How We Know The Earth Isn’t Flat

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  • Rapper B.O.B thinks the earth is flat, but how do we know it isn’t?

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    Flat-Earthers are back: 'It’s almost like the beginning of a new religion'
    “YouTube user TigerDan925 shocked his 26,000 followers recently by conceding a shocking point: Antarctica is a continent. It’s not, as he previously thought, an ice wall that encircles the flat disc of land and water we call earth.”

    When I stand at the water's edge and look out over the ocean, how far away is the horizon?
    “One of the funniest things about the ocean is the fact that its surface is curved. We tend to think about water forming large flat sheets, but the surface of a large body of water is not actually flat at all -- it follows the curvature of the Earth.”

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Comments: 12 684

  • Jean-Francois Prince
    Jean-Francois Prince 5 hours ago

    Flat earth theorists are nothing but trolls. Just smile and nod. Don't give them time or effort. If they can't watch the space station's livestream and comprehend that we have 24/7 monitoring of the earth from space then they can't be helped.

    EARTH IS FLAT 12 hours ago

    GET A NIKON P900 and watch the object come back into view as you zoom it back in. You put down flat earthers for using observation yet at the end you say to use observation to supposedly prove the theory of ships going over curvature. observe this The world's longest bridge is the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge in China,
    part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway. The bridge, which
    opened in June 2011, spans 102.4 miles (165 kilometers). LOOK IT UP. CURVATURE? NOPE.

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 31 minute ago

      EARTH IS FLAT why can't you do the same with sun when it goes over the horizon?

    • LarryIsMyName
      LarryIsMyName 6 hours ago

      lmao u think earth is that small

  • Keir Whiteside
    Keir Whiteside 15 hours ago

    Majority of these comments are ridiculous. People are more interested in themselves being right than the truth. Work with each other and disprove / prove. Far more effective

  • Professor Moogle
    Professor Moogle 15 hours ago

    "And if you don't trust all those scientist's and government people for some reason..." should have stopped there and realized that he is a sheep. ba-ah-ah-ahhhh!

  • WeisseEdelweiss
    WeisseEdelweiss 16 hours ago

    How does this video have so many dislikes? I can understand a few (from trolls), but 4k+?

  • gurkis35
    gurkis35 1 day ago

    More propaganda. When will they stop spreading all these lies?

  • Bobo Fett
    Bobo Fett 1 day ago

    I just came here to see the Earth flatters and Earth rounders having an argument...

    I still believe that the Earth is round tho, and I do *NOT* want arguments here...

  • Gary Close
    Gary Close 2 days ago

    1) "Every experiment ever designed to detect the motion of the earth has failed to detect earth's motion and/or distinguish it from relative counter motion of the universe.
    2) "The most-well known of these is the Michelson-Morley experiment which attempted to measure the change in speed of light due to the assumed motion of Earth through space. They measured in every different direction in various places on the Earth's surface and failed to detect any significant change whatsoever."
    3) "Right up through the 20th century many attempts have been made to try and prove that heliocentricity is true and geocentricity is false. All such attempts have failed and only reinforced geocentricity.
    4) "Neither a blade of grass, the feather of a bird, the leaf of a tree, or even the seed of the dandelion indicates any kind of movement whatsoever.
    5) "Albert Einstein said 'I have come to believe that the motion of the earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment.
    6) "If you research Flat Earth using a rational mind and scientific methods, you will come out on the other side knowing that we do not live on a spinning ball, flying through space at ridiculous speeds in four different directions at once, and where the stars reset themselves every year to the exact same position.
    7) "Over and over again this fake world reality has been presented to you as the absolute truth. To keep you disconnected from the true source of reality. But you still believe THIS is a “Universe” you live in: Random, Accidental, meaningless, Purposeless, Senseless, Non-Spiritual, Nihilistic and Chaotic.
    8) "You keep asking about the “Edge” of the Flat Earth, but you never even wonder about the “Edge” of this “Infinite Universe” which you think exists! Where you could commute, trillions and trillions of light years and that's just for starters yeah; that sounds convincing enough.
    9) "For 500 years an Elite Cabal of Sun-Worshipers has propagated a nihilistic, atheistic cosmology/cosmogony and systematically deceived you into believing that you live on a giant ball tilted back wobbling, and spinning 1000 mph around its central axis, travelling 67,000 mph circles around the Sun, spiralling 500,000 mph around the milky way while the entire Galaxy rockets at a ridiculous 670,000,000 mph through the universe, with all these motions originating from an alleged “Big Bang” a cosmogenic explosion 14 billion years ago.
    10) "That’s a grand total of 670,568,000 mph in several different directions, where you're supposedly speeding along simultaneously even though no one has ever proven a single one of these motions to exist whatsoever.
    11) "There are obviously many reasons why the elite lie to us about this (including simply, ”why Not!?” They love to fool and deceive us whenever they can), but one of the biggest reasons is to convince us not to trust our senses, not to trust ourselves. Our senses tell us the earth is flat and still. But then the “experts” come along and tell us, “you silly ignoramus, it’s a spinning ball” Now if our senses and our common sense could, in effect, lie to us, about something so huge and fundamental like the shape and behaviour of the very earth we live on, then how can we trust our own senses for anything, right? We clearly can’t and this makes us malleable and confused, unable to trust ourselves and thus wide open to whatever reality the elite want to impose on us.

  • Laura Vučak
    Laura Vučak 2 days ago

    So many stuped flat earthers in comment section...

  • David Crawford
    David Crawford 2 days ago


  • Luiz Silva
    Luiz Silva 4 days ago

    The earth is a dinosaur. Prove me wrong flattards.

  • Ron Don
    Ron Don 4 days ago

    9/11 was an inside job so us in the west could still afford to drive our trucks and cars around cause what do they use? Petroleum

  • MLGSans
    MLGSans 4 days ago

    First of all for all the readers here i would like to make round earth more belivable, second i can prove that earth is round in this comment now just read and belive this comment.
    First of all go somewhere where u can see ships coming your way then
    look it doesnt come straight towards you but looks like its rising out of the water and that explains that earth is round. Now if earth was flat you couldnt go to antartica becuz gravity would pull us to the center of the earth
    also water you thinking about water? Water would most likely fall off the edges or even be pulled to the centre of the earth .
    Now water you thinking about flat and round earth? also how do clouds appear on a flat earth???
    earth is obviously round
    (sorry if grammar mistakes , im not the best at english)

  • Cody
    Cody 4 days ago

    Oh, and there's actually one thing that could prove sphere earth and hasn't been touched. NASA and all the things you know as evidence to a sphere earth is honestly wrong and easy to figure out why.

    Flat earth was questionable until advances in... drum role... geology

    Good luck

  • Cody
    Cody 4 days ago

    Forget what you know. I've taken the time to listen to the argument. I've officially come here for a little help and again got nothing but a lie or or more fuel supporting the flat earth. This video which makes me lose a lot of respect for this channel. I came here for answers and all I got was rhetoric. First, the Flat Earth Society isn't affiliated with the flat earth movement and was created for anything but the belief of Earth being flat. Second, what makes this video even more sad including the media attached for reference is that they are WITHOUT question trying to spit information this guy doesn't know and the "observation" of boat disappearing from the bottom up as it goes over the curve. This is why people are stupid. Laziness. The first obvious thing to realize dude is that a boat going over the curve is a lie. Just like the lie you mentioned about Christopher Columbus. Why would general knowledge tell us about Christopher Columbus having a huge role in the belief of a spherical?

    For those people who don't care to actually help or becoming stupid from watching this video listen up.

    Yes way back in the old days a certain number of people believed earth was a sphere because back then they'd see boats disappear over the horizon. Who could blame them? It wrong and doesn't prove a flat or sphere earth unfortunately. It is ALL about the human brains perception of their observation. The eyes and brain work a certain way. A boat would disappear on both a flat and sphere surface at this distance. That alone debunks the example of a boat going over a curve by visual observation. The boat will disappear the same way it does on either model. Place a cup on the ground (imagine it's the boat) now stand 10 feet away and take a picture. Then touch your camera to the ground and try to take a picture of the cup. You cannot. It's just reality the reality we live in. Look down a long hallway and notice how the floor appears to be sloping up.

    A lot of non religious people believed in flat earth long after Greek philosophers. Just something to think about.

    I love Star Trek so would love to not have been wrong about the solar system but there isn't sufficient evidence to suggest either. Actually it's starting to appear as if it could be flat.

    There's only rhetoric from sphere earth believers and completely wrong information and repeated hearsay. The best and only proof to a sphere earth are the composite photos from NASA that were pieced together by someone who imagined it to be spherical from the globe in their pre-schools classroom.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 4 days ago

      Cody the flat earth model fails to explain simple observable phenomena which is easily explained by the spherical earth model. Such as the south celestial pole.
      If you really are interested in knowing the truth and not just in believing the earth is flat, I would recommend looking into astronomy, and seeing how what we observe fails to match a flat earth model

    POORBOYRICH 5 days ago


  • Rachel Witt
    Rachel Witt 5 days ago

    Everything this video talks about has an answer if you actually look into both sides

  • Ben Dixon
    Ben Dixon 5 days ago

    Sane people: Earth is not flat but instead is a globe.

    Flat Earth society: Earth is flat.

    Dank meme community: The Earth is a giant fidget spinner.

  • Mankindfails
    Mankindfails 5 days ago

    Got to give him credit for mentioning that Europeans believed the Earth was round since before Alexander the Great. Just look up "Myth of the Flat Earth" on Wikipedia. Not only that Catholics didnt pretend the Earth is Flat, most scientists worked for the Vatican... Including Galileo ...

  • lou crecc
    lou crecc 6 days ago

    Regurgitating the typical pseudo-science from brainwashed followers of the heliocentric doctrine.. "The only explanation is the Earth MUST be sphere"? Hmm, that's not the scientific method.. An explanation alone doesn't prove anything.. I can think of a bunch of different explanations but without experimentation & empirical evidence you haven't proven anything. An invisible force holding water to a spinning spheroid has NEVER been tested or verified yet it is taught as fact, it's a theory.. not a fact. You only need gravity for such non-sense. In reality the already existing laws of buoyancy explain why objects rise up and fall down. Eratosthenes used SPHERICAL geometry when measuring shadows, ASSUMING the Earth is a sphere.. you conveniently left that part out.. Using PLANE geometry you can get different numbers.

  • Kullen Anderson
    Kullen Anderson 6 days ago

    this dudes a fuckin shill lol

  • Cyrax loops
    Cyrax loops 7 days ago

    You look like a thin version of jack black.

  • Aarsh Jain
    Aarsh Jain 7 days ago

    I think flat earthers have had enough fun trolling science community about the shape of the earth, I think they should come up with some interesting theory about time as it is more abstract and would cause even more frustration to sensible people.

  • Nik
    Nik 7 days ago +1

    the Scary part is 4,732 people disliked this video.. meaning they support flat earth? right.. YIKES

  • Malakhpearson
    Malakhpearson 7 days ago

    The earth was flattened by Chuck Norris.

  • matthew turner
    matthew turner 7 days ago

    how did that bebunk? that sucked, rob skiba debunked everything he said, i put my trust in god so if your earth is flat or round no matter to me, but just kno that nasa brought all this on themselves.

  • john duran
    john duran 8 days ago

    3:25 you know that picture is not a real picture

  • StoopVital
    StoopVital 9 days ago

    The Earth is a fidget spinner

  • Crap1st Class
    Crap1st Class 9 days ago

    100 years to figure out? or 100 years to brainwash generations?
    Ow and this dude said they "assumed"earth must be round.

    He talks crap, better believe me << >> i'm a "scientist" ooeeee better believe it.

  • none of your business
    none of your business 9 days ago +1

    Interesting how apparently several thousands of flattards thumbed this video down, yet I can't find a single one of them proving the video wrong, OR actually proving ANY part of the flat bullshit right. It's almost like that flat earth of theirs exists only in their heads, not in observable/testable reality...

  • Yuri van den akker
    Yuri van den akker 10 days ago +4

    This guy is obviously paid off by NASA !! ( ^.^)

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 10 days ago

    I'm no saint so please excuse my French.  I'm a Christian at heart.  The bible clearly states that earth and everything and everyone on it are nothing more then the proving grounds on which our faith in God and love for one another are tested each and every day.  Yes, this world may indeed be nothing more then an allusion, and the devil is pulling out all the stops to corrupt us, but we have to answer to a higher authority.....someone who is above and beyond the conventional wisdom of this wicked age.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 10 days ago +1

    How did grasse go from astrophysicist to museum curator?  No...not from smoking grass, but because he's full of chit as anyone with half a brain would know.

  • Randy Ruben
    Randy Ruben 11 days ago +1

    1:23 uhm is it not the moon whom stands between sun and earth wich cause the eclipse???

    • Snifferino
      Snifferino 2 days ago

      Randy Ruben A solar eclipse is when the earth is between the sun and the moon

  • Dat Random Guy
    Dat Random Guy 13 days ago +1

    Odd likes = Earth is round
    Even likes = Earth is flat

  • toosexyforthenwo
    toosexyforthenwo 13 days ago

    Earth is flat like your haircut.

  • Jay Pat
    Jay Pat 13 days ago +1

    why don't people just take a plane ride at about 35,000-40,000 ft. You definitely see the curvature.

  • Serpent Sepia
    Serpent Sepia 13 days ago +2

    I discovered that the earth is flat through years of electroshock therapy with large doses of LSD and paint thinner.

  • Amanda Campbell
    Amanda Campbell 13 days ago

    if people think were moving over 1000 km an hour i fell sorry for them, no proof the earth is a sphere but plent of proof the earth is flat,

    • Micah Watney
      Micah Watney 11 days ago

      Amanda Campbell think of a plane. Sure you feel the motion, but not that much. Now, go on a larger plane and the motion is barely noticeable. Now, imagine that you're on a spinning round Earth (which you are), do you think you'd feel that?! 1,000 mph is NOTHING compared to the size of the Earth!

  • Noble King
    Noble King 14 days ago

    High priests of humanism, like Bill Nye the creepy sex guy, are taken on "faith" for their "word" which provides them with trillions, and for the money, they give us astronauts in gorilla suits who pack guitars for space and clown around more than show any science and who refuse to go back the moon they claim to have gone to before, but talk of a more expensive idea, to start a colony on Mars. For the trillions they get, have they provided clean water, food, or shelter to help mankind? I have faith in the Creator's "word" and the bible says what my senses confirm, that earth is fixed and doesn't move, the sun and moon are both lights in the the firmament, which is a hard sky, like a molten looking glass (magnifying glass) and God hides behind the canopy of dark WATERS not space above us. One day He will roll back the sky (dome) and we shall see Him face to face, but now we "see through a glass darkly." Wernher Von Braun, former NASA aerospace engineer referenced the firmament on his tomb as testament we haven't been out of our enclosed, self sustainable environment with a glass top, and that God is God and not mortal men God created. Also research operation fishbowl and Dominic, which means "of the Lord's"

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 13 days ago

      You don't need NASA to tell the earth is spherical. Aristotle didn't.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 14 days ago

    All the comments are so stupid obviously the earth is a fidget spinner that explains why it spins

  • FreakyTvMan689
    FreakyTvMan689 14 days ago +2

    Why do people even give a crap? Both sides always seem to get super aggressive about their opinions (seems pretty obvious to me that that's the whole point of it). I don't care whether the earth is flat, round or a freaking pyramid. I think there are far bigger issues on this planet. I also think that the government is lying to us and a lot of science is bs, but this is obviously created by the same people to divide us even more. Distraction is an art my friends. We're all searching for truth but claiming that the other side is stupid isn't gonna lead anywhere. Those are the same ego-driven labeling-patterns that got Galileo hanged when he claimed the earth is not the center of the universe. And don't even start to argue that it's not, even if, that's not the point. Now get along kids :D
    Much love for everybody, peace :)

  • Ilinca6
    Ilinca6 14 days ago

    the earth is a fidget spinner

  • marioled2013
    marioled2013 14 days ago

    It has a flat land group in Brazil with a project to point a laser from the Natal coast to Fernando de Noronha (360 km). If the laser is visible from there, is the earth flat or has more than 40,000 km in circumference? According
    to the curvature calculator, at a height of 5 m from the sea level, at a
    distance of 360 km, Fernando de Noronha should be 9,700 meters below
    the curvature! And if there the laser is sighted? Would be disastrous and how would physics explain this fact ??

  • claponclapoff6
    claponclapoff6 15 days ago

    the globers and hate the flaters and the flaters hate the globers. the divide and conquer technic works better than expected . this knowledge will be passed on. disreguard this message as im sure you will.

  • Rick
    Rick 15 days ago +1

    The problem with flat earth theorists is not going to get solved with logic or scientific evidence. I propose to someone that trusts his or her senses more than mathematical calculation to dedicate a few years of their lives to the mastery of math, the psychology of perception, philosophy, and then travel to a few other cultures. I am sure they will find all the answers through a deeper experience of the world as a whole.

  • texwendellsson
    texwendellsson 15 days ago

    Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

  • Rational Eye
    Rational Eye 15 days ago

    you talking about the world being flat doesn't make it any untrue. the boat thing, the mountain thing or any other thing doesn't show that the world is a globe or flat. the only way to find out is to go to the "southest" point of our globe ("south" pole) and see whether it ends or not, but guess what, a treaty between 12 countries protects the high ices of that place to be passed, with tanks..... etc.

    Now guess what I'm not saying the worldis flat, I'm only saying that it could be.

    • lancealil
      lancealil 14 days ago

      +Rational Eye
      Have you attempted to travel there?

    • Rational Eye
      Rational Eye 15 days ago

      Go away Google, your comment doesn't make me believe in one more over the other. Indeed, to have the theory solved for myself I need to go to the "south" pole, which *in fact is* protected.

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 15 days ago

      Rational Eye except you can go to the South Pole, plenty of people go on expeditions every year. Flat earthers just assume that all of those expeditions are fake or rigged. Even if you took them to the South Pole yourself, they wouldn't buy that they were in the real South Pole. They're denial is that bad. Also, there's no tanks guarding the South Pole, where'd you get that idea?
      Regardless, a flat earth contradicts pretty much everything we know about astronomy. The Greeks figured that out thousands of years ago.

  • WhyExistMedia
    WhyExistMedia 16 days ago

    We have pictures is the only reason we should need at this point...

  • Aaron Gardner
    Aaron Gardner 16 days ago

    I'm not a Flearther, but I don't trust government or scientists that are funded by government, and 911 was a huge conspiracy. If you think 911 is as was reported, THAT is what you need to be looking into, not Flat earth.

  • Alex Frazier
    Alex Frazier 16 days ago +1

    Having sex to make babies is hoax, babies don't come from a sperm fertilizing an egg, it's not true, it's satan tricking us into fornication, babies are actually a result of built up farts, how can you not see this, it's a fact, women don't fart, everybody knows that, they hold it in, those farts start forming a compact gas that creates babies, I read it in science book... written by a well respected pastor... Who has a biblical phd from some bible school... Well he's not a real scientist, but he knows a lot of stuff, he's not a sheeple like you people, he studies things on his own, he doesn't just learn from real researchers like a sheep, he just formulates his own opinion, because that's a real good thing to do.

  • Dawn Weeks
    Dawn Weeks 16 days ago

    If GOD REALLY EXISTS HERE why in 1000s of years has he not held a GOD off? Where all the Gods can compete like in the Olympics of the GODS? To see which one is the best kind of like Smite? If I had to guess how Jesus would return it would be thru like Seth Rollings and the Devil his rival would be Bray Wyatt. It just makes sense to me. Strip eachother of their superpowers and get in the ring. That is how God likes to fight. Even. What better venue? you can spout crazy eye opening things about eachother and the Crowd wouldn't even know the difference.

  • Can I please get 1000 subs with no videos

    Time zones would not exist if the earth is flat.

  • VonSplat
    VonSplat 17 days ago

    Then why all the lies from NASA. Is no gravity now cables and green screen? Why air bubble during space walks?

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 17 days ago

    This has to be the weakest debunk I've ever seen

    Their strongest evidence is well we observe circular shadows

    But I make circular shadows with soda cans and coins does that necessitate it robbed a sphere? Of corse not

    Pythagoreans own Theorem proves the sun is 3500 miles away

    Anyone can prove the earth is motionless with a drone

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 15 days ago

      I'd say the strongest evidence we have is actually the south celestial pole.
      Also Foucault's Pendulum. Those seem to suggest that the earth isn't motionless nor a flat plane.

  • Tooba miche fan fan
    Tooba miche fan fan 17 days ago


  • XxFufionbombzxX
    XxFufionbombzxX 17 days ago

    If the earth is flat you could already see the tallest building mountain from any where but you can't, that's why the Earth is round.

  • far ema
    far ema 17 days ago

    U had man until u refer to Neil ... all ur explanations is bullshit I heard better reasons why it is not flat.

  • ajgotjokes
    ajgotjokes 17 days ago


  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 18 days ago

    i believe in line of sight.

  • Take It
    Take It 18 days ago

    bullshit video...and bullshit channel thats for sure, your all trash and you know it

  • TheBigrab10
    TheBigrab10 18 days ago

    point 1.....zoom right back into sight with a camera
    point 2..once again high powered cameras actually zoom into the setting sun and clear to see a gap once again from the sun to the sea..
    point 3..still again taking what a guy said 2500 years ago when eh there was no high powered cameras or internet ,i have more power and technology and education in 1 finger than anybody did 2500 years ago..
    point 4...terminator hahahaha hehe ok still hhhmm 2500 years ago yet my iphone can zoom more than this guy ever could but yet hes the man ...ooh and its only an explanation not fact then...
    point5.once again some old dude from 350bc huh what about modern technology watching the stars at night then just fast forward and see the stars doing a complete circle around us overhead everynight since time began..ooh now its a conclusion not just an explanation this time..
    point6..holy shit mate do you ever actually talk about any very clever people born less than 2000 years ago wow the human race just must be so dumb these days those ancient humans are just so amazing.
    point 7...the horizon is always at eye level no matter how high you go i know this for a fact as ive been 5 miles high many a times and guess what ancient human lover...yup...flat and eye level...
    point 8..flat earth since the 1920 hahahaha oh my god you are so dumb try maybe thousands of years its been there hahahaha come on....
    point on and on and on about people who done experiments thousands of years ago why cant you trust the experiments thousands of people do with natural science in this day and age...
    point have gone to space what did NASA tell you that....ok well how do rockets work in space if there is nothing to push against..not 1 single real photo of earth from space and also nasa tells people everyday that they are still trying to pass earths lower orbit so they lie they dont lie what is it....
    point11..if you dont believe those scientists or government people haha but a guy from 2500 years ago is just fine for information wow yip climbed hundreds of mountains and yip watched a ship sail away over the curve then zoomed it back with a camera .
    you are the worst debunker on this flat earth...your personel insults at the start of the video gives it away but i do always like to give yous a chance so i watched it for the amazing FACTS you have to share with the world and guess what WE ARE ALL STILL WAITING FOR THEM.....
    WOW WHAT A DOGARSE....................

  • Benita Stärke - remem95
    Benita Stärke - remem95 18 days ago +1

    "I don't see it, so it isn't there." Don't kids loose that mentality around the age of 4?

  • Kiky
    Kiky 18 days ago

    oh sweety Aristoteles, i'm so sorry for all these flat dipshits.

  • Calvin Agor
    Calvin Agor 18 days ago

    I apologize if I believe in a God who created an oblete spheroid earth

    DR. D-CODER 19 days ago

    Earth is a Cylinder

  • Chris Freely
    Chris Freely 19 days ago

    "Condemnation before examination is the height of ignorance." -Paley

  • Legion of Truth
    Legion of Truth 19 days ago

    Earth is Flat. You need to do your homework on vision perspective cause you clearly have not. Also i have a masters in psycology so please do not suggest i am not educated. Its just science proves the earth is flat. Scientism the false religion of which all globbers practice is a cult. Everything globbers believe is a lie.

    • Meowmeow
      Meowmeow 18 days ago

      What proof do you have that the earth is flat..? And why would this huge conspiracy be in place to make people believe it's round? Why has no one been to the edge? What are asteroids? Why are the other planets round and not earth?

  • grablicH
    grablicH 20 days ago

    By the way; in reality YOU did NOT prove that the Earth is round. : ) ) )

  • grablicH
    grablicH 20 days ago

    They think they're monkeys spinning on a ball. HAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHAHAaAAA

    • grablicH
      grablicH 20 days ago

      All I got to say to this video.You have been succesfully brainwashed and cannot think yourself.

  • True Fiction
    True Fiction 21 day ago

    Tragedy Actors vid PLEASE SEEKER

  • Noah Roberts
    Noah Roberts 22 days ago

    IbraSpid lol the government is lying to us. the Earth is actually a Rhombicosidodecahedron. It has 20 regular triangular faces, 30 square faces, 12 regular pentagonal faces, 60 vertices and 120 edges.

  • Asian Rey
    Asian Rey 23 days ago

    this guys is getting paid for this.

  • FightOnGaming
    FightOnGaming 23 days ago

    Why so many dislikes? It was a good video

  • L Skies
    L Skies 24 days ago

    I've wasted my time watching this video. I thought I can get a detailed explanation to prove that the earth is a globe. This is non sense.

    THE REALITY SHOW 25 days ago

    Fun and entertaining video. However your Greek pronunciation needs some help. Obviously you are reading theses name and need to hear them. Pythagoras is pie-thag-oar-us, Eratosthanes is err-uh-tas-the-knees, etc. You'd sound even more persuasive [and like a true Classicist] if you get that right as well! Still great though!

  • niklaus stöckli
    niklaus stöckli 26 days ago

    eric dubay....... watch!

  • Skeptical Dreamer
    Skeptical Dreamer 26 days ago +1


  • Game Fire
    Game Fire 26 days ago

    So the Earth is flat but not the sun, moon, or any other planet in the solar systen? Wtf lmao

  • Edison Zheng
    Edison Zheng 27 days ago

    How about we send all flattards to space, make them observe the earth. AND THEN BLOW UP THE SPACE CRAFT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    My icon will trigger all flattards since they are all religious ( athiest symbol )

  • ASMR Consumer
    ASMR Consumer 27 days ago

    Earth is flat, but our planet is round :)

  • Music Lovers
    Music Lovers 29 days ago

    you should be pretty sure that you will not burn in hell, prepared for demons and false prophets. you spend yur time discuting the truth, you just want it is like you say, but do not be so sure, flat earth prooves God, and an eternal life, a globe does not promise nothing exept sin, and slavery, disobeying God wich gave you life. you mind controlled child, they make you talk what they want. globe believers are all stupid people, mind controlled, they only deny deny and deny, the truth. atheists do not want some one higher than them, to controll them, even if He is God wich gave them life, ...while they do not know that they are being controlled by evil, and are paying with their life in hell, Bible calls those people stupids. because one who deny the truth is stupid. because they are closed minded, they do not want something else comes from outside, they want to think in their own way, what they create inside their mind, they blind themselfes with what they think. they invent a stupid theory and they believe it. so the Bible is right by calling them stupids. because one who acts like this, is in fact a stupid. life was not created by a big bang. noo!!!! nor the oceans can not be created by explosions, noo! ...what about feelings? created by a big bang?!!! do not be fooled, you will regret for what you have done, because what you plant in this earth, you will harvest in Heaven. i hope God opens your mind, because denying everything, means that you know nothing.

    • FleeTurtle
      FleeTurtle 25 days ago

      I can't tell if this is a joke or not wat

  • johncautobody
    johncautobody 1 month ago +1

    the earth is flat

  • Willy Hopkins
    Willy Hopkins 1 month ago

    Btw that doesn't prove nothing

  • daylan frisk
    daylan frisk 1 month ago

    and the earth is round does not mean its a spinning ball

  • daylan frisk
    daylan frisk 1 month ago

    how did Eratosthenes travel roughly 1,010 km. fast enough to make both measurements on the solstice. when google maps says driving take like 12h 4m what was the fastest mode of transportation. horses were faster than modern day cars ... flatearth

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 27 days ago

      daylan frisk maybe you could do even the slightest amount of research on how the experiment was performed before thinking you've disproved the whole thing.

  • Shivang P Swain
    Shivang P Swain 1 month ago

    The next time a guy says the earth is Flat I'm gonna whack him so hard, he'll go flying off a cliff! Also, because his GPS was off as he doesn't believe in satellites or their imagery...

  • Daniel Gibson
    Daniel Gibson 1 month ago

    nope. not flat. it's a rectangle. #rectanglelife

  • robizzlor
    robizzlor 1 month ago +1

    9/11 conspiracy? Srsly. That's already a fact, that explosions took down the building :D

  • Philip
    Philip 1 month ago

    You debunked shit.

  • Philip
    Philip 1 month ago

    The shadow measurement works the same way if the sun is smaller and closer.

  • Philip
    Philip 1 month ago

    The moon and sun are spheres! Just the earth that isn't.

  • Philip
    Philip 1 month ago

    You don't know how the atmosphere works do you?

  • the lenny face
    the lenny face 1 month ago

    The earth is actually a rhombicosidodecahedron.

  • John Moore Training
    John Moore Training 1 month ago

    People who think the Earth is a sphere are brain-dead idiots. NASA is a bunch of lying masonic a-wipes. Grow a brain or shut up, ball indoctrinated sponges.

    • Monday English
      Monday English 28 days ago

      If that's the case, you're in the extreme minority here, buddy. Essentially, you're calling out the majority population "brain-dead idiots". I understand and it's fine to be skeptical, but to reject science and factual evidence is the same concept as arguing with a brick wall. In this case, whether you actually have a brain is the real question, instead of being a stubborn donkey.

  • OrganicMemeGalore
    OrganicMemeGalore 1 month ago +1

    The earth is actually a giant fidget spinner you morons

  • Cao Kha Bao Khanh
    Cao Kha Bao Khanh 1 month ago

    The earth is flat tho. If you're travelling close to the speed of light passing the Earth and you try to mesure it, I'm pretty sure it's god damn flat. So stop spreading lies plz.

    • Monday English
      Monday English 28 days ago

      Hm, well, you don't seem very confidence as you've mentioned "I'm pretty sure ...",yet you haven't backed up anything you've said. Also, you're stating " travelling close to the speed of light passing the Earth" meaning you're not from Earth(I'm assuming English isn't your first language)? I'm assuming you meant if you were to travel in a straight line, the earth would measured out to be flat, correct?

      Here evidence to debate against. Let's take the Gold en Gate Bridge for example. "Because of the curvature of the Earth, the towers are a little wider apart at the top than at the bottom ", calculating the CURVATURE of the earth when making the bridge.
      Before you accuse someone of "spreading lies", you better back up what you say

  • SuperCrashJoe Broes
    SuperCrashJoe Broes 1 month ago

    Yes the earth is round. But do you know what ells is round? A penny. And what ells do we see about the penny? Its flat! So maybe the earth is round and flat!? Also those pictures are bull shit fake! Compasets!! Suck it globtards!!!

    • SuperCrashJoe Broes
      SuperCrashJoe Broes 27 days ago

      Its flat. Just trust your sences bro they say other wise. Oh and dont give me that classic bullshit line " give me proof that the earth is flat duh durr buh! This goes for ever one of you guys even seeker! Sorry pal but space maybe the final frontier,but its made in a Hollywood basement!

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 1 month ago

      SuperCrashJoe Broes composites*
      And composite doesn't necessarily mean fake, unless we're also throwing out every panoramic picture ever as fake too.
      As if you even needed pictures to prove the earth is spherical

      It's obvs a dodecahedron tho

  • Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush Threepwood 1 month ago

    Its Flat and stationary plane, not a planet. Take the T of Planet and add it to NASA and you have Satan and a plane for Earth.

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