LG G6 Review

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  • The LG G6 is more than just the leading contender to take on Samsung's Galaxy S8. The G6 represents a large step forward for LG, having discarded last year’s compromises and gimmicks for a return to the fundamentals; a renewed focus on quality; and a camera I’m dearly going to miss when I move on. At the same time, it's also a step back: to a world without removable batteries, a world without bleeding-edge processors. Is the LG G6 for you? Find out in MrMobile’s LG G6 Review!


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    MrMobile's LG G6 Review was published following 18 days with an LG G6 review device on loan from LG. The LG G6 featured in this review is model LGUS997, for the United States. The device received one software update during the review process. It was paired to a Huawei Watch 2 for the review duration, and tested on various networks in Barcelona Spain and T-Mobile US in Greater Boston, USA.


    LG G6:

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    Runcible Hands-On [Pocketnow]:

    Siempo Phone [Kickstarter]:


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  • Denis Grant
    Denis Grant 7 days ago

    I love watching your content but when I cast to my tv the sound is choppy

  • Thermal_Sniper X
    Thermal_Sniper X 8 days ago

    I have the 64 GB base storage + HiFi Quad DAC model here in Singapore

  • Dr Mundo
    Dr Mundo 17 days ago

    photos of airplane food? really Mr Mobile?

  • Aditya Yerunkar
    Aditya Yerunkar 20 days ago

    What is the name of game played in this vid?

  • Beans
    Beans 20 days ago

    What is the name of the game at 6:18?

  • Pankaj Rohaj
    Pankaj Rohaj 22 days ago

    You are the God of reviews!!

  • CCGtv
    CCGtv 22 days ago

    I just checked out your video, keep it up and stay blessed !!!

  • Abhilash Krishnamurthy

    @mrmobile: Can you provide the links for the wallpapers you use? Particularly the one at 1:17, it looks sweet!

  • vithalrao kadam
    vithalrao kadam 24 days ago


  • Mech Rey
    Mech Rey 24 days ago

    its too bad the lg g6 is using an old chipset

  • Lucky Christianto
    Lucky Christianto 24 days ago

    And i'm watching this from my LG G6. The camera (rear) is top notch but the front just meh! Overall its a great phone!

  • Psivewri
    Psivewri 25 days ago

    I'm loving mine at the moment :)

  • Danns Argo
    Danns Argo 26 days ago

    I'm waiting for your Sony XZ Premium review. I can't decide which one to buy.
    Greetings from Argentina, love your channel.

  • JCHGaming69
    JCHGaming69 27 days ago

    The always on display drains the battery.

  • Eddie Enriquez
    Eddie Enriquez 28 days ago

    Upon Marques Brownlee's recommendation, I popped over to your channel, my first time. Within seconds, I knew that was dealing with a bard, it was confirmed with the Crimson colors flying high at the bookstore. Appreciate your work, I'm now subscribed to your channel. Cheers!

  • bryan figueroa
    bryan figueroa Month ago

    I love lg as a phone company. Their lg Optimus was my first phone ever. But otherwise I've never own an lg. My brothers girlfriend had the lg g4 and had to replace it 2 separate times because they got stuck on bootloop. I know this could be just coincidental. But I've heard of many people having these problems with lg phone. Could you Mr.fisher truly say that lg phones have lost that problem?

  • prajwal nitnaware
    prajwal nitnaware Month ago

    plz tell me name of live wallpaper use in this video in g6

  • King Alex
    King Alex Month ago

    does snapchat works good on snapchat?

  • Thriveni Anudeep
    Thriveni Anudeep Month ago +1

    This channel is way better in terms of quality and presentation than the other so called top tech youtubers

  • Abhimanyu Chauhan
    Abhimanyu Chauhan Month ago

    what do you think about nokia z launcher


    Does it have bootloop issues like its previous model??

    SEN GXM Month ago

    2:36 The app drawer? Is it by default in g6 or a launcher ?

  • ben franklin
    ben franklin Month ago

    Mr mobile tell LG that to include the ir blaster and removable battery

  • Jazz Fur
    Jazz Fur Month ago

    all of the reviewers here on youtube youre the only one i trust and you review gadgets with no bias

    kudos Mr. Fisher

  • ajK
    ajK Month ago

    would you recommend upgrading to this from the OnePlus 3? (not T)

  • bachtrey
    bachtrey Month ago

    This or the Oneplus 5?

  • Apex Gaming
    Apex Gaming Month ago

    what are those headphones that you always wear in your videos? the wireless ones

  • gangstalishis
    gangstalishis Month ago

    Its not bad but I would only pay about 400 for it.

  • Sanchit Varma
    Sanchit Varma Month ago

    Just going to get it for the brilliant HiFi Quad DAC. It subs brilliant in the V20, but here the phone going along with it is much better.

  • Rahadyan Noor
    Rahadyan Noor Month ago +1

    great review mr mobile, advice please for 1-2years usage which one i should buy between this G6 or oneplus 5? which is better on features and camera? thanks

  • Wesley C
    Wesley C Month ago

    I like this new phone, features twofie.

  • Gautam Bajaj
    Gautam Bajaj Month ago

    I have been using this phone for past couple of days, and the front cam is total crap

  • Mohamed Basheer
    Mohamed Basheer Month ago

    Who wants to cram in all their lunch in a photo?

  • Mukul Saini
    Mukul Saini Month ago +4

    It's selling in India at half the Galaxy S8's price.

    • kshitij gangwar
      kshitij gangwar Month ago

      Mukul Saini what's the price

    • Erick
      Erick Month ago

      Mukul Saini One more reason to get it lol

  • dxpe
    dxpe Month ago

    What phone is that on the right at 0:01 ?

  • Carl Austin
    Carl Austin Month ago

    Can get this in the UK for £350 oneplus 5 starts at £450 which is a better deal.

    • S_T_O_R_M
      S_T_O_R_M Month ago

      Carl Austin LG g6 you can then spend 100 on anything else there is not much différence un daily usage but if you want clean os , faster charging , led indicator, amoled pannel , faster processor , more RAM go with op5 but I have used m'y op3 ans must say I m dissapointed with op because of the price point this time .

  • Stan Gurule
    Stan Gurule Month ago

    still no 7.1?

  • mo101epic
    mo101epic Month ago

    I never thought Mr. Mobile would call Android 7.0 old. My phone is on Marshmallow and my tablet is stuck on KitKat...

  • Dominick Brown
    Dominick Brown 2 months ago

    1st of all gorilla glass 3 is harder than 5 so it won't be brittle, and the snap dragon 835 isn't noticeably different whatsoever from 821

  • Twixx Nation
    Twixx Nation 2 months ago +1

    I'm gonna waited for the Oneplus 5 to be unveiled Tuesday, June 20th

  • Matt
    Matt 2 months ago

    Ever had a thought that we'll never know what phone someone has when phones are all screen?

  • Markuz_
    Markuz_ 2 months ago

    I have a question for you guys out there! I own a LG G4 at the moment, and it's processor is getting extremely hot when doing more things at the same time (for example snapchat, youtube and so on..) and the battery is going down to 0% too fast for me. Has the LG G6 the same problems? Thanks for helping :)

  • Mysteryboy0007
    Mysteryboy0007 2 months ago

    this phone or the mi mix or mi6??? some1 help!

  • Mae B
    Mae B 2 months ago

    Great review, Mr. Mobile! You got yourself a new subscriber hehe. I've been wanting to buy the LG G5 ever since I first saw it in the market, but thank God I didn't have the money back then. The G6 is definitely much better than its predecessor so I'm going for it this weekend (FOR REAL). Thanks to your review I'm completely convinced that this is the phone for me (I've seen a lot of reviews and this is the last). Well I could go for an iPhone 7 or a Samsung S8 or a Huawei P9, but I don't have much money for a huge investment, although some may say it'd be worth it. LG G6 is on sale in Riyadh. From 2599 riyals, now it's just 1999. Why on earth would I not buy it??

    I've heard that the front cam could get really grainy especially in low light, but I'm madly in love with the wide angle camera, I might actually consider taking a rear-shot selfie. I can finally revive my dead Instagram feed. For five years, I've been using an iPhone 4. I've always wondered why my selfies were so grainy. It was only last week when I learned that the front cam is only 1 mp or less. No wonder! The rear cam was also quite bad. Back in the day (I mean 5 years ago), I had the best shots! Now I have the worst. To save my feed from humiliation (Instagram is significant in our culture), I decided to stop making efforts to produce great shots. My 5 mp is perfect in a bright cloudy day, but is horrible in normal lighting. Zooming makes things worse. The nights shots are an abomination.

  • QTorroba
    QTorroba 2 months ago +2


  • milan patel
    milan patel 2 months ago

    I have LG G6(H870DS) an Indian Variant.
    Will it work properly in USA/Canada?
    Please help...

  • Gregory Cotter
    Gregory Cotter 2 months ago

    Any information on LG Pay?? I use Samsung Pay all the time all over the place and it totally rules!

  • Damian Hamzah
    Damian Hamzah 2 months ago

    thanks for ur video man! good advice and i got the g6 finally! and loving it since! cheers from indonesia!

  • mero 56187
    mero 56187 2 months ago

    When you compared the g6 to another phones 5.7 display it was considerably smaller... Is the g6 body that of a 5.3 inch phone???

  • Almer Ridho
    Almer Ridho 2 months ago

    Mr. Mobile how about you try to review some very very cheap smartphone

  • sartaz khan
    sartaz khan 2 months ago

    plzz help me

  • sartaz khan
    sartaz khan 2 months ago

    can i buy lg g6 over the galexy s8 for the camera?

  • robin
    robin 2 months ago

    which one to go for? lg g6 or samsung s8? when lg is almost for 700$ and s8 for around 900$?

    • bigtreesfall
      bigtreesfall 2 months ago

      rob aggarwal tmobile has the g6 for 500 right now...

  • alex
    alex 2 months ago

    still rocking a G4, does the G6 still have the double-tap feature to turn on/off the screen?

  • emailausdrucker
    emailausdrucker 3 months ago

    thanks a lot, mr mobile.

  • TJ
    TJ 3 months ago

    Well here we are two months later and T-Mobile is still on 7.0. WTF? That being said I still love my G6.

  • Bryan Evans
    Bryan Evans 3 months ago

    Wireless charging is available in Canada as well.

  • ibol13
    ibol13 3 months ago

    Spotty track record? I don't mean to be one of those people, but I think the LG G5 got Nougat less than a month after the Nexus 6P.

  • Walkens T. Lallemand
    Walkens T. Lallemand 3 months ago

    What game was that?

  • Marsha HT
    Marsha HT 3 months ago

    Thank you for another great presentation Mr. Mobile! 👏👏👏

  • nikolas adm
    nikolas adm 3 months ago

    I swapped my s7 edge and gave some. Oney on top and got the g6 and i love it with a passion! Sure the s8 has a greater display tech but the rest i like more on the sexy g6

  • Genesis Aquino
    Genesis Aquino 3 months ago

    what do you call his moving live wallpaper?

  • Euan Maclean
    Euan Maclean 3 months ago

    5:14 - Steve Jobs back from the dead!

  • Gunther Steel
    Gunther Steel 3 months ago

    My g6 has been awesome, except the camera lens. That isn't awesome. It is completely destroyed from scratches, and hasn't left a case since I got it. Others have had the same issue with the black model, it seems that it is a mistreated antiglare coating put on at production. Getting a replacement or switching to s8.

  • TheEnigmaticHermit
    TheEnigmaticHermit 3 months ago


  • Spawn
    Spawn 3 months ago +2

    This is amazing review. I like the black one. Great phone. LG Should follow this type of looking and develop new phones in this lineage.

    • Mike az
      Mike az Month ago

      Spawn how's it going Mr Simmons?? why can't you get anymore seasons on HBO? Spawn was fantastic !

  • third G
    third G 3 months ago

    You See Michael, LG is actually screwing up their own fate. I have seen LG failed in numerous occasions to leave their mark in the market. I have used LG g4 and I loved that phone. G4 had lot of potential and very few room for improvement but LG decided to change the game with G5 and failed. I appreciated the courage and only hoped for refinement and may be a simple and clean approach. In many ways that can be said for LG g6 but again they have failed to study the market and decided to launch different varients in different regions. This decision just did it for me. I am in UK but I equally like quad DAC and wireless features as people in other regions do. My point is, LG is again giving consumers reason to not to buy their phone. why do it to yourself LG, why?

    GTDDR 3 months ago

    Something that nobody is saying: is the camera covered in sapphire glass? That really matters to me after looking the mess that came out of the moto z camera all covered in scratches.

  • Seth Jefferies
    Seth Jefferies 3 months ago

    that original Optimus G was so nice. I absolutely loved the design of that phone.

  • Tj Hariharan
    Tj Hariharan 3 months ago

    Wow are those photos touched up or something? (Especially the last few, to me they look AMAZING)..did they use the HDR mode?

  • Stephon Mohammed
    Stephon Mohammed 3 months ago

    If htc adds boomsound to this .....

  • neek247
    neek247 3 months ago

    would it be worth trading in the G5 for the G6?

  • Darren McDaid
    Darren McDaid 3 months ago

    I still have a G3 a little slower now but all in all quite good!!

  • Jhed Dedicatoria
    Jhed Dedicatoria 3 months ago

    nice review

  • MohammadH Hosseini
    MohammadH Hosseini 3 months ago

    nice review

  • Viktor Kolev
    Viktor Kolev 3 months ago

    If you're like me and love taking high quality pictures of anything but your face, this seems to be the right choice.

  • Jake Tracy
    Jake Tracy 3 months ago

    How Mr.Moble nonchalantly give you all the specs without putting you to sleep...👌

  • Mikee S
    Mikee S 3 months ago

    SERIOUS QUESTION. I hope you guys can give me your insights, I am contemplating on what phone to buy, LG G6 or SONY XPERIA XZS (and yes I know XZ Premium is better but I don't have the time to wait, and the camera is the same, about the 4k HDR thing, I really don't see myself using it tbh and I kinda don't like the mirror like design, finger print magnet imo, the SD385 might be good for other games and such but from what I see 820 is good enough for me and it's gonna more expensive) SO, can you please tell me if LG G6 IS BETTER THAN XPERIA XZS? BATTERY LIFE? PERFORMANCE? UI? and AUDIO because tbh these are the things that I'll be concern about in the future. Thanks so much

  • marie meneses
    marie meneses 3 months ago

    Could you please compare the camera performance of LG G6 vs. Huawei P10? Thank You.

  • Strelok Gunner
    Strelok Gunner 3 months ago +1

    Definitely getting the V20 over the G6 for the removable battery. Shame it's gone now, buying a phone without a removable battery is buying something that you will want to replace in a year or two. Doesn't matter how good battery life is out the box, it will degrade and you will want to buy a whole new phone.
    All these new android phones are basically iPhones now, and I don't like that at all.

    • Ian Smart
      Ian Smart Month ago

      most phones need to be replaced after a few years anyways. phone technology is increasing so fast, two years is the perfect time to upgrade

    • bigtreesfall
      bigtreesfall 2 months ago

      Strelok Gunner agreed

  • Youssef Elabbassi
    Youssef Elabbassi 3 months ago

    Thanks Mr Mobile for this Review

  • Eko Prasetyo
    Eko Prasetyo 3 months ago

    G6 has just pre-ordered in my country. Looking at the price and bonus/gimmick that LG offered, seems cannot match the Samsung S8's latest infinity design.

    I think LG's price should be second tier below S8 price.

    I love LG, but people in my country is still traumatic bootloop error in G4.

  • Gideon Donker
    Gideon Donker 3 months ago

    Great review!! I like the way Mr Mobile do the reviews, since pocketnow. really honest and detailed. #StayMobileMyFriend

  • Bollywood & Hollywood & Tollywood

    LG G6 is Awesome Dual Camera I love it

  • Paul Bobin
    Paul Bobin 3 months ago +1

    best camera ...nyz display ,G6 is truly competitor for S8

  • Fadil Advance
    Fadil Advance 3 months ago

    Great review. that LG's Flagship smartphone really nice.. great vid btw.. lov itu mate!!!!

  • Thông Trần Duy
    Thông Trần Duy 3 months ago

    thanks to mr.mobile review i just want to get g6 right now
    i still use lg g4 and hold for the best lg next but now i found it😂😂😂

  • Esa Bagus Wahyu Saputra

    i just like how MrMobile review this phone. Classy voice with space-nintendo game theme effect something like that, and of course the Intro is good too. Thats why i subscribe and watch every newest MrMobile video.
    Keep going dude, Love you (y)

  • Johnell Villas
    Johnell Villas 3 months ago

    Nice review man! Well emphasized.Sometimes focusing on what people wants from a smartphone is still the best thing you can offer to them 😊

  • Heesoo Hwang
    Heesoo Hwang 3 months ago

    I love your videos and your humours, it is always fun to watch your videos and thank you for these awesome videos!

  • Youssef Amr
    Youssef Amr 3 months ago

    you are the best thank you keep up do you know you let me choose my phone and these is a massive thing thank you

  • Rounak Sethia
    Rounak Sethia 3 months ago

    loved the idea totally new
    liked your reviews from pocketnow
    Great Job

  • Matthew Nguyễn
    Matthew Nguyễn 3 months ago

    You have a really good eyes. Great photos 👍😮

  • MeN Brack
    MeN Brack 3 months ago

    i love your reviews,the contents and how you do them, you could be an amazing director ahahaha! love and support from italy <3

  • Rohit Madhavan
    Rohit Madhavan 3 months ago

    love all your video they are very informative and always fun to watch

  • Kreepo Res
    Kreepo Res 3 months ago

    does it bootloop?

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne 3 months ago

    top camera phones LG apple

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne 3 months ago

    best camera that goes to the iPhone 7 plus

  • MORThings
    MORThings 3 months ago

    I thought LG tends to be the best at Android updates (outside of Nexus/Pixel phones).

  • Eka Cipta
    Eka Cipta 3 months ago

    Lg g6 or huawei p10 plus?

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