2.5 Million Dollars in Gold Found in Old Safe

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    Robert Rivera of Houston based Robbie's Key and Lock shop recently cracked an old safe and found what all of us treasure hunters dream of finding. GOLD!!!

    The safe is a TL-30 concrete lined high security safe. Inside, a treasure trove of valuables including cases and tubes full of gold coins.
    Rivera contacted the authorities and the executor late owners estate, immediately staked a claim on the valuables. "This place was full with cops and attorneys this morning" said Rivera.

    There is no word on how much the coins are worth...but police say the value is thought to be "Quite substantial"
    You've seen the pictures, what's your guess? How much is this recent treasure find worth? Would you have turned it in?

    Leave your comments in the comment section below.
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  • Who FAH King Cares
    Who FAH King Cares 7 hours ago

    Why do people call the authorites when they find money????....finders keepers!!!

  • Paul Anthony
    Paul Anthony 14 hours ago

    sorry, safe's empty bud.

  • Steve Folkard
    Steve Folkard Day ago

    You only get one life so don't even think of being a fucking retard and handing it in what you think they gonna do with it seriously that would have made your life one big holiday .really pissess me of when I hear stories like that stuff like that if true just never happens to normal people always fucking idiots

    ARTHUR ABBOTT 2 days ago


  • Guy Baldridge
    Guy Baldridge 4 days ago

    I would have taken out my share for opening the safe and then they can claim the rest.

  • Chi Town 4 Life #FuckBoyKilla

    Retirement would start immediately!!

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Fuck that that's mine now

  • Amanda Johnson
    Amanda Johnson 5 days ago

    Hell no

  • Nyquan carbon
    Nyquan carbon 5 days ago

    finders keepers

  • Sīłěnť Bløød hoe

    Boi ill keep it like if agree!!

  • Joel Rivera
    Joel Rivera 8 days ago

    I keep it and cash it into bills

  • super honky#1
    super honky#1 9 days ago

    I'd never tell anyone

  • Anonymous Bass Boost
    Anonymous Bass Boost 10 days ago

    Hell nah 😂 Finders keeper

  • Brian Pohlkamp
    Brian Pohlkamp 10 days ago

    Dumb ass I wouldn't have called or told anyone and kept that shit for my self

  • Himyar 19th truth
    Himyar 19th truth 10 days ago

    What gold

  • Trym Finstad
    Trym Finstad 10 days ago

    Hell Nah wtf! I would def keep the gold

  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez 10 days ago

    The man is brain dead!!!

  • Nathan HQ
    Nathan HQ 10 days ago

    I wouldn't tell anybody I would keep that shit!!!!

  • welsh rune
    welsh rune 11 days ago

    I doubt it.

  • jmh30us
    jmh30us 13 days ago

    how does an estate claim something they didn't know existed?

  • jmh30us
    jmh30us 13 days ago

    idiot. you find something like that and get police involved..kiss it goodbye

  • Waffen ss SS
    Waffen ss SS 14 days ago

    Fuck no

  • Jalin Thomas
    Jalin Thomas 17 days ago


  • brandon reichert
    brandon reichert 18 days ago

    Hell ya im take it and spend it on hoe

  • Mike Blanchard
    Mike Blanchard 20 days ago

    they don't say if robert was hired to open the safe or if he bought the safe say at a estate sale or something like that. If he bought it the contents should legally be his, but I don't see anybody selling an unopened safe cuz that's kinda a dumb, and he probably called police to make sure it wasn't stolen.

  • Nikolas Carmichael
    Nikolas Carmichael 21 day ago

    I would have left 10 Thousand. Wait.. nope.

  • Dannah Baguio
    Dannah Baguio 23 days ago

    no...I'm well not returned it because its a bless from the lord if the lord give you a gift take it😊😊😇😇😇

  • Nilber Silver Streak
    Nilber Silver Streak 23 days ago

    Finders Keepers....Losers Weepers. Been like that for thoussnds of years. 😍

  • OrestTheProGR
    OrestTheProGR 24 days ago

    I would have taken them

  • Hayden Carlisle
    Hayden Carlisle 24 days ago


  • armand simo
    armand simo 24 days ago

    Nope ...😕😕 I would have kept my mouth close that's dumb wat he did

  • Colin Kyger
    Colin Kyger 25 days ago

    I will take the 3 million dollars

  • Don Fitzgerald
    Don Fitzgerald 26 days ago

    split it.

  • Adam Emil Lay
    Adam Emil Lay 26 days ago

    Keep it

  • The E- Scrap Man
    The E- Scrap Man 26 days ago

    I would probably save it and use the money I made to help many people get a college education.

  • Seasons of the dead
    Seasons of the dead 27 days ago

    What 2.5 million in gold

  • Lucky Kubhayi
    Lucky Kubhayi 27 days ago

    no I wouldn't

  • Dane Hart
    Dane Hart 27 days ago

    people were there when you open it , ,you got to call the law ,they just talk. the law will just get it and you neck high in it then

  • Drupp12
    Drupp12 27 days ago

    Im not saying shit or im taking half snf reporting the left overs LOL

  • jj true
    jj true 29 days ago

    haha no 10mil haha

  • Andre Carter
    Andre Carter 29 days ago


  • LewisBVlogs
    LewisBVlogs Month ago

    Sold it and took the money

    DEATH_DEAL3R RRR Month ago

    3 million fuck no I would fucking melt that shit down and made it mine then I would be fucking rich boi

  • Santi Mhata
    Santi Mhata Month ago

  • Santi Mhata
    Santi Mhata Month ago

    No I would not

  • K K
    K K Month ago

    Sell it to pawn shop little by little when you need $1000 bucks hey I'm heading to pawn shop for some cash 💰

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith Month ago

    would i heck

  • Glyn Stein
    Glyn Stein Month ago

    I would have turned it over to see what was on the other side!

  • malafya polilasya
    malafya polilasya Month ago

    He was really stupid,because the authorities got it not people.

  • Steven Stewart
    Steven Stewart Month ago

    know way that would have been mine

  • Damarius Ivie
    Damarius Ivie Month ago

    help naw

  • Troll w
    Troll w Month ago

    I cant stand stupid people like Robert.

  • The dragon Slayer
    The dragon Slayer Month ago

    Hell no

  • Los Angeles on location


  • damiengray787
    damiengray787 Month ago

    I would have melted it down and sold it you can always find a lawyer to help move money

  • Mike F.
    Mike F. Month ago

    It's not traceable, it's almost like a bearer bond and why wasn't this hidden stash accounted for in the first place? I would keep it.

  • Brian the Virgin
    Brian the Virgin Month ago

    i bet that guy regrets it completely

  • Porterhouse
    Porterhouse Month ago

    Fake News

  • Kenneth Flowers
    Kenneth Flowers Month ago

    Well to ANSWER your ? no way!!!!

  • Edge Divide
    Edge Divide Month ago

    "would you turn 2.5 million in gold over?"


    77MUDBOGGER Month ago

    your stupid as fuck if you call pigs -.- stupid ass people i swear

  • Joyce Medlock
    Joyce Medlock Month ago

    no I wouldn't have turned it in

  • carl thronson
    carl thronson Month ago

    3.5. before

  • Holden fan
    Holden fan Month ago

    fuck no I wouldn't tell anyone

  • dvas70
    dvas70 Month ago +1

    Ebay... 5 at a time...

  • Kaliforniaah_
    Kaliforniaah_ Month ago

    I would keep it

  • #2 out of 24 siblings Beliard

    hell the fuck nooooo going back to Africa asap

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez Month ago

    no I would keep it

  • Ronnie Whaley
    Ronnie Whaley Month ago

    Took it

  • Brady K
    Brady K Month ago

    I see three mill my life I don't want to touch it I'm gonna call cops

  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez Month ago

    I would have donated it to a good foundation .helping strippers pay for there implants. . .

  • bob lindstrom
    bob lindstrom Month ago

    half full ammo cans??? why only half full? 9 ammo cans only partially full.....okay, finders fee, I got it.

  • Xpert Gaming
    Xpert Gaming Month ago

    I would KEEP IT

  • James Lararance
    James Lararance Month ago


  • SmiLe HaPpY
    SmiLe HaPpY Month ago

    I would have called them an told them I found it but hide the gold

  • kevnct 1
    kevnct 1 Month ago


  • C.B.
    C.B. Month ago

    Finder's keeper's !
    & I wouldn't be telling anyone !

  • Analog Digital
    Analog Digital Month ago

    he is 100% retarded

  • Nathan Jefferson
    Nathan Jefferson 2 months ago

    hookahs!!!!! lots of hookahs.. and weed!!!

  • kkk kkk
    kkk kkk 2 months ago

    hell not fuck that shit I would keep it💸💸💰💰

  • yankeewatchdog
    yankeewatchdog 2 months ago

    I would have called and said it was empty,....from Tahiti

  • Dalton Greenwell
    Dalton Greenwell 2 months ago

    That guy stupid

    R BOWLLING 2 months ago

    nope id kept it all

  • Carl Fletcher
    Carl Fletcher 2 months ago

    Hell no I would've kept all that shit finders keepers lose your weepers

  • Isaac Monreal
    Isaac Monreal 2 months ago

    only a pussy would turn it in

  • Didine Ben Amrane
    Didine Ben Amrane 2 months ago

    last thing I would do is to contact the authorities 😁😁

  • minecraft shader
    minecraft shader 2 months ago


  • S K
    S K 2 months ago

    Why is it stupid and dump people find treasure and open there mouth to authorities and everyone tries to make a claim.

  • Osoris Salgado
    Osoris Salgado 2 months ago

    Face of a fucking idiot.

  • Carol Overholt Overholt

    not bloody likely I would have shut my mouth end of story

  • Jay Morales
    Jay Morales 2 months ago

    dumb ass

  • Rapidul1
    Rapidul1 2 months ago

    Please good man enter my page and donate a few money if you do not mind, I have a very big family. Thank you and god to bless you.

  • Lupe sanchez
    Lupe sanchez 2 months ago

    no i would give back the coins thry didnt even give hime nothing

  • Nick Majdalani
    Nick Majdalani 2 months ago

    How did he end up with the safe ?? Surely if in your possession then you own it !!!

  • Bryanmadrid Bryanmadrid

    he'll nah

  • Donald Skirvin
    Donald Skirvin 2 months ago

    no way duh

  • omom seven seven
    omom seven seven 2 months ago


  • sammy cardoso
    sammy cardoso 2 months ago

    id take it for myself give some to charidy

  • Stephanie Sandoval
    Stephanie Sandoval 2 months ago

    Hell no

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