Everything Wrong With Guardians Of The Galaxy

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  • Trey Martin
    Trey Martin 23 hours ago

    "Your sister's baby is cuter."

  • solomon sessums
    solomon sessums 2 days ago

    damn it. was looking for a "vere iz da stone?" at the end

  • Simon Steiner
    Simon Steiner 2 days ago

    I expected you to take off one sin with the Yondu-scene....bcs it honestly was epic

  • potterhead tribute
    potterhead tribute 2 days ago

    is it bad that i saw the bald elf-like guy behind the pink girl at 7:07 and immediatly though "Solas?!"

  • Andre Castro
    Andre Castro 2 days ago

    U suck

  • Gmjedi101
    Gmjedi101 4 days ago +2

    You HAVE to remove 10 sins of vol 2 for the arrow scene.

    • Joe-X guy
      Joe-X guy 3 days ago

      He should remove 20 sins in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just because Ego was such a good villain.

  • TheShitpostingInsomniac

    wait wait wait wait wait..

    Guardians of the galaxy came out in 2014? Holy shit what? How? Did it come out 2 years earlier in america?

  • Claus Jorgensen
    Claus Jorgensen 4 days ago

    Dude I love ur vids but come on this movie was sick and u know it. 😡

  • DedSec 117
    DedSec 117 4 days ago

    Funny cuz he's right about dat Power Stone

  • Will Hall
    Will Hall 4 days ago +1


  • aslam md
    aslam md 5 days ago

    this channel hates movies

  • samantha slagle
    samantha slagle 5 days ago

    I loved the rat dancing scene

  • Leonardo Filippini
    Leonardo Filippini 5 days ago

    the fact that almost every possible alien is a humanoid seems pretty convenient if you ask me

  • rabi tamoot
    rabi tamoot 5 days ago +1

    did u just say space air?

  • Sniperflashgaming
    Sniperflashgaming 5 days ago +1

    That sex tape part at 2:05 had me dying😂😂

  • Kyle C
    Kyle C 5 days ago

    To be fair, they did wrap up some of the "conveniences" in the next movie. And they did mention Quill being cargo and being hired to pick him up like, 10 minutes in.

  • Eric Broadie
    Eric Broadie 5 days ago

    Do Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business 6 days ago +1

    Also rocket is clearly wearing a ravenger suit because u can see the logo on the front plus in the second movie they mention they have a tailor who probobly made there ravenger suits in this one.

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business 6 days ago +1

    They awnser his 59th sin in the 2nd guardians movie. And his 76th sin. Also the 104th sin

  • : D
    : D 7 days ago +1

    "vín díєѕєl єndѕ up grσwlíng íntσ α mícrσphσnє fσr hσurѕ. kíndα líkє thσѕє α**hσlєѕ αt cínєmα cínѕ!"

  • Malicous Entent
    Malicous Entent 8 days ago

    I loved this movie so much

  • James Smith
    James Smith 9 days ago

    He told Drax about the time he was stabbed with a fork by a chick he stood up at SUNRISE. He's been to earth before, but he has no reason to stay since his families gone.

  • Vinicius Cacuri
    Vinicius Cacuri 9 days ago

    Sin 38
    From my memory the corrupt guard who was in control of the cell let them in, but you cut off that part

  • My Dog is Sour
    My Dog is Sour 10 days ago


  • Starlumin
    Starlumin 11 days ago

    Damn you, I coined the phrase "Blue Merle" when this movie came out.

  • Alex Vazquez
    Alex Vazquez 11 days ago

    hold up you gave a sin to jackson 5 ??????!!!!!!?!?!?!?!

  • Joseph Winslow
    Joseph Winslow 11 days ago

    I died at blue Merl

  • bob
    bob 12 days ago

    +1 sin, no fucking way most of space speaks English

  • Mask
    Mask 13 days ago

    i have to give cinema 1 sin for ignoring that the power absorbing by a group is mentioned by the collector ... so cinemasins : -7 from my point of view

  • Kitty Girl54321
    Kitty Girl54321 14 days ago

    The spare orb trick isn't a sin, just a failure to pay attention. They were handed out before the final battle.

  • XboxEmoji
    XboxEmoji 14 days ago

    If a Howard the duck movie comes out, before the obligatory x seconds of logos sin, the first sin should be, " this movie's existence."

  • Victoria Hauck
    Victoria Hauck 14 days ago

    Two things.
    Sin #104: when they're with Tivan, the collector, the guy who wanted to buy the orb for 4 billion units, and he's telling them about what an Infinity Stone is, he shortly mentioned that a group of people was once able to control the stone for a short time by joint effort, but was also quickly consumed by it (or something along those lines).
    Sin #107: Gamora hands out empty orbs to each one of them when we see them explaining their 'plan' to Yondu and his men (at least I think it was Gamora). And Quill says something like "Remember, don't touch the stone" in that moment, I think.
    Both of them are really brief moments, and I only noticed both of them upon watching the movie a second time and already having seen this sins video, but just wanted to share.

  • Colossus
    Colossus 14 days ago

    Why doesn't thanos try to get it himself, "Ronan, you must get it so I can just sit on this chair until somehow I decide to get up and do it myself after Loki, Ultron, Ronan, Red Skull, and many others tried to get stones."

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 15 days ago

    Actually, it was totally reasonable for Peter to have an orb to switch he stone in. All the core member were given an orb on screen during the planning phase and Gamora was the one to use hers when they were done using the stone to kill Ronan. Peter had just used his orb for the switch.

  • Michael Elkinton
    Michael Elkinton 15 days ago +1

    you obviously did not watch or pay attention to this movie, 'cause they explain much of the sins you gave the movie.

  • Nick94956
    Nick94956 15 days ago

    0:24 One of the few times that I would not have done the "No." sin

  • Lilia
    Lilia 16 days ago

    A lot of these sins are no sins, because they're explained in the second movie, but Cinema Sins couldn't know that in 2014, so I'm taking a sin off.

  • Georg Graepel
    Georg Graepel 16 days ago

    Is it hard for u to just sit back and enjoy a movie

  • Lil ruger
    Lil ruger 17 days ago

    There is something called pathetic fallacy

  • Chad_803_to_401
    Chad_803_to_401 17 days ago

    When will we get a Howard The Duck CinemaSins

  • Jacob Eberhardt
    Jacob Eberhardt 18 days ago

    Howard the fucking duck.

  • Douglas Nevins
    Douglas Nevins 19 days ago

    (I know this was made over 2 years ago, but for some reason it took me until now to watch it)
    3:45 Because he wants to sex her!

  • A Generic Highschooler

    Drax is fucking autistic, but not as bad as a sasquatch from shadow run.
    (btw i am not using autistic as an insult, he shows a lack of common sense on a social level.)

  • Brandon Blackburn
    Brandon Blackburn 20 days ago

    I'm calling Bullsh*t on the Howard the Duck scene. Even though it was a reference to a suck ass movie...you know you shot off Jeremy...dribbled at least...Jeremy....you know you did.

  • drzarkoz
    drzarkoz 21 day ago

    Why did they just ignore the other infinity stone the collector had, could have got 2 for the price of 1

  • Emma MacDonald
    Emma MacDonald 22 days ago +3

    "Doctor Who is that"?"
    I CAN'T😂

  • Peter Suoheimo
    Peter Suoheimo 22 days ago

    Well first time watching cinemasins where they sin things that have answer in the movie, maybe they didn't did their job good enough back in 2014

  • Peter Suoheimo
    Peter Suoheimo 22 days ago

    Sins #42 is wrong, even though I didn't like the movie, it supposed that the alien race doesnt understand that, and #38 The prision guards helped them

  • The Batman
    The Batman 22 days ago

    God Marvel kill off a character for good just ONCE

  • Terezi Pyrope
    Terezi Pyrope 22 days ago

    I said it on Revenge of the Sith part 2, I'll say it here "I see Peter Quill went to the school of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOing"

  • oly417
    oly417 22 days ago

    Groot did die the that twig was a new groot

  • Venus -
    Venus - 23 days ago

    do 8 mile

  • Cinder Song
    Cinder Song 23 days ago

    the funny thing is, Zoe Saldana (that green chick) played 'that blue chick' from Avatar as well.

  • Sara Swann
    Sara Swann 23 days ago

    Lego movie I could not stop laughing

  • Sara Swann
    Sara Swann 23 days ago

    It is not thano's time to take action

  • Sara Swann
    Sara Swann 23 days ago

    Alien space tech to fix it

  • Raiben EFSF
    Raiben EFSF 23 days ago

    Dune reference makes me happy

  • Jesse Meyer
    Jesse Meyer 23 days ago

    12:25 I think I remember gamora giving everyone orbs to get the stone when they were getting ready for the last mission.

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall 24 days ago

    the peter in space without a mask scene was fairly accurate.. probably the most accurate depiction of humans in space ive ever seen in a movie or show...
    add 1 sin to the cinemasins sins

  • Alex Rance
    Alex Rance 24 days ago

    lol I was so afraid to watch this because guardians is my favorite movie
    Nothing to fear

  • Jessica Wakem
    Jessica Wakem 24 days ago

    Whenever he says, "no." I DIE laughing!

  • Ryan Lorentzen
    Ryan Lorentzen 24 days ago

    Guardians of the galaxy 2?

  • Survivor Soul
    Survivor Soul 25 days ago

    Anyone else notice they didn't put the minute time on the title?

  • Kubilay Yücekan
    Kubilay Yücekan 25 days ago

    Dr. who is that

  • Draco Steel
    Draco Steel 26 days ago

    Oh god no!!!! Not my baby!!!

  • Liam Conway
    Liam Conway 26 days ago

    Do everything wrong with guardians of the galaxy 2

  • Lui Lopez
    Lui Lopez 27 days ago

    This movie was nerdy af

  • Arianna Vázquez
    Arianna Vázquez 27 days ago

    I just wanna see the sex tape. 😂🤣

  • The lord of the memes
    The lord of the memes 27 days ago

    remember, he gave frozen 69 sins only...

  • Scott Brockman
    Scott Brockman 28 days ago

    3:07 & 13:48, the Peter character with the finger. Almost looks familiar, like a Girl named Kathy Lee from High School who did the exact same thing every afternoon when getting on the Bus to go Home, before I moved to the Double wide. Honestly, WTF was her problem? Sorry, didn't mean to swear or curse. And if I was anything like the dad character , Gru from "Despicable Me 2" & I saw her, I would also like to spray her with the hose and say "I'm sorry , I didn't see you there . Or there ☺."

    ABMP2003LFXHF Month ago

    When groots lights the dark room part: yeah everyone knew groot hadn't done it before, that's why destroyer said "when did you learn to do that"

    ABMP2003LFXHF Month ago

    Incase nobody knows, not having a space suite in space doesn't make you pop like a balloon, it freezes, or you run out of air, clearly his mask covered the oxygen part, and later we learn he's half human, so he can survive the freezing of space for a longer amount of time, and he just flew in space for like 20 seconds, so by comic standards, that scene was ok

  • The JoJo & Mari Show

    9:56 say "This guy has never seen CinemaSins" to "I don't believe anyone is 100% a dick, Ma'am" yet earlier in the video knocks off a sin 7:11 for Groot just being awesome and does it again (this time 5 sins) 10:56 FOR THE SAME REASON! I'm sinning your sin about CinemaSins being 100% a dick because this disproves it.

  • vane
    vane Month ago


  • Maddie Grace
    Maddie Grace Month ago

    hahahaha 6:40

  • Olivia Melly
    Olivia Melly Month ago

    howard the fucking duck

  • QueeenBeee
    QueeenBeee Month ago +5


    I feel like you could really pick out some of the critical plotholes. Thanks!

  • apparitions _
    apparitions _ Month ago

    gamora is hella hot

  • mr yolo39
    mr yolo39 Month ago

    XD blue Merle after seeing him in walking dead i cant stop thinking that actor will always be merle

  • Dee J.
    Dee J. Month ago

    I adored this movie, but this presentation was fucking hilarious! 😂😂😂

  • Nick Koch
    Nick Koch Month ago

    the references xD

  • Owen Bever
    Owen Bever Month ago

    where is vol. 2, its been weeks.

  • Eva Martin
    Eva Martin Month ago

    Hello pal! ! ! board Anyone watch worse than this variant(

  • The house of Chaos
    The house of Chaos Month ago

    well, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson, a human could survive the vacuum of space, as well as the cold... for as long as you could hold your breath... it's the rapid decompression that will hurt you...but if you were to just be out there, you would lose your body heat slowly... hell I think he explained this also when talking about Event Horizon

  • Emily Rose Lacy-Nichols

    Please tell me 15:28 is a SpaceBalls reference... "Check, please!"

  • Anissa Findley
    Anissa Findley Month ago

    That gesture is pretty much unique to only Western civilisations and people with access to the internet and cable.

  • mimzeeable
    mimzeeable Month ago

    They explained that multiple people could harness the stone but they all died anyway so.... sin?

  • Anna Hájková
    Anna Hájková Month ago

    okay but y'all missed that the during their big prison escape the glass of that place breaks during shooting (they even go as far to showing us part of it literally falling out) and yet stays isolated during the anti-gravity thing they pull off. Like physic is not something I am incredibly skilled at but damn guys something is leeking you there

  • Zephyr Mitchell
    Zephyr Mitchell Month ago

    You guys should so do Guardians vol. 2

  • young r.o.d
    young r.o.d Month ago

    Gamora be looking like rihanna

  • Phantom_Plays
    Phantom_Plays Month ago

    dirty man you are dirty

  • Kevin Sullivan
    Kevin Sullivan Month ago

    sin 106, during the part of the movie where the guardians are explaining the plan to protect xandar to the ravagers, Gamora hands out a bunch of orbs to everyone so whoever got in contact with the stone could enclose it. Then when the stone was placed in the orb it was Gamoras orb, not Quill's. Quill was holding both orbs and switched them when he gave the one with the troll to Yondu.

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin Month ago

    BIG QUESTION: Has this been edited?
    I've seen this review 10 times and I swear in the beginning when Star Lord is singing into the space rat, Jeremy says something like "This scene informs everything you need to know about this character". It missing now. What's up?

  • eliza reed
    eliza reed Month ago

    i would be like why are units used everwhere like arent there other types of cash used

  • Keith Araneo-Yowell

    Power rangers

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog Month ago

    You missed one. "Movie steals the 'shower hose' scene from First Blood"

  • TonTon The Gamer
    TonTon The Gamer Month ago

    CS: "I'm not made of stone"
    Me: and neither is groot!

  • Jonathan Martin
    Jonathan Martin Month ago

    some of the sins actually make sense if you know what happened in the second movie. that still isn't fair for the sins, but still.

  • AMU
    AMU Month ago

    Another: Ronan should have touched the Guardians of the Galaxy when the Orb exploded.

  • Jesus Emilio
    Jesus Emilio Month ago

    "Blue Merle" I love it haha

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