The Best of Milo Yiannopoulos!!! Best insults, roasts, and comebacks!!!

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  • A nigga with a bazooka

    Domination Station huh. Sounds like a abuse porn site

  • Alexandra Hansen
    Alexandra Hansen 12 hours ago


  • TMIFanfictionWriter
    TMIFanfictionWriter 2 days ago

    I wanna grow up to be this guy XD

  • Kyle McDaniel
    Kyle McDaniel 2 days ago

    Milo is straight SAVAGE 😂😂

  • Headless Jackass
    Headless Jackass 2 days ago

    🚫 roads + Charlottesville = dead dumbass bitch and 19 injuried

  • George Detective
    George Detective 2 days ago

    Milo is like Dawkins in politics

  • Mell Stardust
    Mell Stardust 2 days ago

    shitttttt, Mila Yiannopoulos remind me of Pagan Min . Seriously ! What a beautiful Man .

  • kimberley copley
    kimberley copley 3 days ago

    men for feminism = trees for deforestation.

  • black spodermon
    black spodermon 3 days ago

    i'd ratehr have cancer than feminism
    waiting to hear dat for a while

  • Thoughts of a Human
    Thoughts of a Human 4 days ago

    Milo is the gay version of Tyler Durden lmao :D

  • Mike Wright
    Mike Wright 4 days ago

    You protest against something, the source of the problem you protest about comes to you and you refuse to talk to it. Way to be a fucking sheep with no idea what the fuck you want. You protest some bullshit you heard on the media and you don't know what the fuck it is and you don't have your own arguments. Just please. Go.

  • Kent Clark
    Kent Clark 4 days ago

    Milo doesn't fuck around. @Domination Station how old are you? On your software they should show the wavelengths of the volume that goes into red to let you know your buzzer is fucked smh... Go fund yourself! LOL

  • Maja_SH_PTX
    Maja_SH_PTX 4 days ago

    I mostly agree with him with feminism, but what the fuck is wrong with men wearing dresses? It's just fucking clothing... Did I misunderatood him or what?

  • carlo zarosi
    carlo zarosi 5 days ago

    Milo is my hero

  • David Shammas
    David Shammas 5 days ago

    1:27 - lets all find her channel and call her darling, man i love this guy.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 5 days ago

    Man: Hard work is man work
    Feminist Daughter: Dad that's sexist, women can do what a man can do (True..)
    Man: Then you do the yard work.
    Feminist Daughter: >..<

  • Emily Nolan
    Emily Nolan 6 days ago

    Omg! The black chicks face at 0:54 😂

  • Faraway_ Flame
    Faraway_ Flame 6 days ago

    50 story's high is about as unlikely as finding an attractive feminist #milo

  • Charlie Johnson
    Charlie Johnson 6 days ago

    1:16 Im TrIgGeReD

  • Roy Sage
    Roy Sage 6 days ago

    I find feminists funny and the PC brigade. I asked for a black coffee in a cafe and got told that just asking for a black coffee was racist. To whom, the coffee?. This white feminist female went onto lecture me on the evils of white males. I told her that she was paid to serve people not voice her opinion about what she thought was right and wrong. She naturally pressed the point and I retaliated telling her to shut the fuck up and do the job she was paid for. She said my language highly offended her to which I replied good, but I added that if she didn't do herjob I'd walk out without paying. She continued in her feminist way so I walked out and didn't pay.

  • Yashui
    Yashui 7 days ago

    i don't like most what he does but he is a person I can be a friend with.

  • SheldonLudlow
    SheldonLudlow 7 days ago

    People fail to realize that, it's okay if you get offended, and it's not illegal to offend you.

  • Kay Bro
    Kay Bro 8 days ago

    Bruh they put Onision up there 😂

  • Pamela Fuentes-Jimenez

    This dude has rekt so many people

  • Some Stupid F***
    Some Stupid F*** 8 days ago

    Onision was on this

  • Not Mr T
    Not Mr T 8 days ago

    This guy is a fucking legend

  • Storm Slayer
    Storm Slayer 9 days ago

    That katarina laugh at 3:49 xD

  • Isaac Low
    Isaac Low 10 days ago

    HAHAHAHA. Never in my life have I known about this man. Says what everybody wants to say. The definition of free speech. LOL. I see the truth. LOL people are really stupid.

  • Toaster Strudel
    Toaster Strudel 11 days ago

    lmao I lost it on that one scene with the only guy in the street...Milo should be a fucking movie actor, that was very well done.

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M. 11 days ago

    I love the 'yep, and 22,000 people voted, and voted in favour of cancer' no one knew what to say XD

  • kai89tracid
    kai89tracid 12 days ago

    340 he said truth i love this guy
    come to Poland man its safe here

  • Trvm Brine
    Trvm Brine 12 days ago

    Im nice and then a person got mad at me then I turn to a dragon and say my feelings and they back up

  • Travis Douglas
    Travis Douglas 13 days ago

    That devilish grin at the end lol boy is this guy charming

    IKILL4CHEEZ 13 days ago +1

    Milo kinda reminds me of Pagan Ming from far cry and I thought he was awesome

  • Nora Valkyrie
    Nora Valkyrie 13 days ago

    am i the only one who is jealous that she got called darling by Milo?

  • Bean _ xoX
    Bean _ xoX 13 days ago

    Milo I'm gay too and...

 are a fucking goddess. Keep roasting I got them feministsss 😂

  • Jonathan Modoh
    Jonathan Modoh 15 days ago

    "I'd rather have cancer than feminism" roast beef for dinner it is

  • Vincent VanDoge
    Vincent VanDoge 16 days ago

    is the male feminist he shows a picture of onision? lolol

  • Travis M.
    Travis M. 16 days ago

    God damn, I love him. #milothesavage

  • Overdeman1
    Overdeman1 18 days ago

    At least you can beat cancer 🤷‍♂️

  • JoJo
    JoJo 18 days ago


  • Sam Morison
    Sam Morison 18 days ago

    Any how can he say everything was built by a man when every man came out of a woman !

    • João Grancho
      João Grancho Day ago

      Sam Morison every man came out of a fucking penis and a Fucking vagina. So, try again

  • Fire 1000
    Fire 1000 18 days ago +1

    I can't believe he hates muslims I used to like him until I saw that part

  • ozair tahir
    ozair tahir 19 days ago

    I agree with milo for the majority of this video, but I think he was really mistaken when he talked about Islam

  • cathrine brennan
    cathrine brennan 19 days ago

    At least there's treatment for cancer 😂 fuck me, I love you Milo 😘😘

  • jimtex10
    jimtex10 20 days ago

    He kinda of reminds of Al Bundy from Married with Children.

  • Andrew Calhoun
    Andrew Calhoun 20 days ago

    Milo is savage

  • Hannah Whitehead
    Hannah Whitehead 20 days ago

    Milo is the reason I'm alive

  • Mustard Tiger
    Mustard Tiger 20 days ago

    nothing better than a british lad rousing an American crowd into chanting USA!!!! USA!!!

  • TxTheHulkTx
    TxTheHulkTx 20 days ago

    Male feminists are pussy whipped dudes who need someone to lead them through life cause they can't do it on their own

  • ItzzTomoss
    ItzzTomoss 21 day ago

    1:21 the bitches reaction is priceless XD

  • WastedZymbol
    WastedZymbol 21 day ago

    If someone called me darling, I would take that as a compliment.

  • Eddie McCarroll
    Eddie McCarroll 21 day ago

    Eddie goes Eddies goes Again .ON YOUR FUCKING FACE BITCH!

  • Eddie McCarroll
    Eddie McCarroll 21 day ago

    Eddie likes your style. Can Eddie have some of your leavings? I promise I won't use them for voodoo reasons.

  • Eddie McCarroll
    Eddie McCarroll 21 day ago

    I'd come on your back, lovely Milo. Milo's willy is almost as lovely as his opinions.

  • Icicle 123
    Icicle 123 22 days ago

    Yiannopoulos more like YouNoPast Milos' awesomeness!
    Let's be honest, none of us will have the guts to say '**** your feelings'

  • 2K Tan
    2K Tan 23 days ago

    I'm a bisexual conservative and Milo absolutely turns me on with how badly he destroys leftist idiots.


  • halfdeadfred 95
    halfdeadfred 95 23 days ago

    1:30 did not expect that lmao

  • Svetoslav Zelenski
    Svetoslav Zelenski 23 days ago

    This guy would be the best joker since heath ledger

  • Eddie Jay
    Eddie Jay 23 days ago

    when the video ends, the up next video is "The Absolute Best if Milo Yiannopoulos" and it uses a still image of Milo raising his hand in the end of the video neato

  • Reich B
    Reich B 24 days ago

    At the end a straight nice Sieg Heil, I love it

  • Drew Grey
    Drew Grey 24 days ago

    The fucking buzzered at 7:45 scared the living shit out of me

  • Holger Larsson
    Holger Larsson 25 days ago

    Milo= Magnificently Irrational and Lying Outsider

  • valery wright
    valery wright 25 days ago

    lol at 1:20 cracks me up geting offended cause he called her a darling. would u rather him call u a bitch?

  • Gender fluid Attack helicopter


  • Ez707
    Ez707 26 days ago


  • Fox Law
    Fox Law 26 days ago

    Milo I love you you glorious faggot. You're my gay hero.

  • Mitchell Crawley
    Mitchell Crawley 26 days ago

    The amount of people that look at him likes he's crazy in this video scares me. Seems like people just get dumber and dumber every generation

  • Binky
    Binky 26 days ago

    Milo is god

  • Thijs Wilmink
    Thijs Wilmink 26 days ago +2

    If Milo came up to me and gave me some water I would be fucking thankful

  • Non Famous
    Non Famous 27 days ago

    I'm a woman, I hate feminism because it's not about woman equality, it's about woman supremacy. I however do defend transgender people and people who do not know what to identify as. People who don't identify as a gender aren't "retarded" They're just really confused. I'd prefer it if people stop attacking them and actually start trying to fix the real problem here.

  • Giancarlo Acosta
    Giancarlo Acosta 28 days ago

    He thinks his life is a movie.

  • el guapo
    el guapo 28 days ago

    quite honestly, fuck your feelings

  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith 29 days ago

    Milo is daddy.

  • Ashleigh Price
    Ashleigh Price 29 days ago

    Why the fuck if the buzz at the end so loud u scared the shit out if me

  • Hollis Jayden
    Hollis Jayden 29 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay calls women darling too, like to see them try and roast him about it hahah

  • GamingSpoiler
    GamingSpoiler Month ago

    "My hear photo-shopped over unattractive body" Girl, I don't think you need any editing for that

  • tellingall howitis
    tellingall howitis Month ago

    I love this guy! UK prime minister!

  • Abdul Sethi
    Abdul Sethi Month ago

    I agree with milo on the feminist side of things but I do not think that he should interfere or talk about other people's religion or faith in a way that would insult them.

  • Linda Gatwiri
    Linda Gatwiri Month ago

    a male feminist? That's quite depressing

  • The Mosquito Master


  • Darth Densify
    Darth Densify Month ago

    The Ghost Inside intro tho

  • TheDenver12311
    TheDenver12311 Month ago

    Milo reminds me of pagan min from farcry4 both in personality and style especially at 6:00

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli Month ago

    This guy is the most disgusting man in the world but he has said 3 things I agree with and i want to die because of that

  • Caesar and P 'SailorNeptune'

    5:33 no just no

  • Jose Romero
    Jose Romero Month ago

    what the heck man the buzzer beater fucking scared me

  • goku sayine
    goku sayine Month ago

    I got scared when the peep happen

  • Patrick Lindley
    Patrick Lindley Month ago

    0:53 That face killed me! XD

  • KerayZ
    KerayZ Month ago

    How on Earth is it sexist to call a woman "darling"? I think it's cute

  • Denis Pekic
    Denis Pekic Month ago

    I just realized.. He's the perfect crazy movie/video game villain. Think joker.

  • Observer Dude
    Observer Dude Month ago

    Is Milo the missing brother of Frasier and Niles Crane?

  • Kati Fletcher
    Kati Fletcher Month ago +1

    I thought this man was a journalist, not a stand up comedian.

  • XteriorFury
    XteriorFury Month ago

    If I was gay I would fuck the shit out of him tbh

  • demonloverhunter
    demonloverhunter Month ago

    this man just became my new idol

  • Inquisitor Lavellan

    Dorian Pavus, there you are!

  • Phant0mGetsuga993
    Phant0mGetsuga993 Month ago

    All rednecks should die. Screw the westboro baptist church, screw the people who sleep with their sisters

  • Pleb
    Pleb Month ago

    Youre best Milo,

  • Ben Playford
    Ben Playford Month ago

    Nobody likes facts.
    Males and females are not equal, biological facts prove this.
    Not a sane person can argue with this.

  • Nayska
    Nayska Month ago

    Im Muslim and im not offendend i watch the show very often and its entertaining so leeel

  • Tim K.
    Tim K. Month ago

    1:18 what is he saying? i don't quite understand i'm german

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