Robot Presentation - SNL

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  • Tyler Klein
    Tyler Klein 1 day ago

    who else wants one of these cute robots? <3

  • lizardpeoplepoetry
    lizardpeoplepoetry 4 days ago

    snl don't tease us with gay kyle mooney

  • Herpeslip Herpeslip

    This sketch made me gay. Thanks a lot SNL for shoving your gay agenda down my slippery throat!

  • Donny Debonair
    Donny Debonair 5 days ago

    Wow, jesus christ

  • Ike Rants
    Ike Rants 8 days ago

    So do they actually have working genitalia, I'm asking for some really kinky Science purposes

  • Aidan S
    Aidan S 17 days ago

    doesn't he look like the trololol guy or is it just me? like if you agree

  • Ανδρέας Χούνδρης

    fred armisen is back?!?!?!

  • edunodl
    edunodl 19 days ago

    i'll test helix 900s programming YYYYYAAAAAASSSSSSSSS

  • SadieBear the Steeler Fan Heiress

    Hahahaha hahahaha 😂😁😄😃😀😆

  • Robert Cambron
    Robert Cambron 27 days ago

    The funniest part about this skit is that they say "Let's turn him on" and a woman turns him on.

  • Ares Kochendorfer
    Ares Kochendorfer 1 month ago

    I'm so fucking done with SNL

  • Fotograma ibarra garcia

    as a gay person, i could't stop laughing

  • Alma Verde
    Alma Verde 1 month ago

    that walk is the funniest

  • Prescilla Lopez
    Prescilla Lopez 1 month ago

    Lmao! !!!

  • Ducky Lubert
    Ducky Lubert 1 month ago

    i hate that fred and kate have the same hairstyle i'm howling

  • Sean Cousins
    Sean Cousins 1 month ago

    If your gay and you want to date robots the buy the Helix 900... if you did not know he is gay. Call know and you'll get the helix 950

  • gail margolis
    gail margolis 1 month ago

    How's this funny? Why is homosexuality still the butt of jokes in 2017?

    • Styles_Clash
      Styles_Clash 1 month ago

      gail margolis Heteronormative? As in, like, heterosexual relationships are normal while other kinds are abnormal? Well that's true. If 95% of anything is the same, then that's normal. Not being normal isn't bad, it just means it doesn't occur as often. White people are normal in the USA because we're over 50% of the population, while a Chinese person is normal for a human because China has the greatest population on Earth.

    • gail margolis
      gail margolis 1 month ago

      Why couldn't the joke have been that the robot is straight and likes is obsessed with women? I'll tell you why, because it won't evoke as much humor in this heteronormative culture

    • Styles_Clash
      Styles_Clash 1 month ago

      Because robots can't be gay, or even straight for that matter. They're robots. That's the joke.

  • Jeremy Main
    Jeremy Main 1 month ago

    Did this come out before the election or something? This is so biting and transgressive.

  • Ms Tea
    Ms Tea 1 month ago

    maybe it's just me but he looks like tina from Bobs Burgers lol

  • SoulSukkur
    SoulSukkur 1 month ago

    programming a robot to have feelings is among the cruelest things you could do to a robot

  • Keegan McGreevy
    Keegan McGreevy 1 month ago

    the only fiction here is saying kyle and beck arent in love with each other, thats just the facts

  • Steinwaytoday
    Steinwaytoday 1 month ago

    wait, I'm a little latin man. you can have me, Helix 900

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 1 month ago

    so.. uh... is like... uh .... everyone one... on snl gay?

  • CoPezz
    CoPezz 2 months ago

    i don't like this. it is sort of funny. but it also does have a homophobic vibe.

  • Jake life 835
    Jake life 835 2 months ago

    That's not how all gay people are though

  • Koky Koky
    Koky Koky 2 months ago

    omg i want to see the other robot walk

  • quantumperception
    quantumperception 2 months ago

    Why is Fred Armisen still alive? Why hasn't anyone taken care of that problem?

  • Paul Yoo
    Paul Yoo 2 months ago

    Are the actors actually gay?

  • # iGames
    # iGames 2 months ago

    I'm openly gay and like omg I found this funny.

  • ThatWord Jr
    ThatWord Jr 2 months ago

    Did anyone hear the song 'Sexy and I Know It' playing in th background? Cause it sounds like it.

  • johnmonk66
    johnmonk66 2 months ago

    everything microsoft makes is gay

  • Phils Eyelash
    Phils Eyelash 2 months ago

    What about lesbians

  • Nate Peace
    Nate Peace 2 months ago

    Introducing... Helix!!!! Our newest robot!!!
    Helix: I like men. They look sexy!!!! Her I go, watch out, coming through!!!
    Audience member: Um, excuse me, I know, I feel bad asking this question, but, um......
    Presentation lady: Oh no, you can go ahead, you can ask Helix anything!!!
    Audience member: Oh, thanks, um, is Helix, uh, gay?
    Presentation lady: Yes, he is gay, yes Helix is gay.
    Audience member: Oh, um, uh, okay.

  • TCt83067695
    TCt83067695 2 months ago

    4:24 - 4:35 i really was having anxiety for the guy

  • Michael Eyob
    Michael Eyob 2 months ago

    she was channeling her hillary Clinton impression at the beginning

  • jmsta2011
    jmsta2011 2 months ago

    I miss The Alan :(

  • jmsta2011
    jmsta2011 2 months ago

    0:14 Justin Bieber gesture...

  • Eric Jensen
    Eric Jensen 2 months ago

    In real life, these would be Apple products.

  • Ryan Playz Gamez
    Ryan Playz Gamez 2 months ago

    When he says it's 2016 but the video was released in 2017.

  • Michael Hood
    Michael Hood 3 months ago

    the woman behind Affleck is distractingly hot

  • Brianna Casey
    Brianna Casey 3 months ago

    Lol this skit relates to much to real life and it's HILARIOUS!😂

  • A B
    A B 3 months ago

    I didnt realize the robot was a person until he moved

  • Z B
    Z B 3 months ago

    I am not a punchline.

  • Michelle Jin
    Michelle Jin 3 months ago

    I have seen beck bennett talk about being attracted to men live in front of an audience my life is complete

  • Aubrey Martin
    Aubrey Martin 3 months ago

    It's 2:16am...and I just laughed "Here I go, watch out, coming through"
    1 like= one prayer no one heard me laugh...

  • Hector Gonzalez
    Hector Gonzalez 3 months ago

    "Did y'all program it to walk gay?"

  • Christian Bekele
    Christian Bekele 3 months ago

    ....What is it that whenever SNL does a skit about robots, it's never funny?

  • Adrian Brinson
    Adrian Brinson 3 months ago

    This is hilarious

  • roman iskhakov
    roman iskhakov 3 months ago


  • roman iskhakov
    roman iskhakov 3 months ago

    You guys are amazing.

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis 4 months ago

    ..who is that? Casey Affleck?

  • Mednay
    Mednay 4 months ago

    1:39 "umm.. why NOT??"

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 4 months ago

    Look at Fred's face @ 3:00. You can tell he is "pre-smiling" so he doesn't break character after the robot prances about the stage.

  • TravistheHuman
    TravistheHuman 4 months ago

    He just outed the robot.

  • 985shane
    985shane 4 months ago


  • Anthony Doria
    Anthony Doria 4 months ago

    When he started to walk 😂😂😂

  • Jk
    Jk 4 months ago

    Beck bennetts physical comedy is amazing as always. His adult baby sketch is frigging hilarious as well

  • Jeremy Fickle
    Jeremy Fickle 4 months ago

    Does anyone else find Beck Bennet really attractive or is it just me?

    • Despina838
      Despina838 4 months ago

      Jeremy Fickle Nah, a lot of people do.

  • juliajulia julia
    juliajulia julia 4 months ago

    These damn companies tryna relate to younger users😂

  • glowingruby
    glowingruby 4 months ago


  • glowingruby
    glowingruby 4 months ago

    this is probably one of the best sketches i almost pissed myself

  • Seamus Frederick
    Seamus Frederick 4 months ago

    "Oh boy you really stepped in it now"

  • Rebecca .Random
    Rebecca .Random 4 months ago

    omg this so funny ;P

  • Jeff Stanton
    Jeff Stanton 4 months ago

    stupid fag shit

  • Penguin Community
    Penguin Community 4 months ago

    Those robots were hot! 😂

    • Tyler Klein
      Tyler Klein 1 day ago

      I wanna buy one of them for, ahem, "work related" purposes! ;)

  • Northern Cross
    Northern Cross 4 months ago

    I like to imagine this skit takes place in the same continuity as Portlandia

  • Fury CSGO and More
    Fury CSGO and More 4 months ago

    Wait this was posted in 2017 and they said it was 2016

  • funnyblog100
    funnyblog100 4 months ago

    The funniest part of the video is the fact that this robot runs on windows. XD fail

  • Nash1a
    Nash1a 4 months ago

    What no Lez-Bots?

  • Nash1a
    Nash1a 4 months ago

    So... ummmm.... He Licks 900 what exactly?

  • Sarah Lindsay Mccain
    Sarah Lindsay Mccain 4 months ago

    I don't want to get involved with that...

  • Rapportus Rich
    Rapportus Rich 4 months ago

    That chick behind Casey Affleck is hot as fuck.

  • Jaguar7444
    Jaguar7444 4 months ago

    Sexy ass robot.

  • Mark Brigante
    Mark Brigante 4 months ago

    Awesome liberals sensitive to robot feelings and acting accordingly. You brainwashed morons.This skit is against your own backwards ideology. Lol thumbs up you dumbass idiots.

    • raleighman3000
      raleighman3000 4 months ago

      Mark Brigante I'm lib and I loved the sketch. I get the joke.

  • Delia Panda
    Delia Panda 4 months ago

    He never blinked

  • Vic Syy
    Vic Syy 4 months ago

    The wrong man asked the wrong questions.The right one to ask why are they trying to incorporate their version of how a homosexual man should act in a robot? So all gay men sashay? Did a gay man even write the programming of this robot?And why are there no Asian robots?

  • itsranton
    itsranton 4 months ago

    There's levels to this shit. roflmao

  • Jasmine Won
    Jasmine Won 4 months ago

    the second robot reminded me of mitch grassi

  • RivalsAirsoft3
    RivalsAirsoft3 4 months ago


  • machine7269
    machine7269 4 months ago

    fuckin liberals burn in hell, Trump will light the match

  • mrengulfeddirector
    mrengulfeddirector 4 months ago


  • J. Fabricio Elías
    J. Fabricio Elías 4 months ago


  • StillAtMyMoms
    StillAtMyMoms 4 months ago

    Face it: Liberals are not funny. Lorne, stop putting an agenda in every skit.

    • JacobTrueman
      JacobTrueman 4 months ago

      StillAtMyMoms the vast majority of people producing comedy today are liberal, idiot

    • raleighman3000
      raleighman3000 4 months ago

      StillAtMyMoms you missed the point. it's anti PC.

  • Peter Kalnin
    Peter Kalnin 4 months ago

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Christopher Cutugno
    Christopher Cutugno 4 months ago

    Wow, SNL really sucks vs the old school stuff

  • Thot Quin
    Thot Quin 4 months ago


  • Fabian Mar So
    Fabian Mar So 4 months ago

    One of most clever sketches i had ever seen.

  • Sami
    Sami 4 months ago

    This sketch made me like Casey Affleck even more. lol.

  • Adam's Channel
    Adam's Channel 4 months ago

    4:08 helix 950 his face is so sexy

  • Livvilover27
    Livvilover27 4 months ago

    He could have just asked, "Why does a robot meant for office work have a sexuality?"

    • JacobTrueman
      JacobTrueman 4 months ago

      Livvilover27 yeah but then the sketch would've ended after 30 seconds

  • Jenna Noce
    Jenna Noce 4 months ago

    This is great because kate is like very fucking gay

  • Herbert West
    Herbert West 4 months ago

    Beck's mince was on point.

  • megacrunch
    megacrunch 4 months ago


  • nj13 nj13
    nj13 nj13 4 months ago

    SNL is gay robot

  • Admiralty86
    Admiralty86 4 months ago

    Nick Swardsen had the original gay robot

  • Hawkmoona Matata
    Hawkmoona Matata 4 months ago

    How do they even make the hair look that plastic and slick...just a shit ton of hair gel? Honestly wondering! 😂

  • SeaTimeless
    SeaTimeless 4 months ago

    I came back to this video from something else because I realized that Fred's character actually outed the third robot ('he's gay but he's not out yet'). Weird mixing of messages in the skit.
    Overall a funny skit though.

  • far_out
    far_out 4 months ago

    Does Beck Bennett even blink???

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