We Are Moving to Japan

  • Added:  Year ago
  • This is something we've been thinking about doing for a long time, and it's not something that we can delay for much longer. While we still can, we're going to take this opportunity and follow a dream of ours that we've had for a very long time. We're moving to Japan.

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Comments: 7 970

  • Phenyx LaBoo
    Phenyx LaBoo 4 days ago

    How old are you both? 😝

  • Phenyx LaBoo
    Phenyx LaBoo 4 days ago


  • Natthan Pinnoppan
    Natthan Pinnoppan Month ago

    Get well soon Martina :3

  • Average Citizen
    Average Citizen Month ago

    Do not lose your beard.

  • 間瀬昴紀
    間瀬昴紀 Month ago


  • camille t waan
    camille t waan 2 months ago

    do you miss me?!!?!

  • icah aguairo
    icah aguairo 2 months ago

    it's like martina is my mom.I just want to hug her.

  • Dellaine_haruka Philip
    Dellaine_haruka Philip 3 months ago

    MY HEART WAS TOUCHED AND BROKE A LITTLE when Martina said "Im not dying yet." Simon's eyes were teary and he wasnt able to be as cheerful as usual

  • Ririn Ariyani Harto
    Ririn Ariyani Harto 3 months ago

    okay. i'm this kind of old viewers but not subscribed eyk yt channel yet, but i watched quite a lot of your videos, so you can consider me as alien viewer 😞
    so yeah.
    i watched this video and i feel sorry and sad about martina's condition, excited for your new journey, and of course envy for... the love that you guys pour to each other, about the life goals and brave steps that you guys take, feel thankful for every information and laugh that you bring through the videos.
    i hope both of you can live for a looooong time together happily or crazily (?), up to you. i will always love you.

  • 1973PennyLane
    1973PennyLane 3 months ago

    Simon going to the gym so he can become stronger and help carry Martina if she can't walk, is the most beautiful and romantic gesture of love I've ever heard. Simon is so amazing!

  • Graye Cro
    Graye Cro 3 months ago

    Poor Simon looks so freaked out in the begining when talking about Martina's condition </3 The Nasties are witchu c;

  • mmatih22
    mmatih22 4 months ago

    Coffee shop ??? How did I miss that ??

  • LouLouHere
    LouLouHere 4 months ago

    Looking back on this today. I remember being happy for them because ITS JAPAN!!! But also sad because of change. Change makes me emotional but eventually I get over it. Watching this now I am thinking; "God, they made the right choice"

    • LouLouHere
      LouLouHere 4 months ago

      Simon and Martina Wow! I was sharing a thought that randomly past through my mind and wasn't expecting a response lol. Thanks for bringing all of us 'along the ride" :)

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  4 months ago

      We were worried at first, because we didn't know how it would all turn out, but it seems to have turned out better than we could ever have expected. This was the right choice for us. I'm happy that you're along for the ride :D

  • Trinitae Lee
    Trinitae Lee 5 months ago +1

    SUBSCRIBED! I finally found someone who has eds, and do videos about Japan! :D))

  • wonderspace90
    wonderspace90 5 months ago

    Are they full-time vloggers in Japan? I heard that it is tough to move to Japan because of the growth of population.

  • A sweet and pure mochi
    A sweet and pure mochi 6 months ago +1

    martinas soul is so strong and shes so beautiful

  • khrysenth D
    khrysenth D 6 months ago

    ♡♡♡ one of the best videos ♡♡♡

  • Abigail Bye
    Abigail Bye 6 months ago


    • Declan Knight
      Declan Knight 6 months ago

      Abigail Bye if you're only watching this now, know that they've been in Japan for a year now

  • HyO Startup
    HyO Startup 7 months ago

    Have you talked with a Functional Medicine practicioner? Check the Institute for Functional Medicine website guys, who knows.

  • Lulu Chan
    Lulu Chan 7 months ago

    Arabic subtitles finally!!! I love you guys so much <333

  • Deactivated 08836789
    Deactivated 08836789 7 months ago +1

    omg this reminded me that your youtube channel was named eatyourkimchi!! i totally forgot... good times

  • Random guy with anime profile pic

    Simon looks like he's on the brink of breaking down and looks so worried for Martina. Skwodkcwdjwkcoidjwjcjdiodovjwosocjeocoidjsj send help because apparently there are ninjas furiously chopping onions ; A ;

  • Camren Camz
    Camren Camz 7 months ago

    Bulgarian sub. OMG (^O^)

  • ezjapanesecooking
    ezjapanesecooking 7 months ago

    Wish your condition will heal for good someday sooner.

  • danamaria gutierrez
    danamaria gutierrez 8 months ago +1

    As someone with EDS, I get so nervous because mine is progressing too. It's kind of feels like I have a solidarity with someone though, even though it sucks. Thanks for everything, you two. You brighten my day. <3

  • Pao
    Pao 8 months ago

    wow it's been exactly a year since you posted this and it randomly popped up in my recommendations today!!

  • Unknown man
    Unknown man 8 months ago

    Is YouTube allowed in China and Japan

    • Cameron Hunter
      Cameron Hunter 7 months ago

      YEET Nigga not in China, but in Japan it's very big

  • balogney george
    balogney george 8 months ago

    I know you teachers and you live in Japan now are there any school counselor because I want to become a school counselor in Tokyo so anyone please answer this question because I can't find a lot of information on it

    • Declan Knight
      Declan Knight 6 months ago

      balogney george they aren't teachers anymore

  • Rahardian Luthfan
    Rahardian Luthfan 8 months ago

    I'm crying :(

  • Chii
    Chii 8 months ago


  • Izabel N
    Izabel N 8 months ago

    Your invitation towards trying something new to in order to continue with self growth while being scared is inspirational. I love your videos and you guys are awesome ! That hot pink chair sounds super cool ! Thanks, again

  • Donna Fung
    Donna Fung 8 months ago +39

    I'm commenting about 11 months after your move to Japan. To be honest, I was sad that you were going to leave Korea, and also that Martina's condition continue to develop this way. But after watching your videos in Japan, I realized that I was very closed minded, and in a way selfish. I'm very happy for all the things you are pursuing and discovering in Japan. I still don't understand your condition Martina, but from what I understand it's hard to do things on your bad days. But at the same time, you don't want people to throw you pity parties. I am just so encouraged to see you still do videos and pursue different things when you have bad days, and I flop on the couch when I'm feeling tired. I'll try to pursue things like you do, and not give up so easily. I'm so happy that I became a part of this Nasty family, you guys bring me joy through each video release, and I just want to thank you. Love you guys!!

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  8 months ago

      +Donna Fung this is such a wonderful comment. Thank you :)

  • 한나래
    한나래 9 months ago

    Martini 선생님한테 수업 들었었는데..벌써 5년 전이네요..이렇게 유튜브에서 엄청난 활동을 하고 계신지 몰랐어요!그나저나 이제 한국을 떠나신다니 ㅠㅠ 오래된 꿈이시라니 응원하겠습니다! 일본에서도 항상 좋은일 있으시길 바라겠습니다 I hope you guys are happy forever. God bless you♥

  • ziba
    ziba 9 months ago

    i cant even.. i love you two and your relationship is just amazing. im so happy for everything good you got and your positive mindset is so inspiring

  • Tupou Mapa
    Tupou Mapa 9 months ago


  • Andrea Echeverría
    Andrea Echeverría 10 months ago +1

    Thia video broke my heart in so many ways

  • Alexis Suzanne
    Alexis Suzanne 10 months ago

    I have chronic pain and ME and CFC and Fms and many more o know how u feel

  • gam ledda
    gam ledda 10 months ago +1

    this is a dream which is unfortunately become true. A dream that will turn into nightmare soon. Because the japanese people do not accept the "gaijins" in their society, most of them considering the foreigners like lepers and outcasts , and their country have a policy of "15 hours of work or more per day", many ridiculous rules that they must follow, and so they will have nor friends (excepted maybe the other "gaijins" that live in japan too), nor fun time. live in japan is like to be in a spider's web. each day an insect lost a piece until that the spider devore it alive, for them, it will be the joy to live and the faith to the humanity (because the japan is a country of bad tastes) and i think that south korea is a more nicer country for westerners. But if want to spoil their live in a country which deserve only to be visited as tourists, that's their choice, not the ours.

    • gam ledda
      gam ledda 7 months ago

      +SweetJet i forgot to tell you before the year ends, you should tell me earlier that they worked for YouTube.  maybe we would avoid The conflict we had, but maybe we're going to start over.  I was right. Despite  these particular rules, they are lucky persons who  live  in a  hellish society. Even working for YouTube is a question of luck. i live in a country that would only deserve to be visited too, but it's just that i always lived in this country and this  country  obsess many japanese people . i will repeat the same things , that's their problem if they live in an rigid and exigeant society, they have their manners to spoil their live, okay , and i'm not a fan of them anyway. Japan is normally a  nightmarish country to live in, (the ones who say they live there well have a problem), not more than others, but more than  my country.

    • SweetJet
      SweetJet 7 months ago

      "Just wait until they've lived there longer" is probably what will happen. Which is sad since their hatred seems to be strong.+Jasmine Persson

    • Jasmine Persson
      Jasmine Persson 8 months ago

      gam ledda You're very biased and as of now very wrong. Watch their latest video. Simon and Martina are extremely happy i Japan and nothing of what you've commented seems to be true.

    • SweetJet
      SweetJet 9 months ago

      +gam ledda Yes. That's what they do for a living. Hell, that's what most Youtube channels do for a living. Their content makes them money. So, they do work for Youtube.

    • gam ledda
      gam ledda 9 months ago

      you say they work for youtube? And yes japan is an hellish place, it have a more greater dark side than some countries, i'm well informed . but that'sl their problem. Good day you too.

  • Jeelai Tecson
    Jeelai Tecson 10 months ago

    Hi Simon and Martina! Any chance you can help me look for Yuka Kinoshita? My fiance and I are planning a trip to Japan this November and I'm really hoping I can meet some of my YouTube "idols" then. I'm super obsessed with you guys and I just can't wait to plan a food trip with you 3! That would be like best thing ever! Bucket list worthy! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

  • knotbox
    knotbox 10 months ago

    While I'm sorry Martina is having a more difficult time, I'm so glad you guys are pursuing your travel dreams and are in Japan! I've really enjoyed the transition from eyk to eys 😄

  • meridian hi
    meridian hi 11 months ago

    I love you martina 💗💗💗 and simon

  • Ichigo Senpai
    Ichigo Senpai 11 months ago +18

    Who's cutting onions? T~T

  • Christo Stone
    Christo Stone 11 months ago +17

    That guy is a keeper!

    You're such an awesome couple <3

  • Lucina Mendez
    Lucina Mendez 11 months ago

    I am super sad to hear of your difficulties. I really love you guys and think you're both great. I find your vids interesting, funny and informative. I wish the best for the both of you, and am excited to hear of your Japan adventures as they come.

    I know what you are going through is scary as hell, and that you both are doing your best with all of it. My hearts go out to both of you, and remember that you have a ton of fans that are always willing to help, or just hear you out.

  • grajamie23
    grajamie23 Year ago


  • H .Park
    H .Park Year ago

    I first started watching your videos way back when I was in high school and now, as 6-7 years go by, I feel like I'm understanding the value of your perspective on life on a much different, more profound level. Your story is so inspiring and watching your videos when I'm feeling down and when I'm feeling like I can't move from this spot in life reminds me to always face life with my chin up and remember to think of possibilities instead of the impossibilities.

  • Huda Hameed
    Huda Hameed Year ago

    bless you guys! i wish u guys the best of the worlds (notice the plural^^ so that my wish valid everywhere extending the universe)

    dont know if people notice this, but u guys r strong in n out, such an inspiration! ganbatte kudasai

    love from Malaysia ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Rosemary Vang
    Rosemary Vang Year ago

    Are you guys planning to move back to Canada where family is? Like maybe later in the future?

    • Giselle Martinez
      Giselle Martinez 9 months ago

      Simon and Martina did you see the comment someone posted about stem cells and EDS? Just want to make sure you see it in case it can help you. Wishing you the best, always.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  Year ago

      I really have no idea what our plans are. We're bad at guessing our future. We're going to enjoy the present as much as we can :D

  • mimithefifi
    mimithefifi Year ago

    i had a nightmare because of this vid thank goodness the dreams are always the opposite of the reality

  • Adam Grant
    Adam Grant Year ago +1

    That is really sad about your condition Martina. I'm Irish and have a Korean wife so have been watching your videos for a while had no idea about your struggle.

    Really hope everything goes well for you guys, you guys are awesome, its great you are so positive.

  • Jenie InaBottle
    Jenie InaBottle Year ago

    awwwwww. simon going to the gym to get stronger so that he can help out more. relationship goals! haha. hope everything is going well, martina.

  • Bat Box
    Bat Box Year ago

    I love their relationship

  • Samantha Venero
    Samantha Venero Year ago


  • V Mateo
    V Mateo Year ago +18

    Now it makes more sense, I'm glad you guys replied to me so I was able to watch this vid and understand your somewhat hasty decision to leave SK and start anew in a new country. I've always had a thing for Japan - anime having something to do with it, of course - and came to love SK through Kpop 6 years ago. This is somehow my dream as well, not the whole "hopping from one country to another" like you guys mentioned but at least travel as much as I can and hopefully move somewhere else - again, since I previously lived in the States - and get out of my comfort zone and reinvent myself. I seriously hope your condition gets better rather than worse Martina, you guys seem like optimistic folks, cling onto that hope that you *will* get better and your current EDS condition will disappear and you'll get to walk, run, climb as vividly as you've always had. Wish you guys the best on your journey and more other adventures to come!

  • yamahaU3
    yamahaU3 Year ago

    So is making videos like your full time job?

  • missj4jackie
    missj4jackie Year ago

    It's really inspiring to see you pursuing your life goals together as a couple and explore Asian cultures as westerners. Hope Martina stays healthy and happy forever

  • Miekjes World
    Miekjes World Year ago

    Martina.. i know all about that eds you have. my sister has it also. so painfull to watch here go trough it. well actually not going trough it. more uhmmm adjust to it. she reasonly found a docter here in Amsterdam that makes special bracelets for her wrist, elbow and rings dor her fingers. i know they work for her very good. she says... she can be without pain for a few weeks and then she falls back into Cant stand Cant walk & cant look from left to right. the pain she has in insane. that ( if you dont have it) you cant inmagen what she feels. best of 🍀 xxx from Holland 🌷

  • romanticshadow s
    romanticshadow s Year ago

    i am watching every few eps in order.. but what happened to the coffee shop?

  • Life with Ami In Japan

    Martina youre strong and keep your head up high

  • amandapotata
    amandapotata Year ago

    omg i hope your leg is better or things are better now but when i watch the video i tot that this is a little joke that you made up because the title and the leg does not make sense tgt. but God bless you and hope that your leg is better now and i love yall!!

  • Alexguy611
    Alexguy611 Year ago +2

    Martina is it certain that you'll lose the ability to walk?

  • Jbustil021
    Jbustil021 Year ago +1

    I know this is late but I hope you succeed in your endeavors. You can make the impossible the possible. You both Have done many great things. Keep the train hope of dreams alive Choo! Choo! All abroad next stop Success!

  • Nahl Kim
    Nahl Kim Year ago

    I really love you both!!!! i'm sorry to hear you condition, Martina, i hope you can suffer as well because i know you're strong! hope the best for you both, you're the best couple i've ever seen💞💞💞

  • Dulce Corazon Alegre

    martina,u r so lucky to have simon

  • Dulce Corazon Alegre

    still so sweet

  • Jack Ousley
    Jack Ousley Year ago

    I love you both!

  • Maelui Yumiko
    Maelui Yumiko Year ago +57

    Martina you have such a loving husband, it surprises me! You are so fortunate to have someone that loves you so dearly, and is willing to take care of you on your bad days. I have a couple ruptured discs in my spine, my spinal canal is narrowing, and I have arthritis in my spine, and it all started when I was 25. I'm 31 now, and I'm in as much pain as ever. It's extremely debilitating, as I cannot get out of bed on some days. I totally understand how you feel. I live in a house with stairs, and I don't have anyone to help me, and it's becoming a daily struggle to get up, and down the stairs. It's actually getting worse. Sometimes I feel like a hikikomori, because I don't go anywhere for days at a time. I truly hope for the best for you, and I hope someday you will be able to be pain free, and travel the world with no worries. You seem like such an amazing couple, and I so admire that in you both. I wish I could find a husband like Simon! You're such a great team! Best wishes to you! 💟

  • khairun adz
    khairun adz Year ago +15

    this video kinda make me realize that i'm going nowhere. i need to get out of my comfort zone

  • MamaHou Forrestfruit

    Oh my god you break my heart you two. You are the most cute, loving, adorable couple, of all time. There is so much light coming from you two. My heart go with you even if it is a little bit broken after this video T_T I hope Martina will find the right doctor to fix her pain.

  • Amado Eustaquio
    Amado Eustaquio Year ago

    Yay!! I'm a new viewer! WEEEEEE 😁🙌🏼

  • Goooneralia
    Goooneralia Year ago

    Martina... Ur the best

  • Dongwook Seo
    Dongwook Seo Year ago

    i am a huge fan of you. love you

  • Cat Coffman
    Cat Coffman Year ago

    +Simon and Martina I love you guys! I hope you have a happy and healthy time in Japan!

  • Jennifer Holloway

    Why are you moving anyway ?

  • Sleepy Garden
    Sleepy Garden Year ago

    Go vegan

  • Shineegirl15
    Shineegirl15 Year ago +2

    OMG I AM CRYING when she speaks so positively about wheelchair :'(

  • Anna M
    Anna M Year ago

    Oh wow! My mom and brother actually have EDS type 4, it's such a rare and difficult condition to live with. I'm sorry to hear you're going through that-- sending good vibes y'alls way.

  • Jung Sang
    Jung Sang Year ago

    what is wrong with ur legs thing. is it inherent thing from ur family?? no cure??

  • Apple Tail
    Apple Tail Year ago

    꿈을 위한 선택. 화이팅 이에요. 멋있어요.

  • wonny h
    wonny h Year ago

    잘가요!! 건강하길 빌며 한국에 와서 즐거운 영상 만들어줘서 고마워용

  • Lashawn Gaines
    Lashawn Gaines Year ago

    I'm late, but good for you guys for following your dreams! You only live one life, and you have to live for yourselves.

  • Lo más asiático

    Please remember to search other kind of medicine alternative medicine can be a solution. ♥ I hope Martina can be fine soon :3

  • Naughtysauce
    Naughtysauce Year ago

    Just found out there are some salty ass K-pop faggery fans hating on these 2 lol.

  • mile
    mile Year ago

    I like your videos about Korea as I can learn a lot. But I understand your decision to move to Japan. Good luck in Japan.

  • Being Bryan
    Being Bryan Year ago

    all the best in ur new journey in japan guys.

  • Dee Ca.
    Dee Ca. Year ago

    Ah I found you guys when you were still doing those let's look at K-pop MV's I remember it was Shinee's Lucifer.
    From what I see you've expanded so much from that time.
    Btw does Martina still love T.O.P? I remember she fangirled so much when that song of his had an MV that black and white one.

  • Crystal Waters
    Crystal Waters Year ago

    I can't wait to be in Japan with you!!!

  • Harshal Mahajan
    Harshal Mahajan Year ago

    make a video on racism in korea.

  • 허윤서
    허윤서 Year ago


  • Charlton Wakefield

    whats happend to d.i.c.k.s

  • Alexandra Sevilla
    Alexandra Sevilla Year ago +1

    The love between you two is mesmerizing :)

  • maddie3388
    maddie3388 Year ago +79

    simon looks like he's on the verge of tears throughout the whole vid :(
    i hope you are doing better now, martina!

  • RestingBitchFace
    RestingBitchFace Year ago

    you're a trooper Martina!!! keep pushing love you guys!

  • jackson woth
    jackson woth Year ago

    i feel so bad for you martina hope you get better

  • Stoian Stoianov
    Stoian Stoianov Year ago +1

    Why the hell you ask sucha stupid questions like : "Why you put Bulgarian subs?" Im Bulgarian and my English is bad, and i should never knew that Martina have that terrible syndrom. Now i know(((( Keep searching for solution of that disease and never give up!!!

  • Amalia Safiee
    Amalia Safiee Year ago

    i want to move to Japan tooo! 😊

  • john correa
    john correa Year ago

    Does anyone know other youtube accounts which features korean culture on a daily basis and actually live in Korea? Please. It's really sad I can't watch them talking about korean culture anymore ;(

  • iku
    iku Year ago +11

    They are like the real version of Marshall and Lilly from HIMYM :(

  • Ella Fearless
    Ella Fearless Year ago

    Oh my God I will support you guys forever TT___TT FIGHTING!!!

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