Adam Savage and Vsauce's Michael Stevens Build a Kendama!

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    Adam is joined by Vsauce's Michael Stevens for a special One Day Build in the cave. Michael has recently taken up playing the Kendama, a Japanese cup and ball toy, and Adam helps make one from scratch that helps optimize his play. This build engrosses both into topics of machining, knot tying, and geometric conundrums.

    Shot by Gunther Kirsch and Will Nail
    Edited by Gunther Kirsch

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  • Runtime: 58:11
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  • Davide F.
    Davide F. 11 minutes ago

    You guys are amazing!

  • - -
    - - 27 minutes ago

    I could watch Adam run a lathe all day long. His breadth of knowledge on so many topics is fascinating

  • flugelblarghen
    flugelblarghen Hour ago

    9:53 Um. Wut

  • DeRifleMan
    DeRifleMan Hour ago +1

    Its like Michael is a kid in his fathers shop and Adam is building him his own toy

  • KJohn060
    KJohn060 Hour ago

    Someone who likes to learn and someone who has the skills to do

  • PorroFirst
    PorroFirst Hour ago

    30:32 comedic potential overload

  • thni1703
    thni1703 Hour ago

    Press a small ballbearing in there to hold the string, it should then spin way better ?

  • Colton Kisseberth
    Colton Kisseberth 2 hours ago

    The 2 dads of YouTube at it again

  • Drizby
    Drizby 2 hours ago +1

    ayy, rope gang

  • Larry Bennert
    Larry Bennert 3 hours ago

    It's great to see Adman and Michael really enjoying themselves. More content that isn't "Time constrained" in my opinion would do wonders. Adam is like a little kid on xmas day using and explaining his lathe and mill. Great job to the both of you. I hope you guys had as much fun making this content as much as I enjoyed watching it.

  • Safir
    Safir 3 hours ago

    "It hurts my brain" -Adam savage

  • William Nash
    William Nash 4 hours ago

    I really want to know what book about knots Adam has.

  • hicaro0690
    hicaro0690 4 hours ago

    its like a mexican "balero"

  • Dr.Castor
    Dr.Castor 5 hours ago

    I always thought that the only name for that toy was "troquet"

  • Palm Tea
    Palm Tea 5 hours ago

    They should fuck t b h

  • esa5682
    esa5682 5 hours ago

    My friend Toru gave me one of these but I lost it... I figured out that if you hold the Ken vertically then it was much easier to get the dama on the spike.

  • greatwhite0075
    greatwhite0075 5 hours ago

    I normally don't post comments, but a coupla things:
    1.) This is a great example of how "theory" (Michael Stevens) & "application" (Adam Savage) coincide.
    2.) I'm glad to see I'm not the only machinist who does things by "eye-balling" & "feeling" things out as I progress through a project. Like Adam, I can be "lazy" too & not always use the correct tool or technique for the task at hand, but it gets completed anyway.
    3.) SAFETY FIRST!!! Rings & watches around a lathe? Not a good idea. Clearing chips & shavings away while the lathe is spinning? An even worse idea! Shame on you Adam! I'm surprised you have all your fingers & arms!!!
    4.) I gotta say I was a little distressed when I saw how close Adam brought that cutting tool fixture to the spinning chuck!!! I don't know how many people have experienced a "spindle crash", but that is something that will definitely throw material around the shop & through your head!!!

  • Go Away
    Go Away 6 hours ago

    but seriously. I never before had realized that someone so smart could have so little "work" or "life" experience. I had always just assumed that people who knew how things worked also knew how to make/fix them.

  • Superface9864
    Superface9864 6 hours ago +1

    Grab it with your hand and see how you like it said adam.Micheal grabbed the stick and said,that's one professional grade handle

  • Lucas Merino
    Lucas Merino 6 hours ago

    que wea, eso es un emboque

  • Go Away
    Go Away 6 hours ago

    How Michael and Adam can ever get anything done is beyond me, lol.

  • ☼ Heirloom reviews ☼

    all this to make a ball? an they dont use drugs?

  • vigilantice
    vigilantice 7 hours ago

    This video is proof that I will watch absolutely anything one of these two guys puts out.

  • David Godfrey
    David Godfrey 7 hours ago


  • Conner Ingram Black
    Conner Ingram Black 7 hours ago

    I have a lot in common with Adam in my nerdiness and love for making

  • SnowGamer
    SnowGamer 8 hours ago

    This happends when two geniuses try to create a sphere

  • alexander rahirant
    alexander rahirant 8 hours ago +1

    HUY... LA COCA!!!!

  • Shannon Wiggins
    Shannon Wiggins 8 hours ago

    The crystalline structure of work hardened metals doesn't change because of the heat. It changes because the original crystalline structure has slip planes (planes where the structures can slip past each other) and as you work harden the metal it lengthens the slip planes until they start interrupting each other. Applying heat is actually how you undo work hardening.

  • Lukethe44
    Lukethe44 8 hours ago

    Just took a Materials class for drafting degree, the class taught us all stuff like this, was interesting!

  • Shannon Wiggins
    Shannon Wiggins 8 hours ago

    I do not appreciate them mixing units like that ರ.ರ Why not a height of 1 cm for a meter sized sphere? Why a height of 1 in?

  • aserta
    aserta 9 hours ago

    No idea why the estimation came in at an hour. With that tool alone, nothing else, you can cut within 30 minutes in plastics, at the largest setting. It's why it's made, to expedite a process that otherwise is time consuming (using forming cutters and placing them at various angles using the degrees on the cross slide).

  • christian mcnally
    christian mcnally 9 hours ago

    We need more of this on youtube. Some good father son archetype bonding to make cool stuff that they love

  • MuffinDuffelBag _
    MuffinDuffelBag _ 9 hours ago

    41:15 close your eyes and listen

  • Buildbanner
    Buildbanner 10 hours ago

    54:58 Most awkward part ,Jesus.

  • Buildbanner
    Buildbanner 10 hours ago

    the title needs to be "Adam Savage cures Michael Stevens' Autism"

  • Dexter Lash-Burrows
    Dexter Lash-Burrows 10 hours ago

    Fuck pepsi dials

  • Melvin van der Meulen
    Melvin van der Meulen 10 hours ago

    wow, didn't even realize it was an hour long because it just couldn't stop watching

  • Pink
    Pink 10 hours ago


  • PowerfullPillow
    PowerfullPillow 10 hours ago

    I love Adam talking meters instead of stupid feet

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 10 hours ago

    "That sound". . . could've used an earbud warning Adam . . .

  • EJJC
    EJJC 12 hours ago

    Clever people tend to over complicate, when the ball had the peg still, a drill of a slightly larger diameter would have done

    • EJJC
      EJJC 12 hours ago

      Edit: Did not realize the whole hole would not be the same diameter

  • Jax Nean
    Jax Nean 12 hours ago

    First the cool police, then the cool t-rex!

  • Install a Friend
    Install a Friend 12 hours ago

    6:56 tf was that noise lmao

  • Nick Siepmann
    Nick Siepmann 13 hours ago

    I love the contrast between this pairing and Adam and Jamie - whereas the latter was a great match for a 2000s TV show, because they had similar skillsets but different attitudes, which fostered a kind of constructive conflict between them, Adam and Michael have very different skillsets but very complementary personalities, which I feel lends itself way better to the kind of content being put out on the internet nowadays. I love that we get a chance to vicariously hang out with them.

    Case in point about the contrasting skillsets - compare Michael and Adam's ways of describing the napkin ring problem on here and in Still Untitled. While Adam is obviously very able to deal with physics puzzles like this, the clarity of Michael's explanation absolutely shows his extensive experience of explaining brain-twisting problems in a way that helps anyone get to grips with them.

  • BangDroid
    BangDroid 13 hours ago

    Another great video with these two!
    But I will add that a dama with a higher mass is an easier dama to catch. Try one with a tenth of the mass and see how hard that is. A slight physics oversight for the two here. Any increased difficulty from the lack of bevelled edge on the one they made, will be negligible to the decreased difficulty from having a higher mass dama.

  • Pr0style
    Pr0style 13 hours ago

    i can listen to these 2 talk all day

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner 14 hours ago

    What joyful lathe work. Took me back to my school days nearly 50 years ago.

  • Niko Fonseca
    Niko Fonseca 14 hours ago

    nooooo alll wrong about having a shorter spike you need a long spike not super long but def not that short 26:13

  • Niko Fonseca
    Niko Fonseca 14 hours ago

    it hurts when he says he doesnt want a bevel as a kendama player you want to progress so yes having no bevel will help when spinning it but spinners is for beginners you need that bevel for when trying different tricks it just seems he doesnt know completely what hes talking about even though hes supposedly really smart

  • Costas Venizelos
    Costas Venizelos 14 hours ago


  • Alex Pinsky
    Alex Pinsky 14 hours ago +1

    The ball is called the Tama not the "Dama" .

  • Niko Fonseca
    Niko Fonseca 15 hours ago

    the way grandparents look at what your doing when your a kid and not understanding it face 22:14 lmao

  • demo class
    demo class 15 hours ago

    2 of the biggest geeks i have ever seen.

  • german рццтis Chicken

    which editor thought it would be a good idea to keep this an hour long?

  • Venture does Roblox
    Venture does Roblox 16 hours ago

    They should start a new myth busters with Michael and Adam

  • João de São Marcos
    João de São Marcos 16 hours ago +2

    Awesome video, but why the hell would you speed up the best part (him carving the handle and stuff)?

  • Goastoid
    Goastoid 16 hours ago

    24:26 adam interrupts him like 4 times and Michael looks pissed

  • ddranimestyle
    ddranimestyle 16 hours ago

    The captions..

    They mistake the noises of the machine for applause and music lol

  • Mickey Hall
    Mickey Hall 17 hours ago

    The shop i work at in the summer uses a pretty large vertical lathe to machine the "hub" of aircraft wheels, wheels can be 20"-30" in diameter so as you can imagine it's quite a large machine

  • Superface9864
    Superface9864 17 hours ago +1

    Yeah,we can put a bead in there if you want,Adam said.Michael in response said,yes a nice oily bead.

  • Darell Teague
    Darell Teague 17 hours ago

    I used to watch Mythbusters as a kid and Vsauce when I was older. Now, seeing these two together is a dream come true.

  • Superface9864
    Superface9864 18 hours ago +1

    Why does Adam constantly reference Jamie,what happened to Jamie and why does Michael miss him

    • Superface9864
      Superface9864 6 hours ago

      HaiImDan Mhmmmmm

    • HaiImDan
      HaiImDan 15 hours ago

      Superface9864 Because Adam and Jamie worked together for over 10 years. With him he gained a lot of knowledge and experience. So he's gonna be referencing him

  • Goastoid
    Goastoid 18 hours ago


  • Niko Fonseca
    Niko Fonseca 18 hours ago

    try holding the ken pointing up and pull the ball up and try to get right underneath it and then boom spike

  • /static
    /static 18 hours ago

    The pairing of Engineer and Philosopher works so well I love it

  • Deatheater455 Deatheater455

    Vsace here

  • Emil Karlsson
    Emil Karlsson 18 hours ago

    Michael's IMDB page has actually been updated to state "Trivia: Owns a left-handed kendama." (Unfortunately, I did not get to do it...).

  • dmstrat
    dmstrat 20 hours ago

    I need a wiki or nasa link to explain that napkin ring thing about matching volumes as I'm not seeing it.

    • dmstrat
      dmstrat 15 hours ago

      HaiImDan thank you, I'll check it out

    • HaiImDan
      HaiImDan 15 hours ago

      dmstrat Micheal made a video on it on vsauce.

  • Ben Leeton
    Ben Leeton 20 hours ago

    can i have a link to that set of calipers?

  • William's Visual Effects


  • Reghardt van Rensburg
    Reghardt van Rensburg 22 hours ago

    Goodness gracious - I'm geeking out here on guy stuff with these 2 brilliant minds.

  • Mudcrab
    Mudcrab 22 hours ago

    Worst lathe safety I've ever seen

  • shadowdsfire
    shadowdsfire 23 hours ago

    I love this kind of exchange.

    - Because, okay, Adam?
    - Yes sir?
    - Where, the string's not is... inside the sphere will affect, how much it.. tilts...
    - Would you like, but, you, mmh yes.

    (around 25:05)

  • RBPthevorace
    RBPthevorace Day ago

    45:00 "Now, to drill a hole in the middle of this puppy." :o

  • Gergely Szegedi
    Gergely Szegedi Day ago

    Love to watch these guys whatever they are doing, so fascinating!

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner Day ago

    When Adam exhaustively says, under his breath, "thats the whole point..." At 44:54 after yet another one of Michaels ridiculously obvious observations I nearly pissed myself laughing. Michael seemed like a child in this video next to a master of his craft doing what he loves.

  • KenSniper
    KenSniper Day ago

    New season of Mythbusters, starring Adam and Michael, co starring Kevin and Jake

  • Bill Jangins
    Bill Jangins Day ago

    This might be the super nerdiest match I have ever seen in my life.

  • Kay Es
    Kay Es Day ago

    Goddammit. This makes me miss mythbusters so much....

  • Puddin Tater
    Puddin Tater Day ago

    This is the best series ever!

  • Joshua Dowden
    Joshua Dowden Day ago +1

    That knot you used is known in fishing as a half locked blood knot

    • Perverted Fuck
      Perverted Fuck 17 hours ago

      that's a very long and hard to remember name for knot, lol

    • Joshua Dowden
      Joshua Dowden Day ago

      also how i watched an hour on machining a toy i'm not sure

  • John Bunting
    John Bunting Day ago

    Ok, I had to pause this just to say that napkin ring Paradox just blew my freaking mind. Okay now I can watch the rest of the video. I think.

  • UserDude
    UserDude Day ago

    Wanted to write a fanfic about these two fucking each other with bdsm shit and really extreme stuff... but then again it'll never be as steamy as this video. almost jizzed there... damn, needs to be age restricted.

  • Σωτηρηε Ντασκας

    The napkin ring is fucked up i like your workshop

  • Sherbet Nibly
    Sherbet Nibly Day ago

    Drill makes a beat 26:43

  • Niko Fonseca
    Niko Fonseca Day ago

    the ball is actually called the tama

  • Ed M
    Ed M Day ago

    I just watched Adam teach Michael about the lathe, and how to turn a sphere.....

    I really think I could die happy now.

  • Kennedy Gilham
    Kennedy Gilham Day ago

    the kendama is left handed the big cup is suppose to be up with the string on the inside. They also make bearrings that go on the inside of the ball to prevent the string from twisting.

  • Dan Hinchliffe
    Dan Hinchliffe Day ago

    I learned more in the first 12 minutes of this video than I did in the 15 ish years I did in school...

  • Cat House
    Cat House Day ago

    confetti wood

  • Cat House
    Cat House Day ago


  • Cat House
    Cat House Day ago

    you two are like freinds

  • Tom Duhamel
    Tom Duhamel Day ago

    I don't know what a kendama is, but it's Adam and Michael

  • Jenny Cruz
    Jenny Cruz Day ago

    Man this is so relaxing to watch.

  • ole9421
    ole9421 Day ago

    Ah man!! It's so freaking awesome when they team Adam up with guys and gals who sound intelligent, but can only stand there in awe as the real master takes all that fancy shit in there heads and makes it reality.

  • Ben Siekierski
    Ben Siekierski Day ago

    I feel like this video is a perfect example the difference between science and engineering

  • David Dettmann
    David Dettmann Day ago

    did I really just watch this for an hr... yes? wow

  • aMulliganStew
    aMulliganStew Day ago

    worth every minute.

  • Ethan Hermsey
    Ethan Hermsey Day ago

    wow, this got cringy at the end.. you can tell it wasnt so fun off the camera..

  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris Day ago

    frickin nerd

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