Jump Start Your Car with USB Portable Power Bank

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  • We take a look at the WinPlus Car Jump Start UL Certified 8,000 mAh Portable USB Power Bank that is capable of jump starting any vehicle with a 12 volt system (Car, Truck, Boat, Farm Equipment) up to 3 times before it needs to be recharged. It also will charge your phone, tablet and any other USB powered device that you have.

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    WinPlus Car Jump Start USB Power Bank - amzn.to/2q23pmK
    Aukey 30,000 mAh giant USB Power Bank - amzn.to/2pivFSI
    EGO Electric Lawn Mower - tvclip.org/video/xiOT3aX9BaE/
    BatKnife v2.0 (Used to open box) - amzn.to/2qQe0BW

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    ▼ Questions & Answers ▼
    Q) Is this video sponsored?
    A) Nope, I purchased my power pack from Costco and the Aukey power pack from Amazon with my own money.

    Q) Why is the capacity of this pack so low?
    A) It's because of the room required for the 12v high current inverter that is in the box that allows it to provide a burst of power that can start a car.

    Q) Why did you charge one pack with another pack?
    A) Because I was outside and didn't have a little wall outlet and wanted to keep an eye on it while mowing. I realize this isn't the most efficient way however the Aukey has 2.4amp charging ports so it charged it up QUICK!

    Q) How many times were you able to start the truck with 3 bars on the pack?
    A) I was able to start the truck 4 times, I had to let it cool down before the 4th attempt and it did crank slightly slower but did start.

    Q) Why do you need this?
    A) I have an alarm on my truck that drains the battery slowly and if I don't drive it once a week the battery goes flat. When this happens I usually stop driving it because jump starting it requires me to pull my car up next to it on the lawn and try to get the tables to stretch far enough. Now I can just pop this out of the glove compartment and start the truck in under a minute.

    Q) Why don't you have a battery tender?
    A) I do now, check my instagram at instagram.com/barnacules to see the picture. But I still want this in the glove compartment when I take my truck places to stay and don't start it for a while.
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  • Barnacules Nerdgasm
    Barnacules Nerdgasm  3 months ago +382

    This video was made completely spur of the moment much like my old content. Let me know if you guys enjoy it and I will try to do more videos like this here and there. I like the idea of shooting a video with no prep and out of immediate necessity for the product. Links to all of the products mentioned in this video can be found in the *Video Description* along with *frequently asked questions and answers* and links to all of the equipment I use to produce this channel. Also, if you have a moment please check out patreon.com/barnacules to see how you can become my boss!

    • Slimmerartist
      Slimmerartist Day ago

      Barnacules Nerdgasm do more unplaned vids like this i liked it... acctually i like all your vidos

    • 05) 16+ min & podcast
      05) 16+ min & podcast 3 months ago

      Barnacules Nerdgasm I like this style

    • Ishiku_542561_aka_xchoibitschibi hil
      Ishiku_542561_aka_xchoibitschibi hil 3 months ago

      Barnacules Nerdgasm
      dripping with autisim

    • flabrus
      flabrus 3 months ago

      I love the ad-hoc style. I've enjoyed it more than most of your videos, no offense to those.

    • elronmecboeng
      elronmecboeng 3 months ago

      Yooooo thx for translation :)

  • Steven Bromm
    Steven Bromm 2 hours ago

    good job. id get one if i had any money. ill just have to make sure to keep my vehicles mainitained the normal way. but, maybe i can make a small jump starter from drill batteries... i liked the video. you are very good. i wouldnt be surprised if got rich soon.

  • TheSwiftBullet
    TheSwiftBullet 2 days ago

    Nice subie

  • Kirk_Kirksman
    Kirk_Kirksman 3 days ago

    6:08 whats that lever for next to the steering wheel??

  • Kirk_Kirksman
    Kirk_Kirksman 3 days ago

    0:45 you have a truck???

  • NerdyGee
    NerdyGee 3 days ago

    Awesome video Jerry, keep up the great work :)

  • Scott Riehm
    Scott Riehm 5 days ago

    Jerry, this video is hilariously cringe-worthy... more than the rest of your videos but I love it

  • Antolin Ventura
    Antolin Ventura 9 days ago

    What are the specs on the subi ?

  • Eli
    Eli 11 days ago +1

    Top 10 anime plottwists

  • ever6
    ever6 14 days ago

    dang I need to order this had to jump my truck. I only drive it once a month.

  • BlueDragon1212
    BlueDragon1212 24 days ago

    Format worked fine :p

  • Apple 30025
    Apple 30025 24 days ago

    disconnect your battery

  • Doug Shiro
    Doug Shiro 25 days ago

    Decent video, cool product but what the fuck dude? Why not just have a regular old battery charger?? A new battery every couple months or whatever? Just...the regular battery chargers with the alligator clip leads and plugs into the wall/extension cord...? lmao. How insanely inconvenient to not own something so rudimentary. This item would be great if it's dead away from your home, but yeah. Non-professional videos are honestly the best. Keep it up, dang.

    • Barnacules Nerdgasm
      Barnacules Nerdgasm  25 days ago

      +Doug Shiro I had abnormal charger, but it's harder to deploy than this. So I use this for everything now ;)

  • Nelson Deese
    Nelson Deese 25 days ago

    Battery Disconnect Switch - Universal

    PART # :

    NW 785111

    • Nelson Deese
      Nelson Deese 25 days ago

      Bolt in place.. no wire cutting. This will eliminate the draw on your battery.

  • Winplus USA
    Winplus USA 26 days ago

    Awesome video! Glad you were able to start your truck! Thanks for the support!

  • saysomethingsmart comeonentertainme

    Another need or geek. Love your video man. Good stuff.

  • mark kram
    mark kram Month ago

    wich power bank is better the 30k oe the 8k

  • Drace Karaki
    Drace Karaki Month ago

    yes! more of this please more videos = more <3

  • KCKP Gaming
    KCKP Gaming Month ago

    dude iv got a 95 4runner and the inside is similar to your dash. man I love my truck. iv got the drive cam, reverse cam, 2 video touch screen monitors, aftermarket horn, brush guard a bunch of lights. its not hard to make it your own bad ass ride+("VIDEO" +!%#Opportunities = -_BRO*&^%!. just keep active on free/sale apps and web sites and watch odd-ball-deals. don't forget to barter. all they can say is no. lol

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey Month ago

    Dude just get a battery kill switch and wire it to the cab. If you're gonna park it just flip the switch off and turn it back on when you need to run the truck. I bet the problem is parasitic drain from the alarm or radio. The battery will be fine sitting for up to a year completely disconnected.

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  • Phillip Le
    Phillip Le Month ago

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    HighFlight2k2 Month ago

    The battery will be multiple cells so it's doesn't have to up-convert to 12V. The others are probably a single cell.

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  • cochinito83
    cochinito83 Month ago

    Just disconnect the batter terminal and you won't have a problem with the battery drain.

  • KingKaos
    KingKaos 2 months ago

    its not about the battery its about the cranking power

  • Leonard Martin
    Leonard Martin 2 months ago

    i like this stuff. raw is better

  • ZingaZ
    ZingaZ 2 months ago

    You probably know this but for the love of God get a little smart charger for your car. The cost about 30dollars and you don't have to buy a battery every 3 months... Lead batterys need to be fully charged every 3months if not in use.

  • Ghostwalker CIA
    Ghostwalker CIA 2 months ago

    A battery that will save your car.

  • Desmond Bradley
    Desmond Bradley 2 months ago

    Yes, Jerry, I Loved This Video. It shows a real man living a real life and not just a neat and tidy mask that most Tubers present to the world. But again, this poor person can not help you nor can I access Twitch any longer :(

  • Tango_Lema
    Tango_Lema 2 months ago

    you should look into getting a storage charger for your battery. awesome video.

  • scoobtoober29
    scoobtoober29 2 months ago

    Pro tip back your truck in!!!.

    Any time you park anywhere for a day or more. Always back it in so someone can jump you super easy. Not everyone carries 20' cables like I do. Ok their 18' sue me.

    But seriously it can save your ass every time or just push it out.

  • leoric21
    leoric21 2 months ago

    Thanks for the video

  • Smarticle Co
    Smarticle Co 2 months ago

    you should get one of those solar car chargers that keeps the truck trickle charged while you don't use it

  • Submariner Research
    Submariner Research 2 months ago


    If the battery dies while the machine is just sitting htere, means you have something draining the battery, time for a trip into the auto shop for them to find what is draining that battery


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    Chris Ames 2 months ago

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    ddiva1973 2 months ago

    I like this style of video, once in a while it would be nice.

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    Dave Triplett 2 months ago

    It''s Nice to see you sweatin your ballz off Jerry!!)) Great video, fun as usual))
    I have two different Jumpers like that, Both work(ed) I love Advancing tech...... Love my Ego lawnmower too))) 7616th Like)

  • tpcs
    tpcs 2 months ago

    This show 100% the real you, Jerry. I liked it man. The moments of shock, panic, " wtf", and victory. Gj man.

  • Chuck12 -
    Chuck12 - 2 months ago

    Get rid of that crap alarm in the truck. That's what is killing the battery.

  • Steffen Stendal
    Steffen Stendal 2 months ago

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    AkatsukiLink 2 months ago

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    Seattle Inspired 2 months ago

    I honestly loved how this was such an adventure ! Keep going man and I live in federal Way so make a video around here if you can!

  • fragmen52_
    fragmen52_ 2 months ago

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  • Glenn S
    Glenn S 3 months ago

    Maybe you need an alternator....

  • hbarudi
    hbarudi 3 months ago

    Since you are a high tech person, what do you think about upgrading your house to alternative energy solar and battery with the grid connection becoming just another connection service like internet for example?

  • Michael Ames
    Michael Ames 3 months ago

    add a solar panel as a trickle charger to the truck to keep the battery topped off

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    Miles Franklin 3 months ago

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    Bound4Earth 3 months ago

    Did he think the battery would be fully charged in the box, has he never bought a device with a rechargeable battery? Sadly he also should have known that if you are constantly replacing a car battery, you have other issues involving the alternator or electrical system. I did enjoy the format though and you should make more of them.

  • masterserch lolol
    masterserch lolol 3 months ago

    Buy a gel batery for your truck,you can leaved for a year and the batery dont die

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 3 months ago

    30000MaH? No. I think that one is lying, and probably so are the others. That "30000" one is probably 15000 at best. The car jumpstarter is probably the most honest one.

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    NiMiZ c 3 months ago

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  • watts300
    watts300 3 months ago

    Haha "Who's gonna help." True. But I try to be the nice guy and offer my jumper cables (always in my trunk) whenever I can. I've even once inflated a flat tire of an empty car I saw in a parking lot with my compressor (also always in my trunk).

  • BigBig5
    BigBig5 3 months ago

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    Sgt C4 3 months ago

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    SpeedTechy 3 months ago

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  • Vicky Mc
    Vicky Mc 3 months ago

    might be easier to move the truck more often, like the length of a street once a week, instead of jump starting it each time. it's bad for your alternator. but good to know these things work.

  • Blake Norton
    Blake Norton 3 months ago

    Great vid!!!

  • Greg Petroski
    Greg Petroski 3 months ago

    you should get a battery tender for that truck. Just a little trickle charger that keeps the battery in good condition while it's parked. I use a c-tek one that works great and I don't need to fuss with booster packs every time you want to drive it. I don't even need to pop the hood. But that booster pack is handy for emergencies for sure.

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    benoit gamache 3 months ago

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    TECHKING 3 months ago

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    Jason Redux 3 months ago

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    You should do some car reviews like The Grand Tour / Top Gear and do more motoring related stuff, could even make it topical talking about random non-tech things!

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    Vartan K. 3 months ago

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    Brad 3 months ago

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    Barret Radtke 3 months ago

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    Dennis Greencorn 3 months ago

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    wittman22 3 months ago

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    decent 2nd car, much like Jerry here. I doubt he wants to pay the
    insurance or tags for a Lambo, nor would I unless I could afford my own.

    Cool Vid, I have considered one of those USB jump packs, but felt much
    like any new technology, it was too new to really work! lol And I have
    to add, if that was a big V8, it doesn't sound like it would have
    managed. Small V6 and 4 cylinders are probably the target base for such a device, but hopefully I am wrong.

    Thanks for the video, explaining to kids around the world that, still we have to do our part!!! :D

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    phoenix2mn 3 months ago

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    MrNehva 3 months ago

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