New Rule: Get Low | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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  • David Hill
    David Hill 6 days ago

    It doesn't help that Democrats are constantly running on "If we show them how smart we are, we won't NEED a catchphrase to rally people to the polls. Yes, We Can? More like No, We Don't Need To!"

    It also doesn't help that Republicans continue to cheat like crazy.

  • Calpurnia Whitney
    Calpurnia Whitney 12 days ago +1

    Both parties are un cahoots. They play turns. But it's good To hear your ranting. You are so funny and you have a good team behind you. Thanks.

  • Kevin Kljyan
    Kevin Kljyan 14 days ago

    It is time that The Republicans turn on Trump/Pence, it is time to put their own conservative feelings (stop hating the underprivileged ) for Trump aside and truly put the safety of this country, national security and wealth, first before anything else. Democrats have to seriously gain courage, enough of their cowardice and fear of how it would look, Bernie Sanders is a democrat with guts.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 19 days ago

    Democrats do nothing but bitch about "Russia! Russia! Russia!" like it's the fucking red scare. They have no solutions, only elitism and smug arrogance for the peasants who are too uneducated to accept their lack of substance. And in the background they do nothing but suck corporate cock. Jeez, I wonder why the Democrats are losing to complete idiots like Trump who act like they're hell-bent on losing? The Democratic Party is dying and soon it'll be a hollow corpse. And the Republicans aren't ending their lean towards the alt-right anytime soon. It's crazy and retarded, but it's also exciting! Turnout-inspiring if you already believe that bullshit! It's actually an improvement over boring fuckers like Jeb Bush in a way.

    In contrast to the scandal-focused Democrats, the Republicans actually talk about 'real issues'. Like unemployment: "Blame scapegoats like the Mexicans and China and Obama nonstop!" And the more stupid you make it, the more fun for everyone! Why not try more of this 'alt-right' flavored crack? When fascism comes to America, it'll come as a group of idiots cosplaying as retarded internet frogs.

    Voter participation will plummet. Most people will stop giving a shit about who wins, except the enthusiastic nuts of the far right and a few liberal elitists. The Republicans will win it all for a while.

    What about the young left, full of idealism and hope for moderate reformers like Sanders who pretend to be 'radical socialists' for shock points? Sorry, we only want 'real democrats' in the party. And so some will lose interest in politics, some will grow cynical, and others will be driven to the radical fringes of anarchism and communism, soon no longer 'fringes' anymore. And why vote when you're shut out of the political process? Why not have a 'meme war' between alt-right frog fucks and the new hip communist/anarchist/antifa underground instead? We can even get out in the streets and beat each other up with clubs for fun when we need fresh air! It's already happening in places like Berkeley, if you haven't noticed.

    And then, in 2020 or later, Mark Zuckerburg will run for president, use his control of social media, shitload of money, promises of universal basic income and free shit, and the incompetence of the competition to win, and before you know it you won't be able to tell the difference between Facebook inc. and the US government. Why not have de-facto one party rule by the "Innovation Party" of ZUCC when everyone else has been shown to be incapable of running the country? You get a nice, smooth, technocratic government, straight out of Sillicon Valley! Just don't pretend that you have a choice anymore. You had it and both sides fucked up.

    EVZYL Month ago

    Russia, Russia, Russia. It's getting SOOOO old. Please move on. BTW, as to Pelosi's response, that will teach the Democrats to hide behind has-beens like Pelosi and, god-forbid, Maxine Walters.

  • claronium 780
    claronium 780 Month ago

    What an idiot Congressman - because she was somewhat careless with classified information she's guilty of TREASON? lol

  • Mike Laplante
    Mike Laplante Month ago

    I half agree... I don't think name calling is going to do anything but harden positions. However, the media and the Dems need to start using words like 'treason', 'criminal activity', 'traitor', 'liar', etc. Instead, they tiptoe around things, relying on innuendo. Start calling them out in clear and blatant terms.

  • Stelio Macumbe
    Stelio Macumbe Month ago

    I understand Bill's frustration but I have to disagree with him. If Democrats start playing the Republicans game than they might turn into them. This is why Batman "never" kills.

  • Tortuga
    Tortuga Month ago

    I'm looking for the Bit where bill talks about there being no adults anymore. No more adult culture, guys wear flip flips and shorts all year long...your parents eat cereal for dinner...etc....anyone know? recent episode.

  • Escorpion Venenoso
    Escorpion Venenoso Month ago

    The trump-russia narrative I had been debunked

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    dems are pussies...repubs are scum !

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    why be shocked...yanks are assholes !

  • Blanco8x8
    Blanco8x8 2 months ago +1

    I don't want a "No more Mr. Nice Guy" for President.

    I want a nice person for President.

  • Shiro Amakusa
    Shiro Amakusa 2 months ago

    I beg to disagree with the last sentence. Hillary's private server and Trump's secret meetings with the Russians are BOTH TREASON.

  • Brain G
    Brain G 2 months ago

    This guy. This is my fucking guy right here.

  • Suvir Sinha
    Suvir Sinha 2 months ago

    Can someone please tell me who or what he's impersonating/referencing at 5:18?

  • Niko K
    Niko K 2 months ago

    And f...s the rest of us

  • Niko K
    Niko K 2 months ago

    I thing republicans and democrats they working together

  • Brian D
    Brian D 2 months ago

    I love this

  • Tree-hugger Sans-cœur
    Tree-hugger Sans-cœur 2 months ago

    Wake up and smell the covfefe

  • lananh coryer
    lananh coryer 2 months ago

    Bill Maher , you are the sharpest observer  about Trump and Putin , you are right ... Trump got so much $$$$$ from Putin , now how Trump will pay Putin back ???? use TAX-PAYERS' $$$$$$

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle 2 months ago

    How the FUCK has the GOP won the popular vote 4 times since 1980 and gotten FIVE Presidents, while the Dems have won it SIX times and gotten TWO Presidents! Time for some fucking reform! And in my state, the Dems have gotten more votes in state house elections for years, but thanks to Gerrymandering, have never come close to controlling the legislature.

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle 2 months ago

    Finally! Someone besides me using the "T" word! If Trump appointed a man who he was warned by both Obama, and the acting AG was under investigation for links to Russia, that ALONE could be treason. But when that man is given possibly the most sensitive intelligence post in the nation, when there are concerns that he is under the influence of, or possibly an agent of a hostile foreign power, and the President even suggests to the head of the FBI that he would prefer that the investigation be stopped, THAT sure as hell is treason!

  • 2126Eliza
    2126Eliza 2 months ago

    Countries get the government they deserve. If the only party that can stop Trump continues to lose, then I guess people will find out the cost the hard way. Have fun in poverty with no healthcare or sexual rights, ladies. Guys, have fun being solely financially responsible for your family while paying off your high interest student loans and watching your groundwater kill your family. Might sound dramatic, but if you don't stop the GOP, that IS your future.

  • DivisionNordland
    DivisionNordland 2 months ago

    Tell us what is classified information...

  • Aws
    Aws 2 months ago

    Putin and Trump are more like master/slave than server/client.

  • Schneider W
    Schneider W 2 months ago

    This walking on eggshells and over PCness will be the death of dems I am telling you. You are trying to fight guns with sticks, it's not noble it's stupid.

  • Jo Penny
    Jo Penny 2 months ago

    Bill could be right. Almost every democrat guy I've known was sort of......soft? Easy going? Dare I say it......a wuss?

  • Marie Sophie L
    Marie Sophie L 2 months ago

    Is it me or do Bill's teeth appear green?

  • james hendry
    james hendry 2 months ago

    hello; they went after bill for getting a Bow-job by another american, trumpy invited the Russians into the office and nothing

  • Thomas Carmichael
    Thomas Carmichael 2 months ago

    Dems need to learn their lesson from Corbyn and the British Labour party. Give a genuine Socialist alternative and get behind Bernie. You will never get anywhere with moderate Neo-Liberalism. No. Fucking. Way.

  • Joe Mug
    Joe Mug 2 months ago

    Go Bill! Keep giving it to 'em!!

  • Faisal Amin
    Faisal Amin 2 months ago

    Democrats are pussys

  • frank jones
    frank jones 2 months ago

    Pelosi has got to go.

  • anonymusum
    anonymusum 2 months ago

    The Dems are failures. Trumps gives them one point of attack after the other and what do we hear from them? Actually the press and media are the real opposition. They are a bunch of slowpokes - goodness ....

  • Axel Partanen
    Axel Partanen 2 months ago

    Honestly half of you guys are not understanding the problem. The problem
    is not Trump.The problem is half the country that voted for him. He is truly a reflection of what half the country thinks.

  • Mike G.
    Mike G. 2 months ago

    Trump is not, and will NEVER be a true Republican!! His own party dislikes him. They are just playin' dumb and waiting for the chips to fall, and then... Their guy (Pence) will shake things up like you've never seen! Prepare to be dazzled folks.
    This is gonna get uuglyyy!

  • Mike G.
    Mike G. 2 months ago

    I guess in Bill's mind,Trump's ill begotten intelligence on prior dealings between Hillary and Putin is a self-cancellation of misdeeds , but i'd like to remind Mr. Maher that Mrs. Clinton has dealt with ALL world leaders on MANY occasions, and not once has anyone even come close to calling that an act of (treason)! After all she was not potus.... But be that as it may, pickin' sides in a losing battle is just a foolish way we have come up with to distract ourselves from our daily commute...
    I didn't have a pony in this race, but i would've given my support to Mr. Sanders. But, then again it would have been tossed! Like the millions of votes your dear (Democratic) party did NOT endorse!!! After all... He's a communist~~ oops Socialist.
    same thing right??? lmao

  • Tara Colquitt
    Tara Colquitt 2 months ago

    The last minute... "lobbyist in the morgue"; "treason". Brilliant.

  • watcherob
    watcherob 2 months ago

    Bill needs to stop eating candy before the show. Having blue tongue and teeth looks shit on camera.

  • Jorge Mendoza
    Jorge Mendoza 2 months ago

    Bill, I think YOU should run for President!

  • JL Diaz
    JL Diaz 2 months ago

    Bill maher+HBO=racism..

  • Mr.Faust Faun Fable
    Mr.Faust Faun Fable 2 months ago

    This gay guy always has a bad attitude. First ive seen so mad.

  • Drm R
    Drm R 2 months ago

    These corporate democrats need to grow a spine like the gop and maybe they can actually win an election.

  • mrbeanaswell
    mrbeanaswell 2 months ago

    Why don't you Americans stop blaming politicians and start looking at yourselves. Perhaps it's the electorate that's the problem, and the politicans are only a reflection of those who voted for them.

  • NHL_Hole
    NHL_Hole 2 months ago

    Bill Maher should be fired. It's disgusting that HBO is even considering allowing him to continue. If his actions were "inexcusable," then he should be excused from the show.

  • TokyoBlue
    TokyoBlue 2 months ago

    As a Democrat, I do agree with Maher that Democrats need to get tougher or we'll just keep losing. Republicans win because they are willing to do and say anything to get elected. They don't care about facts or good behavior.

  • William Lawshe
    William Lawshe 2 months ago +1

    Maher is a damn idiot. Tonight on tv he said the problem with America are these dang Christians who believe in God. This guy needs his ass kicked!

  • Honey Bear
    Honey Bear 2 months ago +1

    not a single claim is true about the russians.

  • Vixxey
    Vixxey 2 months ago

    Maher is the only dem that gets it. The Democratic Party has become the "politically correct-echo chamber party".

  • R. Tensions
    R. Tensions 2 months ago

    A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it's lowest ones.

  • Kenny Ifezue
    Kenny Ifezue 2 months ago

    New Rule don't be racist Bill

  • ian hock
    ian hock 2 months ago

    Fucking gerrymandering....

  • Frank Glawson
    Frank Glawson 2 months ago

    impeach trump you have pence oh my god liar liar freak

  • Insanis Stultitia
    Insanis Stultitia 2 months ago

    When they get low WE KICK THEM IN THE NUTS!

  • Paula Bain
    Paula Bain 2 months ago

    Going low is the only way the GOP could win anything. A liberal looks for fair play more than a conservative EVER will. PLUS, the alternative to Trump is Pence. Really? You want THAT in the White House?

  • Steven
    Steven 2 months ago

    "Hello look under you it says".....yeah it's fake news cnn that's the only "story" they have run in 6 months. Pathetic!

  • MC Mark Markson
    MC Mark Markson 2 months ago

    At least now I know what makes the US great. Loads of bullshit.

  • MissNayNay
    MissNayNay 2 months ago

    Why is Bill's tongue and teeth blue? What they fuck was he taking before he started the show?

  • northwoods cointelpro
    northwoods cointelpro 2 months ago

    nah people was stupid back them for believe in obama.should be a bad sign that he throw away the public founding for the campaign and was wallstreet paying for that...and the worst he and the doj kill project flicker.

  • Jim Bridson
    Jim Bridson 2 months ago

    Can I say something. Rump's insult to the Mayor of London reminds me of how ashamed I am to be an American right now. I've even stopped watching the late show comedians making fun of him because laughing at his sub-human antics somehow legitimizes him. I find nothing about him and the place he's put America in the world amusing.

  • Esther Blount
    Esther Blount 2 months ago

    Keep doing what you are doing. I am not pissed with you. America needs your comments.

  • PNickels
    PNickels 2 months ago

    we should change the democratic logo to a bull. mess with us, you get the horns!

  • The Ultimate Reductionist
    The Ultimate Reductionist 2 months ago +1

    1m10s "Even RadioShack is like: 'How are you guys still in business?' " LOL!

  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 2 months ago

    REAL RACIST with Bill Maher!

  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 2 months ago


  • Fast Lane
    Fast Lane 2 months ago

    but thats ok

  • maximum805
    maximum805 2 months ago

    Socratic irony it may be. But Bill, who is in the drivers seat now, over in Montana !!

  • maximum805
    maximum805 2 months ago

    Yea and that's got to burn, doesn't it Bill

  • Scupacium
    Scupacium 2 months ago

    Hey Bill WTF it was funny! it was a joke! why you apologizing?

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 2 months ago

    When is Bill Maher losing his job for saying the n-word ?

  • cpthornman
    cpthornman 2 months ago

    The left has been low for a while now. Between riots, assaulting anyone who dares disagree by 1%, and the sheer childish behavior it's hard to see how they could go lower. I used to love watching Bill Maher but now I couldn't respect him less. He's become what he hates.

  • Dave Gallagher
    Dave Gallagher 2 months ago

    Don't forget Pelosi get's all that money from the same donors as the republicans & then she does exactly what she's told, LOSE or no more money!

  • Bad Goyim
    Bad Goyim 2 months ago

    Of course he will get away with it. Bill Maher is a Jew. They're always the victim.

  • nonbeliever
    nonbeliever 2 months ago

    I understand Bill Maher's distaste of Trump.. but if Trump is impeached, who takes over? someone much, much worse.

  • dgman smile
    dgman smile 2 months ago

    another fucking trumpTARD elected

  • Maureen Baker
    Maureen Baker 2 months ago


  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 2 months ago

    Republicans corrupt democrats pussies

  • Dan Conger
    Dan Conger 2 months ago +3

    Republicans have figured something out. If you get your old fat racist arse out of bed, grab your walker or hurry-cane or hover round, and go vote ... you win elections. Liberal millennials seem to think that tweeting something political counts as a vote, and so does marching in an angry protest or complaining on Facebook. Reality check, my fellow democrats. You need to get up off your well-intentioned butt and actually cast a vote if you want your country back.

    Rant over ...

  • Rocco reto da bandito
    Rocco reto da bandito 2 months ago

    The Fucked up shit about what that piece of toxic waste did is if it was I or some other regular Joe that did that sort of thing I would have been arrested immediately and given a bond that would have kept me in jail until by the time I went to court It would have been time served ! There's no fucking justice in this country , cop kills a black man by shooting him in his back cop gets charges dropped, Wall Street banker steals millions of dollars and gets probation ! I steal a pair of jeans I go to jail for three years.
    USA is the prison country except they have most of the asshole politicians on the streets committing crimes with the CEOs and Wall Street criminals and the non violent people who commit petty crimes are locked up to keep the private prisons full ! Great way to spend taxpayers money and now trump wants to give all his rich buddies tax cuts what a lying piece of shit that fat Fuck is ! Him telling everyone how he wants to help the down trodden, he should be in jail for those lies and all the other bs he's committed or about to commit! I mean WTF wake up smell the stink he's leaving all over this country !!!!!!!

    • Eric Cartman
      Eric Cartman 2 months ago

      that was a very colorful and incoherent brainfart you created there.

      you could do yourself a favor next time and just say;

      "Yes Eric you are right Mexico is a shithole and im privileged to even be allowed to live in a beautiful place like America where i have the opportunity to talk shit about the government and the country and say all sorts of idiotic things proving that i lack the most basic education and still wont be punished for it."

    • Rocco reto da bandito
      Rocco reto da bandito 2 months ago

      Eric Cartman Ya too bad I'm not digging up in your mothers ass while you and your whole fucking family are there watching and rooting me on .
      Now go to daddies gun cabinet and take out the simplest one to use and blow your fucking shit for brains all over yo mamas dirty ass walls ! Pie face 🐷

    • Eric Cartman
      Eric Cartman 2 months ago

      yeah too bad we arent in Mexico where the government is less corrupt and the state of the people is a lot better

  • D Varga
    D Varga 2 months ago

    Youre nose came from the land before time, Youre hairline is as far back as Marty in Back to the future 5!!!! The push brooms you call youre eyebrowes have swept around pizzagate pedophile ring since before the the land before time, Youre breath is as dusty as king tuts covfefe. The amount you DONT care about what you say is the same amount people are going to kick youre ass for caliing yourself a house niga hahahaha your a fucking coward hahahahaha

  • Pragm Aticamente
    Pragm Aticamente 2 months ago

    Bill Maher and others are part of the reason why Hilary Clinton and the DNC lost the elections.

  • Sondre Kristoffersen
    Sondre Kristoffersen 2 months ago

    Jump remain full-time margin tomato assignment terror blow.

  • Red Hunteur
    Red Hunteur 2 months ago

    Her unsecured server IS and WAS treason. They are both deplorable pieces of shit but you're better than a tu quoque fallacy, Bill.

  • Catalina Simmons
    Catalina Simmons 2 months ago

    these old government employees need to forced to leave at age 70, so we can run govt save ourselves and the Entire world.

  • Silverfox
    Silverfox 2 months ago

    Team Hillary and Obama (the corrupt neoliberals) have led the party into irrelevance and they're still in charge ?! If you had a football team loose this hard you'd change the trainer, the team and everyone involved. But the DNC is like: Keep the same people who already lost to Trump and let them come up with an Anti Trump strategy.
    And the strategy is still: "We are not him" and "Russia". That didnt work in the election and it's still not working. Hillary is STILL less popular in polls than Trump! (she's around 30% approval if I'm not mistaken)
    You know, why go and embrace the most popular politician in the country who's on your team? I'm talking about Bernie of course. The dude has an approval rating of over 60%.
    Apparently he's the only one who really knows what he's doing. Put him in charge and start getting rid of corporate democrats asap.

  • lacountess
    lacountess 2 months ago

    Yeah, lets all be thugs and bullies.
    Sadly I agree. America is now the ghetto.

  • Mario Quade
    Mario Quade 2 months ago


  • fdsa fdsfad
    fdsa fdsfad 2 months ago

    Republicans and their white trash supporters need to go kill themselves.

  • Ann'G
    Ann'G 2 months ago

    Democrats gotta get tough!

  • Aaron Murray
    Aaron Murray 2 months ago

    who is this? why does he make no solid points.

    ANTOINETTE DORSEY 2 months ago

    Dear #BillMaher I still watch you and enjoy most of your show... I don't think what you said was racist... I am more disappointed in your said it and you should stand by it...Webster defines Nigger as an ignorant person...nowhere is skin color mentioned...I watched your said "Nigga"...I get it...if people of color still use Nigga' when referencing one another...other races believe it's okay to follow suit...😊...keep speaking your truth...

  • Beth h.
    Beth h. 2 months ago

    you have my support. please stay on the air. you apologized, done. you've spent your career fighting for the people. fire jeff sessions, he's a consistent biggot!

  • Gear Solid
    Gear Solid 2 months ago

    Bill Bill Bill pence is competent dangerous, trump is an idiot pin him to Republicans and watch them burn

  • Dodge236
    Dodge236 2 months ago

    "Hounded Man losses temper." how is that a story?

  • Jose Canales
    Jose Canales 2 months ago

    You're the greatest, Bill. Fuck the haters. Your true fans know you're not a racist. You're a real champ.

  • Darick Hibbert
    Darick Hibbert 2 months ago

    Bill's couldn't be more right. Democrats leadership needs to get mean. Or their finished. Sanders speaks a great game. The party should follow his example.
    But Republicans better grow a set. Their man did some extremely reprehensible, possibly treasonous shit to get the WH. If Trump went over the edge of criminal laws...y'all better make some, or Republicans are finished. They obviously have no spines either.

  • Luis Neves
    Luis Neves 2 months ago +1

    Bill, they don't care if they lose, because just like Republicans, they have donor friends and Wall Street speeches to look forward to once they're out.

    The Russian hacks were one-sided and were used to put Trump in the White House. But what did they reveal? That the Democratic party put their thumb on the scale against Bernie, and tried to undermine our democracy at home. All the polls showed that Bernie had a better shot at winning. But they would rather shoot themselves in the foot than have someone like Bernie get in.

    Now, they're talking about having their own outsider puppet - someone like The Rock, Mark Cuban, or perhaps Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

    The current party leadership needs to go. They've clearly learned nothing, and their problems run deeper than lack of personality. And you need to stop flip-flopping and cheerleading whenever election season rolls around. "We're the lesser of two evils" isn't good enough.

    And finally, take your own advice. Grow a pair, tell HBO to go fuck itself if that's what it takes, and go start your own thing.

    • Luis Neves
      Luis Neves 2 months ago

      I agreed with Bernie the most, but I'm not going to do something just because he tells me to. It's about more than Bernie, so when he endorses a candidate that's against a lot of what he stands for, then no, I don't respect his opinion.

      I didn't vote for Trump either, or any of those disastrous policies you mentioned. I voted for the candidates who were most in-line with my philosophy. I voted mostly for Greens, and also one Democrat.

      If the country shared my voting strategy, instead of doing this:

      ... we wouldn't be in this mess. People on the other side of the mirror did the same thing, voted for Trump because at least he isn't Hillary, instead of someone more reasonable.

      They know there's a bunch of people like you whose vote they can count on no matter what. And that's why they still act like this. You are giving them no incentive to improve themselves.

    • Jacob Bielski
      Jacob Bielski 2 months ago

      Not being "inspired" by your candidate doesn't justify not voting for them. That's like not being "inspired" by a McDonalds hamburger, if you don't particularly care for McDonalds, while dying of starvation in the middle of a roasting desert. Bernie would have been amazing, but at the end of the day he wasn't on the ticket, so what are you going to do?

      So you didn't vote for Hillary, even though Bernie asked everyone who supported him to do so? Even though Bernie said that so many people would suffer under Trump? It sounds like you don't really respect Bernie himself and what he thinks, if you avoided helping him and the rest of planet so that you would feel better about yourself.

      Supporting the person you "hate least" is another way of working with someone you have the most in common with. You know, the basis of all cooperation and partnerships. Democracy is based on the idea that everyone throws in an opinion. The direction we take is an amalgamation. If there was a person who had all the right answers (which I'm sure you consider to be a person who happens to agree with you), we would live in a monarchy or dictatorship.

      The DNC played dirty and Clinton didn't secure some emails very well? Oh well, I guess I'm not inspired. I'll go ahead and let tens of millions of people lose health care and start dying in the streets, I'll go ahead and let far right white supremacists win the day, I'll go ahead and let millions of immigrants get rounded up and sent "home" to war torn third world countries to die, I'll go ahead and give my opposition the Supreme Court so they have the power to roll back civil rights from at risk populations for decades to come. After all, why bother defending things like that? Emails.

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