Kevin Lee Welcomes Jeers, Gives Crowd Finger at UFN 106 Weigh-Ins

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  • Sea Level Khabib
    Sea Level Khabib 3 months ago

    Little Brazilian monkey, Kevin Lee Killed him #GOAT

  • Khalid UFCinator
    Khalid UFCinator 5 months ago

    At least he won them ! lol Brazilians are weird like dat.

  • Don Man
    Don Man 5 months ago

    um an mueorierrrrr

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind
    TheGodEmperorofMankind 5 months ago

    Brazilians are so gay.

  • Sgd Kohwei
    Sgd Kohwei 5 months ago +1

    Kevin lee the black mcgregor .

  • Jiba Oko
    Jiba Oko 5 months ago

    Trinaldo didn't do anything and not sure why Lee would hold a grudge. Possibly to hype of the fight but not a good idea, just ask Matt Brown. Hope the aisle have some wiggle room because some fans will throw something at Lee when he makes his walk to the Octagon. Can disrupt him mentally so we'll see! Rooting for Trinaldo just for that!

    • HM Fitness
      HM Fitness 5 months ago

      Jiba Oko because the fans are telling him he's gonna die?

  • Ramon.V
    Ramon.V 5 months ago

    and when the action begins our referee in charged Mario Yamazaki.

  • Trixielad
    Trixielad 5 months ago +1

    Bryan Callen - What Does He Know About PizzaGate? Everything or Nothing

  • Grizzly Show
    Grizzly Show 5 months ago +1

    that octogan girl in black is bae af

  • alyberop1
    alyberop1 5 months ago

    I like this guy

  • SickKent
    SickKent 5 months ago

    Kevin Lee sucks.

  • Just Bleed Fan 2016
    Just Bleed Fan 2016 5 months ago

    I hope Yamasaki refs this fight so Kevin Lee has a chance of dying in the octagon.

  • Lion Head
    Lion Head 5 months ago

    that seemed gay

  • Andre Agripino
    Andre Agripino 5 months ago +1

    kelvin lee filha da puta

  • Richie Stark
    Richie Stark 5 months ago +10

    Second time I've seen a fighter give the Brazilian crowd the finger in the last 12 months. Haha, the Brazilian fans are trash.

    • Sokan1993
      Sokan1993 5 months ago

      +Rj MMA edits Not even close. Brazilians are the worst, by far.
      They screaming "you're going to die" against people aren't brazilians.
      They always boo people are aren't Brazilians.
      If someone not Brazilian KO's a Brazilian, the whole crown goes absolute dead silent.
      So yeah, Brazilians are the worst by FAR.

    • Rj MMA edits
      Rj MMA edits 5 months ago

      +Sokan1993 lol now ur delusional

    • HM Fitness
      HM Fitness 5 months ago

      Richie Stark Brazilian fans have no respect.

    • Sokan1993
      Sokan1993 5 months ago

      +Rj MMA edits Nah man, the brazilians are the worst.

  • Wolf King
    Wolf King 5 months ago +11

    hope Kevin Lee gets his neck broken tomorrow

    • sakar sayami
      sakar sayami 3 months ago

      Wolf King sadly didn't happen. Hope Chiesa does it.

  • Licka Ginger
    Licka Ginger 5 months ago +31

    One of the few fighters I legit hope gets Ko'd every time he fights

    • Jacob Walls
      Jacob Walls 5 months ago

      Arslan don't hate him cause you ain't're just a lonely POS

  • Antonio Cromartie
    Antonio Cromartie 5 months ago +1

    these new cats that stand where dana white should stand are cringe

  • JJ Violence
    JJ Violence 5 months ago +4

    This kid talks a big game, yet has L's & W's against no one of importance LOL.

  • Jason Downer - iHelpYouFix

    Ufn or UFC

    • Jason Downer - iHelpYouFix
      Jason Downer - iHelpYouFix 5 months ago

      Fit Soldier usually they say. UFC Fight night!! But yeah!

    • Young Guwop
      Young Guwop 5 months ago

      Jason Downer - iHelpYouFix UFC Ultimate Fight Night (UFN) a mixed martial arts event held by Ultimate Fight Championship company .

      MMA KiNG OF THE RiNG 5 months ago

      I thought the same

  • Jeb Kush
    Jeb Kush 5 months ago

    What is the crowd chanting? I hear the same chant every time in Brazil and i've never known.

    • Jeb Kush
      Jeb Kush 5 months ago

      Lol that's cool

    • Caio Mello
      Caio Mello 5 months ago

      uuuuuuu vai morrer!!!! = uuuuuuu gonna die!!!!!

    • warcraft100688
      warcraft100688 5 months ago

      uh vai morrer

    • MurpoHD
      MurpoHD 5 months ago

      Jeb Kush ou va morer I think. I means you're going to die

  • Jamal Taylor
    Jamal Taylor 5 months ago +1

    I hope they both loose.... lol!!

  • Skeeterz__
    Skeeterz__ 5 months ago +3

    trinaldo will starche him

    PANTANEIRO 5 months ago +30

    he should ask Matt brown if is a good idea to flip Brazilians fans.

    • Eduardo Flores
      Eduardo Flores 5 months ago

      Surprise surprise

    • coffeeblak86
      coffeeblak86 5 months ago

      Eye of The Cry yup they tried to food poisoning his ass.

    • Eye of The Cry
      Eye of The Cry 5 months ago

      Better be careful where he eats.

    • Jacob Walls
      Jacob Walls 5 months ago

      PANTANEIRO Kevin lee is going to destroy that fool...

  • Jimmy Cricket
    Jimmy Cricket 5 months ago +8

    remember the last time an American flipped off the Brazilian crowd he got man handled

  • Idol RA
    Idol RA 5 months ago +33

    Kevin Lee acting like hes been fighting top fighters

    • Idol RA
      Idol RA 2 months ago

      How am i hating, im just saying what i saw

    • Phatsteeze
      Phatsteeze 2 months ago

      Make me giggle, Conor been acting that way since he was fighting nobodies in the EU circuit.

    • Don Man
      Don Man 2 months ago

      ecdctechmma he hasn't beat anyone in to 10th so what's it point when u say look at his resume?

    • ecdctechmma
      ecdctechmma 4 months ago

      look at his record he has , and trinaldo is a top fighter , most ufc fighters are world class , if there is 1000 lightweights in the world , and ufc has 40 lightweights , and kevin lee beats one that is in the top 10 , he is fighting and beating top fighters

  • Ashton Smith
    Ashton Smith 5 months ago +14

    Trinaldo going to eat this boy up

    • Morgan 3-Way
      Morgan 3-Way 5 months ago

      Ashton Smith eat your words boy!

    • Jacob Walls
      Jacob Walls 5 months ago

      Ashton Smith want to make a bet?

  • Ichicinco Negrosaki
    Ichicinco Negrosaki 5 months ago +6

    iSwear there doesn't exist a fighter iHate more than kevin lee!

  • I Tink, Derefore I Am
    I Tink, Derefore I Am 5 months ago +6

    thirsty eyed girl is back

    • btf
      btf 5 months ago

      where your mom at?

  • Damien Wilson
    Damien Wilson 5 months ago +15

    Kevin Lee talks a lot of smack, especially for someone that hasn't done anything of substance. He's built a lot of bad karma, and unbeknown to him, isn't good enough to back it up.

    • Daniel  C. Snegg
      Daniel C. Snegg 5 months ago

      Damien Wilson He is in the UFC's most stacked division, its only natural that it take him a while to work his way up the rankings. And he often backs it up.

  • Mystic Mark
    Mystic Mark 5 months ago +6

    Typical loud mouth American.

    • Dana's Son
      Dana's Son 5 months ago

      that 1 brown negro not at all... Your mom keeps me happy. Daily!

    • Nidal Qureshi
      Nidal Qureshi 5 months ago

      Dana's Son mad

    • Dana's Son
      Dana's Son 5 months ago

      Mystic Mark typical douchbag brazillian fans

  • Mitch Hop
    Mitch Hop 5 months ago

    Grand Rapids

  • TheMontageKing MMA
    TheMontageKing MMA 5 months ago +35

    Best outie in MMA

  • DanBones
    DanBones 5 months ago +22

    I hope Kevin beats Trinaldo's ass, don't like him. Let's go Kevin!

    • Denise Noles
      Denise Noles 5 months ago

      +Thanos Were you one of the charities?

    • DanBones
      DanBones 5 months ago

      +Thanos mad bruh?

    • Denise Noles
      Denise Noles 5 months ago

      +DanBones Oh ok. Yeah, he puts me to sleep but he knows how to win. lol

    • DanBones
      DanBones 5 months ago

      +Denise Noles That's what I meant, not his personality.

  • Rubert max
    Rubert max 5 months ago

    what's va mohe mean ?

    • Rubert max
      Rubert max 5 months ago

      ok thx conor said it to dos anjos too

    • Papa Luke
      Papa Luke 5 months ago

      Rubert max It's "Vai Morrer"

    • Conor 16
      Conor 16 5 months ago

      Rubert max it means you're gonna die

    • Glow Man
      Glow Man 5 months ago


  • Spencer Karpin
    Spencer Karpin 5 months ago +93

    Kevin Lee my least favorite fighter by a country mile

    • Josue Olano
      Josue Olano 2 months ago

      Spencer Karpin why lol

    • Richie Stark
      Richie Stark 5 months ago

      DanBones Why do you think Spencer cares about whether Kevin knows he's a fan or not? Are you stupid?

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