Sen. Dean Heller's VERY, VERY BAD Town Hall

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  • jedifrogg7
    jedifrogg7 30 minutes ago

    Since when is it the responsibility of the US govt to provide healthcare?? You work, and pay into your own healthcare plan of your choice, or not !!

  • Donald Grant
    Donald Grant 15 days ago

    This is what I thought would happen if the republicans did health care first. Why didn't they take on jobs first,

  • robbie g
    robbie g 19 days ago

    yeah keep laughing heller you shitbag

  • Jeroen Bottenberg
    Jeroen Bottenberg 25 days ago

    Give your filthy Koch money back.

  • Jeroen Bottenberg
    Jeroen Bottenberg 25 days ago

    May or may not Heller.

    OLA. ODUS 29 days ago

    These GOPs are teaching the fools who voted for Jill and Mr Alleppo that next time you will think before wasting your effing vote..........If a few of you die due to GOP not caring about your ass, next time you will think before voting!

  • Katherine Clarson-Raswell


  • random269
    random269 1 month ago

    I want to meet these people who don't want to buy healthcare.

  • brian mcintyre
    brian mcintyre 1 month ago

    2018 midterms cant come fast enough.

  • America
    America 1 month ago

    republican are only for the rich...and NO other some research...

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull 1 month ago

    Your last term

  • Andrea Trimble
    Andrea Trimble 1 month ago

    Yes, a 20 yr old may not want to buy insurance. Why should they when they can stay on their parents' insurance till they're 25-26 yrs old?! BUT ... sooner or later they'll have to get insurance, so what will they say/do then?

  • Sherry Mott
    Sherry Mott 1 month ago

    Sean Heller do the right thing don't take away our health Stop listening to Donald Trump became you will not be ReElected Be a man and not a liar

  • Sean Welch
    Sean Welch 2 months ago

    Mr. Seder, it would be helpful to mention where these two-faced ALEC participants get their funding. Why must they eliminate popular faders programs? Who tells them how to vote?

  • william foreman
    william foreman 2 months ago

    I sincerely believe if the politicians down in Washington don't fix this shit and start taking better care of the working class and the poor we are most certainly going to slide into a revolutionary war Civil War whatever you want to call it , I don't want that however,,, there's no way in hell we can give up anymore we can't do it we are being treated like slaves to serve a handful of masters,,, and I believe with all my heart we are getting sick and damn tired of it the reason there's not enough money to go around for all of us is because the damn bastards steal it all The working class and the poor pay the lions share of the tax burden the filthy rich do not then they steal it all from us and then tell us there's not enough for healthcare welfare food stamps unemployment free lunch program for the kids meals on wheels Social Security you name it,,,, if they take all of our entitlements away from us then I say every taxpaying Americans citizens should file a class-action lawsuit against the government,,,I personally will vote for Bernie Sanders if he runs again

  • goud resarf
    goud resarf 2 months ago

    Wheel deal and steal. Changing health care money into tax breaks. Perfect. It's great to be republican.

  • None Ya
    None Ya 2 months ago

    Politicians don't care that we know they're lying. They're wealthy, have full healthcare and retirement, and they know we're helpless. Such arrogance.

  • Dylan Fahey
    Dylan Fahey 2 months ago

    We see you clearly HELLER, this is your LAST TERM.

  • Dylan Fahey
    Dylan Fahey 2 months ago

    I've wrote to Heller plenty of times, HELLER IS FULL OF SHIT, 100 percent of the time.

  • Agueda C
    Agueda C 2 months ago

    Another "Yes" man to the baffon what an ass!!!

  • Jewels Star
    Jewels Star 2 months ago

    I think he's laughing 'cos he doesn't give a shit about those people...

  • TheAznative101
    TheAznative101 2 months ago

    At least he showed up. Some have had teletown hall. Cowards.

  • justmemadison
    justmemadison 2 months ago

    He is also going to support the end of net neutrality. He is going to sell out the American people especially the citizen's in Nevada, one way or another. The vote is on May 18th...this Thursday and we will lose our access to a free internet. Again, they are going to screw the average American for the sake of the insanely wealthy and profitable corporations. Call today and tell him or your state representative if you don't live in Nevada, and tell them you do not support the end of net neutrality. Please! Thank you!!!

  • Rob Mitchell
    Rob Mitchell 2 months ago

    Evasive bastard. No different the rest!

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 2 months ago

    Just another lying politician.

  • Iamno1 Noone
    Iamno1 Noone 2 months ago

    Dean Heller. you pos

  • Shan Santee
    Shan Santee 2 months ago

    silent means NO!!!!!!

  • The Chosen-one
    The Chosen-one 2 months ago

    I DO NOT trust a congressmen that does not have LIPS,......this guy as a slit in his face.

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 2 months ago

    The problem is that health in America became a business of millions of dollars for insurance doctors and hospitals. In other countries, politicians do not do business with people's lives only in America, Republicans make you believe that your health costs thousands Of dollars.republicans only care that the insurances make millions. they dont care about people

  • marusak72
    marusak72 2 months ago

    He (Heller) has no clue how insurance works. General (obligatory) insurance makes healthcare affordable.
    We have the same life expectancy as USA with full coverage (diabetes, SM, cancer, hip replacement, brain surgery, name it) for $220/month [in average]. Even 20y/o would buy the full coverage (no deductibles) for $7.33333 just for security reasons.

  • joe zanella
    joe zanella 2 months ago

    No one remains at 20 years old, so when time catches up with them and they never had insurance what then.

  • M. Hall
    M. Hall 2 months ago

    "Access" is a lie. It means, "I have access to buying a Rolls Royce . . . ."

  • SSGTA440
    SSGTA440 2 months ago

    Just look to the true north strong and free......universal health simple.....what's wrong with these politicians????????

  • J W
    J W 2 months ago

    The only people that want high risk pools are the top 1% for their tax bill. LIARS

  • The Hacks-By-Jack Channel

    Get the torch and pitchforks out.

  • Bridget Moriarty
    Bridget Moriarty 2 months ago

    Bye bye Dean Heller

  • Rodney Jackson
    Rodney Jackson 2 months ago

    He's done! Stick a fork in him. The people are woke. He needs to be voted out of office. You know what he's about. If he gets reelected then all of these town halls are just shouting fests. Send a message, and hand out pink slips in 2018/2020. Power To The People!

  • Jellycakelap
    Jellycakelap 2 months ago

    I've been a fan of yours since you were on Air America - and I also love Bob's Burgers.
    "There are people who WANT high risk pools!"

    And you can find their names on his donor's checks, and on the divestiture forms for the majority shareholders in Big Pharma and the managed care industry.

  • Theodore Rule of Law
    Theodore Rule of Law 2 months ago

    There are those of us who should be his bosses and those who he actually works for. If we dont bring him to heel who will?

  • frank alder
    frank alder 2 months ago

    he lost his job

  • nbkcq28
    nbkcq28 2 months ago

    Hopefully the people who are so hard-core partisan will begin to wake up now. The Republicans and Democrats who are taking money left and right from the corporate lobbyists and Wall Street do not represent the 98%, only the top 2% and the corporations. Quite frankly, Bernie Sanders was the ONLY person who ran for president who works for the average American....and he always has. He got railroaded by the DNC and the Clinton machine. But not one Republican does anything similar to Bernie Sanders. If people don't start demanding that people who take the money get thrown out, things will never change. It's time to take back the government from the elite and make it work for the people.

  • greekgirl209
    greekgirl209 2 months ago


  • Allan Bolton
    Allan Bolton 2 months ago

    planned parenthood.really??? stealing stem cells and selling them for billions........sick mother think he's laughing out of nervouslness.....he's laughing because he can't belive his luck with this ufortunate woman,or sorry excuse for a female.the end is the same.

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 2 months ago

    Why is he laughing? That is what Senator Jeff Flake did in Arizona also.
    They are literally laughing at us.

  • Basil Loucas
    Basil Loucas 2 months ago

    Do not attempt to reason with this person ; rather vote him out of office. No sweet-words, lip-service, word-of mouth promises or pretty smiles. Get the picture.

  • Allard Freichmann
    Allard Freichmann 2 months ago

    Politicians have to serve their country and people.

  • A D
    A D 2 months ago

    Nevada be SMART vote him OUT!!!!!

  • Steven Shields
    Steven Shields 2 months ago

    Republicans are the enemy of the people. They represent self-serving ideas. They are a pack of wolves trying to cull the herd. They are predators.

  • Ronald Bendixen
    Ronald Bendixen 2 months ago

    Corporate politicians are dropping like flies in a bug zapper.I love it.

  • Ted Hains
    Ted Hains 2 months ago

    A Canadian perspectiveWhy is the US the only G20 country that denies that health care is a basic right ?The US  current system is by far the most expensive ( both per capita and as % of GDP ) and produces comparatively very poor results ( WHO rank 37 ). A McKinsey type analysis of international best practices would reveal significantly more effective and better value pathways. US health care has become so politicized and toxic that  the special interestshave hijacked the health of the nation . The US could  have far better outcomes with an  integrated, affordable; and holistic approach to health and wealth

  • Alfred Adrian,Jr.
    Alfred Adrian,Jr. 2 months ago

    Disgusting! I'm outraged. I've never seen such self serving aggrandizement. Trump's tax plan is another transfer of wealth to the upper 1% with an increase in the national debt of 5-7 trillion. Fucq these people. If they want a class war let's give it to them. We will make their life hell. We should hit him where it will hurts. Melania omitted 20,000 earned as a tourist and then apparently lied about it when she applied for her green card. Let's try to have her deported then he will have to leave the country to maintain his marriage for the sake of his son. Have to be creative here, right? Why should we tolerate such blatant opportunism, nepotism, and graft. Our union is becoming a banana republic without the bananas and I'm going bananas already! Every day it is Trump. Let's impeach him already so we can sleep soundly.

  • Milanda none
    Milanda none 2 months ago

    Dump Trump

  • John Quinn
    John Quinn 2 months ago

    Heller is a clown, kick him to the CURB!

  • Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
    Dr. Zippy Mcscoots 2 months ago

    Not surprised by this. The biggest obstacle to solving a lot of problems are the very people we elect.

  • blaze
    blaze 2 months ago

    Why should the young and people who take care of them selfs pay more for this fat old people. We the young people voted for Democrats who gave OBAMA CARE and this old fat people voted for Trump now you get to die.

  • Patricia MacLeod
    Patricia MacLeod 2 months ago

    Society means all people, high and low risk, men and women, young and old.

  • 1234IZM
    1234IZM 2 months ago

    Whatta dick.

  • ynotaz
    ynotaz 2 months ago

    poor volume!!!!

  • Eric Messer
    Eric Messer 2 months ago

    Great to hear him use the word "arse"......of course it's arse........not "ass"............ an ass is dopey horse

  • Sharon Bosley
    Sharon Bosley 2 months ago

    next year is an election year! so, if they are not satisfied with him! Vote him out!

  • Sharon Bosley
    Sharon Bosley 2 months ago

    this is crazy

  • Dennis The HiRev
    Dennis The HiRev 2 months ago

    I live in Nevada, why are these people upset, they're getting EXACTLY what they voted for. They will continue to support and re-elect these morons. Wallow in your misery fools.

  • The Thanks
    The Thanks 2 months ago

    planned parenthood is a scam
    they were offered full funding if they remove abortions

  • floydpinkus
    floydpinkus 2 months ago

    20 year-olds will buy health insurance if it's affordable---I bought into it when I was in my 20's in the 80"s---It was $3 a week from my paycheck without high deductibles.

  • Ot Gman
    Ot Gman 2 months ago

    It doesn't matter how hard the people press this POS or any other GOP POS because they keep voting republican. People continue to vote republican despite the fact that republicans always screw the average people and the country every time they're in power.

  • snarkleton26
    snarkleton26 2 months ago

    America is based on wealth accumulation for the super rich and corporate consolidation of power. But even the poor folks in this country - who vote against their own interests when they elect GOPs -- have stopped caring about other peoples' plight. Those in power on the right lack complete empathy for those with pre-existing conditions or women who need affordable access to healthcare. So what defines an evil government in power? Because this Republican controlled govt would appear to fit that definition.

  • Bill Bowers
    Bill Bowers 2 months ago


  • tapolna
    tapolna 2 months ago

    That's right! Congresspersons try to obfuscate and confuse
    They want you to feel as a fool
    Don't let'm to do it You're as smart or smarter than any person in Washington... Keep democracy alive, but our congresspersons on spot. Congratulations to Vivan Leal!

  • Gatica Antonio
    Gatica Antonio 2 months ago

    have access is not the same to have it plain and simple

  • Micky Strudal
    Micky Strudal 2 months ago

    High risk pools are a joke

  • mac whirley
    mac whirley 2 months ago

    Enjoy watching these politicians squirm in these town hall meetings. Because they'll soon stop having them.

  • Dallas Smith
    Dallas Smith 2 months ago

    Nah...twenty year olds never do stupid shit to end up in the hospital...or get into car wrecks... break bones...such a stupid argument.

  • Dallas Smith
    Dallas Smith 2 months ago

    Shit my thumb up was # 911...I am screwed.

  • Mburrelle
    Mburrelle 2 months ago +1

    I don't think it's a nervous laugh. I think it's a smug laugh as in "I have to put up with you in this situation but I don't give a shit about you."

  • By Design
    By Design 2 months ago +1

    Its called "Dupers Delight" where someone lies, then cant help smiling.

  • Mike Congardi
    Mike Congardi 2 months ago +1

    who wants a high risk pool? he's is another republican piece of shit that needs to go

  • Claude couture
    Claude couture 2 months ago


  • MrEhf111
    MrEhf111 2 months ago

    I remember high risk driver insurance pools from high school ... young drivers were petrified of ending up in the pool as it increased cost by a factor of 4 or 5. This is not an answer

  • San Diego
    San Diego 2 months ago +1

    Trumps America..... Repud Congressmen getting chewed up & spit out in Town Halls - LMAO

    moron Repud Congressmen !!

  • Gene Edgerton
    Gene Edgerton 2 months ago +2

    He's a weasel. Wouldnt trust him personally or professionally.

  • David Bowser
    David Bowser 2 months ago

    Anyone who has enough money for health insurance and still be able to afford all of their other necessities is going to buy health insurance. the people who opt out of buying health insurance are people that can't affort it.

  • Trish House
    Trish House 2 months ago

    All together we need to cease paying for this corrupt government system. We hand the federal government $3 trillion a year in taxes for their services and we get Hell back from them. In the 228 years, they have been in operation the only ones that have truly benefitted is themselves. They have given themselves guaranteed high pay, low work hours, get medical insurance for life, paid assistants, paid travel, great pensions, the right to insider trading from info we paid for them to get, they get to make laws, create a justice system based on their statutory law and they get rich off their licenses, fines, and prisons, they appoint their own judges, hire and equip their own homeland army, start wars for profit without our approval, and we get to pay for it all while receiving almost no protections and benefits.

    Let's all agree to stop paying this private corporation for its "services" and keep that $3 trillion a year in our own communities so we can fix the plumbing, create affordable housing for all, provide healthcare, education, infrastructure, and common law courts, with a police force that is answerable to us. We have long since passed a point where we owe those people anything at all ...

  • Syncopator
    Syncopator 2 months ago +2

    We've heard enough double-talk, STRING 'EM UP!

  • Van Iyke
    Van Iyke 2 months ago +2

    The GOP. They care for just your vote, and the rich 1% paycheck.

  • Anne Springer
    Anne Springer 2 months ago +2

    There's really only one way to go. We need single payer universal. You know, like other civilized countries.

  • angela bluebird60
    angela bluebird60 2 months ago +1

    The sooner We the People do the work of eliminating big $ from our elections, government and governance, the sooner these bought off reps who do not represent will be gone. Everyday folks, helping a little or a lot, as we can, is what it takes. It is all
    up to us, thanks to our Founders' design. Can't have a govt. of, for and by the People unless the People show up. Heller is a jerk.

  • Mike Dell
    Mike Dell 2 months ago +2


  • Mike Dell
    Mike Dell 2 months ago +2


  • Mike Dell
    Mike Dell 2 months ago +1


  • DJ T Rump
    DJ T Rump 3 months ago +3

    You know who wants high risk pools? Insurance companies! Primary Heller BIGLY!

    • angela bluebird60
      angela bluebird60 2 months ago

      The People also must get rid of big $ from where it never belongs-in our elections, government and governance.
      The doc Bernie Sanders: A Presidential Comparison, shows how some of our greatest Presidents faced, and faced down, this toxic intrusion. 15 minutes everyone should see.

  • Ethelr Robinson
    Ethelr Robinson 3 months ago +2

    This was great!!!

  • random269
    random269 3 months ago +2

    Another buzz word access, not affordable.

  • itgetter9
    itgetter9 3 months ago +2

    Please, Nevadans, VOTE OUT THIS BASTARD Dean Heller, who doesn't give a shit about anyone but his wealthy donors. #CountryOverParty

  • Gary Sutphin
    Gary Sutphin 3 months ago +2

    Low-life, smirking bastard.

  • Wes B
    Wes B 3 months ago +2

    And yet trumpers will vote for all of them in a heart beat.

  • Dawna Bell
    Dawna Bell 3 months ago +2

    I love town hall meetings!

  • bruceedits1
    bruceedits1 3 months ago +2

    High risk pools are the modern Leper Colony. They are designed to save the INSURANCE companies money. Not to help high risk patients. They are designed to help giant insurance companies!!!

  • A Girl Has No Name
    A Girl Has No Name 3 months ago +2

    HAHAHAHAHA new balls please!

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