Our First Maid Cafe

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  • For this week's adventure, we're heading to the @home Maid Cafe in Akihabara which is having a special Gudetama month, and we're having our first maid cafe experience. Martina loves every second of it. I, on the other hand, need to re-evaluate my life decisions.

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  • Runtime: 12:13
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  • Dummy Account
    Dummy Account 13 minutes ago

    G U D E T A M A ! ! !

  • Ethan Deng
    Ethan Deng Hour ago

    Now he I can say: "She's the one named sailor moon."

  • 鈴木さつき
    鈴木さつき 3 hours ago


  • llovescake15
    llovescake15 Day ago

    is simon gay?

  • まるたん
    まるたん 3 days ago


  • den
    den 4 days ago +1

    ooooh myy gaawwwd !!!!!! I need to go there so baddly <3 UwU

    • den
      den 4 days ago

      I KNOW RIGHT o.O

  • Yuan Ji
    Yuan Ji 4 days ago

    从ryu tv 过来的😂😂

  • Angela Hong
    Angela Hong 5 days ago +1

    I feel so bad that Martina had to watch her husband fawn over a bunch of cute girls and act like she's still having fun and enjoying her meal when it's pretty obv that she isn't really in the mood even though it's her first omurice in Japan :c. Simon doesn't seem like he can help it and tried to react appropriately, but he really let go(those open mouthed stares lolol). They should do a butler cafe to balance this out or something lmao

  • Gabi Hurd
    Gabi Hurd 6 days ago

    The editing in your videos are my favorite out of all the videos I see on YouTube.

  • Rach
    Rach 7 days ago

    OMG... This is so like in animes.... Is this for real... Omg... I remember Maid Sama.... Hahaha

  • derrick claiborne
    derrick claiborne 8 days ago

    The entire time I'm like "THERE FOOD IS GETTING COLD" 😭😭

  • rayygoddps4
    rayygoddps4 9 days ago

    0:08 she has to be about 50

  • Kevin Corrales
    Kevin Corrales 9 days ago

    What song is this at 7 minutes in? I found a version of it on itunes with spoken word, but I need to know what the instrumentals are!

  • caren sun
    caren sun 9 days ago

    LMFAO I like how Simon and the other camera guy want to get the fuck out of there !!!!

  • Graye Ira
    Graye Ira 10 days ago

    Simon was suffering

  • skitty skittles
    skitty skittles 10 days ago

    Do you know if they speak English aswell

  • Tiffany Xiao
    Tiffany Xiao 10 days ago

    I saw Yuma and Ryu!!!!!!! the other youtuber hahhaha

  • William Digiacomo
    William Digiacomo 10 days ago

    dan is scaring me.......quick take your shirt off!

  • Shiro Tsuki
    Shiro Tsuki 10 days ago

    God I would love to work there it looks so fun~♡♡

  • floridante2k
    floridante2k 11 days ago

    OMG Simon - Go JAYS Go!!! lol

  • xMissSmoox
    xMissSmoox 11 days ago

    LMAO. Simon is just like "What the....how....why...." Hahaha. Poor guy. This looks like so much fun!

  • mangaka08
    mangaka08 12 days ago

    I've always been kind of confused by people that cringe when they see maid cafes, but they see places like hooters as just totally normal. Lol

  • Sina Abedi
    Sina Abedi 12 days ago

    8:10 that dude in the back looks like a guy who draw hentai.

  • *•MysticWolf• •BTS&KARD•*

    By the time the maid was done explaining the menu the guy that was in the background left 😂😂

  • TheSirfapalot
    TheSirfapalot 14 days ago

    OMG, the girl with pink hair who has been taking their orders... she was so damn cute, i think i have to kill something now...

  • Midnight Phan
    Midnight Phan 14 days ago

    I've never related to Simon so much in this video just being very afraid of being social lmfaooo

  • Scott J
    Scott J 15 days ago

    I'm glad they let you film in the cafe. Now I know the experience is a lot less... sketchy/creepy than I would have otherwise assumed. Good video. Side note, I really like Simon's shirt and hat ensemble.

  • 09yulstube
    09yulstube 16 days ago

    Butler/host cafe next! Yay!

  • Drade Tube TM
    Drade Tube TM 16 days ago

    Shaka shaka

  • Aland Mustafa
    Aland Mustafa 16 days ago

    Simon, how much for that good shit you smoken?

  • Rose Veatupu
    Rose Veatupu 17 days ago

    Dan is handsome!

  • hep the great
    hep the great 18 days ago

    Oshiku nare! Shaka shaka chu chu. Moe Moe beeeeeeeaaaaaammmmuuuu~💓💓💓💓💝💖💞💟💟💋. Yuuuup kinda cringy.

    Translated "become tasty, shake shake kiss kiss super cute beeeeeeaaaam!"

  • Igor Malusevic
    Igor Malusevic 18 days ago

    u r so funny :)

  • Jose Villegas
    Jose Villegas 18 days ago

    Maids are so cute

  • Dakarn
    Dakarn 18 days ago

    I understand why Simon is buying all that expensive fruit now. This ... this video was scarier than Stephen King's "IT."

  • James C
    James C 18 days ago

    I want to go to Akihabara so bad not just for the maid cafes but also the games and toys. i have watched a few youtubes of it and yours was the most entertaining. Muy Muy

  • Cops3
    Cops3 19 days ago

    I would be exactly like that guy xd

  • Atsuko the Regalia
    Atsuko the Regalia 20 days ago +1

    I visited Japan with my family last month. We ended up at Maidreamin while searching for a maid cafe (upon my request). I loved it, although I had to apologize to my parents, my brother, and my mother's friend's family afterward for bringing them there.

  • Kevin Corrales
    Kevin Corrales 20 days ago

    How much Japanese do you need to speak to visit a maid cafe?

  • Martyn Roberts
    Martyn Roberts 21 day ago

    Simon I feel you. This is a personal hell. Triple vodka with that screwdriver!

  • Ivan Goh
    Ivan Goh 22 days ago

    I came from Ryuu TV!!!

  • chemical1125
    chemical1125 22 days ago

    The guy looks like Seananners

  • Sam Onyoutube
    Sam Onyoutube 22 days ago

    why would anyone like those women's hair and clothes ... incredibly disgusting theme.

  • Sam Onyoutube
    Sam Onyoutube 22 days ago

    No wonder Japanese people kill themselves ....

  • SonyXLR
    SonyXLR 22 days ago

    Those girls aren't young enough.

  • #Ryan87#
    #Ryan87# 23 days ago

    Where is the kitchen?

  • janivlogs
    janivlogs 24 days ago

    Shake and bake

  • suprqt
    suprqt 24 days ago

    I thought years of watching anime would prepare me for a video like this...it didn't.

  • OniBee
    OniBee 25 days ago

    Hahaha during certain moments the editing was on spot! 10/10! xD

  • Lina Tan
    Lina Tan 25 days ago

    oh damn, that's a tiring job, working at a maid cafe and explain to every new customer the ENTIRE menu while all cheery and cute, holy crap :'D

  • Só para jogos
    Só para jogos 25 days ago

    When u watched hiro's video and then this appeared on ur recommendation thingy 😂

  • Yasmin Hoseoka
    Yasmin Hoseoka 26 days ago

    Vim pelo Hiro

  • Cherry Teoh
    Cherry Teoh 26 days ago

    @Simon and Martina Ryu and Yuma (YouTuber) was there too, if you seen their video you guyz was in the video for few second LOLL

  • Luisa Hantower
    Luisa Hantower 26 days ago

    Simon looks really high

  • lyd
    lyd 27 days ago

    Dating Martina is like dating a child is a grown woman's face.

  • H Brooke
    H Brooke 28 days ago

    2:48 another youtuber were there at that moment... one of my fav youtuber ...

  • Reader B
    Reader B 28 days ago


  • Leo Faria
    Leo Faria 28 days ago

    hahahahaha, rindo do começo ao fim.

  • Karen Olivia 連
    Karen Olivia 連 29 days ago

    Would love to go to a maid and butler cafe to contrast. I loved both Simon and Martina's reactions. Thought it was hilarious about the maid explaining every page - but it makes sense because people go to the cafes to have "face time" with kawaii maids ;)

  • Zampther
    Zampther Month ago

    Otaku cafe?

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee Month ago

    if you listen closely enough you can hear Dan cringing in the background...

  • Moggleberries
    Moggleberries Month ago

    I realised half way through watching this that I was grinning at the cute food

  • 帥哥
    帥哥 Month ago

    Taiwan's YouTube
    yuma ryu

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman Month ago

    just saying the maid in the thumb nail looks like a old women

  • nichick39
    nichick39 Month ago

    Poor Simon XD

  • Savannah Anime
    Savannah Anime Month ago

    maid sama fans where u at???

  • Saijin Jien
    Saijin Jien Month ago

    well if they talked that fast I would just point on random image lol

  • SπdR
    SπdR Month ago

    After seeing this, I don't want to go to a maid café.

  • The original Jackal

    This looks like so much fun, I'd love to take my daughter.

  • Clumsy Cheetah
    Clumsy Cheetah Month ago

    honestly wtf japan

  • christopher pippin
    christopher pippin Month ago

    Simon, how depressed are you after this?

  • Jacky Yau
    Jacky Yau Month ago

    The couple sitting beside them were also famous youtube couple in Asia ! What a coincidence !

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  Month ago

      +Jacky Yau yes we know! they're part of our team at Breaker :) we also accidentally video bombed their video in the park trying weird food when we biked past them and stopped to say hi!

  • xZeldaxLovax
    xZeldaxLovax Month ago

    I was so happy and then simon made me ashamed for being excited xD

  • 이이모씨
    이이모씨 Month ago

    simon looks so happy

  • Estefanía Izaguirre

    Are we ignoring the fact that they're great at drawing? I mean, I could never draw that well with Ketchup and I'm a graphic designer!

  • Kpopislife
    Kpopislife Month ago

    simon looks done with life,you okay there simon?😂

  • Wlly Wlly
    Wlly Wlly Month ago

    a o mesmo café que o Hiro foi :v

    EMXDOOM Month ago

    I'd drop some acid before going in.

  • Cam the Weeb
    Cam the Weeb Month ago


  • Roberta Mendes
    Roberta Mendes Month ago


  • And It Gets Worse
    And It Gets Worse Month ago

    Simon was so cool about it despite feeling uncomfortable. My boyfriend would make me miserable by being awkward and complaining. I'm mad just imagining it.

  • Gumbo bro
    Gumbo bro Month ago

    I need translation

  • deeyablo
    deeyablo Month ago

    "PUPPIES!" She said this, channeling the voice of Satan, calling forth the tribes of the underdark who have come to lay claim to Simon's soul...

    • deeyablo
      deeyablo Month ago

      2:50 - Simon thinks to himself, "La vie ne signifie rien. Tout doit périr. La mort est la seule réponse."

  • Average Citizen
    Average Citizen Month ago

    Thats the theme of the restaurant man!! Its normal.

  • John Lee
    John Lee Month ago

    dude you edited this video fucken awesomely xD

  • Shiina Ai
    Shiina Ai Month ago

    The maid was so dedicated lol. Too bad I'm more into the kuudere maid types.

  • Patricia Santos Silva

    Comida com rosto de bichinhos rsrsr. Lembra uma cena do filme Sherlock Holmes " O enigma da piramide".

  • xOfantaXo :o
    xOfantaXo :o Month ago


    ROCKY BALBOA Month ago

    It is like being inside an anime.

  • xArchangelSGE
    xArchangelSGE Month ago

    How to impersonate Wolverine 101, put 3 chopsticks in between 4 fingers.

  • Nora Dunn
    Nora Dunn Month ago

    ROFL - You guys are my heroes!
    I'm in Tokyo atm and I was actually nervous to go into a maid cafe, because I thought maybe it's only for men and is kind of a sex thing. So thanks for the inside peek. Will you guys go with me?? I think I may need some support. LOL!

  • Emppos
    Emppos Month ago

    I would be Simon in a maid cafe😂😂

  • rhyumi03
    rhyumi03 Month ago

    i feel the awkwardness you feel simon😁😁😁

  • Chloe Astera
    Chloe Astera Month ago

    Muy muy food? I don't think she realized she said very very food😂

  • samara bueno
    samara bueno Month ago

    muito feliz com a legenda em pt br

  • kanatapaw
    kanatapaw Month ago

    this is just creepy more than anything.

  • The gallant dor
    The gallant dor Month ago

    Omg RyuTv was like right next to u!!!!! DO ALL YOUTUBERS GO TO THE SAME CAFE?!?!?!?!?!

  • 이사람 한국인아니요

    Simon don't worry It'll be over soon
    stay strong

  • Samantha Tam
    Samantha Tam Month ago

    That is my brother nightmare😆

  • Ryu Shiba
    Ryu Shiba Month ago

    Don't you know that at the beginning they addressed you guys "Welcome back, our master and princess"

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