REAL LIFE MAD SCIENTISTS Are Creating MONSTERS In Laboratories All Around The World!

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  • Jim Grim
    Jim Grim Day ago

    While there will always be greedy people and bad people, fear-mongering to the ignorant and uneducated masses leaves them just as much a slave to those greedy, bad people.
    Let knowledge be a guide, not fear, ignorance and religious dogma!

  • Kay B
    Kay B 2 days ago

    2:39 read the box

  • belfor21
    belfor21 4 days ago

    Demons are really walking among us . Warning these demons telling you who they are.

  • daniel smith
    daniel smith 4 days ago

    stop being scared of sciance Christians its not the 15 century

  • Fontae Parchman
    Fontae Parchman 5 days ago

    They can create, but cant cure a damn things "they say"

  • Samuel
    Samuel 5 days ago

    4:25 How about the fact that it could cause the breakdown of chromosomal DNA, killing the patient of your vaccinations?
    5:06 "GENESIS 2:7 King James 21 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." Dust is formed from dead organic material. Dust that came from every living thing that came before man.

  • fottioditubo
    fottioditubo 5 days ago

    Jesus is the first of genetics manipulation, him multiplies fishes!
    And Matthew is only the last arived.

  • Fey Troll
    Fey Troll 6 days ago

    Zee island of Dr. MOreau? I never had an excuse to see that story. No, growing a human liver in a goat is not the same thing, I don't think. You can really make the Planet of the Apes thing; it's not impossible by any means. I heard they were making body armor in milk. I also liked that Outer Limits episode about the time traveler.

  • daveyl123
    daveyl123 6 days ago

    Look at Hillary without makeup, and you'll be convinced...

  • Dr.dankslayer 1
    Dr.dankslayer 1 6 days ago

    we need chadtronic

  • Honesty for you
    Honesty for you 7 days ago

    They have to be stopped!!

  • Mich Elle
    Mich Elle 7 days ago +1

    so arrogant scientists are fascinated by God's creation indeed yet human intelligence a.k.a. pride, prevents them from acknowledging it with humility.

  • kara pink
    kara pink 7 days ago

    I'm scared because carless people are inventing things like this


  • JemiloII
    JemiloII 7 days ago

    Um this just proves intelligent design. Not evolution...

  • Sabrina Nascimento
    Sabrina Nascimento 7 days ago

    Why the hell do we want modern day Woolly Mammoths?

  • Sabrina Nascimento
    Sabrina Nascimento 7 days ago

    Well NK could answer my prayers. WW 3 could be just around the corner. Thanks to Kim Jong PorkChop.

  • Daniel Palmer
    Daniel Palmer 7 days ago

    Omg! The person who made this video is an uneducated fool. Grow up you religious nut job. Drop the fallacy that is religion and then we can talk.

  • Regina
    Regina 8 days ago

    I am getting stomach-ache while watching this. It,s so foolish, to replace nature. GENESIS 11: 6 > from now on nothing they have a mind to do will be beyond their reach <

  • phil getdown
    phil getdown 8 days ago

    playing with fire the whole world could burn controlling at 100% hum!!!!!

  • LizardMan 2500
    LizardMan 2500 9 days ago

    Playing God and cheating nature, is not good.

  • Gepard mic
    Gepard mic 9 days ago

    Scientists if you most make mix try this out an Cat and a rabbit a RabCat. Just think about it why cut your grass if you Rabcat can do it, if you like to distract it from a bird, trow a carrot and it starting to attack it and eat it. :-)

    Just think of how meny money you can safe on gas.

  • Diego Torres
    Diego Torres 10 days ago

    The comments are more entertaining than the video. So many T R I G G E R E D Christian snowflakes. What even is this channel. Is this channel even monetized? Any channel having to do with religion aren't supposed to be monetized because of all the controversy and many companies don't like controversy, so they can't get boycotted. I use ad block so I don't know if there was an ad mid way through the video.

  • Sara Verdi
    Sara Verdi 10 days ago

    these fuckers need to stop and stop sending the wrong message to the world. scientists are not god. tampering with dna like this.

  • Vince Ward
    Vince Ward 10 days ago

    I hope we can engineer an army of pig men.

  • Elvanze Luzy
    Elvanze Luzy 10 days ago

    Sick world.

  • Michael George
    Michael George 11 days ago +1

    I know that we're supposed to be frightened and angry at these developments, but if you try to watch this video with an open mind, it really is quite inspiring and creates hope for a better future.

  • STACHOS Of Legend
    STACHOS Of Legend 12 days ago +1

    they might create Hybrids that could take over the world and become the new humans...

  • James Long
    James Long 12 days ago

    -100 IQ points to the scientist who believes he is creating life. The DNA Code is the most complex code ever conceived. It takes specialized super computers just to work with it. What kind of an imbecile could convince themselves that that was naturally occurring? God created the genetic code, and these scientists are struggling just to learn how intricate it is.

  • Gloria Rood
    Gloria Rood 12 days ago

    Rome fell, so will we.

    EVILDAMION 12 days ago +1

    If god created humans, why would god be upset that his creation is now creating?

    • Kitty25
      Kitty25 10 days ago

      Ikr? God is described as our father, and parents should be proud of their children's accomplishments and support things that would protect them from harm like cures to diseases.

  • Karen Langley
    Karen Langley 13 days ago

    I don't want my food genetically altered.  Does the people have any choices in this kind of thing?

  • joeygc1972
    joeygc1972 13 days ago

    It's my hope that more people see the dark side of all this! It brings chills down my spine. It will always remain the best choice to let the higher powers make the decisions. Our mortality is a hidden blessing. Our fates, good or bad, is for the best. Only the wise know this.

  • ashley taylor
    ashley taylor 14 days ago

    People need to stop! If people bring back creatures that are dead who knows what will happen?! This is stupid! If humans just stopped killing things all the time for no reason, animal population would go up! If animals are brought back and released, imagine if something happened in the DNA to cause a dangerous side effect that could cause it to take an aggressive affect or a deformity that could cause problems in the ecosystem!

  • Zomina Montgomery
    Zomina Montgomery 14 days ago +2

    This is So freaking stupid👎sometimes scientist can be real idiots...

  • 1 MOA Photography
    1 MOA Photography 14 days ago

    What's with the scary music in the background? This stuff is amazing!

  • Kathleen LoVerso
    Kathleen LoVerso 14 days ago

    Don't mess with God & Mother Nature. SMH

  • HeroicUser - Games & More

    You know why it's "forbidden knowledge"? It disagrees with your faith. There is no God. Gotta rip that bandaid off now, you'll thank me later.

  • Mar Ver
    Mar Ver 15 days ago


  • Janice Spears-Buchanan

    You are using examples of artists sculptures and paintings for your proof? WTF?!! let's hope you get sued for this copyright infringement!

  • Ricky Ricardo
    Ricky Ricardo 16 days ago

    7.5 billion people !! yeah you mean +/- 7.499.999.999. And I am very thankful I believe in a fait that is not known by humans jet (peace)

  • Wurm Studios
    Wurm Studios 16 days ago


  • separator94
    separator94 16 days ago

    Bait n' switch. No mandogs!

  • gdcskates
    gdcskates 16 days ago

    wtf. now the computer is the mad scientist.

  • DeWayne Benson
    DeWayne Benson 16 days ago +1

    They created.... nothing, they genetically modified... a mutation is modification... what they created is limited to what they modified.

  • Wanda Sewell
    Wanda Sewell 16 days ago

    All Pigions and Doves will be next. They are delicious. Communism kills all. Next humans will be on the menu..babies are already. The elites what to look young and uses embryo's that are aborted for dumb old ladies to look young. It's in demand of late.

  • Wanda Sewell
    Wanda Sewell 16 days ago

    All Pigions and Doves will be next. They are delicious. Communism kills all. Next humans will be on the menu..babies are already. The elites what to look young and uses embryo's that are aborted for dumb old ladies to look young. It's in demand of late.

  • reefa assassin
    reefa assassin 16 days ago

    So they are basically telling us that they can possibly make diseases!!! Aids cancer Ebola and so on comes to mind.

  • Mark Bowdoin
    Mark Bowdoin 17 days ago

    It looks to me stone cold Steve Austin had a kid with his dog

  • starbound_uncaged
    starbound_uncaged 17 days ago

    as soon as i realized it was a religious propaganda video, i knew instantly the video qould be largely full of crap idealogies

  • Loren Smith
    Loren Smith 17 days ago

    All Jews, Christians and Muslims, that practice Circumcision are Evil Devils and Traitors.

  • Spartanm333
    Spartanm333 18 days ago

    Consider for one minute, what Hitler would have done with this technology? I don't think the human race is mature enough to handle this without corruption and a wealthy elite taking advantage. To dis-advantage the majority. Plato would be happy.

  • Gittl G.
    Gittl G. 18 days ago

    Why do they use pigs to grow human organs when we are supposed to be from monkeys? Something's not right.

  • chris papa
    chris papa 18 days ago

    It's not unethical. God gives us the way to develop like this

  • Zechariah Crane Marlboro43

    We have been in the End times since Messiah went back to heaven, but we are seeing the end approaching quickly. The Kingdom of Heaven is upon us, repent and accept what Messiah did for you.

  • michel riviere
    michel riviere 18 days ago

    vidéo de merde avec une vignette racoleuse -> poubelle

  • Spade Ouellette
    Spade Ouellette 18 days ago

    They should stop fucking around with genetics because one day they're going to screw up real bad. And they most likely won't like what happens

  • Lane WOAH
    Lane WOAH 18 days ago


  • Ademola Abraham
    Ademola Abraham 19 days ago

    with this I think most cartoons are talking about the future a world where animals talk and relate with humans that is not a technology but a deterioration in so many ways

  • Pretty Theresa Long
    Pretty Theresa Long 19 days ago

    Human clones walk among us. In the Bible they are called angels without wings. They resemble human being exactly but they are different from us. Their brains are more advance than ours. Human clones can be recognize if you know what to look for and where to look.

  • Dee Abaver
    Dee Abaver 19 days ago

    That's how these scientist who want to play God keep creating things that destroy the world. Mix chemicals that will cure diabetes and cancer. yet you tell us there's no cure.
    There is only one God and He did not create the world and every thing in it by mixing chemicals, rather He spoke the words and everything came to be.

  • CNCOwner agb
    CNCOwner agb 19 days ago

    All those movies... are gonna come to life

  • Dillon Simms
    Dillon Simms 20 days ago

    I like how all the Christians are like we can't play god then your like wtf was the holy church. Soon this will be normal and religion real probably be dead. Beautiful history ahead.

  • Renee  Cavaluzzi
    Renee Cavaluzzi 21 day ago

    I am not surprised; but I can't worry about things I have no control over.

  • peedy
    peedy 21 day ago

    wow the so called human being. The opposite of God. Satan

  • peedy
    peedy 21 day ago

    The devil

  • Jakharr Vinta/Nick
    Jakharr Vinta/Nick 22 days ago

    More like Paranoia Productions.

  • T Bomer
    T Bomer 22 days ago


  • E. Gene Jennings Jr,
    E. Gene Jennings Jr, 23 days ago

    I can't believe they are this Ni eve, I wish i could have a one on one with them , they should hear what I have to say!?! it would save them a lot of time but HEY, I'm just a dumb college student @ COS in Weed Ca. 96094

  • Well Ofcoursesir
    Well Ofcoursesir 23 days ago

    Bringing back extinct animals and showing how ur baby comes out with either boy or girl and a glow in the dark cat? all completely pointless and purposeless hahahahhah. Come on people uve got to do better. Such purposeless acts

  • Well Ofcoursesir
    Well Ofcoursesir 23 days ago

    Here are the solutions to all of this stuff the sensible, intelligent and right way. Want to be smart? Go to school. Want to have a healthy body? Eat healthy and be #Vegetarian or #Vegan and exercise regularly with sports skiing and be spiritual with the environment and mental health. BOOM problem solved. Common sense.

  • Symprecious Yusuf
    Symprecious Yusuf 23 days ago

    be careful with God please

  • Charlotte Rouillon
    Charlotte Rouillon 24 days ago

    How can you design "smart kids" when you don't have a clue what intelligence is.......

  • ForeverFlame88
    ForeverFlame88 24 days ago

    For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

  • Skychaser Jeff
    Skychaser Jeff 24 days ago

    Breed glow in the dark cats

  • Sofia Maria
    Sofia Maria 24 days ago

    Genetic Modificacion plant,animals and humans combinations. The knowledge from Evil. The knowledge from bad. Thit is not good. Because in this way the DNA human is replacing for a DNA animal like( porks and dogs). This is crazy situation. This is not the plan from GOD but fron the evil and many people work for them en follow them. The future half pork and half human..!! Is that what you want?. The DNA GOD creations to extinct in all his form. I understand now why GOD tell us from the beginning from his creation to be becarful with the Knowledge from
    bad(from Evil,from satan and his workers). Because de evil ( serpent) guiv Eva this knowledge and Eva guiv to Adam from the begin. People wake up..!!

  • Chang Noi
    Chang Noi 24 days ago


  • Tjfreak
    Tjfreak 25 days ago

    Are they really mad & this has been going on for decades & decades

  • Kimber E
    Kimber E 25 days ago

    can you imagine tell a Muslim but we have a heart for you but it was grown inside a pig

  • Seth R.C
    Seth R.C 25 days ago

    Came for that sexy thumbnail.

  • J.C. GodisLove
    J.C. GodisLove 26 days ago

    seems inhuman. Scientist should experiment on them self's.

  • Bob Baisden
    Bob Baisden 26 days ago

    Democrats will create new democrat voters with it

  • Mick Carson
    Mick Carson 27 days ago

    That's why I hate scientists.

  • DANTE 499
    DANTE 499 27 days ago


  • UnZealot
    UnZealot 27 days ago

    LMAO @ these idiots creating new DNA and organisms in a petri dish, and then talking about evolution immediately after.

  • Arnie Dale
    Arnie Dale 27 days ago

    someone made god and teached him how thing work then he grew up then made us and teached us, Now we can create life does this mean we are now gods ?, Never could understand why we call him a god if he is real then he is just a higher intelligence. That,s like saying all the not so bright people should call brainy people gods, we are starting space travel if we take are home made life and put them on a planet and they slowly evolve will they think we are gods. all in all information gets passed on then they create then move on they the one,s that they created create and so on


    The bible may not be accurate in some things but it seems
    Like one of it's verse are correct,that verse by king james
    About end of times is right.Damn

  • SupraBdub
    SupraBdub 28 days ago

    playing with God's life, you humans will see and feel the wrath of such. it is not about this and that but the fact that humans were never meant to do such human genome parts and as such, after Jesus comes, those well be left to do the devil's work

  • Doug Wagner
    Doug Wagner 28 days ago

    have wondered about the Zeka virus man made blamed on Mesquito's?

  • Regoo Paramu
    Regoo Paramu 29 days ago

    this crecher must send to Pakistan look like pigs

  • Waffle Iron
    Waffle Iron 29 days ago

    there are a bunch of people not understanding that after a couple centuries we might be able to make perfect humans who are immune to all diseases, also most cures for cancer or other diseases are placebo effect as in it doesn't work your mind just thinks it works so your body gets cured (just look it up)

  • Rita R. Hall Burleson
    Rita R. Hall Burleson 29 days ago

    The synthetic cells do not have the breath of life from our divine Creator.....We are created in Our Creators Image...
    Considering the knowledge
    and alledged scientific benefits,
    the synthetic cell does mot contain the eternal breath of life....

  • Kmak Milly
    Kmak Milly 29 days ago

    Glow in the dark cats would never survive in the wild or on their own abandoned to the streets. That light would take away it's ability to be camouflaged while stalking or while in danger and are attempting to hide. Selfish people like these secular scientists should be banned from practice because they have no morals.

  • cg mn
    cg mn 29 days ago

    when do we stop being humen?

  • cortedemico
    cortedemico 29 days ago

    you gotta seriously think what type of human thinks these are good ideas...

  • Dramaboi MAC
    Dramaboi MAC 29 days ago

    Goes to show that we were prolly created by aliens

  • Greebly
    Greebly Month ago

    Am I missing the point people discover how to grow human organs, prevent birth defects, and bring extinct species back to life. So their trying to bring the extinction of the human race?

  • noneuno53
    noneuno53 Month ago

    Spock: Superior ability breeds superior ambition.

  • Pablo Cruz
    Pablo Cruz Month ago

    Animal lives Matter..

  • Shanester Sappa
    Shanester Sappa Month ago

    o man they been doing that since laboratorys started

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