10 Shocking Facts About North Korea

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  • Tyler Owens
    Tyler Owens 2 hours ago

    I find it really scary..

  • D Skills
    D Skills 3 hours ago

    that country is sad

  • John Plunk
    John Plunk 13 hours ago

    Ugh north korea just... wow

  • Annamaria
    Annamaria 14 hours ago

    The fuck

  • Tammy Dao
    Tammy Dao 16 hours ago

    This is so fucked up we need to save the citizens and kill kim

  • rosemary marsh
    rosemary marsh 1 day ago

    My heart goes out to the people who are being totally misled.This is certainly dictatorship.How they have allowed one person to have so much control over everything they do and how they live.My heart really goes out to the poor And unprivileged people.

  • juli peters
    juli peters 1 day ago

    what a fucked up country. lmao as a south korean i hope north korea and south korea never reunite

  • Lydiafied
    Lydiafied 1 day ago

    The hair cut thing is so sexist. Guys can have long hair too. And they should have whatever kind of hair style they want!

  • kevin goldstain
    kevin goldstain 1 day ago

    Yo north Korea sucks

  • Axer MC
    Axer MC 1 day ago

    That country is bullshit

  • Ghostzlayer00
    Ghostzlayer00 1 day ago

    Lucky i was born in sweden o.o i cant imagine to live in isolation from birth to death without knowing about the rest of the world

  • Delirium
    Delirium 2 days ago

    north Korea is a bad state but I know they can change in my Hart it's God's choice

  • winnie marcos
    winnie marcos 3 days ago

    gate of hell dude pray for north korea for there freedom freedom freedom to north korea

  • roynexus6
    roynexus6 3 days ago

    A Communist paradise. Just ask the leaders of the local Communist Party, this is what they have planned for all of you.

  • Atul Raj
    Atul Raj 3 days ago

    You have law for hair cuts..holy fuck you are totally fucked up..!!

  • Samra naqvi
    Samra naqvi 4 days ago

    I think that north Koreans are not even humans... the people are living in a jail... I feel sad for those people...

  • Paul Pogpa
    Paul Pogpa 5 days ago

    Fat crazy kid 😂😂

  • Abdulahi Bashir Abdi

    Every country the media controls the government you should that and you are fucking lie Lady

  • Ole Fella
    Ole Fella 5 days ago +1

    Shocking facts about DPRK?
    Google 'Most Harmonious Nation/China Daily' for cold hard facts.

    • Ole Fella
      Ole Fella 5 days ago

      Google 'Most Harmonious Nation/China Daily' for God's honest truth.

  • Shiny Lycanroc
    Shiny Lycanroc 5 days ago

    Why tf aren't our governments all going against North Korea and at least attempting to save all of those ppl. Honestly how tf r we all doing NOTHING about it.

  • Sᴏᴛᴀʟᴇᴅɪᴢ

    Bomb it

  • OGQhris
    OGQhris 5 days ago

    Why does noth Korea even hav allies

  • KenwolfMC
    KenwolfMC 5 days ago

    would you rather have to live in North Korea or live with hitler

  • kim Jong Un
    kim Jong Un 5 days ago

    North korea is not fucked up shut the hell up....you should visit here

  • Bálint Hizsnyan
    Bálint Hizsnyan 5 days ago

    North Koreans are taught that Kim Jong Un and Il and shit discovered America, made electricity, and peniciline

  • movie sample
    movie sample 5 days ago

    horror movies are not even close to this!

  • anggya puspita
    anggya puspita 5 days ago


  • Melon Guy
    Melon Guy 6 days ago

    The last quistion, what do u think about North Korea

    Fuck the country

  • MagicLion 74
    MagicLion 74 6 days ago +1

    I don't know how a country could be so messed up. Some people are just so messed up and I'm really grateful that I'm living in Australia.

  • saiyan ninjawarriorz

    Fuck North Korea.....

  • Green Tiger
    Green Tiger 6 days ago

    screw this place

  • Domenico Napolitano
    Domenico Napolitano 6 days ago

    Did you also make a video about ridiculous facts in USA?

  • Naveeda Ahmed
    Naveeda Ahmed 6 days ago


  • Mayur Khairnar
    Mayur Khairnar 7 days ago

    Trully HELL on the EARTH. After watching this video i realize that we have more then enough freedom in our country unlike north korea. I can not even imagine about the rule of television channel omg!!! How can u force people to watch one person's news all the time and no update from rest of the world. I cant even imagine how tough it is to survive there. I pray for north korea that one day it will be free from all this rules and will connect to rest of the world.

  • Stone INC
    Stone INC 7 days ago +1

    I wanna take a shit in kins hair then rip out his hair I hate him

  • Jayson Nicolas
    Jayson Nicolas 7 days ago +1

    fuck north korea

  • Its_Saul
    Its_Saul 7 days ago

    Kim is into that kinky ass shit..

  • Sticky bomb games
    Sticky bomb games 7 days ago

    Fuck north korea

  • Avelution Locos
    Avelution Locos 7 days ago


  • Carl CJ Johnson
    Carl CJ Johnson 8 days ago

    This country is fucked up my boys.

  • Antonio Kisto
    Antonio Kisto 8 days ago

    that sucks but at least were in the USA

  • HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A.

    All said and done joking aside. If it's good enough for the north. It's good enough for me. Leave em alone. That's what he doesn't want.

  • Razor xD
    Razor xD 8 days ago

    you know even if i will die after that if i ever gone see that Kim Jong-Un not protected gone kill the bastard at least if they will not have a leader hope they will use their mind and create a normal country

  • Michele Frisoli
    Michele Frisoli 8 days ago

    still have a higher literacy rate than America

  • Rajdeep Singh
    Rajdeep Singh 8 days ago

    Living hell

  • MOD NJ
    MOD NJ 8 days ago

    hmm...potatoes & veggie crops cultivated w/ Human Shit. The blessings from the Great Leader are plentiful...

  • zayn tv
    zayn tv 8 days ago

    Forget alquaida north korea id our enemy

  • Azmin Izzuddin
    Azmin Izzuddin 8 days ago

    Kim Jong Un... Please fucking die... PLEASE!!!!... I feel bad for north Korean people 😢... The leader only make their people suffer n suffer

  • Ak Empire
    Ak Empire 8 days ago

    wtf punished not sad enough

  • Nahin Taba
    Nahin Taba 9 days ago

    I knew about pulgasari, the kidnapping and the propaganda tele

  • Mk Varma
    Mk Varma 9 days ago

    is it necessary for just one man to be alive !!

  • Smokin4CHRIST
    Smokin4CHRIST 9 days ago

    Any hair dyes allowed? Some of my hair 30cm long, but does being old tourist allow such a act of defiance? You provide desk for school does this mean you can take it back when finished education. Kim Jung-Un-hung seems to have small dick syndrome. Can you take sweets in or against customs and border control? Fertilizer, Kim himself so full off shit he should be able to fertilize the whole of NK.

  • Chris S
    Chris S 9 days ago

    Reputedly Kim Jong Un does not defecate ....probably why he's so full of.......

  • Chris S
    Chris S 9 days ago

    Welcome to the Twilight Zone

  • Pedro Lozano
    Pedro Lozano 9 days ago


  • Catherine Frasquillo

    Disgusting! put your dam shirt on uglyman.

  • Carol Thecat
    Carol Thecat 9 days ago

    Someone should stick that nuclear missile up Kim John Ills arse and launch it in to outer space!

  • Kim Taehyung's OFC Wifeu

    Fuxk you north Korea , I love you south korea

  • Lone Wolf Aniket
    Lone Wolf Aniket 10 days ago

    man that fat noob Kim make north Korean publics noob

  • Frances Rosas
    Frances Rosas 10 days ago

    I'm glad I am in America and I live in a free country

  • abedabun dawn
    abedabun dawn 10 days ago

    This is what obammy and the clintons want for America.

  • jajden 252
    jajden 252 10 days ago +1

    North Korea is literally panem from the hunger games... "If we burn, you burn with us!!!"

  • Just Shannyy
    Just Shannyy 10 days ago

    What I'm thinking is how do people outside North Korea know this

  • Ryan Lind
    Ryan Lind 10 days ago

    South Korea is so different from North Korea, North Korea basically brainwashes their citizens.

    BOXY THE CAT 10 days ago

    WW3 WW3 WW3 WW3 WW3 WW3 WW3

  • Arjun Dhir
    Arjun Dhir 11 days ago

    no pizza!!!!!!!

  • Anwar Ali
    Anwar Ali 11 days ago

    imagine if most of counties adobt they way that north korians did

  • Lizette Maldonado
    Lizette Maldonado 11 days ago

    this fat corean is bipolar

  • javid lone
    javid lone 11 days ago

    north korea shld b sttacked nf dictator shld b killed

  • Greatspy
    Greatspy 11 days ago

    this is real life attack on titan's country

  • Noureddine Elaroussi
    Noureddine Elaroussi 12 days ago

    Shit, I will have to delete my previous comment, I just found out I'm going to North Korea next month!

  • Noureddine Elaroussi
    Noureddine Elaroussi 12 days ago

    Kim shit piss is a fine leader, he managed to turn millions of citizens into sheep, baaaah...baaaah...

  • Get Juicy
    Get Juicy 12 days ago


  • destroyer of kings
    destroyer of kings 12 days ago +2

    hey why did kim jong un's dad die

    because he was kim jong ill

  • Alex Ursu
    Alex Ursu 12 days ago

    This makes Romania look as rich as Germany !

  • Jim Clarke
    Jim Clarke 13 days ago

    Fat little pig, soon to become bacon ))

  • Leon Springs Boys TV
    Leon Springs Boys TV 13 days ago

    send over some nice Aryan sized dildos... those Korean women will all revolt and defect to the USA once they try a real man's penis

  • Aparecido Cunha
    Aparecido Cunha 13 days ago


  • Aparecido Cunha
    Aparecido Cunha 13 days ago


  • R Sampat Kumar
    R Sampat Kumar 13 days ago

    India is better than ne

  • Device
    Device 13 days ago

    Korea suck

  • Big Tom
    Big Tom 13 days ago

    What a douche bag leader and his douche bag calendar. Oh, that's a great douche bag hair cut - you should keep that wonder for yourself only.

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  • ashuri
    ashuri 14 days ago

    This country is so fucked up

  • claude dubois
    claude dubois 14 days ago

    In north Korea, they are in 105 Juche calender
    In the roman empire, the new year began at the spring equinox and years were counted from the foundation of Rome(-754).
    When christians took power, they changed the calender:
    September means 7
    October : 8
    November : 9
    December : 10

    Communists did what christians did in the 4th century.

  • Yuvaraja Yuvas
    Yuvaraja Yuvas 14 days ago

    fucker u North Korea pig

  • Sniper Bijuu
    Sniper Bijuu 14 days ago

    Arabic too not using Georgian calendar

  • UnderdogLawyercat101
    UnderdogLawyercat101 14 days ago

    I hope there are traitors in NK who wanted freedom and immidiately ileminate this bastard named Kim

  • Rosalind Walters
    Rosalind Walters 15 days ago

    the country should be eradicated from the face of the earth......what a evil place..

  • Art TheLastHitter
    Art TheLastHitter 15 days ago

    Now i know the truth My country is better than this Shitty kim country not the citizien

  • Quis Cole
    Quis Cole 15 days ago

    North Korea is a big ass prison.

  • Marjorie Nardini
    Marjorie Nardini 15 days ago

    You Tube...land of the free, home of the troll..God bless America

  • Puspanjali Basnett
    Puspanjali Basnett 15 days ago

    i want to cuddle !!

  • Ed Rios
    Ed Rios 15 days ago


  • orangesheepdog
    orangesheepdog 15 days ago

    Pizza is banned in North Korea...

    How can the people bear such excruciating torment?

  • ない
    ない 16 days ago


  • epic535 lastname535
    epic535 lastname535 16 days ago

    damn i know this is off topic but i want a choco pie do they make them in the u.s. ???

  • animes webs
    animes webs 16 days ago

    lol this rules make me sick

  • UNicedMe
    UNicedMe 16 days ago

    Bullshit, South Korea uses human waste on their rice fields North Korea never has. Their fertilizers are very advanced.

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