School Lunch in Japan - It's Not Just About Eating!

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  • Hamuro Nozomu
    Hamuro Nozomu 3 hours ago


  • Sense
    Sense 3 hours ago

    it makes me feel like I was raised wrong

  • Roza Poxie
    Roza Poxie 10 hours ago

    I wish my school was like the ones in Japan. I haven't learned anything about being HEALTHY. The school lunch isn't.

  • richard ngo
    richard ngo 17 hours ago

    These kids learned more during lunch than most kids do in any other class here in the states. Impressed

  • fatima ezzahra M'ssâadi

    Our school kitchen give us the worst and bad food in the world

  • Kou Yang
    Kou Yang 1 day ago

    2:25 that will never happen in America

  • yossef woretaw
    yossef woretaw 1 day ago


  • Shahad AlAwadhi
    Shahad AlAwadhi 2 days ago

    Where I live till the fourth grade they don't have final exams

  • Xxsky drawsxX
    Xxsky drawsxX 2 days ago

    懐かしいな~( 〃▽〃)

  • Purva Bhurewal
    Purva Bhurewal 2 days ago

    So nice and so hard to believe what I just saw😁

  • kyohoshi
    kyohoshi 2 days ago +2

    I grew up in Japan, when I watched the video I was like "Really?" because the schools I grew up in was total shit.
    Ask me anything if you want to know stuff about Japanese school life.

    • Midoriya Izuku
      Midoriya Izuku 2 days ago

      kyohoshi woah, cool, how's school there? I really admire Japanese people and Japan :D (even if there are some dark sides of this country)

  • MakhlukAshtral
    MakhlukAshtral 2 days ago

    Are all Elementary Schools in Japan like this? How about the Middle and High Schools?

    • FAN DEE
      FAN DEE 1 day ago

      It is the same in all public school.
      I was born in 1970
      It hasn't changed since a lot time ago.

  • Cmaria Johnson
    Cmaria Johnson 3 days ago

    I'm not from Japan I'm from the United States of America and south Carolina so I don't know

  • Franklin Archambault
    Franklin Archambault 3 days ago +1

    America bad food bad teachers bad education dropped off the radar

  • The Dolly The Dolly
    The Dolly The Dolly 3 days ago

    Ohayo Gozaimasu

  • Franklin Archambault

    You have to remember the ACLU and the Democants took over raising the American kids in the 60s and know the parents have no say

  • MerMer
    MerMer 3 days ago

    The cleanliness is killing meeeeee, how the heck do you take a toothbrush to school and wear a mask in the lunchroom or wherever you eat

  • ausmitra
    ausmitra 3 days ago

    Wow... i am heavily impressed by the school management.

  • Jairah Rodriguez
    Jairah Rodriguez 3 days ago

    like if japanese stuff is interesting!!👍👍

  • Eva Me
    Eva Me 3 days ago


  • recepege
    recepege 3 days ago

    Omg. Just like schools in usa.

  • GoldMinecraftPro
    GoldMinecraftPro 3 days ago

    in malaysia,you have to pay everything for food. AND THE PORTION IS VERY SMALL

  • K' birdie
    K' birdie 3 days ago

    Imagine Japan won WW2 and they spread their philosohpy and ideology to the world rather than colony any countries for their resources. The world will have more peace than what we have now.

  • camdaman and mr.McScruffles

    If you were to make this a American school. Then show to Japanese children. They would say it looks like hell. Also these kids are very well behaved!

  • Morgan Everly
    Morgan Everly 5 days ago

    Dang my school in America you go to the cafeteria get your tray of nasty food and sit at the table and eat then throw your tray away and move on to the next class.

  • Isochest
    Isochest 5 days ago

    I noticed how they mentioned the origin of their food which they try to grow as locally as possible

  • watever
    watever 5 days ago

    this documentary should be shown in every school

  • That Roomate Back In boulder

    2:28 I thought they were all about to bang there's heads i was like the hell?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    these are 5th graders? looks more like 3rd graders, when i was a 5th grader i looked like 14 lmao

  • Meow Lover
    Meow Lover 5 days ago

    Its good to see childrens doing their work by themselves niceee

  • Franklin NJ
    Franklin NJ 5 days ago +1

    Yui you are so adorable, thank you for sharing your school daily routines, God Bless you and your family. It was nice to see that all Japanese children don't have to wear uniforms, so you can grow up independent with diverse personalities. The discipline and manners that are taught to you with a military precision is very admirable. Hard to believe this is a regular public school, I would gladly pay to have children get education like this, it is more valuable than any subject.

  • hidden leaf
    hidden leaf 5 days ago

    although it takes abit time However it is an interesting way of teaching and it is fun

  • Vanessa Perez
    Vanessa Perez 6 days ago

    I wish my school was like that😩

  • jonathan salandino
    jonathan salandino 6 days ago

    im gelatin for japan school lunch

  • GSR 400love
    GSR 400love 6 days ago


  • drammarah95
    drammarah95 6 days ago

    Now these are #educationgoals

  • Kai Kahale
    Kai Kahale 6 days ago

    45 minutes for lunch! In the US I only get 20 mins and absolutely cold and disgusting "lunches"

  • アニメ好き
    アニメ好き 7 days ago

    I'm Japanese.
    This movie is true.

  • Jadens random videos

    The teacher is hot 🔥
    I mean he cares for the children

  • Stuart J W
    Stuart J W 7 days ago

    Excellent video essay which really captures the essence of the Japanese approach to early discipline in their children's formative years.
    When every kid is on the same page, working towards a common goal and mutual benefit, you need far less ritalin, time-outs and detention.

  • XxanimexX
    XxanimexX 7 days ago +1

    omg I love this I wish I was there 😍😍😍

  • eddy isyanto
    eddy isyanto 7 days ago

    This kinda reminds me of Doraemon so much 😊😄😊😄😊😊😄😄😄

  • Andy Kim
    Andy Kim 8 days ago

    thats alot of work to do o0o

  • Daniela Carlos
    Daniela Carlos 8 days ago

    everything is grown and fresh unlike microwaved :/ and it's actually something cooked, and it also looks like they serve something different everyday. In my school they gave hamburgers everyday.

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 8 days ago +1

    the teacher is so cuteee

  • Debra Wolf
    Debra Wolf 8 days ago +1

    How fun this is. The kids are so happy.

  • Ahihi Ahihi
    Ahihi Ahihi 9 days ago

    Thật sự ko ngờ đến trường học ntn.

  • Hannah Loud
    Hannah Loud 9 days ago +1

    Now i want to be in japan!!!! :D

  • OldSchoolLad
    OldSchoolLad 9 days ago

    this explains why the life span of japanese is the longest in the world.

  • NSK131
    NSK131 9 days ago +2

    This is so cute. I want a childhood like there's, mine was a bad one. Love to Japanese schools

  • Magic Cooking
    Magic Cooking 9 days ago

    this is what a school should be

  • Warrior Wolf
    Warrior Wolf 9 days ago +1

    While they have very bright plates, at my school we get very dull things and they are never even good for us

  • Jakeirra Roach
    Jakeirra Roach 9 days ago

    Most Japanese people in general are clean and very polite and got manners💜

  • Lucy Kilongozi
    Lucy Kilongozi 9 days ago +1

    Wow it's so different compared to American lunches

  • kelli
    kelli 9 days ago

    USA- Eats one bite, cusses

    China- thanks the people eats all and recycles


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    we all love children of the world!!!

  • Izzy
    Izzy 10 days ago

    The girl at 3:25 😂

  • Yuxi Gao
    Yuxi Gao 10 days ago

    I don't live in Japan and they said this video was private, but I didn't see it at first so I watched the whole thing

  • Fazal Mehmood Mujahid
    Fazal Mehmood Mujahid 11 days ago +1

    This is amazing. This is a good lunch technique.

  • Miu Sakai
    Miu Sakai 11 days ago

    I'm happy I was born in Japan but I'm stuck in America for now.....😥😥

  • Miu Sakai
    Miu Sakai 11 days ago +1

    I'm Japanese even though I live in America right now.... I love their lunch it's called kyushoku!!! :D

  • Jojo #00
    Jojo #00 11 days ago +1

    Can they show them a video of our school lunches?

  • Ten Kodori
    Ten Kodori 12 days ago

    I wish I could clean my own school.

  • meeghan
    meeghan 12 days ago +2

    where i am from we have doritos and uncrustables

  • Sahil
    Sahil 12 days ago

    Don't they have school uniform.. I thought japan wear. S. Uniforms

    • Moji Moji
      Moji Moji 9 days ago

      As for elementary/primary schools (6-12 yrs.), most schools don't have school uniform. Only some private schools have them.

  • DatGamerLayla
    DatGamerLayla 12 days ago

    I go In a Swedish school when I get ready I'm ok. But when I get back home I look like I have fighten 233 zombies..

  • Anthea Irene de Villiers

    A culture of discipline, responsibility, self management and attention to detail makes for a civilised society

  • Reese's Peanut Butter
    Reese's Peanut Butter 12 days ago


  • jOe Tann
    jOe Tann 13 days ago

    so gracious way of life

  • Mariano Palazzini
    Mariano Palazzini 13 days ago

    Songs name??

  • Yifat David
    Yifat David 13 days ago

    amazing! beautiful culture with manners!

  • 95kitsune
    95kitsune 13 days ago

    *slowly turns head around and looks at a specific person who's name starts with a t and ends with a u and has s,u,t,o,m in the middle*

  • :D Sir Waffles :D
    :D Sir Waffles :D 13 days ago

    What excellent manners. I love how they all clean the school too. What a difference from teaching here in Canada.

  • Dorothy Gale
    Dorothy Gale 14 days ago

    Looks like really good food.

  • Shannon Chen
    Shannon Chen 14 days ago

    They are so well educated and respectful. And they actually like their food and get happy when they get the leftovers. Unlike Americans.

  • Amnesia
    Amnesia 14 days ago

    They are so adorable!

  • Jimmy Chan
    Jimmy Chan 15 days ago

    here in the US, kids like their age sues their teachers for shouting at them :D

  • lee stevens
    lee stevens 15 days ago

    Cool, I were surprised they ate in the classroom though.

  • Maddie Rose
    Maddie Rose 15 days ago

    Those chopsticks have my name on them

  • The time is Now
    The time is Now 15 days ago

    This is why America is messed up

    Way Togo Japan

  • •JessicaGray Queexns

    Why do all japan people all have black hair !!!

  • Smile More
    Smile More 16 days ago

    They brush their teeth at school!? *mumbles* that explains why I'm slowly going blind every time they smile ❤️☺️

  • Devan Darrah
    Devan Darrah 17 days ago

    im going to 5th grade:D

  • Naughtysauce
    Naughtysauce 17 days ago

    This is the exact reason whites need to be kept out of Japan or any Asian countries for that matter

  • Xoxbabybluexox xD
    Xoxbabybluexox xD 17 days ago

    Our teacher shown us this and next thing she tells us she's going back to China 😒

  • ashleye poon
    ashleye poon 17 days ago

    our school gives us"pizza"which basically is bread with pizza sause

  • Anay Sharma
    Anay Sharma 17 days ago +2

    we in india bring our own lunch from house

  • gadisMPNS y0!
    gadisMPNS y0! 18 days ago

    wow the kids really having fun cleaned the floor. good job Japanese!

  • Tina Nacional
    Tina Nacional 18 days ago

    They lernst much Good behavior. In the School. I Like Japan

  • Sieglinde Proctor
    Sieglinde Proctor 18 days ago

    Discipline at home, cultural expectations, group tasks, honor, respect and education are all observable here. And the result seems that the kids are happy and motivated. In America, we seem to have systematically removed most of these from our public schools. Chaos steps in when order and wisdom are "old fashioned."

  • Destiny Agnew
    Destiny Agnew 18 days ago

    Wow they are so clean I wouldnt mind going to a school like that😄

  • kissmyfarmer
    kissmyfarmer 18 days ago

    such bs. this is obsession

  • rosie McCall
    rosie McCall 19 days ago

    there lunchs look nice were as my schools lunchs are horrible .

  • Ashley Dixon
    Ashley Dixon 19 days ago

    It looks like these kids have a most useful class- LIFE. I wish American schools had this type of stuff from early on and not just home economics. Planting, growing food cleaning serving their peers. America wake up this is how elementary schools should be

  • Makesome Noise
    Makesome Noise 20 days ago

    So why do they wear surgical gowns, caps and masks... unless to protect from the Fukishima radiation levels in their air and food?

  • Rakesh  Chakhaliya
    Rakesh Chakhaliya 21 day ago

    awesome 👌👌👌👌

  • shaikh ansar
    shaikh ansar 21 day ago

    very well done great job guys best of luck to all.

  • Xnoii
    Xnoii 21 day ago

    I can't use chopsticks when all of my family knows how to.

  • Lauren Brocchini
    Lauren Brocchini 21 day ago

    I'm in NY. I guess it's fine to eat fish with a spoon. I eat fish with a fork.

  • natasha chopra
    natasha chopra 21 day ago

    we take our own lunch boxes to school for lunch

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