Another Top 10 BANNED Video Games

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    Some good games just can’t catch a break in these countries! These are another batch of games that have been outlawed, unallowed, removed from stores, are unavailable or straight up BANNED in various countries around the world. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the ANOTHER Top 10 Banned Video Games!

    00:36 #10. “Duke Nukem 3D” (1996)
    01:26 #9. “Saints Row” series (200613)
    02:08 #8. “Bully” (2006)
    02:49 #7. “Carmageddon” (1997)
    03:25 #6. “Far Cry 3” (2012)
    04:08 #5. “God of War” series (2005)
    04:58 #4. “Wolfenstein 3D” (1992)
    05:35 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Comments: 685

  • Dragon Studios
    Dragon Studios Day ago

    me: dats fuckin racist -_-

  • Adrian  Hii
    Adrian Hii 3 days ago

    Long ago like about a decade ago, I saw Portal game CD on sales before in Malaysia. I grew up in Malaysia myself and I was a huge Hitman fan, but I did not bother to buy Postal. But that's likely to be pirated.

  • Sniper the Hedgehog
    Sniper the Hedgehog 9 days ago

    Ban all violent games
    Fine all u have is racing games and educational games then

  • Al-zein Kusmantoro
    Al-zein Kusmantoro 25 days ago

    10. Not approved by Michael Temer
    09. Worst country to ban SR is Australia. Not approved by Malcolm Turnbull
    08. Same as Number 10
    07. Same as Number 10 and 8
    06. Not approved by Joko Widodo
    05. Not approved by Saudi Arabians and Emiratis
    04. Not approved by Angela Merkel and the whole of Germany
    03. Not approved by Singaporean standards
    02. Not approved by Bill English
    01. Not approved by Hugo Chavez

  • Stephen Giannikas
    Stephen Giannikas Month ago

    What about Thrill Kill???

  • Jonathan Mendez
    Jonathan Mendez Month ago

    Subtitles are need for these videos

  • Lime Eirfan
    Lime Eirfan Month ago

    I have play Duke Nukem 3D on my old computer. Now, my old computer has been broken.

  • Taqi
    Taqi Month ago

    im australian and your aussie impression sounds like the wicked witch being choked

  • MrWannabe69
    MrWannabe69 Month ago

    yea #4 was obvious

  • Laura James
    Laura James Month ago

    The Penetrator was a Saints Row 3 weapon, Saints Row 4 had the tentacle bat names the Violator.

  • José Luiz
    José Luiz Month ago

    I'm Brazilian and I remember the case of the shooter in the movies. By the way the movie I was passing at the time was Fight Club

  • Simon Labrie
    Simon Labrie Month ago

    Germany considers the use of Nazi imagery to be borderline racist propaganda? I'm slightly skeptical, but for the sake of the argument, let's accept that statement.

    So, we can't have racist antagonists? I can't escape the feeling that a lot of people in Europe, including in Germany, would certainly enjoy fictional violence toward fictional Nazis.

  • ZodiacKitten
    ZodiacKitten Month ago

    *Banned for Alien sex*
    me:banned for copying Avatar

    PANTYEATR1 Month ago

    what console is Postal 2 on? I have postal 1 on PC

  • OogieBoogie
    OogieBoogie Month ago

    Wait a sec, if Hitler and his nazis were the THIRD Reich, then what were the first and second reichs?

  • OogieBoogie
    OogieBoogie Month ago

    I know Mass Effect is a moral-choice game, but I didn't know that there was alien sex and depictions of lesbians (if you're the female version of Commander Shepard)

  • SamTVHD
    SamTVHD Month ago

    Wow! Us brits did not get Mass Effect banned AND we get it as a 12 rating 😂😂😂 #Britain

  • JaCrispy_Jamaine
    JaCrispy_Jamaine Month ago

    I like how some of the countries are worse than the video games they banned. In terms of crime and reputation of course (particularly Brazil and Venezuela)

  • ali nobnaga
    ali nobnaga Month ago

    Brazil,venezuela,where they have drugs,most dangerous and barbaric gangs in the world,and mass homicide,ban violent games lol k

  • Yoshi The One
    Yoshi The One Month ago

    i thought postal 1 was more gorier...

  • Parker Kadera
    Parker Kadera Month ago

    wat about ops in cuba

  • Hugo Dastra
    Hugo Dastra Month ago

    living hell,oh good one

  • Zhrome Moore
    Zhrome Moore Month ago

    Venezuela? WTF?

  • Xxangelinexx Aj
    Xxangelinexx Aj Month ago

    Far Cry 3 is banned in my country?


    AT-AT HURSTY Month ago

    fuck you esrb

  • Foxtrot369
    Foxtrot369 Month ago

    It wasn't the dildo bat that got SRIV banned in Oz. It was the Anal Probe. And the drug use.
    The penetrator looks like a giant dildo but it's still only used like a normal bat.
    The anal probe was used by shoving it up someone's arse before launching them off it. That's what censors didn't approve of.

  • mark hardy
    mark hardy Month ago

    in my contry nogame are banned there just want money

  • D Ponka
    D Ponka Month ago

    Pakistan banned Call of Duty: Black ops II and and Medal of Honor for not portraying the country correctly.... yeah, apparently the game didn't have enough trash littered on the streets...

  • HI 5
    HI 5 Month ago +1


  • Bloodsrike 2.O
    Bloodsrike 2.O Month ago

    I play sintrow in am in Australia

  • who174
    who174 Month ago

    Lemme guess there will be a Middle East country

  • Ben Sinclair
    Ben Sinclair Month ago +1

    i live in NZ and i can play postal 2.

  • Whom Ba
    Whom Ba Month ago

    South park in Israel

  • dominic victoria
    dominic victoria Month ago

    i really feel sad for the venezuelan gamers who just have a hipocritical government, as always with videogame haters :(

  • MatrixMiles17
    MatrixMiles17 Month ago

    7:29 If that one line is true then on to Hell I go because a boring life is no life, and at this point boredom is killed by virtual violence or moderate reality violence.

  • josh gaming
    josh gaming Month ago


  • Ricardo Bravo N
    Ricardo Bravo N Month ago

    here in venezuela we buy the games anyway but its not easy to sell online.

  • francisco pena
    francisco pena Month ago

    #3 is just f**ked up and gay

  • Joshua Montague
    Joshua Montague Month ago

    Admit it: the alien sex banning profile pic is why you clicked on this! 😏

  • S.C Gaming
    S.C Gaming Month ago

    And s.c gaming

  • S.C Gaming
    S.C Gaming Month ago

    Subscribe to Skyler saxton

  • mileswwe
    mileswwe Month ago

    they can't banned a video game just because it has the world God on the title. that is like charging a serial killer with embezzlement. god of war had plenty of good reasons to be banned, like how the main character kills and the guts he spills. not to mention the mini sex games, but the UAE banned it because of its title. BS!!!!

  • Vitrus
    Vitrus Month ago

    Come to Brazil!

  • Marchell Aly Kumala

    Farcry 3 was banned in Indonesia? i live in Indonesia ,i played it on my xbox 360 so its ILLEGAL here, not only that mine is a pirated version(the retailer here mostly sells pirated version roughly 24× cheaper than the original)

    • Marchell Aly Kumala
      Marchell Aly Kumala Month ago

      well im indonesian and i acknowledge that its a bad corrupted,fucked nation but it not really that bad(its still bad)but not completely terrible,hell on earth, cause i its still my home, the place where i grow up for the last 12 year

  • alfarisy zaky
    alfarisy zaky Month ago

    im actualy from indo i didnt know it was baned

  • Josh Lefelhocz
    Josh Lefelhocz Month ago

    Wow, Venezuela probably even banned Minecraft, even though it has practically no real violence.

  • King Milos
    King Milos Month ago

    And I played all these games. Damn it, I wasn't know they were banned...

  • PROflo420
    PROflo420 Month ago

    If video games make you violent,then you should be in mental hospital.

  • jeramahia123
    jeramahia123 Month ago

    I'm Australian and all these games are available. It may be a law, but nobody enforces it.

  • Matthew Cassidy
    Matthew Cassidy Month ago

    video games get blamed for a lot of stuff that people do all on their own.

  • Kelvin Lee
    Kelvin Lee Month ago

    Saints row 4 isn't banned in Australia tho, my friend plays it all the time.............

    Meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Jay Christy
    Jay Christy Month ago

    Good thing I don't live in Venezuela

  • Stiles Kuchiki
    Stiles Kuchiki Month ago

    Holly shit, Bully. I remember playing that in elementy because my brother had it. 😭 I always questiondd why it was kinda mean.

  • demonlord lee
    demonlord lee Month ago

    im from Singapore and didn't know it was banned there

  • Ambigu Daisuki
    Ambigu Daisuki Month ago

    hi from indonesia, far cry 3 is actually legal here and government doesn't care againt's game violence, as long as it can make money, it's legal here.

  • Josh Shaw
    Josh Shaw Month ago

    Dewn Endah!! Jesus XP

  • Arsenal AllTheWay
    Arsenal AllTheWay Month ago

    I live in Australia and have Saints Row?

  • Marcel Bittencourt
    Marcel Bittencourt Month ago

    Bully is no longer banned here in Brazil. Yet! I've just got the Platinum on PS4.

  • prapanji galih wicaksono

    Damn this Watchmojo dude is douche.Do you even have a proof?there are no confirmation about Indonesia banned FC 3.I still played that game since it first released on PS3.Even the disc still can be seen in video game shop across the country.Sorry Unsubscribe

  • Nitri Estermont
    Nitri Estermont Month ago

    It's ridiculous, really. When Far Cry 3 is banned in my country (but surprise! I have the game). :/

  • Steven Ganner
    Steven Ganner Month ago

    Dead Space banned in 7 different countries

  • Commhughnism
    Commhughnism Month ago

    Man, it feels like every game is banned in Australia or Brazil or Venezuela

    VICTOREN Month ago

    I live in Brazil and I had to cheat the Steam store to buy it, and the cool part is that it's not banned anymore for some reason and now the game is open on the Steam store. Though I had like 100% of the game completed when that happened, still feels kinda irritating. xD
    But Brazil, such as many other countries, are really a bunch of dicks with videogames, insisting on blaming them for making shit happens when a shithead decides to do some shit, like if the game itself was a living being and told the guy to do it. Also, they usually don't even understand the fucking game. :/
    But Brazilians are usually stupid, so you can guess how things are terrible in here... (But still better than some other, at least)

  • Joshua Atehortua
    Joshua Atehortua Month ago

    Mother franchise anyone? It was banned in the us for over 15 years and we didn't get the entire series for release yet we only got the first 2 and we are missing the 3rd.

  • SgtDaza1997
    SgtDaza1997 Month ago

    i played postal 2 a few weeks after it released and its not banned in new zealand

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Month ago

    Welcome to my country then, where no games are banned except for pokemon go. Because they dont give a shit about other games

  • El Cisco Kid
    El Cisco Kid Month ago

    Rapelay anyone?

  • Mahogany Williams
    Mahogany Williams Month ago

    Same top 10s over and over...

  • truestory
    truestory Month ago

    The reasons for banning seem to be the problems those countries ALREADY have and such act is made not to prevent, but so people had less of it to relate to. I could understand it only from that angle.

  • MrBipson
    MrBipson Month ago

    came for the alien sex, left disappointed.

  • raidramon0
    raidramon0 Month ago

    Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni was banned in Australia and Germany. I guess a game about school girls with macromastia beating each other's clothes off didn't sit well with their ratings board. Just wait until Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is submitted for review. That'll really cause sparks to fly.

  • benjamin maillard
    benjamin maillard Month ago

    OMG tightly actually looks like deeply dizarremelt .

    WIGUNA GAMING Month ago

    iam from indonesia but i play far cry 3 because i don't know if far cry 3 banned in indonesia

  • SumaTJessT
    SumaTJessT Month ago

    Well in Vzla you can still get any kind of games, be they original or pirated, nobody cares really, that was just mere political propaganda to move people to support the "Reds" and yeah... I can assure you, NOBODY cares and if they do, they are just trying to use it to back up some sort of nonsense.

  • hamad the assissn
    hamad the assissn Month ago

    I am from UAE and it also banned in Saudi Arabia

  • Polverine74
    Polverine74 Month ago

    Earthbound banned for being too grOOvy

  • Mordin Solus
    Mordin Solus Month ago


  • Chrison Joseph
    Chrison Joseph Month ago

    Black Ops

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    Germany even if you try to ignore what Happened the world won't forget it

  • Stupid Knight
    Stupid Knight Month ago

    Here in Brasil every crime is linked to some game... they tried to banne gta here...

    • 02091992able
      02091992able Month ago

      I'm American and I can safely say that here they try to do the same thing here too.

  • Furious Cerax
    Furious Cerax Month ago

    Oh boy, this countries are all pussies incuding Germany as my homeland.
    Venezuela ist the most sandy pussy of them, holy shiat. :o

  • Sophie Flesher
    Sophie Flesher Month ago

    how about outlast 2 in Australia?

  • Mischelin
    Mischelin Month ago

    where is dying light? it was banned in germany because of its violent content

  • Lena Willems
    Lena Willems Month ago

    Low about consultant ampxydr so numerous music middle participation

  • Elena Charles
    Elena Charles Month ago

    particularly tragedy clerk wyrvxfe fund talent female implementation.

  • Zanji1234
    Zanji1234 Month ago

    Duke Nukem 3D... also was banned In Germany

  • Vincent Marduk
    Vincent Marduk Month ago

    I came for the alien porn.

  • Svengaming S
    Svengaming S Month ago

    The only violent game Venezuela alows is gta 5 where its only about drugs and bank robbery to train new Cartel members

  • Samuel Puto amo
    Samuel Puto amo Month ago

    Bro i live in Venezuela and you can play every violent videogames, obviously we live a bad situation and rules not exist so we can play every game we want.

  • Cosmic Turner
    Cosmic Turner Month ago

    😂😂 portal 2 is DEFINITELY the most controversial game EVER, that games pretty fucked, GTA v and god of war don't compare

  • Wesley Bitencourt Dos Santos


  • Pug Loaf
    Pug Loaf Month ago


  • Trexile
    Trexile Month ago

    Here i was... Living life playin video games in Singapore and did not find out about the Mass Effect ban until today looks like i need to keep a bigger eye out for censorship/bans of video game news

  • zpardus
    zpardus Month ago

    Alien sex ban is just dumb.

    The reason inter-species is wrong is because other species can't give consent, because there are no other sapient species than us. But, if one existed, such as an intelligent alien, then there's nothing unethical about it.

    But if they're banning everything with lesbian relationships, then they must not have much to watch on TV. Seems every tv series writer shoe-horns one of those in these days. Good for ratings.

  • Kostas Gr
    Kostas Gr Month ago

    In my country there arent any banned games so you are givinf me games to play

  • Oh lol
    Oh lol Month ago

    Never knew far cry 3 banned on my country

  • krisbudz14
    krisbudz14 Month ago

    Can you do another top weirdest bands?

  • Josh Sinclair
    Josh Sinclair Month ago +1

    Germany With Flags That Have a History of Bigotry: "Ban them! Pretend we never waved those flags!"
    America With Flags That Have a History of Bigotry: "Heritage, Not Hate!"

    • 02091992able
      02091992able Month ago

      Unless its confederate then in supports slavery. It is illegal for a individual to fly a confederate battle flag in public but a Nazi Flag is fine but that is because of Liberals for which I am not one that think everything offensive or violence or can be a tool to cause violence or someone has a opinion that isn't in line with theirs should be banned and then deny that they are pretty much Nazis.

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