ESCAPING Office Building AFTER Alarm Triggers

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  • KiemPlant Games
    KiemPlant Games 3 hours ago

    Lol why so they even let the alarm make sound at that height in the night ,haha. It's only useful to know that it got *tRIgGeReD*

  • Bakkula
    Bakkula 13 hours ago

    motion detector? certainly looked like one

  • MyLeoIs RUDE
    MyLeoIs RUDE 1 day ago

    Damn he booked the fuck out of there real quick

  • Master 7734
    Master 7734 1 day ago

    Your camera is trash

  • Lol Bro
    Lol Bro 1 day ago

    Ladders like
    "Walk in here, come on. Just climb me please
    *alarm sounds*

  • Evan Staley
    Evan Staley 1 day ago

    Why couldn't you get on to a road and travel that way? Whyd you have to go through private property to get back?

  • AxleAddict
    AxleAddict 1 day ago

    hold my beer

    alarm goes off

    books it

  • MrNinjaGamer
    MrNinjaGamer 1 day ago

    1:06 when your gf say she home alone

  • randy H.
    randy H. 1 day ago

    I love the feeling of REALLY running from something ( as I have a few times in my life)

  • Richelle Lagacé
    Richelle Lagacé 2 days ago

    so calm and then FUCK GOTTA GO 😂 i actually got a little scared by the alarm... i didnt expect it would go so quick 🤔

  • LilDex
    LilDex 2 days ago

    the difference is I'm not exploring I'm looting them shits

  • LilDex
    LilDex 2 days ago

    This is A Detroit or B russia

  • FelipeL67
    FelipeL67 4 days ago

    4:04 not found

  • paul Gilroy
    paul Gilroy 4 days ago

    Why would some one sneek into a building still in use

  • Scary Terry
    Scary Terry 4 days ago

    It looks like outlast

  • PorkDump
    PorkDump 4 days ago +1

    Sure you didn't steal anything but you could still be charged with trespassing my man

  • cainster
    cainster 4 days ago

    The one drawback to your adventure is that you brought back Lord Voldemort. I know it was an accident, but still...dude. Seriously. Thanks a lot.

  • Squilly Meister
    Squilly Meister 4 days ago

    when you're playing Shadow Raid and someone trips the alarm

  • Andrew The Gamer
    Andrew The Gamer 4 days ago

    What is that down the office???

  • GaZ BeaR
    GaZ BeaR 5 days ago

    seems more like a motion tracking alarm

  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 days ago

    escape from tarkov is this guys channel

  • DaRoflDoflZz
    DaRoflDoflZz 5 days ago

    Give this man a bow.

  • Elliot Fawkes
    Elliot Fawkes 6 days ago

    Cue metroid escape music

  • The Movie
    The Movie 7 days ago


  • TheCubing Nut
    TheCubing Nut 7 days ago

    'Gotta find a more low profile route'. runs through more people's property

  • Adiva Zahwa
    Adiva Zahwa 7 days ago

    feels like watching a real Mirror Edge.

  • 4bu1
    4bu1 9 days ago

    This would be pretty neat to do (in abandoned places, I don't want to break into anyone's place if it's still in use). The only thing stopping me is that any places like this in the US are bound to have all kinds of shady people in them.

    TTHBLOX /BIONICLE 9 days ago

    when the alarm went off.. and he started running.. in my head.. horrormovie music played instandly... wtf

  • MyNameIsStev
    MyNameIsStev 9 days ago

    That way you say "As fast as possible" so calmly is just so amazing

  • Muhamad Syahdewa
    Muhamad Syahdewa 9 days ago

    Payday 2 Stealth heist in a nutshell

  • YISUS McCrazy
    YISUS McCrazy 10 days ago

    It is not the same place as the bomb shelter of the URRS?

  • Kanzkat 420
    Kanzkat 420 10 days ago

    **insert metroid auto-destruction sequence music here**

  • Antipodean33
    Antipodean33 13 days ago

    That happened to me and I know how it feels when the alarm starts screaming, the millisecond you hear it your legs are running before your brain even engages what to do. It's good for cardio workout though, really gets the blood pumping, not to mention the adrenalin rush.  After you got away did you feel a little sick in the stomach, I did

    KEEGO 13 days ago

    "Run bitch, RUNNNN"

  • PitMaster333
    PitMaster333 18 days ago

    dude why did your recording mess up.

  • Zach Rodriguez
    Zach Rodriguez 19 days ago

    The same thing happened with me when I was exploring my college's basement. I was down in an area that wasn't being used, and I opened a door that I shouldn't have. I ran to the elevator as quickly as I could, went up to the main floor, the calmly walked out of the building. I wasn't caught, but I'm never gonna open up doors that have alarm panels next to them.

  • Maxwell Ritz
    Maxwell Ritz 19 days ago

    I once set off an alarm like that in the capital building...

  • tarapapi
    tarapapi 22 days ago

    Man I'd love to do shit like this visit old abandoned places
    their mysteriousness is what intrigues me and the fact that you never know what you'll find

  • Qua-Z
    Qua-Z 23 days ago

    this would be a good setting to a horror movie

  • Abal Gamarn
    Abal Gamarn 24 days ago

    For heavens sake, use a red filter on your flashlight. Bright white light in empty dark buildings will draw attention from everyone in sight, especially at night.

  • tmanepic
    tmanepic 24 days ago

    Was the alarm attached to the door or someone saw you and triggered it?

  • GoProHero
    GoProHero 25 days ago

    Always switch the lamp off...

  • Isaiah Cowins
    Isaiah Cowins 25 days ago

    I had my headphones to the max and when the alarm went off i freakin threw my tablet lol

  • Being Thug BD
    Being Thug BD 25 days ago

    that alarm makes me laugh

  • Luis Valdez
    Luis Valdez 26 days ago

    So an alarm went off in the building you trespassed on? Shocking. Almost unbelievable.

  • amanda50166
    amanda50166 27 days ago

    why go in a office building

  • Anghau
    Anghau 27 days ago

    What happened to the camera at 1:56? ;-;

  • Francisco Rojas
    Francisco Rojas 28 days ago

    Excellent graphics hope it doesn't get downgraded in the final release.

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer 29 days ago

    1:52 This new episode of Marble Hornets looks good

  • Sky Adict
    Sky Adict 29 days ago

    rofl that basement tho xD

  • MagicWaffle199
    MagicWaffle199 29 days ago

    I would've dipped so fast and kinda feel bad for the guy who fell in the water

  • HistoryHunter
    HistoryHunter 29 days ago

    they would have found my body there.died from natural causes,heart attack....

  • Alex Chu
    Alex Chu 1 month ago

    Why is the basement of the office building flooded?

  • Scoutex
    Scoutex 1 month ago

    OMG, the last time, I watched your videos, you had 30k!
    Congrats! Damn :D

  • Lord Sandwich
    Lord Sandwich 1 month ago

    You guys could make an epic horror movie!

  • rayping yu
    rayping yu 1 month ago

    calm down avg police response time is 12 minutes lol

  • James Vance
    James Vance 1 month ago

    That gave me literal fucking heart failure

  • Jacket
    Jacket 1 month ago

    That is fucking terrifying.

  • Lil Poverty
    Lil Poverty 1 month ago

    yooo this funny asllll

  • Karol Grabiec
    Karol Grabiec 1 month ago +9


  • JPK589
    JPK589 1 month ago

    Jesus the Alarm Scared me i'm Using Ear Phone's btw so it Scared meh

  • Doctor Spooks
    Doctor Spooks 1 month ago

    Breaking news!
    A man gets views WITHOUT using clickbait!
    The way he does it is not yet known

  • n3 77
    n3 77 1 month ago

    Search it up

  • jason sweeney
    jason sweeney 1 month ago

    snake, snake, SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE.

  • حسين الميلي
    حسين الميلي 1 month ago

    سبحان الله العظيم

  • Sebas
    Sebas 1 month ago +1

    balls of steel

  • MrZxhy6
    MrZxhy6 1 month ago +3

    In Soviet Russia, building escape you!

  • Jazz4YourSoul
    Jazz4YourSoul 1 month ago

    So tempted to mix Payday 2 "Point of no return" music with this.. but I won't ..

  • Ben Saoi
    Ben Saoi 1 month ago


  • Sky OGrady
    Sky OGrady 1 month ago

    did you hear that noise before the alarm went off

  • Gmoney Records
    Gmoney Records 1 month ago

    Omg you got scared as fuck bro. Hahaha good video

  • The Derpmeister
    The Derpmeister 1 month ago

    Fells like these are the future stalkers of the zone

  • Hotel? Trivago
    Hotel? Trivago 1 month ago

    Love your channel, the videos actually contain what the titles mention.

  • rwatt5931
    rwatt5931 1 month ago

    Feet don't fail me now!

  • RandomGamesEnZooiTO Tanki Online

    best video ever

  • blus4
    blus4 1 month ago

    The new STALKER game looks pretty good.

  • Another Gregg Account
    Another Gregg Account 1 month ago

    payday 3 leaked gameplay footage
    payday 2 leaked DLC trailer

  • Momax Maxwell
    Momax Maxwell 1 month ago

    steal some of it

  • Kanecobe
    Kanecobe 1 month ago

    okay but how scary is it to think that you might not have triggered the alarm...

  • John D
    John D 1 month ago

    This is called breaking and entering in most coutrys

  • Brutal Gamer1010
    Brutal Gamer1010 1 month ago

    He sounds Russian or something

  • Un român
    Un român 1 month ago

    Are alarms the same all over Lithuania? This sounds exactly the same as the nightclub alarm

    MMA CINEMA 1 month ago

    damn he got out that jam on even on camera his body movements was quick usually everything seems slower

    ANTHONY CABALLERO 1 month ago

    You should use NVG's

  • a l i e n
    a l i e n 1 month ago

    when you hear your parents coming downstairs when you're getting a snack at 3am

  • Universes
    Universes 1 month ago

    you triggered the fire escape door, nice going buddy.

  • Martin Wölfing
    Martin Wölfing 1 month ago

    this is freaky awesome

  • Rastaman
    Rastaman 1 month ago

    Opening doors is insta alarm dewd.

  • mnicrashSoren
    mnicrashSoren 1 month ago

    that was the fastest dart through a building I have ever seen you are definitely nuts lol thank you for being nuts

  • Yakhont
    Yakhont 1 month ago

    rumor has it that the alarm is still going off. awesome channel. But please carry a firearm.

  • Christian Morini
    Christian Morini 1 month ago


  • ᴏᴅɪᴏᴜs ᴏᴅɪᴜᴍ

    Yours videos are awesome man me and my friend have been in situations exactly like that and out reaction is exactly the same to lol shit gets scary sometimes

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 1 month ago

    this reminds me of the start of takyon

  • brother's Ramirez
    brother's Ramirez 1 month ago

    join the creed

  • nelson franco
    nelson franco 1 month ago

    Nah bruh the fastest dip I have ever seen 😂😂 shit said 0 to 60 In .5 seconds

  • GTA Roger
    GTA Roger 1 month ago +1

    !oht oediv taerG .ffo og ot tuo🅱a saw ti gniwonk em etipsed em deracs mrala eht ,H🅱T
    ...em htiw era🅱 os ffo txet sdrawkca🅱 siht nrut ot woh aedi on evah i ,wt🅱

  • Evan Roberson
    Evan Roberson 1 month ago

    that alarm is hella scary

  • Sweet Poatoe
    Sweet Poatoe 1 month ago

    is this office building for midgets

  • Pink Betta
    Pink Betta 1 month ago

    ohh shit

  • Roze Z
    Roze Z 1 month ago

    so do you just do these things to show its that it's possible?

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