15 Lies Your School Told You

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  • Fowin385
    Fowin385 1 hour ago

    i don't know where you were going to school but.... WTF

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m 1 hour ago

    iss encounters 90% of earth's gravity

  • Eleazar Christine
    Eleazar Christine 2 hours ago

    thanks for the facts

  • Xtroverted Hermit
    Xtroverted Hermit 4 hours ago

    little known fact, minoan artifacts are found in a few locations and are the ones that mined the vast copper fields near the great lakes, they even have their known world map with America on it so ummmm vikings wernt 1st sorry

  • Ruckus
    Ruckus 7 hours ago

    On the brain thing, it is true we only use 10% consciously. The rest of our brain is used subconsciously. In some cases certain people are able to use more of their brains capacity. This is why you have geniuses, and people who claim to be able to use psychic, and psychokenitic abilities. get your shit together Planet Dolan.

  • S Pol
    S Pol 8 hours ago

    lies everywhere

  • GandG
    GandG 9 hours ago

    blood is red.i know thsat its logic.but how come it comes out blueis purpleish when they takw out blood

  • Tyler Culp
    Tyler Culp 10 hours ago

    When someone attempts to discredit common knowledge, physical evidence typically helps.

  • Matthew Earle
    Matthew Earle 11 hours ago


  • Sean Joseph
    Sean Joseph 13 hours ago

    It's Maths, not Math....you don't study Mathematic!

  • Lewis Burrell
    Lewis Burrell 14 hours ago

    Planet Dolan is a huge liar

  • ninjitsu master 369
    ninjitsu master 369 14 hours ago

    omg my grade two science teacher teach us that thomas alba edison or edison made lightbulb

  • Dusk Wolf
    Dusk Wolf 14 hours ago

    I thought there would be some gravity in space because of the pull on objects and the spins of planets.

  • William Minnaar
    William Minnaar 15 hours ago

    Grief - You are WRONG right from the start woman!

    We [humans] NEVER evolved from anything - FACT - ALL of the so called missing links are FALSE and have been admittedly faked by the people who faked them. Lucy - was a massive lie, the man who found the so called Lucy missing link, even admitted to sticking Baboon bones into the mix. His grant money was running out so he faked his findings!

    FACT - Nothing on this planet - has ever changed from one type of creature into another type of creature - NEVER!

    2 - Edison - OH MY WORD - Edison STOLE the Light Bulb idea from Nicola Tesla!?

    Hahah - Your so called FACTS are not facts at all! Do more research before you say other people are wrong!?

  • Joost Citroen
    Joost Citroen 15 hours ago

    Brush importance theme active emission grandfather spend accompany.

  • Kaitheviking
    Kaitheviking 16 hours ago

    You did great on the leif erikson thing BUT leif is prounonced like 'hey' but with an l and an f...and you did almost perfect on erikson! Your only fault is that son is prounounced like 'on' like...the on button on the tv remote...if that makes sence?... but i wouldnt expect someone who doesnt speak norwegian (or swedish(fluff sweden!) at the very least) to get it right on their first try...anyways! Im just a 12 year old norwegian ADHD kid whos alergic to ABSOLUTLEY EVERYWHERE (aka:grass...and nickel...and just a teenie weenie beenie bit alergic to dkgs and cats) so why would i be right? I mean: its not like i worship the norse gods or have been studying the norse people and mythgolgy for 10 years(technicaly ive been studying them for 12 but i learnd to read att 2 so before that i couldnt do anything without an adult to read for me and my dad is a politician so he was busy a lot and beacuse of that my mom couldnt help me a lot either beacuse she had to clean the house and everything so i usualy had to wait till i went to my grandparents and when i went there i was(and still am) priority number 1,2,3,4 and 5 so there was or anything! Only that i have! And im fluent in norse runes!...well...almost...there are two off them that i mix up sometimes...

    • Kaitheviking
      Kaitheviking 16 hours ago

      I was trying to erase the stuff about studying them for 12 years but i hit send in stead of backspace...

  • It'sYeGinger
    It'sYeGinger 19 hours ago

    Go back to the way you used to do things. Where you commentated your videos and no one else did I remember you as danger Dolan not planet Dolan please go back to the au you used to do things

  • scott left
    scott left 21 hour ago

    i think a book by davinci fell on newtons head.

  • Duke
    Duke 22 hours ago

    I wish you guys were a little more careful with your fact and script checking. We are Apes by classification, the myth is that we're descended from chimpanzees.

  • Rey Carstairs
    Rey Carstairs 22 hours ago

    its new-fin-land not new-found-land

  • Scott M
    Scott M 23 hours ago

    2:11 So the guy who created an equation that explains how gravity works never failed math? Never would have guessed.

  • Panda Squad Gaming
    Panda Squad Gaming 23 hours ago

    They got number four wrong

  • Stripey Cat
    Stripey Cat 23 hours ago

    And then 15 more conclusions of bullshit on top......with hundreds and thousands....oh! and a flake..

  • I drink Bleach
    I drink Bleach 23 hours ago

    Full of shit learn

  • Tony Horo
    Tony Horo 1 day ago

    I'm glad I didn't went to school in U.S. Most of those bullshit arguments are exclusive to schools there.

  • Calex
    Calex 1 day ago

    NA-Education :D

  • SupremeBri
    SupremeBri 1 day ago +2

    Was the walking pyramid a lie too?

  • oiltrdr
    oiltrdr 1 day ago

    oil and gas are fossil fuels...big lie

  • King Savage
    King Savage 1 day ago

    I did took note on some of the lies......

    I got a F on that portion of the test

  • XxDarKKnightxX 072
    XxDarKKnightxX 072 1 day ago +1

    Actually The Vikings Never Found America First It Was Some Muslims Hundreds Of Years Before Vikings Ever Steped Foot In America

  • Jkangie Amjk
    Jkangie Amjk 1 day ago

    First one and I was like "Omfg. I need to call my mom."

  • Angel  Lopes
    Angel Lopes 1 day ago

    The most bullshit video i ever saw.half of the shit thats on the video was never mentioned in school

  • Atul Kargutkar
    Atul Kargutkar 1 day ago

    no proof. we take your word.
    naaaa. no possible

  • Joseph Amosa
    Joseph Amosa 1 day ago

    Polynesians were the first to America

  • Liberty Reyngoudt
    Liberty Reyngoudt 1 day ago

    Yae god made us we did not come from aeps

  • Mark Atkinson
    Mark Atkinson 1 day ago

    Him I :-) weren't first.. No pans were Mining copper in upper penninsula way before the vikings!!!! History has been skewed to allow us to be led down a rabbit hole.. Look at the giants that the Smithsonian confiscated And HIDES. All of them

  • mrtazpool
    mrtazpool 1 day ago

    Obviously you think you know a lot. You do know some things, but let me educate you on 'Time'. Time is a man made way to explain something most aren't able to comprehend and never will. Please do yourself a favor and do more real research before showing others how UN-educated you are.

  • Ty Broes
    Ty Broes 1 day ago

    your a idiot lol wow misinformed looser

  • Los Pikklez
    Los Pikklez 1 day ago

    For #15, we are apes....

    LORD TAKA 1 day ago

    How could my teachers or teachers tell us lies?!!!!!!

  • Diamond Derpy
    Diamond Derpy 1 day ago

    How do they know this information?🤔🤔

  • jakk tony
    jakk tony 1 day ago

    *15 lies this video told you*

  • MN-14
    MN-14 2 days ago

    What if we dont use only 10 percent of our brains, but they run only 10 percent efficiently?

  • Ching Ching Head Banger

    you know i always think about this.., imagine your in school and you tell a friend a story about something, any story... and it gets all over school, eventually the last person to hear about it has it all wrong right?...because people mix things up, accidentally change the story without knowing and the story is 100% anymore...so i always wonder how many things in history are wrong, or misheard....how do we know the things were learning are even right?...it blows my mind to think that and we go into history classes and they cram all the knowledge down our throats and half of it probably ain't even true...

  • Eruvin Sumitsu
    Eruvin Sumitsu 2 days ago

    School teaches us what they want us to know, not what we should know.

  • Cod_bart_2002 Psn
    Cod_bart_2002 Psn 2 days ago

    Einstein was dislectic that means that his gramar was bad as fuck

  • SolarMoney2112
    SolarMoney2112 2 days ago

    The main lie school told us.

    "Everything you learn from 6th on grade is useful."

  • Derka Derka
    Derka Derka 2 days ago

    the jews lied about slavery during the pyramids?

  • Brodot
    Brodot 2 days ago

    US education?

  • Dennis Ledesma
    Dennis Ledesma 2 days ago

    I've recorded videos of toilets flushing all over the world in both hemispheres. I have absolute proof that the water swirls one way going down the toilet in the northern hemisphere and the opposite way going down the toilet in the southern hemisphere. How can I be wrong if I've seen it with my own eyes and have videos to back up what I saw?

  • JD
    JD 2 days ago

    #4 Vsauce, Veritasium and Smarter Every Day. Don't spread bulllshit. Nuff said.

  • Bees
    Bees 2 days ago

    People think the Trojan Horse was real? Ffs.

  • Muesli Snipes
    Muesli Snipes 2 days ago


    The idea of the whole Middle Ages as a "dark age" therefore actually comes from the early modern Renaissance and humanist movements and their denigration of their immediate forebears and idolization and idealization of the Greeks and Romans. Thus, the period between the Romans and this idealization in the early modern era became called the medium aevum—the "ages in the middle," or the Middle Ages. They became traditionally characterized as a backward step, where art became "primitive" (because only realistic art could be "good" art), architecture was "barbaric" or "gothic," and innovation was stagnant.

    The myth of the Middle Ages as a "dark age" does not lie in the fact that things declined markedly after the fall of Rome—they did. It lies in the idea that this situation persisted until the dawning of something called "the Renaissance," which somehow rescued Western Europe from the clutches of the Catholic Church, revived ancient Greek and Roman learning, reinvented "good" (i.e. realistic) art and made everything OK again.

    This is the part of the story that is the myth.

    These false ideas are still current partly because historians have only begun to revise our understanding of the Middle Ages quite recently and this is taking some time to seep into popular consciousness. But the prejudice against the Middle Ages is also driven by some strong cultural currents in our own time. Those with an animus against Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular like to cling to the old idea of the Middle Ages as a "dark age" because it suits their preconceptions about religion and forms a neat little fable where modernity is "good" and the medieval period is "bad." Historians avoid these simplistic value judgments and reject the assumptions on which they are made, but simple pseudo historical fairy tales are hard to budge.

  • Aislius
    Aislius 2 days ago

    What about the holocaust? Pretty sure THAT was a HUGE fucking lie.

  • Raven Soul15
    Raven Soul15 2 days ago

    The trojan horse isnt real it is from a story called the odyssey and its based on greek myth.

  • Mohan G
    Mohan G 2 days ago

    Is it

  • Kawaii Mint
    Kawaii Mint 2 days ago

    The biggest lie is that algebra will help me in everyday life

  • 1906Farnsworth
    1906Farnsworth 3 days ago

    4:06 There's no Darvy. The arc light was invented by Humphrey DAVY. And the arc light is not a light bulb, but is an electric light.

  • Tbo Folge
    Tbo Folge 3 days ago

    We use 100 percent of the 10 percent we are capable to use

  • Brian Redman
    Brian Redman 3 days ago

    Your an idiot your so duuuuuuuummmmmm

  • Funjoy
    Funjoy 3 days ago

    my childhood is ruined!

  • Chanel Guzman
    Chanel Guzman 3 days ago


  • Chanel Guzman
    Chanel Guzman 3 days ago

    sore E what why is the E sore???

  • MCPlaysGames
    MCPlaysGames 3 days ago +1

    Planet Dolan your only doing this for views... cut the bullshit

  • Daryn Holdsworth
    Daryn Holdsworth 3 days ago


  • Jason West
    Jason West 3 days ago

    You're playing word games. Leif Erickson was as much of a viking as anyone and humans are apes and descended from apes/ This is not a clear cut divide. It's arbitrary and open for discussion like other things you talked about.

  • Virgie Gracia
    Virgie Gracia 3 days ago

    How about telekinesiss

  • Steve Zamora
    Steve Zamora 3 days ago

    Jesus made everything.

  • Travis Pratt
    Travis Pratt 3 days ago

    "Touch" is usually taught as "feel", which i believe includes temperature, vibrations and pain, probably hunger and sense of space as well, since those are really just a feeling of nerves, i'm guessing the others are just sub categories of the major senses, not really a lie to say we only have 5 senses.

  • Caldé
    Caldé 4 days ago

    and the romans reached reached both north and south america a thousand years before Leif

  • Kimberly Lockridge
    Kimberly Lockridge 4 days ago

    hey y'all suck all the stuff most of it is lie right well you're telling a lie eat that hahaha

  • Fiona Ballantyne
    Fiona Ballantyne 4 days ago


  • CuteDeadFox
    CuteDeadFox 4 days ago

    why the hell am I on this channel?

  • Luke Redstar
    Luke Redstar 4 days ago

    Newton didn't come up with a theory of gravity, he came up with calculus. Asian nomads discovered America first and became the aboriginal residents.

  • The anime baka
    The anime baka 4 days ago

    dumb people think the earth is flat and blood is blue

  • Storm69Jumper
    Storm69Jumper 4 days ago

    just in USA children is learning this shit :p and only USA people must watch this to learn truth ;)
    its fucking basics what is learning in Poland we learning in 1-4 class...

  • smash5760
    smash5760 4 days ago

    newton: you see this, it falls. Heres the fucking science.

  • Tom C
    Tom C 4 days ago

    ha.I only use 1% of my brain, the rest are rubish

  • heyitstarek
    heyitstarek 4 days ago

    No people died at all when the pyramids were built because it was built by slaves

  • heyitstarek
    heyitstarek 4 days ago

    The pyramids were built by slaves

  • David Sopwith
    David Sopwith 4 days ago

    This video should be titled "Inaccuracies And Errors Planet Dolan Told You".

    Though getting so many important details wrong in a video purportedly debunking falsehoods supposedly taught in schools is splendidly ironic, and a valuable lesson in why not to be smugly self-righteous.

    TheXLCREEPER™ 4 days ago

    I remember actually liking this channel once.

    TheXLCREEPER™ 4 days ago

    B i a s .

  • Anton Panton
    Anton Panton 4 days ago

    omfg the first one is so stupid,.....

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 4 days ago

    Tesla didn't invent the alternating current. Michael faraday did. Alexander graham bell didn't invent the telephone. Antonio Meucci did.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 4 days ago

    Polynesians were the first to discover North America by boat.

  • HeroBix Gaming
    HeroBix Gaming 4 days ago

    no one ever told anyone that columbus tried to prove the world round. everyone knows that he was trying to find a new route to india. the name of the guy who presented that theory is on the tip of my tounge, but i cant think of it now. plus, all of my teachers told us that the wall of china thing was bullshit.

  • dogeninja dude
    dogeninja dude 4 days ago

    My whole life is a goddamn lie

  • Noah's Ark
    Noah's Ark 4 days ago

    Where's the Holocaust?

  • PaulsVlogs
    PaulsVlogs 4 days ago

    I have one we will use algebra when we leave school

  • Mike Makuh
    Mike Makuh 4 days ago

    Hmmm new lies to replace the old??

  • somethingscookin
    somethingscookin 4 days ago

    blood is blue but when exsposed to oxygen it turns red

  • Sleep No More
    Sleep No More 4 days ago

    Sorry, but this vid is no different than the falsehoods taught in school. Many errors in your research.

    For example: humans and primates do not share 99% of their DNA. When you investigate the actual mapping and comparison done, you will see that there is a far lower percent shared.

    This is only one example, and the same goes for most of your non-truths.

    God Bless

    • PaulsVlogs
      PaulsVlogs 4 days ago

      Your name reflects how I am feeling now it's 4:10am

  • Ben Dorsey
    Ben Dorsey 5 days ago +1

    The ancestor we evolved from was an ape. Just not agorilla or a monkey

  • Ben Dorsey
    Ben Dorsey 5 days ago +1

    school doesnt teach these lies. general society does

  • Oliver Tellez
    Oliver Tellez 5 days ago +2

    my life is a lie

  • Oliver Tellez
    Oliver Tellez 5 days ago

    my mind is blown

  • Peitrex
    Peitrex 5 days ago

    I have the blue-red blood shit. Ok, first of FUCKING ALL, *BLOOD IS REEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD* ALTOUGH there are SOMEEEEEE people with fucking blue blood.(around 17 people) Get it fucking straight.

  • Alex Możdżyński
    Alex Możdżyński 5 days ago +1

    If Lucy movie would be true than all students would start to sniffing the blue drugs before the final collage exams :P

    • IcyPenguinNinja
      IcyPenguinNinja 7 hours ago

      wait so you're telling me that isn't the reason i've been passing my exams?

  • Yeggster Shane
    Yeggster Shane 5 days ago

    0:57 : " ..there is no record of this from newton, although he told the story .."

    Well which is it, you contradict yourself in one sentence. ... I could not watch the rest too boring and I assume full of more errors

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