I found a fully stocked underground safe house...

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  • JanKaszanka
    JanKaszanka 1 hour ago

    Watch out!
    Theres a jumpscare on 5:25
    You can thank me later :P

  • Lucas Nilsson
    Lucas Nilsson 2 hours ago

    I've been in one of those playses. And one question. Why is the lights still on?

  • Dyo Kasparov
    Dyo Kasparov 2 hours ago

    get the fuck out of my house motherfuckers

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G 5 hours ago

    Why did they make the door lockable from the outside, thats a little disturbing.

  • UE_Stalker - Abandoned Places Explorer

    This Undreground safe house is in Lithuania country, Kaunas city 😉 I was where. It very nice

  • james compton
    james compton 8 hours ago

    Shitey ur a bullshitting gobshite

  • Nathantg1
    Nathantg1 14 hours ago

    Eerie af seriously i never seen something so fucking disturbing espcially with everything beong ruined jesus

  • Johnny Welch
    Johnny Welch 16 hours ago

    saw a face at 43-46 sec

  • Wat Idit
    Wat Idit 22 hours ago

    omg is this A's lair?

  • Roy W
    Roy W 1 day ago

    Cool but something about the camera view bothers me

  • Ben Reid
    Ben Reid 1 day ago

    looks to me like you found an old Soviet bunker nobody has been in since probably the 70's. bliyat!!!!

  • Ting Ting Chang
    Ting Ting Chang 1 day ago

    You shouldn't go alone

  • C Ney
    C Ney 1 day ago

    Did you film this on a Honda Accord backup camera? What's with the fisheye lens?

  • Rhee Laksa
    Rhee Laksa 2 days ago

    resident evil-esque

  • Aleksandar Veliki
    Aleksandar Veliki 2 days ago

    That's all from the war that's all worth over 500 thousand dollars

  • Типичный Русский

    И тут все по Русски очень мило

  • sisco
    sisco 2 days ago

    At least he knows where to go if this whole thing gets to that point.

  • Hitlery Rotten Crackhead


  • MrSwoor
    MrSwoor 3 days ago

    oh shit, it's Metro 2033 all over again.

  • The Chaos
    The Chaos 3 days ago

    Looks like a great place to film a horror movie.

  • Muhamad Gema Gema
    Muhamad Gema Gema 3 days ago

    Why arent U scared ?

  • Mumbʟes005
    Mumbʟes005 3 days ago

    Free power?! Quick, setup some bitcoin mining rigs!

  • Lulz Face
    Lulz Face 3 days ago

    I would be loading up the back of a truck of all this stuff

  • miyachannel you-tu-ber


  • M Thom
    M Thom 3 days ago

    How did they get the lights on in this underground totally abandoned - bunker? That was my first thought.

  • Kacper G
    Kacper G 4 days ago

    wow even lights still work

  • lungarotta
    lungarotta 4 days ago

    Who pays the bill for electricity?

  • EsparzaIsHere
    EsparzaIsHere 4 days ago

    I was feeling a STALKER vibe while watching then in the description I see you used a STALKER soundtrack

  • Tyler DaSilva
    Tyler DaSilva 4 days ago

    Where is this?

  • A Olsson
    A Olsson 4 days ago

    Quite an elaborate underground system. Were the light bulbs still working or did they have to be replaced? No commentary or finds of real value? Could clean the place up for a film on Hitler's bunker. Thanks for the tour.

  • Ivan Molina
    Ivan Molina 4 days ago

    Okay but the music doesn't fucking help

  • drinking carrots
    drinking carrots 4 days ago

    wow is this the new vault 112

  • Me Yes
    Me Yes 4 days ago

    For future ideas. ... Maybe slow down and actually zoom in on things in the room so everyone can see what it actually is.

  • Pontus Andersson
    Pontus Andersson 5 days ago

    Resident evil 8

  • XxPermaGrinxX
    XxPermaGrinxX 5 days ago

    Can only imagine the secret govt work being done down there back in the day.

  • Juguz Jota Pe
    Juguz Jota Pe 5 days ago

    how tall is this guy?

  • A.H Gaming
    A.H Gaming 5 days ago

    hes an idiot I wouldn't record this I would've kept it a secret ... away from the government

  • Naty Tulson
    Naty Tulson 5 days ago

    why turning the lights off, this guy is suspicious

  • Kastet
    Kastet 5 days ago

    слыш Американец ебанный уходи от туда это Русская земля

  • Kirsanov Play
    Kirsanov Play 5 days ago


  • LostXInXChaos
    LostXInXChaos 5 days ago

    No one seems to mention that this shelter has power ? Surely a shelter like this would be run off a generator ? So the power makes no sense to me unless it's fake !✌️

  • Dead mazay
    Dead mazay 6 days ago

    Это наш бункер.

  • Pale
    Pale 6 days ago

    Now we can say this is insane!

  • plokiju88
    plokiju88 6 days ago

    I couldn't even finish this video.

  • Wolfie Vlogs
    Wolfie Vlogs 6 days ago

    The music😖😣

  • unearthly place3
    unearthly place3 7 days ago

    near my airport we have 4 fallout shelter stocked to the brim with supplies but you can't enter there always troops patrolling it it's a back up shelter if there's a nuclear war

  • TheRealDeal Killer
    TheRealDeal Killer 7 days ago

    I will jack everything in their

  • Veteran legionary
    Veteran legionary 7 days ago


  • Ames Ames
    Ames Ames 7 days ago

    the fuck is this place?

  • hady ellaboudy
    hady ellaboudy 7 days ago

    that guy has balls\

  • Steve K
    Steve K 7 days ago


  • jade foshee
    jade foshee 8 days ago

    you should tell us what we a looking at.

  • jade foshee
    jade foshee 8 days ago

    if you can open from outside it's not very safe.

  • madgamer roy
    madgamer roy 8 days ago

    looks totally staged

  • K Berlyee
    K Berlyee 8 days ago

    Could of atleast let us see what the pics on the wall was..

  • hassan soomro
    hassan soomro 8 days ago

    i will find only money

  • Neceh01
    Neceh01 8 days ago

    Cool video..! All the bunkers in my country sucks, they're filled with empty cans and smell like piss. And the fucking germans went on a spree and built them everywhere during ww2

  • Ray Miller
    Ray Miller 8 days ago

    Russian, of course

  • Eddward Marion
    Eddward Marion 8 days ago

    lol i bet 80% of us have the same flashlight

  • Sykoangelo
    Sykoangelo 8 days ago

    to all the idiots saying its a musem and that those are new papers youre all ignorant thats the furtest thing from a museum ive ever seen
    and the reason the lghts are on still is probably because its under a working factory and they just pay the bill considering its not really on down there at all ever the new owners of the factory may not know its there, also its NOT a military installation its civilian pretty pretty common cold war era stuff but its most deff not fake and most def not a museum...

  • Raphael Rae
    Raphael Rae 9 days ago

    Have those lights been on all that time?

  • Nayska
    Nayska 9 days ago

    fuck off, this guy goes on his own in this shit, i cant even walk up the stairs in my own home at night.

  • Conran Thomas
    Conran Thomas 9 days ago

    An "underground safe house" doesn't usually have display cabinets with lights to show off historical articles of interest, you know, like a MUSEUM does.

  • Adam Cotten
    Adam Cotten 9 days ago

    id be takaing suvinors
    idk if i spelled it right lol

  • TheZbozus
    TheZbozus 10 days ago

    Cheeki breeki

  • ItsRyanDixon
    ItsRyanDixon 10 days ago

    Lol this is a museum that's y there is posters and lights around them

  • SlingJellyStickyGlue

    Should've grabbed some of this GP5 gas masks. There were a lot.

  • cdw willow
    cdw willow 11 days ago

    nothing there worthy or taking , all crappie old junk .

  • jesterM60
    jesterM60 12 days ago

    gold mine for PA fans!!

  • el weon especial
    el weon especial 12 days ago

    en donde estabas quien me puede responder

  • Step
    Step 12 days ago

    лол, значит ты живешь в России?!(на плакатах прост написано всё на русском)

  • Spencer Ott
    Spencer Ott 12 days ago

    How the shit do you find these? And why aren't you packing a bag full of all the shit and selling or (preferably) keeping them?

  • Eric Jackson
    Eric Jackson 12 days ago

    that is a museum, the things on the walls were in display cases with lights. why would someone frame those posters that way if it was a real undiscovered shelter? this is so fake

    • S0URC3_C0D3
      S0URC3_C0D3 9 days ago

      Eric Jackson it’s cause it’s a Cold War era shelter, when preparing for nuclear war they would want to keep the posters instructing what to do in case of an actual nuclear bomb safe so that the poster wouldn’t have any wear and tear when being read, also the health and safety wouldn’t exactly be up to standards for a museum and they have openable boxes which would likely not be in a museum for fear of stealing and thievery

  • jake tatarow
    jake tatarow 13 days ago

    he is possessed, why would he sit in the back corner of a pitch dark room and turn his flash light off?

  • Mlg Sound Effects
    Mlg Sound Effects 13 days ago

    why is there working electricity and bulbs

  • d c
    d c 14 days ago

    its a museum nothing hes found

  • Azathoth
    Azathoth 14 days ago

    Being a thief this is torture for me to watch.

  • v2446v
    v2446v 14 days ago

    Get out of here, stalker.

  • Oh crap I messed up Myname

    I would have raided every good thing in there.

  • Dummkopf!
    Dummkopf! 14 days ago

    I hear cold war era stuff goes for lots of money

  • Yves Marchand
    Yves Marchand 15 days ago


    HOOKAH SPOT 15 days ago

    One of them days there will be a stupid freak and he's going to blow you fucking head off with a 12 gauge in just saying stop fucking around

  • cubeupnigga
    cubeupnigga 15 days ago

    how tall are you?? cause you look tall asf

  • ВeCeJIyXa-TV
    ВeCeJIyXa-TV 15 days ago

    Это бункер времён Великой Отечественной войны солдатов красной армии потамучто там каски плащи зеленые тем более на плокатах написанной все по русскому

  • Tony61780
    Tony61780 15 days ago

    I would clean that place up and confiscate it for my doomsday bunker. But I certainly would been looking for weapons or anything worth value there has to been weapons hiding somewhere in a hidden compartment. But I would certainly clean it up and turn it into my, well one of my other when s*** hits the fan bunkers. LOL

  • Elias Kristoffersen
    Elias Kristoffersen 16 days ago

    northeast i really please nt announcement :c)

  • riphaven
    riphaven 16 days ago

    in a word....EBAY.

  • Jessica Darlin
    Jessica Darlin 16 days ago

    I'm not doing that by myself it's to creepy😱

  • Red ninja
    Red ninja 16 days ago

    That is no doubt a fallout shelter cause there are hundreds of gass masks and radiation suits and they have crates with allot of suits and gass masks in them its no joke a fallout shelter!!!

  • _R3TR0_ __
    _R3TR0_ __ 17 days ago

    An underground bunker hidden away from society, filled to the brim with suits, gear, masks, weapons, helmets.... that sounds like pure heaven to me.

  • George Porge
    George Porge 17 days ago

    just done some research - its a living museum - its active and tour guides take people down and its secure - cos if it wasnt - there would be nothing left as it would be ransacked, ans graffitted ( sp )

  • George Porge
    George Porge 17 days ago

    looks to new and clean to be old than 25 years even the main door

  • Enclave_Energy
    Enclave_Energy 17 days ago

    How did the lights still work?

  • Les Howard
    Les Howard 17 days ago

    This guy knew where the light switch was and it sure is nice that someone in 1940 put aside a million or so in a special bank fund to keep the power on. My guess is this guy has known about this place for a while. Looks like a seldom used power station of some kind! That is still on line maybe in Russia.

  • Matthew ferrari
    Matthew ferrari 17 days ago

    yo dawg you going to infiltrate a child sex trafficking ring by accident

  • The Silver Kage
    The Silver Kage 17 days ago

    probably a shelter for the factory workers. But what kind of factory would NEED a bunker like that? What are they making?

  • lukas ersgard
    lukas ersgard 18 days ago

    This is fake, he walks into the room, and then he cuts the footage and suddenly sits on a bunch of things...

  • D T
    D T 18 days ago

    I always anticipate jump scares lol

  • Norse Wolf
    Norse Wolf 18 days ago

    I would clean this place up and restore the place and make it re usable

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