What they’re not telling us about Antarctica? Something Major Is Happening In The Antarctica! Vol 2.

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  • GEZZA1
    GEZZA1 1 day ago

    please do not talk about this. I did and had a visit.

  • Oakiemouse
    Oakiemouse 1 day ago

    Hmm all these deleted comments make me wonder what's going on here.

  • Joe Renaud
    Joe Renaud 2 days ago

    The only information stated here in this video that is true is the fact that Corey Goode is an IT specialist and nothing more than that is true. All other information stated here is a "claim" that Corey Goode makes but he has no evidence to prove those claims other than being an IT specialist. Until Goode can supply some tangible evidence to back any other claims, all he has is an elaborate "story" that keeps getting more elaborate by the week. And any serious study of UFO's and related information cannot do anything with a story that has no evidence to back it.

  • Jonah TheScientiist

    So you're talking about what the psychic Corey Goode claims? He has never been there.

  • FigifGames
    FigifGames 2 days ago

    It's Megatron frozen in the ice

  • Moine ivre
    Moine ivre 2 days ago

    Soon humanity will be wipe out by xenomorphe. Thanks to Weyland Yutani for waking up the wrong species xD

  • Will Derby
    Will Derby 2 days ago

    This should get next years Hugo Award

  • Christopher Schott
    Christopher Schott 3 days ago

    True , The Thing , less we forget ...what was found in that story...

  • the gator
    the gator 3 days ago


  • Future Isscary
    Future Isscary 3 days ago

    Oh my, sounds like someone has been spending a bit too much time listening to Infowars and Breitbart. Get back on your meds, and put extra tin foil on your head...

  • wiserbud
    wiserbud 4 days ago

    Egypt pyramids may have been and may be again, markers for the north or south pole when the earth flips

  • Ghost guy 120304
    Ghost guy 120304 5 days ago

    hey Megatron's legs from Transformers

  • IR0N360
    IR0N360 6 days ago

    Why has the Earth been circumnavigated East to West, but never North to South?

  • S Dreamer
    S Dreamer 6 days ago

    Demons NOT Aliens

    JUST SAYING 6 days ago

    I suppose you would first have to believe Corey Goode. I have questions.

  • mex herr
    mex herr 6 days ago

    maybe if this were true, there's a deeper reason why these things were Frozen.

  • James Staples V
    James Staples V 6 days ago

    How can you have pre adamites if there never was an adam ?

  • Qezt Nest
    Qezt Nest 6 days ago

    😨 ...

  • mike Liberty 000
    mike Liberty 000 7 days ago

    Ghost gods and goblins equals delusion

  • Okabe Black
    Okabe Black 7 days ago

    OK when does the invasion begin? The people on this planet need a wake up call. Maybe that would straighten our a&%$ out.

  • Cognator AlbertL
    Cognator AlbertL 7 days ago

    There was no flash freeze. Also the deep space program is run by the USAF and in  cooperation with Aliens. We have built a space port on a planet in another Solar System. Also bases on the far side  of the moon.

  • Sealand Venture
    Sealand Venture 7 days ago

    So a interplanetary civilization settled in the Antarctic then let themselves be encased in ice and snow ?

  • David Jones
    David Jones 7 days ago

    This would be fascinating if it weren' so poorly narrated.

  • John Mortlock
    John Mortlock 7 days ago

    Does anyone really  think that the US and Co would divulge to the public what they may or may not have found there of any significance, I believe in flying pigs too.

  • Aron Roger
    Aron Roger 7 days ago

    it was not a good thing!

  • Don Brown
    Don Brown 7 days ago

    suspiciously fast???? technology has been suppressed heavily, because of the elites control, Tesla not being taught in school proves that, and the fact a new pickup still only get up to 22 mpg, proves it.

  • Walter Smeg
    Walter Smeg 7 days ago

    As for the fallen angels,demons,gods..that's the biggest pile of bullshit you ever did hear,,what a lie to the weak and feeble..religion is as real as rocking horse shit or unicorns

  • Thomas Little Plume

    all your comments seem atheists why did God already tell us about this a long time ago in the Bible?

  • Keith H. Burgess
    Keith H. Burgess 7 days ago

    Come back when you actually find something, meanwhile, we have Alien craft flying over & into Australian air space all the time. No one is getting all worked up over that. It is quite normal now.

  • Damarys Hernandez
    Damarys Hernandez 7 days ago

    I just hope that Emperor penguins be save.

  • Nelson Toondrawer
    Nelson Toondrawer 7 days ago

    There used to be five countries there. Now there are 32! All trying to get apiece of ancient technology. 🤔🌬👽😷🤧😳😱😲👹👿

  • Mario Serrano
    Mario Serrano 7 days ago

    They want all the ice to melt so they can get the oil. Gold. Coal and so many other things.

  • Tommy Gunz
    Tommy Gunz 7 days ago

    i think hitler was allowed to go to antartica to die ,but insteed he started a group of liked minded people from everywhere, they are all genetic experements ,x men

  • Bob Blanchfield
    Bob Blanchfield 7 days ago

    all this stuff coming out about the moon mars and here on the planet, has been kept secret for whatever reason,how ever two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead, guess the live ones thought it was time to shall we say, let the cat out of the bag?

  • jason vorhees
    jason vorhees 7 days ago

    nephelims are real alive and kicking in antartica

  • jason vorhees
    jason vorhees 7 days ago

    they manage to open a time warp in antartica or a gate to other dimensions with aliens help

  • jason vorhees
    jason vorhees 7 days ago

    in antartica there u can find the nephalims, mythological creatures as well

  • jason vorhees
    jason vorhees 7 days ago

    fyi guys world leeaders of super power nations e.g. us china russia have regular meetings in antartica they dont want us to know whats really happening in our world

  • Sgt. Anarchy
    Sgt. Anarchy 7 days ago

    I think if we had actually found this it would have been all over the news and shown to the world. If it is so top secret then how would you know about it?

  • Jason
    Jason 7 days ago

    Read the Book of Enoch. Fallen Angels are "Aliens"

  • Derrell Cooper
    Derrell Cooper 8 days ago

    think I going to put my boots back on.

  • Leo Lion Nate
    Leo Lion Nate 8 days ago

    You sure there not Atlantis beings most advanced civilization lost and instinct people

  • Clay Kedzior
    Clay Kedzior 8 days ago

    The gov't lies to us all the time.

  • JDPackard
    JDPackard 8 days ago

    at 2:12 very interesting

  • Clay Kedzior
    Clay Kedzior 8 days ago

    The gov't to us all the time not new.

  • Joe Archuleta
    Joe Archuleta 8 days ago

    Good is a con wake up

  • paul skillman
    paul skillman 8 days ago

    ICBM"S were not sudden. It took a lot of research to develop them.Your tax $ is paying for it all.

  • Blametheidiot Clintons

    You will talk about ancient aliens but , what you really don't know is that they are not aliens and they have been here thousands of years longer than us. They are the fallen angels that GOD threw out of heaven and they are here to deceive the nations and make everyone worship satan and the antichrist. Yes , the TRUTH is in the HOLY BIBLE.

  • Robert W
    Robert W 8 days ago

    You had me at "flash"

  • alliofferisthetruth

    How we goin to find out the truth? We can't go there

  • Growing Effects
    Growing Effects 8 days ago

    I like everything except for David Wilcox! Lol. Some of the stuff he says is cuckoo bananas!

  • Tom Lewis
    Tom Lewis 8 days ago

    DO NOT thaw out any bodies you find in the ice... remember the Thing!

  • Frantisek Fojtek
    Frantisek Fojtek 8 days ago

    proč je vše asi rozmazané,je to všechno nesmysl.

  • Ruben Janbroers
    Ruben Janbroers 8 days ago

    This is all revealled in Revelations from the Bible, the grasshoppers that are as big as horses and known as "Aliens" And read in Revelations 18:21 about the baltic sea object. This is the object that looks like a millstone and was thrown in the sea by an Angel of God

  • arnaud decotter
    arnaud decotter 8 days ago

    evidence pls? seem i need to go there myself to find out

    • mr777davidben
      mr777davidben 8 days ago

      arnaud decotter evidence? It's all around us, we have become more and more advanced than our ancestors... the last chapter of Daniel the prophet more evidence.

  • John Bear
    John Bear 8 days ago

    Yea we been lied to about history...ok ......Lies ........so the real truth is we were created by little green guys?.....ok ....yea that makes sense now....thanks for enlightening me

    • Tyler Pruett
      Tyler Pruett 8 days ago

      John Bear , they were the fallen angels. no we don't come from them. God flooded the world because evil spread and we are the offspring of Noah.

  • Sneaky Beaver
    Sneaky Beaver 8 days ago

    im not pro government, but think about it for a sec if ET really exists, if their superior technology really exists, what if everyone opens their book and share the knowledge. That is fine, however, it's going to create a biggest economic crash in the history? Why am I saying this? OIL.

    Oil is powering our economy, it's basically everywhere. it employs thousands and thousands of people.

    That's the other side of the medal if ETI gave us everything they might use.

  • Staar Gaazing
    Staar Gaazing 8 days ago

    one of your most interesting videos. ☆

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith 8 days ago

    Yeah that would be right tell us nothing take us nowhere

  • andrei tudor
    andrei tudor 8 days ago

    Would love to see a bibliography.

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