10 Shocking Facts About North Korea

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  6 days ago +15

    Hi everyone! Check out this video : tvclip.org/video/tpwjeRMvwnM/

  • Otto von Bismarck

    lmao, now yall know how life in former soviet union and other communist countries in eastern europe was

  • It's Kawaii GamerGirl
    It's Kawaii GamerGirl 4 hours ago

    why we can't go to north Korea only South, long long long long long long ago Japanese and Korea they are Chinese but now they don't.

  • Mira tv
    Mira tv 6 hours ago

    I'm happy that i was not born at north korea

  • sudha R
    sudha R 6 hours ago

    I born lucky in India freedom and democratic country. .. happyyy

  • sudha R
    sudha R 6 hours ago

    all together let's save north koreans

  • Bhartiya Teenagers
    Bhartiya Teenagers 8 hours ago +1


  • Lea
    Lea 11 hours ago

    i hope kim jong un dies. north koreans deserve better lives than this

  • Sharmosa _
    Sharmosa _ 19 hours ago

    This fucker is the reason why I joined the marines

  • Larry bobson Butternubs

    At 1:31 why are they using American currency

  • Alan Ross
    Alan Ross Day ago +2

    What a joke that Fucking Government is !!!

  • AnYtHiNg AmAzInG
    AnYtHiNg AmAzInG Day ago +1

    This happen when you treat human as god...

  • Faraonul 2015
    Faraonul 2015 Day ago

    This video is a lie

  • Devonte Weekes
    Devonte Weekes Day ago

    Wow....sad just sad😑

  • Randomweirdness Stuff

    Trump ain't that bad hating this country.

  • Morel Ray
    Morel Ray Day ago

    Rien a craindre de Pyongyang une couille mole

  • Free Man
    Free Man 2 days ago

    USA politics are not better..!!!?. Who launched atomic bomb..!! ?
    Who continue to kill around the world..!!??
    Sham on American politics

  • Roberto Hernandez
    Roberto Hernandez 2 days ago

    Sira ulo ung lider

  • Konsam Julian Singh
    Konsam Julian Singh 2 days ago

    modern Hitler regime in NK

  • Mark Ronn Francisco
    Mark Ronn Francisco 2 days ago

    What a weird country.. lucky am I.. I was borne at democratic country..

  • How to Make Stuff
    How to Make Stuff 2 days ago +1

    Imagine if he would of changed and opened up after his father died. Talk about a missed opportunity to be brilliant.

  • Mary Narro
    Mary Narro 2 days ago

    After seein this i know why they hate us all over jelousy theyre government suck ass their founding fathers suck ass their beliefs suck ass its ridiculous how theyre government are all fucked

  • 라이레즈에리키

    Ok ok..we are so lucky because we aren't born in North Korea 😅

  • Tangina Nyo
    Tangina Nyo 3 days ago

    douche calendar ha

  • josefina Balolong
    josefina Balolong 3 days ago


  • Outerflesh Entertainment

    OMG if you don't mourn and mourn enough for 100 days, then to the labor camps you go. That is pretty terrible.

  • Pratyaksh gaur
    Pratyaksh gaur 3 days ago

    Very Helpful Always look upto u guys for new updates ❤️

  • May Rivera
    May Rivera 3 days ago

    So Philippines is better than north korea then

    THENTHANG HAOKIP 3 days ago

    Fat pig baby is dangerous for us..now he had a neuclear bomb....

  • Adila bn
    Adila bn 3 days ago

    Better than K-pop

  • Tapan Kumar Sen
    Tapan Kumar Sen 4 days ago


    KRISH THAKKAR 4 days ago

    Nk is a big black hole on milkyway haha

  • Ali Ahtsham
    Ali Ahtsham 4 days ago


  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 4 days ago

    Omg he is hairy

  • it'sjackanimation's
    it'sjackanimation's 4 days ago


  • Carmeled Gapple
    Carmeled Gapple 4 days ago

    How do they get fertilizer if they don't feed their people anything

  • Rayann Greger
    Rayann Greger 4 days ago


  • 1 1
    1 1 4 days ago

    I want to fact his mouth

  • Passerby 88222
    Passerby 88222 4 days ago

    Fat Pig Kim Jong Un starves his people~~100-lb men and 70 lb women

  • Marvelous Beats
    Marvelous Beats 4 days ago

    It's sad that you're forced to mourn for a dictator who didn't give two fucks about his people. As long as that weird looking MF was living well, not much else mattered. Instead of feeding your people, they spend millions of dollars on buildings (which a lot haven't even been completed) and your bs army.The people need to take over and get Kim out of power.

  • Protacio Corate
    Protacio Corate 4 days ago

    To all North Koreans *********************** suck my dick and kiss my shitty arse. Hahahahahahahahahah what a dumbfuck cocksucking motherfucking brain damaged monkey brains these North Koreans ! ahahahahahahahahahahahahah ! Fuck you all !

  • Audible Magician
    Audible Magician 4 days ago

    Someone in North Korea needs to assassinate that faggot and be free

    BLACK HAT 5 days ago

    North Korean propaganda has nothing on American propaganda! Just look at all the comments from the gullible American's who believe everything they see on TV/Internet, and are calling on the American military to "help" I wonder where all this anti North Korean nonsense is coming from? You don't see this anti North Korean propaganda in Europe! Question things a bit more!

  • cannotfindavoice
    cannotfindavoice 5 days ago

    The North Koreans need to group together to overthrow this crazy leader, the man is mad. How much more are they willing to put up with this man !

  • amta hameed khan
    amta hameed khan 5 days ago +2

    may Allah put mercy in their king's heart.... i feel soo lucky that Pakistan is my country and i live freely♥♥
    i am really feel bad for north koreans wish them luck

  • Carl Alvin Jallorina

    oh what an idiot.

  • Tony Ronald
    Tony Ronald 5 days ago +1

    War with north Korea and the inncocent will die. Why not Korea, Russia and the USA send in special forces to free inmates from the prisons as this would surely open the eyes of nOrth Koreans even military away from the camps. Arm these freed people and let a revolution start within North Korea that can then be supported from outside and would surely end in the death of the fat slob who who should have died a long time ago.When he dies it should be slowly with devastating pain inflicted on him.

  • Derick Etcobanez
    Derick Etcobanez 5 days ago

    I hope that the US troops capture this pig alive and I want him to be tortured!

  • Bee Beeswax
    Bee Beeswax 5 days ago

    This is crazy.

  • Fabian Hernandez
    Fabian Hernandez 5 days ago

    Fuck north korea

  • Sadaqat Latif
    Sadaqat Latif 5 days ago

    curs cunt leader kim Jon un the bad animal

  • Sadaqat Latif
    Sadaqat Latif 5 days ago +1

    I m happy to born in Karachi Pakistan

  • Omar Khan
    Omar Khan 5 days ago

    love north karia from pakistan

  • Happy Happy
    Happy Happy 5 days ago

    I hate his hair. So. Much. It's so douchey

  • James Smith
    James Smith 6 days ago

    Only Kim Jong can rock the 90's beaner hair cut.

  • Praful Timande
    Praful Timande 6 days ago

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  • bikash baishnab
    bikash baishnab 6 days ago

    Kim jong uh sucks his dads dick and his dad piss in his face . While doing anal Kim jong uh farted in his dads dick ,that is why his dad died. I fell bad for Kim's dad so I am flushing his photo in my toilet show that his soul lives in peace .

  • jrveloria
    jrveloria 6 days ago

    I'm outrage the way North Korea has control over its citizens,.
    A heartless leader with no remorse to Hamanity. Instead of making peace and taking care of its citizens, Nuclear arsenals is it's main priority. Power , Greed , and arrogance will be this leader's down fall. Another Hitler wanna be. Where is the love? Where is the peace. Looking at the pictures I see all North Korean citizens are skinny and fit due to starvation or lack of nutrients. But their dictator is fat. What a image to portray to the world. "I make my people work to eat, and worship me, while I order my government to manufacture nuclear arsenals, and have Mc.Donalds flown in everyday to look the way that I am "
    Evil doesn't need to have a definition.for this Kim kong dude!

  • sound-streamer june79

    can i kill him?! please command me!

  • jhon jansen
    jhon jansen 6 days ago

    whorse as nazi germany!!

  • Boi1Da TheCreator
    Boi1Da TheCreator 6 days ago

    I'm so blessed to live in the land of the free 🇺🇸

  • JL Maxwell
    JL Maxwell 6 days ago

    Let him watch what happened in Vietnam. Many of us are still alive and have children in the service now that just wants to take his head on a pole. We are chomping at the bit to kill him and free his slaves from oppression.

  • JL Maxwell
    JL Maxwell 6 days ago

    We he doesn't know until now..We want his head on a post. We thirst for his death. He has the reaper at his door.

  • JL Maxwell
    JL Maxwell 6 days ago

    This fat pig will die soon. Take that to the bank. America is pissed off and we are only playing his game for a short time. He will go down within the next 4 years.

    • John Kim
      John Kim 6 days ago

      Let's say, the US invades NK.
      1. NK will launch their missiles at South Korea and Japan.
      2. Many South Koreans and Japanese people will die.
      3. US Invasion would cause many innocent civilian causalities, both NK and SK.

      To make it straight, if anyone in the world provoke NK, WW3 will probably start and the entire world will be thrown into chaos.

  • Solus
    Solus 6 days ago

    i fucking hate n.korea

  • DarkNontix
    DarkNontix 6 days ago

    Now which would you prefer Donald Trump Or kim jun un

    TheCOMMONSENSEMEDIA 6 days ago

    The US should assassinate Kim Un so the people can have a life. Beside culture, beliefs or language humans are humans. I am ashamed that our government doesn't assassinate that bastard and let the people once again be human.

    • John Kim
      John Kim 6 days ago

      Let's say, the US invades NK.
      1. NK will launch their missiles at South Korea and Japan.
      2. Many South Koreans and Japanese people will die.
      3. US Invasion would cause many innocent civilian causalities, both NK and SK.

      To make it straight, if anyone in the world provoke NK, WW3 will probably start and the entire world will be thrown into chaos.

      Or, in your scenario, assassinate Kim Jong Un.
      1. We kill the one and only leader of NK, causing the entire country to fall into chaos.
      2. Kim Jong Un's rumored daughter is too young to assume leadership.
      3. This will result in Kim Jong Un's numerous military generals trying to take control of the "crown"
      4. The entire country is thrown into chaos, and while some civilians can escape, most will die. This means children, elderly, young, old.... they will die from hunger from the lack of control and leadership. It will be WAY worse than what it is now.

  • Andrea Foster
    Andrea Foster 6 days ago

    Thank you for more insight on North Korea

  • Super Foxy 102
    Super Foxy 102 6 days ago

    I knew all of this!

  • KraljAlek
    KraljAlek 6 days ago

    If John McCain was president, America would look similar to North Korea

  • Ahmet Cakir
    Ahmet Cakir 6 days ago

    This man is braveheart and hope he blasts the nuclears in heart of usa ..americans deserve suffering after they made many nations suffered for decades .. world hate usa ...

  • poochyface1
    poochyface1 6 days ago

    He needs allot of prayers. If that is possible.

  • prevail223
    prevail223 6 days ago

    I wonder if Kim jong fuckface ever watches these videos and reads the comments. If So, Kim your a fat piece of shit.

  • Raimon Eleven
    Raimon Eleven 6 days ago

    My birthday is April 15th 2000, how awful

  • jayashree b
    jayashree b 6 days ago

    I really feel very sad for the people of North Korea

  • mark michael
    mark michael 7 days ago

    Dont let american paid media and presstitute!!influence ur mind! North korea has no nuclear and not a threat! Nocor has so many minerals in that country and america wants to steal that.. america is our true enemy

    THE DRAMA LLAMA 7 days ago

    What no hentai

    Rather kill myself then go to north Korea

  • Benz Wirth
    Benz Wirth 7 days ago

    Wow kim jung un only cares about himself >:*(


    hope US will be a normal country that mind its business and stop bugging with others countries things, we did not ask then to help, after all they usually help traitors.........

  • Subhajit Mukherjee
    Subhajit Mukherjee 7 days ago

    those who deny freedom for others does not deserve it for themselves

  • misho matov
    misho matov 7 days ago

    I think trump have to nuke north korea

    • John Kim
      John Kim 6 days ago

      Your "Spray and Pray" method of figuring things out is ridiculously idiotic...

  • Abraham Nicollas
    Abraham Nicollas 7 days ago

    kim il sang is probably in hell now lmao

  • Thomas Nartey
    Thomas Nartey 7 days ago

    This is awful.!!

  • Sub4A Cookie
    Sub4A Cookie 7 days ago +1

    U know you can acually legit 100'/, you can buy choco pies in australia in supermarkets no joke

  • CombatMr
    CombatMr 7 days ago

    Another shocking fact is that he is fat as fuck

  • Jackielou Vasquez
    Jackielou Vasquez 7 days ago

    kill that fat guy

  • prolo
    prolo 7 days ago

    How isn't the dude dead yet??

  • Erol Polat
    Erol Polat 7 days ago

    Kim joung un is very sexy 😂😂😂😂 lol

    PULOK GOGOI 7 days ago

    get ready guys,we suppose to have an additional chapter korean revolution in our syllebus soon

  • Ray Roa
    Ray Roa 7 days ago

    thank God I wasn't born in North Korea.

  • feliciano Barclona
    feliciano Barclona 7 days ago

    Kim where ur bom

  • Joe hernandez
    Joe hernandez 7 days ago

    Is all about jesus

  • Finch Fam
    Finch Fam 7 days ago

    Show thats how the president in noth koria got fat

  • Marec Huber
    Marec Huber 7 days ago

    Kim Un reminds me of a pig with no wings ! Oppressing his people while he eats and lives in luxury !?!

    • John Kim
      John Kim 5 days ago


    • Marec Huber
      Marec Huber 5 days ago

      John Kim Very very sharp of you to notice lol !

    • John Kim
      John Kim 6 days ago

      But pigs don't have wings?

  • J elhaj
    J elhaj 7 days ago

    Reminds me being a kid hearing about big bad Cuba and Fidel. Say what you will about Fidel. Cuba survived countless storms, embargo's, and famine. Its amazing what some nations can endure. The north Koreans are obviously a very tough group who will be a great addition to the world some day hopefully.

  • xia vite
    xia vite 7 days ago

    sad truth about NK.. God will have His a severe punishment to this guy!... his people suffered severe depression and low less life because of his craziness.. God pls send an angel to save this people.

  • Karen Moody
    Karen Moody 7 days ago

    North Korea is a despotic controlled county. God help all the believers in this brutal nation!

  • Oliver Reads
    Oliver Reads 7 days ago

    Clearly, Communism leads to greatness.

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