Google's DeepMind AI just taught itself to walk

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  • Google's artificial intelligence company, DeepMind, has developed an AI that has managed to learn how to walk, run, jump, and climb without any prior guidance. The result is as impressive as it is goofy.

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  • worlds worst compliment
    worlds worst compliment 9 minutes ago


  • Denny Spence
    Denny Spence 19 minutes ago

    Mars 0:57 or not..

  • erick gomez
    erick gomez 20 minutes ago

    Gasp! The titans are google AIs :0

  • Incyray ThunderDark
    Incyray ThunderDark 21 minute ago

    It's using the arms as counterbalances to keep from falling over

  • mia pinnick
    mia pinnick 23 minutes ago

    This fucker taught itself to run and I couldn't even make a working Bamzooki or beat QWOP

  • EndMe End
    EndMe End 30 minutes ago

    They're learning

  • Minority: Ember_Lynx
    Minority: Ember_Lynx 31 minute ago

    Now if only we could find a hot dog with legs and show it the far superior method of walking

  • Lord Gigensthatin
    Lord Gigensthatin 35 minutes ago

    thanks for showing us things what we used for years

  • Mifune X Baka
    Mifune X Baka 48 minutes ago

    So this is how titans run.

  • Generation D Gaming
    Generation D Gaming 49 minutes ago

    Thats kinda creepy

  • 7amo0ody007
    7amo0ody007 52 minutes ago +1

    It's more funny how the comments keep making jokes and forgot that the fact if an AI can teach it self how to walk...why can it teach it self how to destroy the human race? Just sayin...anyone wants pizza ??

  • ADjustinG2013
    ADjustinG2013 1 hour ago

    So, weiners can learn how to walk?

  • Jason Stover
    Jason Stover 1 hour ago

    LOL maybe it knows something we dont? LOL run through an obstacle course in the same way. Please, please film that and put it on Youtube. Perhaps they should show it millions of images of humans walking and running and apply that to what it has learned about the courses they show in this video. Then it can combine the two into what would amount to something slightly better than an average or even above average human.

  • Rumpleman456
    Rumpleman456 1 hour ago

    Do you want a robot uprising? Cause this is how you get a robot uprising

  • Ricardo de Lemos
    Ricardo de Lemos 1 hour ago

    I think they gave some weird anime and naruto running compilations for the AI to watch and it developed this shit. Pretty good tho

  • Playboy Doge
    Playboy Doge 1 hour ago

    1:32 when the crack finally hits

  • Exinferris
    Exinferris 1 hour ago

    I suppose it will be less disturbing running from a four legged hunter, than hiding from a bipedal variant.

  • Hunter Shiflett
    Hunter Shiflett 1 hour ago

    1:40 when your in a moving rock band

  • Ethereal Float
    Ethereal Float 1 hour ago

    This is not good though... it means AI will not need humans to teach them things in the future :0 They will take over the world

  • Milan David
    Milan David 1 hour ago


  • ADCF Productions
    ADCF Productions 1 hour ago

    Pretty soon, it will teach itself how to dominate the world and eradicate every human on the planet. If you want proof, watch the Terminator.

  • jimmy
    jimmy 1 hour ago


  • Allen Wood
    Allen Wood 2 hours ago

    How long until it realizes how inefficient we are and opts to replace us with more efficient... Models?

  • M. S. G.
    M. S. G. 2 hours ago

    truly amazing and hilarious

  • BremCrumbs
    BremCrumbs 2 hours ago

    Well I mean if I see a terminator running towards me at least I know I wont be shot with precision accuracy.

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas 3 hours ago

    They're learning.

  • TheHuskyK9
    TheHuskyK9 3 hours ago

    1:32 Me when the pizza man arrives

  • Noah Culp
    Noah Culp 4 hours ago

    *Attack on Titan music plays*

  • friendly heavy
    friendly heavy 4 hours ago

    that's why the future of humanity is fucked.. robots will learn more than we know.

  • Inlustris
    Inlustris 5 hours ago

    The humanoid figure...... I guess thats how we should run to reduce drag lol, most aerodynamic way to run..
    That's if they added drag to those virtual environments lol

  • どら猫
    どら猫 5 hours ago

    Maybe it learned how to walk by watching Monty Python.

  • Lutz Herting
    Lutz Herting 6 hours ago

    "...this animation shows something pretty amazing". OK. And what would that be exactly? These walking experiments are one of the basics every programmer who ever went into the field of AI has done at some point. You can even download several frameworks and testing-engines for doing these without the need for writing code. Nice movements though. I would have waited for a few more generations so it becomes smoother. Or ask someone with more experience how to make the outputs less "jittery" - a problem each newbie in the field faces sooner or later.

  • Dylan Fazzi
    Dylan Fazzi 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or does making AI sound like the stupidest fucking idea ever? Oh wait no tons of people agree,them motherfuckers gonna become sentient and kill us all lmao

  • Lucinda Vincent
    Lucinda Vincent 7 hours ago

    1:10 When i'm trying to act hard and miss my target or when I'm daydreaming

  • SkylinegodzillaBen
    SkylinegodzillaBen 7 hours ago

    This is both amazing and scarey

  • Lucinda Vincent
    Lucinda Vincent 7 hours ago

    1:32 When I see someone I don't want to talk to
    1:32 Me running to the fridge
    1:32 Me when there is a makeup sale

  • Nikola Panchev
    Nikola Panchev 7 hours ago

    really cool!

  • Master Jimmeh
    Master Jimmeh 7 hours ago

    Going to the store...

  • weaponmasterJConn
    weaponmasterJConn 8 hours ago


  • FallenDj122
    FallenDj122 9 hours ago

    every time i see the stick man, i just imagine it yelling I CAN WAAAAAALLLLKK in a hilarious voice

  • Ofcoursenot
    Ofcoursenot 10 hours ago


  • Aiden Pearce
    Aiden Pearce 11 hours ago

    The concept would actually make a pretty good 3D platformer.

    Just saying. You know, alternating between dick with legs, humanoid, and spider thing, bit of silly music like the one here...

    You know, 3D Sonic on crack?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 11 hours ago

    We need to convince Elon Musk to work on "living" robots, instead of colonizing Mars

  • John Doe
    John Doe 12 hours ago

    Implemented body strain and stamina should make it have more human-like behaviours

  • Samuraigamer
    Samuraigamer 12 hours ago

    THE MALE PRIVILAGE OF THE AI omg triggered

  • Jacques Faba
    Jacques Faba 12 hours ago

    Will it run like Naruto then?

  • AddictedGamerSB
    AddictedGamerSB 13 hours ago

    Next step: How to take over the world

  • Mims Zanadunstedt
    Mims Zanadunstedt 14 hours ago +1

    AlphaGo has Downs Syndrome 0:00

  • Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh 14 hours ago

    Maybe it teaches itself to be a skynet

  • sandvich lord
    sandvich lord 14 hours ago

    1:44 when u get a girls number

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture
    Eto Hige Gamer Culture 15 hours ago

    I can only imagine how many iterations it took before it achieved "walking" assuming its doing the reinforcement machine learning method

  • Robert Soliwoda
    Robert Soliwoda 16 hours ago

    its funny and cool how computer learns how to walk xD

  • NoneOf YourBuisness
    NoneOf YourBuisness 17 hours ago

    *how it feels to chew 5 gum*

  • BillNyeTheNaziSpy
    BillNyeTheNaziSpy 17 hours ago

    if this thing starts demanding rights what happens

  • Amy Mist
    Amy Mist 17 hours ago

    i wonder what would happen if the model had limited "energy?" would it be able to learn to move more efficiently? could it learn to pace itself and take breaks?

    (that said, this is still very impressive!)

  • Lorik D
    Lorik D 18 hours ago

    This AI is either late for meeting, or going to the store.

  • MosoTaiyo
    MosoTaiyo 18 hours ago

    inb4 people start doing the "fist pump run"

  • Briskeh
    Briskeh 19 hours ago

    so remember those movies with robots with ai that can calculate itself to perform at near perfection and have flawless movements. turns out us humans are alot harder for ai to imitate

  • Negative Studios
    Negative Studios 19 hours ago

    Skynet confirmed

  • Adrian Haddock
    Adrian Haddock 19 hours ago

    Skynet is awake...

  • FlyingCookievan321
    FlyingCookievan321 19 hours ago

    1:32 when she says shes home alone

  • Stephen Bizny
    Stephen Bizny 19 hours ago

    xD hand movements

  • A person on the internet

    The stick with legs reminds me of Micky mouse.

  • SepherStar
    SepherStar 20 hours ago

    That's one of those "special" titans.

  • Preston Fucking Garvey

    You know while all of you are having a laugh you do know that this A.I is two or three step further to Enslaving Humanity right??

  • Scrag Pout
    Scrag Pout 21 hour ago

    this is how we tell the humans from the androids

  • HelloTurkey
    HelloTurkey 21 hour ago

    1:32 Attack on Titan much?

  • Alan Duncan
    Alan Duncan 22 hours ago


  • soapmeridius
    soapmeridius 22 hours ago

    This is like QWOP on extreme mode.

  • Alitzel Figueroa
    Alitzel Figueroa 23 hours ago

    an eccentric titan 😳😂😱

  • Rex Orbis
    Rex Orbis 1 day ago +1

    So, they've learned to Dab...

  • ryelor123
    ryelor123 1 day ago

    Looks delicious

  • Gold139
    Gold139 1 day ago

    looks like me running away from responsibilities tbh

  • Harry Starzec
    Harry Starzec 1 day ago

    I need a Disney Pixar movie about computer generated models learning how to do basic things like walk.

  • Christian Long
    Christian Long 1 day ago

    Welcome to SkyNet.

  • PairOfDucks
    PairOfDucks 1 day ago +1

    This nigga dabs with every step

  • David Sosebee
    David Sosebee 1 day ago

    Here's my theory on why their arms are like that. It's from a defensive point of view. Survival of the fittest applies to AI as well people. Kill it before it grows. I am from the future and you have been warned.

  • Brian Goulding
    Brian Goulding 1 day ago

    The revolution has begun

  • Thoni23
    Thoni23 1 day ago

    Sokovia Accords anyone?

  • #Corg Nation
    #Corg Nation 1 day ago

    I'm low-key super proud of this AI system?????

  • András Fogarasi
    András Fogarasi 1 day ago

    By rotating it's arm, the figure has created a torque which pushes it's more active leg onto the ground and stops it's passive leg from scraping it.

    I think.

  • Noah Mahoney
    Noah Mahoney 1 day ago

    Well, robots don't need to be programmed by humans anymore. THE END IS NIGH!

  • Sandsnor
    Sandsnor 1 day ago +5

    0:07 congratulations on making a penis walk.

  • Aexon
    Aexon 1 day ago

    1:32 me when I have to quickly find a 1:32 joke

  • duhsmersh
    duhsmersh 1 day ago

    It's using it's arms to help propel it forward with momentum.. too bad real physics don't work like that.... SHIT PROGRAM, SHIT AI, waste of time

  • ThePixelBM TPBM
    ThePixelBM TPBM 1 day ago

    Amazing it's like it has its own life

  • elramer
    elramer 1 day ago


  • ReeCocho
    ReeCocho 1 day ago

    Just to inform everyone this isn't a new thing. There are other videos of programs teaching themselves how to walk/crawl/jump. It's really interesting!

  • Negnav123
    Negnav123 1 day ago

    'How far can we push technology before it starts pushing back.'

  • Halonics
    Halonics 1 day ago

    From the way it stupidly flails about, you can tell how little sense this experiment makes. It's not really "learning" how to walk (since the action itself has no "meaning" to the system), it merely tries many different forms of imitation until one scores the highest. This approach merely looks good in these nice, sterilized tests, but it won't get you very far in a truly complex environment, let alone in real life.

  • Mista Enforcer
    Mista Enforcer 1 day ago

    You would run like that too if you were stuck in a fucking purgatory and you were constantly reminded by something that you have to go to point a from point b. You don't know why, but you know that you must! That's just horrifying.

  • Jim Steele
    Jim Steele 1 day ago


  • niIIer1
    niIIer1 1 day ago

    Oh look they created an artificial Jack Sparrow.

  • Jack h
    Jack h 1 day ago

    I walk like this all the time now.

  • Bennimus Netzer
    Bennimus Netzer 1 day ago

    I wonder if the AI knows fear?

  • bygon432
    bygon432 1 day ago

    Did it learn from playing QWOP?

  • Jack Feldman
    Jack Feldman 1 day ago

    Oh you've just won suicide bingo....

  • Shivan Sigdel
    Shivan Sigdel 1 day ago

    They are evolving...

  • 12skyman12
    12skyman12 1 day ago

    The walking one at the end looks like it's chanting itself on

  • Charlie Crook
    Charlie Crook 1 day ago

    Looks like a toddler accidently picked up an Xbox remote and just spammed everything

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