Adam Savage Puts On Alien: Covenant's Spacesuit!

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  • Adam cannot contain his excitement as he visits the spacesuits shop on the production of Alien: Covenant! Meeting with costume designers Janty Yates and Michael Mooney, Adam tries on one of the amazing new spacesuits from the film and sits with Janty to discuss how design works with technology to make these suits possible.

    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

    Sponsored by Twentieth Century Fox

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Comments: 479

  • Kyle
    Kyle 9 days ago

    Came for the suit, stayed for the Janty Yates interview. Fantastic discussion.

  • Curious Cat
    Curious Cat 12 days ago

    Oh look, its those spacesuits they didn´t wear when they explored a alien planet and got infected with all the diseases and viruses and space alien stuff and almost lost the whole crew. Way the go Covenant crew! Really smart!

  • Kaiden the Lombax
    Kaiden the Lombax 1 month ago

    so adam do you like it... yes and you should lock it here tonight because i will steal it

  • Belfry
    Belfry 1 month ago

    When I grow up, I want to be an Adam Savage

  • Stanislav Bushuev
    Stanislav Bushuev 1 month ago


  • Hadley Sanford
    Hadley Sanford 1 month ago

    Amazing how much goes into making these suits. I never realized how functional and high quality these suits were!

  • frankyjonez
    frankyjonez 1 month ago

    Ridley is an absolut ruler, isn't he? ;-)

  • Neal Brondgeest
    Neal Brondgeest 1 month ago

    wauww this is soo well made! just like adam says if NASA dies this i will cost millions.

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall 1 month ago

    Why did they make the suits with helmets?

  • ansiaaa
    ansiaaa 1 month ago

    the yellow space suit is really well made, but it's basically a copy of a Newtsuit. nothing really original!

  • Esteban Posada Duque
    Esteban Posada Duque 1 month ago

    .... No wonder these films cost millions ....

  • DJJAW11
    DJJAW11 1 month ago

    What make is your Tan Jacket Sir :) ?.

  • MiiMungus
    MiiMungus 1 month ago

    Too bad the crew of the Covenant didn't put these on before exploring the alien planet ... the entire movie could have been avoided

  • Rat Sallad
    Rat Sallad 1 month ago

    This is great stuff! Next I hope Adam Savage gets to join the script-writing process, just to get some cool insight on how they come up with the idea of trashing everything weve come to know and love about the original alien-film!

  • DisCoM 80
    DisCoM 80 1 month ago

    yea when i say the movie and the space suit i knew that the suit was real and very well made.

  • Jørn Birkeland
    Jørn Birkeland 1 month ago

    8of10 science fiction movie, 4of10 Ridley Scott science fiction movie.

  • NoiseFr3ak
    NoiseFr3ak 1 month ago

    Wayland industries at its best lol

  • Random Guy From Texas
    Random Guy From Texas 1 month ago

    Sickening. All this great craftsmanship for that POS movie.

  • lellowranger
    lellowranger 1 month ago

    too bad the movie sucked

  • Simon Farrell
    Simon Farrell 2 months ago

    All this expertise, still couldn't save the film

  • Alexander Haynes
    Alexander Haynes 2 months ago

    I was up close and personal with this suit today. It's awesome and I fell in love with the gloves.

  • JLD Mendez
    JLD Mendez 2 months ago


  • HigherPlanes
    HigherPlanes 2 months ago


  • Brandon Valdivieso
    Brandon Valdivieso 2 months ago

    I give the movie a 8.5 out of 10

  • Jo Hu
    Jo Hu 2 months ago

    Space is fake. So they probably should not make fool themself.

  • aaron rantanen
    aaron rantanen 2 months ago


  • iscariot project
    iscariot project 2 months ago

    im really impressed with how nice every working with aliens seems,thank you for sharing this with us adam.

  • Tim Rogier
    Tim Rogier 2 months ago

    Damn adam is a savage

  • Desmond Lee
    Desmond Lee 2 months ago

    I noticed the yellow space suit right away when I watched the movie.

  • Saturnian Pytonwielki
    Saturnian Pytonwielki 2 months ago

    Why they didnt put any suits when was exploring new planet?

  • Greedy Imp FREE @ Google Play

    Too bad the writing of the movie was horrible. They send the stupidest people in the world as colonists.

  • rjc0234
    rjc0234 2 months ago

    how on earth do you cast a clear visor :O :O :O

  • ropelli321
    ropelli321 2 months ago

    if that suit had bulkier shoulders it would look like an angel of penance space marine, oh and also a different style helmet.

  • Monte Legaspi
    Monte Legaspi 2 months ago

    I wanna know where Adam got the jacket he's wearing at 3:30! Anyone??

  • Leo Schultz
    Leo Schultz 2 months ago

    'When NASA does this, it cost millions of dollars.' They've got a bigger budget than NASA.

  • Firebrand
    Firebrand 2 months ago +1

    1:00 "When NASA does this, it costs millions of dollars..." Yeah, well when NASA does it, it actually has to survive the harsh tolerances of the vacuums of space, temperature fluctuation, chemical resistance and insulated against conductivity among other requirements. Obviously, for a film shoot, this is outstanding effort and quality.

  • Elliot Carman
    Elliot Carman 2 months ago

    shame its a shite film

  • DeepEye1994
    DeepEye1994 2 months ago

    I have "The Book of Alien" and the design of the helmet of that yellow specesuit reminds me one of the earlier sketches for the EVA suits of the Nostromo crew. The final ones used in the film were drawn by Jean Giraud aka Moebius.

  • DrEnd's labratory
    DrEnd's labratory 2 months ago

    When youre watching a video ABOUT the movie when an ad FOR THE MOVIE comes on before the video.

  • Flavio Souza
    Flavio Souza 2 months ago

    Spotted Arzach from french artist Moebius as reference for the movie. Right there in the background =P Amazing references results in amazing movies \o/

  • Rafael
    Rafael 2 months ago

    that is so cool

  • William Galway
    William Galway 2 months ago

    I could watch Adam interview people involved in movie prop production all day long.

  • T Stormer
    T Stormer 2 months ago


  • Erik Bongers
    Erik Bongers 2 months ago

    For connaisseurs of European comics - Moebius' Arzach in the background!

  • Mike Albers
    Mike Albers 2 months ago

    I like how keeping the actors alive was the third most important thing when building the suits.

  • T1000AX
    T1000AX 2 months ago

    adams enthusiasm is amazing

  • StrawberryLegacy
    StrawberryLegacy 2 months ago

    I think he wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to work for them lol

  • Nite Explorer
    Nite Explorer 2 months ago

    the moon landing was real LOL

  • Lonnie Stevenson
    Lonnie Stevenson 2 months ago +51

    ► Alien: Covenant™ (2017) available to watch in HD
    Ⓦ Ⓐ Ⓣ Ⓒ Ⓗ Ⓝ Ⓞ Ⓦ ➣

  • Warnerbrosmovienewclip
    Warnerbrosmovienewclip 2 months ago +2

    Alien: Covenant full movie

  • Fábio
    Fábio 2 months ago +2

    You kept saying "Aliens" while you meant "Alien". Someone called "Scott" will not be happy while "James" will stamp a wide smile on his face ;p

  • Thejfjhbdudhcoihonuy uhcbu

    I just watched the movie yesterday and jhahah this is gr8 I found the Rick and mort promotional video for alien covenant and this . I'm literally so happy

  • Foxy Hippogryph
    Foxy Hippogryph 2 months ago

    Gender is not a spectrum, it's binary. I really respected Adam's take on scientific topics, he has lost a lot of credibility.

  • juan Nieto
    juan Nieto 2 months ago

    What are the chances that you will see this comment, but I was hoping you can do a batman armor suit based on BvS.

  • Boothie
    Boothie 2 months ago

    Would be cool to see you make a Big Daddy costume from bioshock 😁

  • mattyfox666
    mattyfox666 2 months ago

    film sucked a dick

  • TennesseeyFirearms Channel

    Adam go check out blade runner 2049 movie set that would be interesting.

  • Jason Sullivan
    Jason Sullivan 2 months ago

    its funny when the guy is about to put the glass helmet on top of hie head, and he just starts awkwardly telling him facts about it, and adams just clearly thinking "yeah... alright dude i dint give a fuck give me the helmet!"

  • allluckyseven
    allluckyseven 2 months ago

    Awesome, Tested! Keep 'em coming (whenever you can, I hope this isn't a one-off thing!)

  • Seb Levesque
    Seb Levesque 2 months ago

    reminds me of what CanDive was testing in Vancouver BC about 20 years ago

  • UndeadGaming
    UndeadGaming 2 months ago

    why does the torso remind me of half life

  • Michael Tótin
    Michael Tótin 2 months ago

    I hope we get to see some behind the scenes of BladeRunner: 2049.

  • 857mht
    857mht 2 months ago

    Gordon Freeman in an hazard suit

  • ricepicker562
    ricepicker562 2 months ago

    Reminds me of a Maschinen Krieger type suit

  • NochSoEinKaddiFan
    NochSoEinKaddiFan 2 months ago

    It is fascinating to me how a man like Adam, who is so experienced in his field and has such a reputation, is so humble and open for input when talking to people of other crafts and departments. I think I should take this as an inspiration/guideline for myself ^^

  • Seinfled
    Seinfled 2 months ago

    Ads are getting smarter.

  • ScotboX -
    ScotboX - 2 months ago


  • Carter Kinoy
    Carter Kinoy 2 months ago

    Just a thought, armored space suits just in general sound like a good idea given all the junk zipping around in space.

  • Diamond Gaming
    Diamond Gaming 2 months ago

    These awesome spacesuits make me excited to watch Alien Covenant now

  • Movie Junkie
    Movie Junkie 2 months ago

    Nothing like watching a behind the scenes upload to hype you up for the film your going to see tomorrow and have a massive spoiler handed to you via a thumbnail in the recommended videos.

  • Jeff Zugale
    Jeff Zugale 2 months ago

    I've been drawing space armor suits with those hard bearing deep-sea joints since I saw them on Discovery Channel quite a few years ago. Great to see someone's putting them into practice! :D

  • Antti-Jussi Kemppainen
    Antti-Jussi Kemppainen 2 months ago +1

    Watched already straight after appearing here, but then a second time thanks to Varusteleka (and some eagle-eyed fan over the seas).

    Brilliant stuff all in all. The enthusiasim that Adam has towards his interests is just a thing of marvel in its own right. Plus we the viewers get to feel atleast part of it while seeing the world through his eyes.

    Oisko "Torille!" liikaa tähän väliin. Toki vähemmästäkin on lähetty...

    • diynevala
      diynevala 2 months ago

      Torille vaan! Make Adam Come! I wonder if he has ever been to Finland before.. anyone know about this?

  • Pierce Arner
    Pierce Arner 2 months ago

    I love these videos, because they always give me an even bigger appreciation for all of the work that goes into creating these things.

  • 9FIFTY
    9FIFTY 2 months ago

    Shame the movie was such a disappointment

  • twitte0king
    twitte0king 2 months ago

    take home message, be a sucky low-taste Hollywood comedian for decades, boom you land a job in alien wearing the awesomest costume ever made....

  • Leonidass
    Leonidass 2 months ago

    I just got an Alien: Covenant ad on this video, how convenient ^^

  • AndrzejKucyg
    AndrzejKucyg 2 months ago

    question, is there only one alien in this movie?

  • Pro -N- Stal1
    Pro -N- Stal1 2 months ago

    Very cool!!!! We want more on the suits!!! The interview is great...but... Part 2 please!!! More tech!!!!

  • Yatukih001
    Yatukih001 2 months ago

    And he´s calling this a spacesuit that can fight acid aliens? Can fight acid aliens my ass!

  • Merrick362
    Merrick362 2 months ago

    Adam must just be like a fat kid in a candy store there lol. Watching this channel, all I want to to is build a costume from this movie

  • Definitely not Oli Johnson

    I think Adam was falling in love with that lady

  • mralex070
    mralex070 2 months ago

    OMG another spoiler now we know what the suits look like and we know Tennessee floats to a pod in space and I just pissed my pants. :)

  • Sipezinga
    Sipezinga 2 months ago


  • William Angus
    William Angus 2 months ago

    as much as I miss MB, I am so thrilled with what Adam is doing at What I Love about his videos like this are that he's equally skilled at conversational interviews as well as straight up interviews where you get the **** out of the way of whoever you're talking to, and as importantly he knows when to do which style. So many interviewers get in the way of their guest (Jon Stewart Im looking at you) but Adam knows when to participate and when to stand back.

    I would love to see him do a show in the format of NDT Startalk, where each week he has a subject and has discussion with some other people live (like untitled) but also interviews some expert on that subject or goes on location to see a person. He could do so many different subjects involved with lovemaking, from directing to prop making, to miniatures to painting, to set design to costume design and wardrobe. I would watch the shit out of that. Honestly half the tested videos are essentially that, I just wish there were more of them and that they were longer and more of a tv style format with graphics and such.

    EMERGENCY SWAG 2 months ago


  • The Masterpiece
    The Masterpiece 2 months ago +1


  • Tristan Patterson
    Tristan Patterson 2 months ago

    Man that suit is fucking awesome!

  • Chloé Lee
    Chloé Lee 2 months ago

    That yellow is so ugly tho

  • nolastname
    nolastname 2 months ago

    Awesome props and work, to bad the movie is awful.

  • Brian Costello
    Brian Costello 2 months ago

    Brilliant, cannot wait

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 2 months ago

    I don't know if I'm being picky but does it bug anyone that this alien movie is a prequel to the first yet the people in them have way better technology than Ripley and the original crew.
    That's why I loved the alien isolation video game it was very faithful to the original movie.

  • Tommy Hellberg
    Tommy Hellberg 2 months ago

    Janty seems like a wonderful person to work with...

    • boomerhgt
      boomerhgt 2 months ago

      Tommy Hellberg Strange I thought she seemed like a pain in the arse

  • SINCLR NewZealand
    SINCLR NewZealand 2 months ago


  • yibyibyib
    yibyibyib 2 months ago


  • 神様 in Valhalla
    神様 in Valhalla 2 months ago

    That would be an awesome halloween costume. I want one

  • Wynner3
    Wynner3 2 months ago

    I will only see Covenant because Adam was behind the scenes and talked to the people who made the movie look good. I don't have interest in the movie. much like the live action Ghost in the Shell, but I am interested in seeing the ways the costumes and props are shown in the movie.

  • Buddy Barlow
    Buddy Barlow 2 months ago

    I swear i spot a power loader in the back

    THƐ GRƐƐK 2 months ago

    That's basically just a redesigned NEWTSUIT costume

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