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  • asa fall
    asa fall 2 days ago

    can't you please nerdy nummiescookbook

  • XxGamerxX 14
    XxGamerxX 14 3 days ago

    Ro can you please make a video w/ your sister

  • mmaaxx44
    mmaaxx44 3 days ago

    i play all the way throught bioshock infinite and didnt notice the necklace was that way around

  • Malou Meijer
    Malou Meijer 6 days ago +1

    Alice in wonderland!!❀️

  • Rohan Dhanju
    Rohan Dhanju 10 days ago


  • Kisha Denil Siao
    Kisha Denil Siao 13 days ago

    Pls do vlogs

  • Shira Kowalsky
    Shira Kowalsky 15 days ago

    Make from Harry Potter

  • Julian German
    Julian German 18 days ago

    do a zelda breath of the wild sheikah slate PLZ

  • Caitzee
    Caitzee 19 days ago

    You can also use a peeler to get your pieces too

    That's what I do and I bake mine in the microwave

    I peel my potatoes and then peel all of the pieces

    In an small bowl I put my olive oil and then I use a plate with baking paper
    After placing the piece of potato in the oil on both sides, I tap it on the side of the bowl to get rid of access and then lie it on the baking sheet

    After the plate is full, I sprinkle some salt over the top and then place in the microwave
    Cook for 2 minutes, open the door and shut or you can just keep the door closed, cook for a further 1 minute and majority of them will have browned, take them off and put them in your bowl you want to place them in for serving

    Repeat the process

    This may be a longer version but if you are nervous of burning yourself or use less equipment, the recipe works great and the chips taste like what you would get at a store

    I have tried the salt and vinegar version before (not Ro's recipe) and I still haven't fully perfected it

  • Game Paces
    Game Paces 19 days ago

    Bioshock infinite vigors or homestuck

  • Unicorn Awesomeness
    Unicorn Awesomeness 20 days ago

    Collabe with lizza eyebrow cake

  • Isabella Ibarra
    Isabella Ibarra 21 day ago

    Make edible slimeeee!!

  • hurp derp
    hurp derp 22 days ago

    I love the whole Art Deco vibe from bio shock

  • Shut up Heather
    Shut up Heather 22 days ago

    Or get the bags and put in lays potato chips πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Joe B
    Joe B 23 days ago

    Yukon gold potatoes should be used in any potato dish. They have the higher sugar content.

  • RaumRaumRaumerino carrot

    u should send this to brickyorchid8

  • Candy Sweet
    Candy Sweet 25 days ago


  • TheKitty GrΓΈup
    TheKitty GrΓΈup 25 days ago

    Ro, please make a twenty-ΓΈne pilΓΈts cake. Like if yΓΈu agree, and cΓΈmment this tΓΈ!

  • toejamtea yum
    toejamtea yum 26 days ago

    do the portal cake!!! please please please

  • Sochi Mochi
    Sochi Mochi 26 days ago +1

    Please make something with MARK!!!!!

  • Hannah's Bananas Channel

    Bake with Mo again! I miss her! Please!

  • Gabriela Chavira
    Gabriela Chavira 26 days ago

    You should do something from Ratchet & Clank

  • Emmanuel Garibo
    Emmanuel Garibo 27 days ago

    Bioshock is the best game I've played

  • MythicalPixel
    MythicalPixel 27 days ago

    Percy Jackson theme

  • MeganSummerSweet 32
    MeganSummerSweet 32 27 days ago

    Ro, you remind me of Emma Watson

  • ptq ash
    ptq ash 28 days ago

    make something from Bones

  • Cloudful24
    Cloudful24 28 days ago

    Like if found different

  • Tiffany Jayda Mcmanus
    Tiffany Jayda Mcmanus 29 days ago


  • Cort Foss
    Cort Foss 29 days ago

    Nice outfit 10/10

  • Jennifer Helmersson

    Make something from Mystic Messenger or Food Wars! :D

  • Selina Danso
    Selina Danso Month ago


  • kay_mulah's Channel

    Moana themed plzz like if you agree

  • Kaylie Rada
    Kaylie Rada Month ago

    you should create a gaming channal

  • SelkieDreams
    SelkieDreams Month ago

    You should totally make some cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks based off of the plasmids and vigors!


    Ro do u need to make them salt and vinegar

  • Rebecca Quijano
    Rebecca Quijano Month ago

    where'd you get the dress??

  • Auiue
    Auiue Month ago

    comment section is very controlled, you can see it with this video's comments

  • deekshita Todi
    deekshita Todi Month ago

    what happenned to your finger?????????????????

  • Breckin toys tv Fan


  • Isiah Arnold
    Isiah Arnold Month ago

    I wish they released a mini game where she makes it to Paris
    Or like a new cutscene

  • Isiah Arnold
    Isiah Arnold Month ago

    For anyone who owns the game if you do the Konami code at the menu screen you unlock a new game mode
    1999 mode

  • AnimeGirlsPlay
    AnimeGirlsPlay Month ago

    Ro you look so cute in that outfit

  • Musically Queen
    Musically Queen Month ago


  • crescendos
    crescendos Month ago

    Ro, love you!

  • jorja dankert
    jorja dankert Month ago

    Make something from the anime fairy tail please

  • The Galactic Nerd
    The Galactic Nerd Month ago

    More Horror game stuff please like little nightmares, among the sleep and Bendy and The Ink Machine

  • FluffyDrop
    FluffyDrop Month ago

    Why the heck does everyone want something Moana?!

  • Team Skull
    Team Skull Month ago

    okay but i cant be trusted with a mandolin, i maaay or may not have lost some of my finger to it, luckily its healed but im not allowed to touch it ever again πŸ˜‚

  • stardusted art
    stardusted art Month ago

    please make something from when marnie was there! please please please please!

  • Hira Akbar
    Hira Akbar Month ago

    My Little Mermaid Theme

  • Ariel Ortiz
    Ariel Ortiz Month ago

    Please make a belle doll cake

  • Amelia Townsend
    Amelia Townsend Month ago

    I absaloutly lov bioshock infanant!

  • Ultra Diamond
    Ultra Diamond Month ago

    Lol I'm eating potato chips now

    TRINITYTV Month ago +1

    I made these chips at home and they were sooooooo yummy!

  • Soso Dawla
    Soso Dawla Month ago

    I want to make this

    guys do you now that I am nine years old and I can make chicken noddle soup

  • Irfan Vindhani
    Irfan Vindhani Month ago

    you can open an shopπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • marvel melendres
    marvel melendres Month ago

    pls do a harry potter theme again

  • ζœˆεˆŠε°‘ε₯³θ‹¦ζ‚©γγ‚“

    Lars' ube cake would be awesome!! please do it?

  • Scarlett Jean Irving

    can you do something like moana sea shells cookies

  • Rose Riddle Gamer
    Rose Riddle Gamer Month ago

    whats bioshock

  • MalAndLal Sisters
    MalAndLal Sisters Month ago

    to be honest all you have to do is get lays potatoes chips and put then in a bag that looks like the one from BioShock

  • Sariah Lexie Antunez

    You should make black ops plz

  • AlyontheGo
    AlyontheGo Month ago

    Something alice madness returns themed!

  • Lillian Rivaille
    Lillian Rivaille Month ago


  • SphericalD1oxide
    SphericalD1oxide Month ago

    She should make the Undertale potato chisps

  • ThatWeirdGirl
    ThatWeirdGirl Month ago

    "I left my potatoes in the other room so I'm gonna make a portal real quick"'s called a tear.........why do you do this to me? πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  • Minh Đức Vu

    Pls make mine craft beef

  • Savage 101
    Savage 101 Month ago

    I love how she dresses according to the theme of the treat

  • Nichelle M
    Nichelle M Month ago

    Awesome !!!!

  • Sandra Pradeep
    Sandra Pradeep Month ago


  • Leeann Turner
    Leeann Turner Month ago

    please do some bioshock sweet treats? thank you

  • Mark Marinas
    Mark Marinas Month ago


  • Andrea DIY
    Andrea DIY Month ago

    Could you do something moana themed

  • Unicorngirl2 7
    Unicorngirl2 7 Month ago

    Minecraft cake

  • Sophia Irani
    Sophia Irani Month ago

    Watermelon treats please 😘

  • Noah A. S
    Noah A. S Month ago

    I love bioshock

  • Your Killer
    Your Killer Month ago

    Hey Rosanna. Have an idea because the potato throwing. You should do a behind the scenes channel or series

  • Irma Palma
    Irma Palma Month ago

    make something Moana theme plz

  • Amber Keene
    Amber Keene Month ago

    You should do something Moana themed

  • Xan Man
    Xan Man Month ago

    Moana themed cake with liza koshy

  • Ivory Brown
    Ivory Brown Month ago


  • Mavie Dave
    Mavie Dave Month ago +1

    Can you *PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE* do a TARDIS cake???????? Please?

  • The Skyi
    The Skyi Month ago

    I like the dress :)

  • Caroline Alcaraz
    Caroline Alcaraz Month ago

    You should make flamin' hot

  • Daimond Heart
    Daimond Heart Month ago +1

    PLS make someting Miraculous Ladybugβ™₯ themed!!!!!!!β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘

  • Jenessa Hunte
    Jenessa Hunte Month ago

    make plantain chips

  • Bayburt Nadim
    Bayburt Nadim Month ago

    please please please cook with brizzy voices

  • Ezequiel Wilcox
    Ezequiel Wilcox Month ago

    My peepee got so erect the first second I looked at her

  • Jeannine Marie
    Jeannine Marie Month ago

    mmmmm love homade chips omg they are boss

  • Ava S
    Ava S Month ago

    Make something from moana

  • Shalendra Prasad
    Shalendra Prasad Month ago

    Do a witch cake😁😁

  • Divina Kupihe
    Divina Kupihe Month ago

    make my way temed

  • HaiOtter
    HaiOtter Month ago

    Bioshock infinite: πŸ‘ŽπŸ½
    Your Video: πŸ‘πŸ½

  • Destiny LauraJo
    Destiny LauraJo Month ago

    This may seem like a strange request, but I'd LOVE to see something 13 reasons why themed! I'm so in love with that show even though it's sad. Thanks Ro!!

  • Aura Draw's
    Aura Draw's Month ago

    Ro, can you make a Bacon Soup from Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 2?

  • Bhupinder Nat
    Bhupinder Nat Month ago

    Little mermaid themed please please

  • Lettie Bug
    Lettie Bug Month ago

    Ro can you please do something Miraculous Ladybug themed??

  • Denise Palmer
    Denise Palmer 2 months ago +1

    Scooby doo please
    Maybe scooby doo cookies coz it's my birthday soon and I would like to make scooby doo cookies

  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee 2 months ago

    okay who else kept replaying 1:56 to hear that nice sound

  • Courtney Stach
    Courtney Stach 2 months ago

    i love the entry

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