2 Chainz - Good Drank ft. Gucci Mane, Quavo

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    Music video by 2 Chainz performing Good Drank. (C) 2016 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • Runtime: 3:58
  • Chainz  Good  Drank  Def  Jam  Recordings  Hip  Hop  

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  • danibabyyy
    danibabyyy 4 hours ago

    Who’s the guy in the mugshot?

  • Jordan GTuber
    Jordan GTuber 10 hours ago

    What's that purple jucie it looks good

  • kinghanad
    kinghanad 11 hours ago

    My nigga quavo got nice voice

  • JT Parker
    JT Parker 11 hours ago

    Sing to your to your bitch like I'm a Drake

  • TheBeautykj
    TheBeautykj 14 hours ago

    My favorite joint right now.

  • Terri Gray
    Terri Gray 15 hours ago

  • Gantrina  Good
    Gantrina Good 18 hours ago

    This my song

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy 22 hours ago

    Quavo sucks but good song

  • Bruno Pereira
    Bruno Pereira Day ago

    Fuck Kevin Durant

  • Roshawn Grimes
    Roshawn Grimes Day ago


  • Tt brown
    Tt brown Day ago +1

    Yall sleep 2chainz went the hardest!!!!!

  • calcejajrc
    calcejajrc Day ago

    She said that molly give her thizz face... whoop bay slang

  • Ariannah Pearson

    I love quavo

  • Karen Carter
    Karen Carter Day ago

    Its real real real real lit

  • Thriller Miller
    Thriller Miller Day ago

    you already know when those 3 are together its already a banger

  • Daggy Fresh
    Daggy Fresh Day ago

    THIS SONG makes me not understand why cant a good collabo get a billion views on you tube...

  • Jennifer Ochoa
    Jennifer Ochoa Day ago +1


  • Sa Vi
    Sa Vi Day ago


  • Sameer S
    Sameer S Day ago

    make a video for 4 AM

  • PrettyBeautification

    I know that's a fake Gucci frfr, 2Chainz called him cuz ... Gucci is a Blood #facts

  • Abigael Perales
    Abigael Perales Day ago

    boonk gang

  • Abigael Perales
    Abigael Perales Day ago


  • Ronie Momelezi
    Ronie Momelezi 2 days ago

    2 Chainz u killed it bra keep doin your thing,Quavo i salute u ma nigga Gucci you too my bra,i lv it man a bit remindz me of my later sister

  • Ebony Johnson
    Ebony Johnson 2 days ago

    2 Chains Hair Weave KiLLa❕💯✌😽

  • Chelsea Symone
    Chelsea Symone 2 days ago

    This song though

  • on top of the pyramid

    Rest in peace to my pops he was a og 😎😎😎😎😎😇😇😇😇

  • Hustle Harder Hits Vegas exclusive

    Love the suspenders

  • Gabriel Balthrop
    Gabriel Balthrop 2 days ago +1

    3 legends.

  • Dook Bernard
    Dook Bernard 2 days ago

    I do to

  • Said Elhoudaigui
    Said Elhoudaigui 2 days ago

    2 chainz kayshabli derti 3e9lek a zebi :D :D

  • Bandoblock 4
    Bandoblock 4 3 days ago

    This song scares me i get goosebumps when i hear it.. it makes me and depressed and makes me wanna cry /:

  • Richard Martinez
    Richard Martinez 3 days ago

    Rip to my nigga dawg, lol

  • Xpert destruction
    Xpert destruction 3 days ago

    quake part gets me gassed

  • alex heath
    alex heath 3 days ago

    anyone else hit hooks better than Quavo? hes got some talent behind him.

  • Alphonso Walton
    Alphonso Walton 3 days ago

    Trapper of the year I'm from bouldercrest you snitch of the year cuz you told the best

  • Anathi Mgidlana
    Anathi Mgidlana 3 days ago

    👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 eerrythang, beat, video

  • Shaquana Henderson
    Shaquana Henderson 3 days ago


  • Shaquana Henderson
    Shaquana Henderson 3 days ago

    My Shit Baby 🎬 Sing to your BISHHHH like Drake 😋 Turkey Neck😂

  • Jaylen Henderson
    Jaylen Henderson 4 days ago

    This Will Always Be My Shit😂 Sing To Your Bishhhhhh Like Drake 😅 Turkey Neck😘

  • Rose Gold
    Rose Gold 4 days ago

    My stupid ass read the title as "good drake" and I was expecting drake to come out from the corner somewhere when I didn't see him.. it's clear that I need to go to sleep now

  • Amir Martin
    Amir Martin 4 days ago

    Thought this had the best hook of 2017, and then Crew came out.



  • Jerm
    Jerm 4 days ago

    Gucci almost ruined this track. Ughhh.

  • California Love
    California Love 4 days ago

    this song lit

  • pantelis tsixlakis
    pantelis tsixlakis 4 days ago

    Fuck Kevin Durant 🐍🐍. Gucci the goat

  • ibrushwithcolgate
    ibrushwithcolgate 4 days ago

    Rich nigga shit

  • Khalil Moon
    Khalil Moon 4 days ago

    this is an ass beat. This song is trash but since yall wanna be cuul u pretend its lit.

  • Kaleah Smith
    Kaleah Smith 4 days ago

    Bangin this in ya whip

  • brandon gossman
    brandon gossman 4 days ago

    Quavo the new Future

  • leonardjr88
    leonardjr88 5 days ago

    that hook soo soft got quacko look in like a chump

  • Gutta Slim
    Gutta Slim 5 days ago

    Gucci mane killed that shit

  • Tero Weston
    Tero Weston 5 days ago

    Quavo kill this shit 4real

  • KTone5
    KTone5 5 days ago

    Quavo wrecked this shit fool 👌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • AjRa3rdCoast _
    AjRa3rdCoast _ 5 days ago

    straighttttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Travis Powell
    Travis Powell 5 days ago

    Good shit

  • truth
    truth 6 days ago

    Tity did it again!

  • Aleksandar Popov
    Aleksandar Popov 6 days ago

    This white guy :D

  • Dee daniel
    Dee daniel 6 days ago

    thought the chorus was travis scott ... oops

  • Dis Boi
    Dis Boi 6 days ago

    Gucci killed this so did quavo and 2 chainz

  • Ongelique Pyles
    Ongelique Pyles 6 days ago

    2 Chainz loc's are soo beautiful, and well kept.

  • Sam Benoit
    Sam Benoit 6 days ago

    wanna smoke

  • The Astral Bodiez
    The Astral Bodiez 6 days ago


  • qupid gaming
    qupid gaming 6 days ago

    why did they have to add gucci mane he sucks ass

  • Larcinalester Lester

    nice video

  • Kaylei Bullitt
    Kaylei Bullitt 7 days ago

    gucci is fine!!!

  • Jessica Gladney
    Jessica Gladney 7 days ago +1


  • VinnyMacC Day to Day

    Anyone else watching this wondering wtf Quavo's suspenders say ??? Censored suspenders ??

  • Tati & Des
    Tati & Des 7 days ago


  • Tati & Des
    Tati & Des 7 days ago

    i love the song

  • Damoni Harmon
    Damoni Harmon 7 days ago

    this song is fye I love it ♥♥♥♥😍😍😍♥♥😍♥😘😘♥😍♥

  • Octavo Ochoa
    Octavo Ochoa 8 days ago

    yeee that shit be slapping Gucci went hard

  • Yandel Chacon
    Yandel Chacon 8 days ago +1

    Good song

  • queen Khalifa
    queen Khalifa 8 days ago

    ....i don't like this song ''i just like Quavo he's so perfect

  • queen Khalifa
    queen Khalifa 8 days ago

    ....i don't like this song ''i just like Quavo he's so perfect

  • Niska Skrt
    Niska Skrt 9 days ago

    Quavo 🔥🔥

  • Theo williams-smith
    Theo williams-smith 9 days ago

    Look like they drinking on that Ivan Ooze🤣🤣

  • Kuda Katsande
    Kuda Katsande 9 days ago

    Quavo the goat

  • guno koese
    guno koese 9 days ago

    My favorite one ,the beat brings me

  • ZMDarkie
    ZMDarkie 9 days ago

    Check out my shit nerds and young trappers soundcloud.com/lordjordel/seeker

  • Herman Harvey
    Herman Harvey 9 days ago

    look up this ngga here

  • kros Fish
    kros Fish 9 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 fire

  • King of Soto
    King of Soto 9 days ago

    Check dis out my top in da trunk

  • SpamHusky
    SpamHusky 9 days ago

    that Pablo escobar picture go so well wit this.......TRUUU!!!!!!

  • Love You
    Love You 9 days ago

    r i.p to sauce all we wanted to do was ball. sauce the boss of 19th. praise Allah! Lord of the Worlds. only ONE who can make anything happen. "He sent down the Quran upon a mountain, you would have certainly seen it humbled and torn apart in awe of God. we set forth such comparisons for people 'so' perhaps they may reflect. MEANING- that the hearts of the disbelivers are harder than the mountains concerning the Quran.
    He is indeed the MOST COMPASSIONATE, MOST MERCIFUL. He is God, there is no god except him; the KING, Most Holy, the All-Perfect, the Source of Serenity, the Watcher 'of All', the Almighty, the Supreme in Might, the Majestic. Glorified is God!

  • adelsubot
    adelsubot 10 days ago

    gucci killed this song...

  • young dagger
    young dagger 10 days ago

    the first time a listen to this song was at the stip club, its lit!

  • Daniel Oduntan
    Daniel Oduntan 10 days ago

    Music Video + Audio = 10/10.
    This is such an awesome song. Wow!!!

  • Cristian Pérez
    Cristian Pérez 10 days ago

    I wish Gucci Mane wasnt in this track

  • patavia lowery
    patavia lowery 10 days ago

    you snitch of the year because you told the best...🔥

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams 10 days ago

    of the countless features quavo has done on his own, this is the first i've heard where he sounds good. lets be real, his verse on Congratulations is HORRIBLE

  • Shawn Alexander
    Shawn Alexander 10 days ago

    MFer give me chills....music I like..js

  • WOODY_BOI 123
    WOODY_BOI 123 10 days ago +2

    QUAVO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jerrisha Morrison
    Jerrisha Morrison 10 days ago

    quavo so sexxc❤😭👅

  • SugarCaneMACHETE
    SugarCaneMACHETE 11 days ago +1

    Quavo humming 🖤

  • jt boolin
    jt boolin 11 days ago

    this a good ass video

  • Aeddon Collins
    Aeddon Collins 11 days ago

    Good song....sucky video. I imagined something cooler when I heard this song.

  • Edwin Gilles
    Edwin Gilles 11 days ago

    everything was lit, the beat on point🔥🔥

  • Moelz BEATS
    Moelz BEATS 11 days ago

    this beat tho

  • Kathy Gary
    Kathy Gary 11 days ago +1

    this song go

  • cf f
    cf f 11 days ago

    fuck that let's make them our fans

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