So Much News, So Little Time - Obama on Wall Street, Ann Coulter & a Senate Briefing: The Daily Show

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  • pluggie
    pluggie 2 days ago

    This is why democrats lose. They celebrate that their savior sold out.

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 4 days ago

    "at least Obama waited until he left office" that doesnt make it any better. what an idiot "white people were corrupt in the past so its ok for Obama to be corrupt"

  • Un3x Crew
    Un3x Crew 6 days ago

    Fuk yea

  • theugliestART
    theugliestART 7 days ago

    😭 why wont they let me say im a nazi.....whyyyy😭

  • renee williams
    renee williams 12 days ago

    Obama did not bailout Wall Street. It was a 2008 emergency bailout initiated by George Bush, treasury secretary Hank Paulson, and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

  • merrilee read
    merrilee read 14 days ago

    I a officially in LOVE with Trevor, LOL! Never stop, Trevor.

  • Just Kamal
    Just Kamal 19 days ago

    Trevor got integrity and courage and sense humor.

  • michael perry
    michael perry 22 days ago

    senate briefing, nothing changed except the military budget spend more

  • michael perry
    michael perry 22 days ago

    8 months taxpayer money invested in north korea, ok every time kim yon fires a missile it cost 50 billion bucks for the same stupid shit, dragging now

  • julio saldana
    julio saldana 24 days ago

    This kid looks smart but the true is very very ignorant idiot see how this idiots run a show

  • Derp Man
    Derp Man 25 days ago

    0:50, trump using the white house like an atm machine, how? is this a fact you know or just a wild guess or what? if youre referring to campaign donations, obama took far more money than trump did which is on record and factual. one of the main assets of trump is he is already rich so he doesn't need donations so what are you talking about?

  • JLF
    JLF 25 days ago


  • Tito
    Tito 29 days ago

    Very disappointed at this skeet... Jon Stewart would have bashed Obama for this!

  • AdaptorLive
    AdaptorLive Month ago

    Big fan of the show but it's really disappointing to see The Daily Show completely avoid the criticism of Obama and do *exactly* what they blame republicans for: pointing at someone else doing it too. This just plays right into the hands of people criticising the show of being nothing more than propaganda.

  • doyrtwq
    doyrtwq Month ago

    Trevor Noah You are the least funny race baiter on television today!You really should have invested in a round trip ticket!

  • Sieg Braun
    Sieg Braun Month ago

    Make everything about 'race', loser! Obama is an ex-president, irrespective of skin color! You want 'your boy' to abuse a system you decry? Hypocrite!!
    Also, (Hypocrite!) do you have ANY idea what it would cost to bring one president to the Senate vs. even two hundred senators to the White house? Man, you are showing yourself to be the bigoted, unthinking Liberal I've always seen you as. I only wish that others can see how stupid you are, Trevor!

  • Judith Osorio
    Judith Osorio Month ago

    Obama's speeches are worth every penny.

  • Ilia Powell
    Ilia Powell Month ago

    Agreed! Make that $$$

  • Lynal Nam
    Lynal Nam Month ago

    Sooooo funny lol 😂

  • Rubicon 13
    Rubicon 13 Month ago

    I know that's right bro

  • Viera Kambatuku
    Viera Kambatuku Month ago


  • Korie Prince
    Korie Prince Month ago

    wait did he do that coulter hahahahahahahahha

  • Bruce V
    Bruce V Month ago

    I wish Trevor Noah was a little funnier

  • John Bender
    John Bender Month ago +1

    Trevor Noah is hate speech. He blames white people for all the worlds problems and generalized resentment towards them.

  • Jack Halus
    Jack Halus Month ago

    Let's look into why they have so much money he says. Says obama should take the money he says. There is your fucking problem. I know it's all haha jokes! But this shit is real and it's a problem.

  • brevnovak
    brevnovak Month ago

    coulter a nazi? really? noah is the new klaus fuchs then..
    and isn't this show supposed to be funny?

  • Phoenix Chastaine
    Phoenix Chastaine 2 months ago

    There has NEVER been 100‰ free speech in the USA, and not all speech is protected.

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander 2 months ago

    Once a president leaves office how he makes money as a private citizen is his business. Just my opinion.

  • Isa Belle
    Isa Belle 2 months ago


  • Kori Harpoon
    Kori Harpoon 2 months ago

    Trevor Noah's defense of wall street bribes is annoying. Obama doing this shows people had good reason for being disappointed in him. If Obama was a good leader who beleived in what he said he would stick to it after he left. But nope. He spit in the face of supporters and plenty seem to enjoy it. and as for : "It doesn't change with Obama." Nice to see you have so little faith in Mr. Hope and Change.

  • Oak Staa
    Oak Staa 2 months ago

    Everyone cashes in after they leave office, go get it!

  • Jairo giraldo
    Jairo giraldo 2 months ago

    You know that. Wall Street is natural environment for Barack Obama. If You remember Obama never helped, for exemple Detroit (Bankruptcy), but He saved automotor big business in Motown. Fraud!!!

  • TheVirusSoftware
    TheVirusSoftware 2 months ago

    Apologetic piece of corporate shit, and a rasist as well. Yeah, of course, let's bring Obama's skin color into the discussion to distract everyone from his hypocrisy. You're disusting, Trevor.
    Obama wasn't the first president who didn't end up a war criminal (7 countries bobed under him, 90% of time killing innocent civilians), wasn't the first to close Guantanamo Bay (which is unconstitutional), wasn't the first to actually change anything (the US is still plagued by republican health "care", republican economy, republican foreign policy and now republican majority everywhere and a fascist successor to Obama), wasn't the first to turn the DNC from becoming another Republican party, and of course, wasn't the first one not to take big money and fight corruption. Fuck you and your show, fuck Obama "friend of big pharma" and the DNC, as much as fuck the Republicunts.

  • Andrey Mark
    Andrey Mark 2 months ago

    Wow, now if you are black polition you can take bribes. Awesome. Why I am not black?

  • Fernando Mackenney
    Fernando Mackenney 2 months ago

    This guy is so racist

  • Raul Sanchez
    Raul Sanchez 2 months ago

    Omg savage 😂😂😂😂 lets talk about free speech! oh sorry we don't have the time! omg 😂😂😂😂 U a f#cking savage 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ndinomwameni David
    Ndinomwameni David 2 months ago

    Dear Trevor Noah
    I was trying to watch your full Daily Shows on the CC website, but I got this message instead: Sorry 'Bout that. This Video Is Not Available from Your Location. What did Africans do to you people that we cannot also just laugh along with you guys on the net? Heh wena?

  • John Sunlight
    John Sunlight 2 months ago

    Being a sellout has got nothing to do with race.

  • TDBanimefan
    TDBanimefan 2 months ago

    It has nothing to do with racism Trevor! You idiot.

  • Mark S.
    Mark S. 2 months ago

    all by my self
    obama's elf

  • cj
    cj 2 months ago


  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 2 months ago

    The first amendment means that the government can not stop your free speech. That doesn't mean you are free from the consequences of you speaking your mind.

  • provirtual360
    provirtual360 2 months ago


    TMNT FAN 2 months ago

    0:23 to 0:30 favorite piece!!

  • Mellory Lopes
    Mellory Lopes 2 months ago

    Somebody here watched Atlanta

  • Isaac Koshy
    Isaac Koshy 2 months ago

    He f**king cut her off 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Flowers
    Andrew Flowers 2 months ago

    Every President continues thier political career after thier term. Even Reagan, well... ESPECIALLY REAGAN!

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe 2 months ago

    It's ok when me and my black mates do it.That logic lol

  • Am.I.Thirsty Tho
    Am.I.Thirsty Tho 3 months ago

    Hey all you Trump supporters. Sure sure Obama got some money on wall st. But what yall think about Donald giving secret intel to Russia? Can I hear that?

  • Helium Valentine
    Helium Valentine 3 months ago

    He's a regular citizen and out of a job. he can go cash in on his fame.

    MOST HIGH 3 months ago

    fucking love this niqqa fuck them lol

  • Jason Mucci
    Jason Mucci 3 months ago

    This guy is such a pathetic corporate shill.

  • Jason Sharkey
    Jason Sharkey 3 months ago

    I dealt with the daily show being less funny but this shit about Obama being another sellout is the last straw. It has nothing to do with race and worse yet they change the subject asap. on top of that fdr didn't take money after being president so he doesn't even know enough us history to do his job. Trevor I will pay to see your stand up but the daily show is dead to me. You have been co-opted. unsubscribe.

  • Kris Goodman
    Kris Goodman 3 months ago

    looks like a Clinton move

  • Mushtaq A. Habibi
    Mushtaq A. Habibi 3 months ago

    ....hahahahahah......"the p***es on the bus get grab grab grab grab grab....!!!!!!

  • legion999
    legion999 3 months ago

    Wait, why is accepting money for a speech bad? This is like a famous retired athlete appearing in a commercial, less than that, even. It's not a bribe. If Obama didn't say anything awful during the speech, I don't see why anyone should care. I wouldn't give a fuck if Trump did it after leaving office. I care more what they do in office or how they treat people. Now if Obama became a spokesperson for a Wall St. firm or got hired by them, that's iffy. Giving a speech for money? Meh.

  • psychotronik13
    psychotronik13 3 months ago

    Trump is the better man when it comes to Obama, Trump doesn't even take the White House salary. Bernie or bust, and I'll vote Trump again because of libtards like Trevor. And I hate Trump, but you are scum Trevor. You are a no good shill. Get money out of politics. Maybe if people in politics weren't motivated by money, the world would be a better place. Wallstreet money is dirty money, you would take the money because you are a sell-out Trevor. You are a sell-out now, you no good shill. Unsubscribed.

  • wearypirates
    wearypirates 3 months ago

    What the fuck does being black have to do with it? It's about corruption, and the optics of getting paid by the very crooks you helped bailout. This show sucks since John left.

  • Michael Braden
    Michael Braden 3 months ago

    Trevor Noah. Anyone who works for George Soros is a scum bucket to America and to most of the world. Your little Soros meal ticket isn't going to last long because you've revealed to America and to the world that you are a red coat. We see your colors and we know who you are and we know that George Soros is writing your little communist script. You see, we know more than your little friend Soros thinks. We know that by firing politicians the Soros butt licking Democrat Libs cannot stop Trump from filling his office with the people Americans want - not who Sorros wants. Sorros has a face like a scroadum and you and Osama have a face like a rabbid ass baboon. F you.

  • Pyksoniyal
    Pyksoniyal 3 months ago

    funny how a this is a blatant example of a revolving door. yet trevor is either too stupid, naive, or doesn't have the balls to hold some one accountable..

  • 1879gym
    1879gym 3 months ago

    The second phase of the plan is starting... now that he is out of office they are going to start demeaning him and how he uses his time... not working here... President Obama, love you Bro! Make that money...

  • Suzy Cyanide
    Suzy Cyanide 3 months ago

    NOPE fuck you Trevor and your endorsement of Wall Street's stranglehold on our government.

  • Yanis Gerard
    Yanis Gerard 3 months ago

    Assignment roll retire afamoz absence corruption describe mom slide examination wow.

  • V Ling
    V Ling 3 months ago

    Stop defending Obama's 400,000 speech

  • Adam Wintetbottom
    Adam Wintetbottom 3 months ago

    Terrible show it's a shame you have a platform

  • bg b
    bg b 3 months ago

    Obama bail out wall street, no banker go to jail ,got 400,000 from wall street after presidency, it's all just coincident isn't it ?

  • Vik Sri
    Vik Sri 3 months ago

    I'm so surprised, this liberal took something bad about Obama and somehow some way turned it into something against Trump. Well done, Trevor, well done.

  • Tessa Mccan
    Tessa Mccan 3 months ago

    Who would pay trump ? Russians! ... Trump thought Korea was apart of china ! And the new Korea person in power likes north Korea :)

  • Izzy Ramos
    Izzy Ramos 3 months ago

    so we shouldn't critique obama for his corruption because everyone else is corrupt as well? and fuck me for doing so? no trevor noah fuck you for your lack of critical analysis towards "your guy."

  • Pablo Raegan
    Pablo Raegan 3 months ago

    F#%k Me? No No you homely little prostitute you. You coffee shop loitering, house nigga. Im gonna go watch Lee Camp wipe his sweaty pink ass hole with you. I'd feel more spoken for as a media consumer if Jimmy Dore was six Bourbons deep with a smoldering bugler hanging from his lip and burping his ABC's. Viva La Revolution. Save net neutrality!!!

  • Nathan Fleming
    Nathan Fleming 3 months ago

    "I have a dream that one day black presidents will be able to participate in the same corruption as white presidents" MLK.

  • Lvu24
    Lvu24 3 months ago


  • Gregor Samsa
    Gregor Samsa 3 months ago

    Yeah Trevor.  We hate corruption.  A president who had direct influence on financial regulations now taking 2 $400K payments from those he regulated (or didn't) is call corruption.  It's corruption if republicans do it or if anyone else does it.  It's not suddenly ok because of his race as Noah suggests. 

    so Trevor, fuck you.

  • Bob Rolander
    Bob Rolander 3 months ago

    Obama is a conman. Period.

  • Cannon Fodder
    Cannon Fodder 3 months ago

    Pay to Play....Payoff now
    Remember that time that CitiBank (IE Wallstreet) picked most of Obama's Cabinet? Remember in 2008 durring the height if the Great Resession Caused by Wallstreet Fraud.
    How many of the Criminals did Obama Jail???m

  • Steven Blythe
    Steven Blythe 3 months ago

    Trevor can.....

  • Marty Funkhouser
    Marty Funkhouser 3 months ago

    This is sad to watch

  • Ki Kim
    Ki Kim 3 months ago +2

    I'm really not buying this praise-everything-Obama-has-done getup. I will admit he was a better president than most, but nonetheless he was very easy on Wall Street, letting them get away with a lot of shit they shouldn't have. Let's say I called someone an asshole, and later that day, someone else kills that same person. People aren't going to turn around and say that I am this great and amazing human being just because I'm not the murderer. I would still be at fault for slander. Whether or not Obama was a good president is beside the point. This near cult-ish adoration of Obama is unnecessary in the comedy sphere imho.

  • Repvoid
    Repvoid 3 months ago +2

    fuck you piece of shit

  • Greg Lison
    Greg Lison 3 months ago

    I love this guy

  • Paulina Bringas
    Paulina Bringas 3 months ago


  • Paulina Bringas
    Paulina Bringas 3 months ago

    S A V A G E

  • Eric Kramer
    Eric Kramer 3 months ago +2

    Piss off Trevor. The Obama family is rich. You are a hypocritical Dick. Making comparisons to Trump means nothing. What human beings words are so impressive that it warrants 5 times a middle class salary in one speech? As a comedian you are mediocre, a political version of Greg Kinnear on Talk Soup.

  • nomnom yam
    nomnom yam 3 months ago +1

    Trevor noah is a fucking moron. They only replaced Jon Stweart bc jon was telling the truth. Money influence in politics is prevalent before, during, and AFTER politican serves. Obama is exactly going through a "revolving door." Yea he wont run again, but formal presidents still holdd massive influence and connections - which is what bankers are after, just like bill clinton on keystone pipeline and prison lobby, bush on fossil fuel industry. Its simple really, fill your cabinet with wall street bankers, make laws for corporation, continue wars. Why wouldnt trump follow the same route (all three bush clinton obama done it)? So if you dont wnt people to complain about obama and his speaking fee, you better not complain about trump doing the same shit. They are all fucking same.

  • Travis
    Travis 3 months ago +1

    No Trevor Noah, Fuck You

  • Joshua Willis
    Joshua Willis 3 months ago +1

    Everyone cheering in the audience is retarded. Really disappointed in Trevor Noah.

  • Muerto37
    Muerto37 3 months ago +1

    another good one: ..." he can't be the first of everything" if by everything you mean be the first black president? ok, you said it already. that's his only accomplished.

  • abc xyz
    abc xyz 3 months ago

    trump's acting was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muerto37
    Muerto37 3 months ago +1

    this clown is the best. he uses comedy to say the truth that no democrats want to say. "...nothing change with Obama". sadly true, after the expectation of HOPE AND CHANGE

  • Nathan Fleming
    Nathan Fleming 3 months ago +2

    Hey Trevor great job using race to rationalize corruption. Fuck that and Fuck you too buddy !

  • Mogardie
    Mogardie 3 months ago +1

    He seriously can't even rip on Obama once??? He can't admit Obama fucked up once? Then he tells all these jokes about Trump supporters following him blindly. What a hypocrite and a terribly unfunny show. John Stewart would have called out Obama for this.

  • Brian Cattani
    Brian Cattani 3 months ago

    obama is a dick and shows little moral substance for taking this bribe for his allowing wall street to fuck americans for 8 years. Noah is way off on this one.

  • Joseph smith
    Joseph smith 3 months ago

    wow nice mental gymnastics u cunt

  • Fx Y
    Fx Y 3 months ago

    Hey Trevor, fuck you and fuck Obama and his $400,000 sellout.

  • Leon Dlamini
    Leon Dlamini 3 months ago +1

    fuck that and fuck you

  • Andrew Nielsen
    Andrew Nielsen 3 months ago +3

    "Remember kids, if you are the first of something, it is perfectly OK to further the rape of our democracy!"

    No Trevor, fuck YOU! Corruption and legal bribery is either acceptable or it isn't, there is no room for exceptions.
    This is a great example of why I try to avoid the Daily Show anymore.

  • wackydelly84
    wackydelly84 3 months ago

    nothing more frustrating than the left condescending to its own base for ever hoping for any change in the first place . . . now wait, who was it who put those two words into our heads? . . .  oh right, the asshole now cashing in. . . . please trevor, stop pretending you are too stupid to see why this is so infuriating.

  • Jesuisquejesuis
    Jesuisquejesuis 3 months ago

    You've got it wrong, Trevor Noah. You've only been here since 2012, so I guess you've a bit to learn about this country. Just because former presidents may have taken obscene amounts of money for speeches didn't make it ethical. Being Chief Executive is not a celebrity gig in a pay-for-play casino. When you are ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE to SERVE THE PEOPLE, you should make every effort not to enrich yourself and your family. You have an obligation to the public and it isn't a financial investment scheme. I am embarrassed for Barack Hussein Obama, who could have stood tall and refused to follow this unprincipled precedent set by William Jefferson Clinton and his cohort, Hillary Rodham Clinton......but he didn't, and he has lost a lot of respect as a consequence.

  • Donna Myers
    Donna Myers 3 months ago

    Consider who's delivering the message. Trevor Noah. So erudite & well coiffed? Nope. Just an empty suit. Where's Jon Stewart??? Because Trevor has no talent. Will do anything for a dollar. Even make Obama holler. Nasty hobbit. #StillSanders

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