casualties isn't much of an explosion. Imagine if the pilot that dropped the Tsar Bomba said "fuck it" and just for shits and giggles dropped it on Moscow or NYC instead of an uninhabited island north of Siberia in the middle of nowhere. Now that would have been epic, not to mention everyone in history would remember his name as the guy that single-handedly killed the most people in all human history. Far better than being simply known as "the pilot that tested the world's biggest nuke in the middle of nowhere".

    • Murican' Mapper
      Murican' Mapper Month ago

      Fuh Que Was about to hate

      But then I saw that name

  • aluisious
    aluisious 2 months ago

    "Plastic bags." No one thinks of giving SCBAs to the guys in proximity to the huge amount of fuel that likes to explode periodically. People are stupid.

  • Joseph Bin Derek Helel Dismore Saqar

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  • KMurdock1974
    KMurdock1974 2 months ago

    I don't understand, if it's over why does he have to say "at our customers request" we'll now conclude??

  • faffaflunkie
    faffaflunkie 2 months ago

    Did insurance pay for the truck? Or did they just *shake their heads* and deny the claim.

  • mojokiss
    mojokiss 2 months ago +2

    Sorry, we don't cover rockets, but we do cover zombies

  • kevin smith
    kevin smith 2 months ago

    one solid rocket failure means self destruct? So the rocket could not achieve orbit without one booster? I could understand if more than half failed but just one?

    • kevin smith
      kevin smith Month ago

      that makes sense!

    • Murican' Mapper
      Murican' Mapper Month ago

      kevin smith If a booster failed in the core (I haven't done too much research on the Delta II so this is somewhat a shot in the dark) then with all the other boosters firing there would have been asymmetrical thrust, causing the rocket to tip over due to more thrust being applied on one side of the center of mass than the other and eventually flip out. Now, given that the rocket is pretty much f*cked, the self destruct is a lot more efficient way to get rid of any wreckage from a doomed launch

  • pobinr
    pobinr 2 months ago

    Buildings were too close

  • Irawan Salma
    Irawan Salma 2 months ago

    gila. kembang api di bentuk menyerupai roket. salut am orang luar

  • Ivan B Comdeth
    Ivan B Comdeth 2 months ago

    "Sorry, third party involvement.. Get NASA to pay for your truck" is what could of happened

  • And Rippster
    And Rippster 2 months ago

    That shit blow up like the Death Star

  • airdriver
    airdriver 2 months ago

    If I were this guys, I would have saved the truck. It would be a show piece for the story of a life time.

  • Cougar-Den
    Cougar-Den 2 months ago

    And I thought I had a rough day at work!

  • ken cohagen
    ken cohagen 2 months ago

    What a thing to live through. Mr. Mosdale will be telling his grandkids about this for sure!

  • Jimmy Green
    Jimmy Green 2 months ago

    that was cool

  • Legend Cox
    Legend Cox 3 months ago +1

    When years worth of work and millions of dollars turn into a giant fireworks show.Reminds me of 90% of my KSP launches

  • johnk1955
    johnk1955 3 months ago

    Cool story! Glad no one was hurt. Thanks!

  • RNG Stalinium
    RNG Stalinium 3 months ago +1

    It's called spaceship material density overcome by expanding pressure of ignited nitrogen fuel,and cause a chain reaction melt down and decomposes into pieces and accelerate into expandable space. Not explosion guys, US pride is saved !

  • Nicholas Zounis
    Nicholas Zounis 3 months ago


  • Chris Gresham
    Chris Gresham 3 months ago

    I grew up just down the road from KSC in the 60s and early 70s. There were many failures in the early days of launches. Saw several, but mostly higher. That is a BIG destruction close to the ground! Crazy and spectacular altogether. Thankfully no injuries.

  • ThunderPies YT
    ThunderPies YT 3 months ago

    where can I buy these fireworks

  • Stevie Ray C
    Stevie Ray C 3 months ago

    They also served who had to hunker down and hope for the best. Science ain't always easy.

  • McCartney Wyse
    McCartney Wyse 3 months ago +2

    My dad was in that explosion!! He was in the blockhouse with the person in the video!

    • Tiger789 Tiger789
      Tiger789 Tiger789 Month ago

      At the time I was working for CSR and friends working in the ROCC said it was pretty wild there with all kinds of debris coming down. I can just imagine everyone ducking for cover. Glad your dad was ok.

  • Tobey Tobey
    Tobey Tobey 3 months ago

    very nice the way you told it! 3 thumbs up!!!  :-)

  • Kevin Olesik
    Kevin Olesik 3 months ago

    Hydrazine fireworks

  • thomasanderson rittberg

    is espectacular see a explosión

  • greenseaships
    greenseaships 3 months ago

    The car insurance company is like "Rocket exploded on your car?? Shyeah, right dude, we'll get right on that." Then after the 10th or 20th call they're like "Um... so what's this about a rocket explosion???"

  • Tracy Clough
    Tracy Clough 3 months ago

    can your truck be bought on ebay?can your insurance company pay you to use this?etc?

  • Geographer 4 fun
    Geographer 4 fun 3 months ago

    It should of been lunched on July 4 , 1997

  • Thunder Nugget
    Thunder Nugget 4 months ago

    Please tell me that truck WASNT covered, because if it was, that's bullshit.

  • John Sikes
    John Sikes 4 months ago

    C'mon.....Telling the insurance agent your truck got hit by a rocket and destroyed had to be almost worth the loss of the truck. What a story. ;-)

  • Charlie From Manchester United Kingdom

    Wateva,he dramatised half the story.

  • smasila
    smasila 4 months ago

    Fake space with fake rockets. Look how slow these rockets that supposed to be going 17,000 mph.

  • Jason Harrison
    Jason Harrison 4 months ago

    "boys, this is bad" and then gets under his console. lol

  • Aaron Cameron
    Aaron Cameron 4 months ago

    Why were they so close to the launch?

  • Chihaya Tachibana
    Chihaya Tachibana 4 months ago

    wait... rockets have onboard self destruct system?

  • Fritz Kaske
    Fritz Kaske 4 months ago

    So ein Feuerball, chunge!

  • corisco tupi
    corisco tupi 4 months ago

    01:58 - Isn't one of the solid motors not lit?

  • hossguitar
    hossguitar 4 months ago

    Great guy, great story!

  • manofweed1
    manofweed1 4 months ago

    Did driver survive ?

  • numerobis
    numerobis 4 months ago

    he seems to be so happy about the event :))

  • Sprsae
    Sprsae 4 months ago

    Thats why you should leave space to russians and elon musk! Not NASA

  • Rick Shaw
    Rick Shaw 4 months ago

    That's a pretty cool story.
    Hard to believe the destruction on the ground...
    That's one messed up truck! You should have told them you also had your very rare Picasso painting in the trunk!

  • Elixe
    Elixe 4 months ago

    This is so saf

  • Charles Lan caster
    Charles Lan caster 4 months ago

    to bad it was not night then that would have been nice

  • kenpalmer1965
    kenpalmer1965 4 months ago

    What a spectacular yet unfortunate explosion. When these things happen, it means millions if not billions of dollars lost as well as the time spent on the mission or project. But hopefully no one was injured or killed. I was sorry to see what happened to Brian's truck as a result of the explosion. Well, it just shows how risky space exploration or travel can be.

  • SassyHershsey SassyHershey

    Elon Musk would have fired you for your attitude towards a controlled event. Stalin would have shot you of course.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 4 months ago

    haha! I just came to see the rocket blow up. Not to see some guy sucks off another dude. CLICK BAIT!...

  • dopamining
    dopamining 5 months ago

    Awesome vid!

  • Rafael Santana
    Rafael Santana 5 months ago

    But what happened to the payload!? It looks like the top of the rocket survived ...

  • Człowiek Kot
    Człowiek Kot 5 months ago

    very expensive fireworks.

  • tm502010
    tm502010 5 months ago

    Great story!

  • Saleem Javaid
    Saleem Javaid 5 months ago

    Thanks NASA. That was the best post-New Year's fireworks ever!

  • Nhan Ngo
    Nhan Ngo 5 months ago

    It looks like the star wars explosions with all the trailing bits of flame

  • brittan goree
    brittan goree 5 months ago

    why would there be any self destruct mechanism

  • Mark Gohl
    Mark Gohl 5 months ago

    Looks like he got a close up view. At least he came out of it alive :)

  • Seem to have Forgotten my name


  • A Student Pilot Life
    A Student Pilot Life 5 months ago

    Firework? XD

  • Trololololol
    Trololololol 6 months ago

    I bet fire department guys were really happy when they heard they have to clean up after bunch of dumb fucks hahaha

    • Trololololol
      Trololololol 6 months ago

      Didn't really want to express that way. It was more like what fire fighter would think. No offence intended.

    • SloppyM03
      SloppyM03 6 months ago

      You're calling rocket scientists dumb?

  • Albert Lebel
    Albert Lebel 6 months ago

    Sorry for all the loss. Thank you for sharing your story. It's always better to hear these things right from the front line.

  • Cody Slab
    Cody Slab 6 months ago

    *imagine if his truck was hit by the debris of Satan rocket*

  • Concorde4711
    Concorde4711 6 months ago

    The original comment on TV is quite funny: "Lift-Off of the delta-II" then the explosion happen "We have an abnormally".

  • Shadowkey392
    Shadowkey392 6 months ago


  • Cat Man
    Cat Man 6 months ago

    Expensive fireworks, I guess you couldn't wait for the Fourth of July to set them off.

  • fd11fd33fd99
    fd11fd33fd99 7 months ago

    Wow 1997. Most people didn't even have internet then. I was one of the few that had it. Of course, it was dial up.

    • LordDonutz
      LordDonutz 7 months ago

      I was using Juno and AOL free disks lol.

  • Maximum Overdrive
    Maximum Overdrive 7 months ago +1

    kinda remember this launch. lotta satilite's blew up that year. this one was very spectacular. local TV ( Orlando ) played it for weeks

  • BigBrotherMateyka
    BigBrotherMateyka 8 months ago

    Great story.

  • BigDH28
    BigDH28 8 months ago

    Thank god your ok Brian!

  • segun tunde
    segun tunde 8 months ago +6

    Solid fuel

  • christian robertson
    christian robertson 8 months ago

    you know what the problem was not enough rockets i should know i play kerbal space program

    • H8_RICE
      H8_RICE 4 months ago

      you aint got enough rockets untill you get the death wobbles! and even then just add more gyros.

  • bow hunter
    bow hunter 8 months ago

    I wonder how many of these were putting nukes in space like the conspiracy/ truthers says happens .16 warheads in a satellite blowing up on launch. spreading the contaminants for miles .

  • Shadow X
    Shadow X 9 months ago

    Just like the usa economy...crash and burn

  • Rare Form
    Rare Form 9 months ago

    Why is there anyone there ? Shuttle and other launches theres nobody ?

    • Les Brown
      Les Brown 9 months ago

      No, about the same thing.

  • Emanuel Gochez
    Emanuel Gochez 9 months ago

    Fireworks of the Millennium.
    They forgot this explosion during the new years eve 2000.

  • QNFee
    QNFee 9 months ago +4

    why the bushes are still green at 3:33 ?

  • rccrashburn
    rccrashburn 9 months ago

    I thought solid propellant boosters were far more reliable than liquid..

    • Logan Humphries
      Logan Humphries 3 months ago

      more reliable in the sense that they are guaranteed to light, solids are by far much more dangerous tho.

  • MohammadX101
    MohammadX101 9 months ago

    he called the insurance agent while his heart was still ponding and fire still burning

  • 911gp
    911gp 10 months ago +2

    Launch at 0:57

    XVIRUSTV 10 months ago

    Insurance company called back and said their sorry but the owner of the truck was found to be at fault, thus will be paying out of pocket for damages done to the rocket.

  • huswsimonbla
    huswsimonbla 10 months ago

    Is there a version without the constant talking and with the boom?

  • himynamesfather
    himynamesfather 10 months ago

    Did they agree as to whether or not parachutes and air bags were better idea than an auto self destruct?

  • Lemmy Fuque
    Lemmy Fuque 10 months ago +1

    Better than fireworks...

  • SameBasicRiff
    SameBasicRiff 11 months ago +3

    cool explos.... erhem... rapid unscheduled disassembly.

  • Alpha Adhito
    Alpha Adhito 11 months ago +1

    I feel bad for your truck. But at least it's gone in unusual way

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