Vsauce Answers the 100 Most Googled Questions | WIRED

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  • meme specialist
    meme specialist 12 minutes ago

    Why is my poop green?

  • 420Blazikenlol
    420Blazikenlol 37 minutes ago

    #43, hot to draw a rose

    Tear it's ACL

  • Wet Floors
    Wet Floors Hour ago

    Dear (insert name here),


  • Entry Level Hipster Trash

    Why the hell are American bananas bright fluorescent yellow? Do they get thrown out if they don't look like a cartoon?

  • Montana cellist
    Montana cellist 5 hours ago

    Hawaii is 6 hours behind EST not 16.

  • Jayden The Asian
    Jayden The Asian 7 hours ago

    S P I T F A C T S

  • Radu Chinta
    Radu Chinta 9 hours ago

    Guys you really are not very smart

  • Green Hyena
    Green Hyena 12 hours ago

    Michael u share a birthday with my Granny

  • Halestar
    Halestar 13 hours ago

    This is proof that google is immensly superior to school.

  • [ Insert Name Here ]
    [ Insert Name Here ] 13 hours ago

    03:20 he's talking to me

  • Parthiv Kothari
    Parthiv Kothari 18 hours ago

    You can download YouTube videos but only on a phone, so you can watch them offline.

  • Bungebab Squarepaps
    Bungebab Squarepaps 19 hours ago

    MB is decimal.
    MiB is binary.

    1,000MB in a GB.
    1,024MiB in a GiB.

  • einfach wayne
    einfach wayne 19 hours ago

    Gojira <3

  • Brandon420
    Brandon420 19 hours ago

    Wait it's 453 grams in a pound ?!???

  • Nicola Cappellini
    Nicola Cappellini 20 hours ago

    09:57 John Cage piece is 4'33'' -- don't forget it! One of the most important pieces of of the 20th century.

  • Renee Cole
    Renee Cole 22 hours ago

    He opened the banana wrong. Open it from the other side (don't eat the very to though) because the strings stay with the peel.. also monkeys open it this way..

  • Rahul Verma
    Rahul Verma Day ago

    If u download IDM on the internet u can download any type of video, including YouTube videos

  • Unfeasible
    Unfeasible Day ago

    can we do a part two to this?

  • Henry Niemann
    Henry Niemann Day ago

    If they are googling what is the time, they're probably trying to find out their GMT or UTC.

  • May Jeanette Fast

    Can't believe they got the "what time is it question wrong" obviously the answer is "It's hammer time"

  • Amir Shahid
    Amir Shahid Day ago +1

    Notice how they did not show the answer of how to hack a Facebook

  • comedyman112
    comedyman112 Day ago +1

    lol that guy on the right looks like Mike Myers

  • Reynaldo Stufano


  • CrisisASP
    CrisisASP Day ago

    *W H E R E I S J O B E L*

  • Phil V
    Phil V Day ago

    Seeing different Vsauce guys reminds me of the different Dr.Whos.

  • ThunderBunny
    ThunderBunny Day ago

    If you want to get a cool shirt like Jakes, he got it from a brand call "Into the am"

  • slendy man
    slendy man Day ago

    No.1 Is pornhub down?

  • Jack Bradley
    Jack Bradley Day ago

    Sweet Gojira shirt, though.

  • Florian Ju
    Florian Ju Day ago

    "Oh brother, those metric and imperial one's are tough!"

    Indeed... I am from Europe and I really feel sorry for you guys, having to communicate with all the other nations using two different systems must be hard. And it has lead to some terrible mistakes and accidents in the past.

  • saurabh shukla
    saurabh shukla Day ago

    Lol this is so funny😂

  • Shane Roche
    Shane Roche Day ago

    In Australia there are many zones, Melbourne and Sydney are one, Queensland is a different one, Adelaide is half and hour behind Melbourne and then you have a 3 hour difference between Perth and Melbourne lol. Gotta love the sunburn land

  • Lee XD
    Lee XD Day ago

    #66 Why Vsauce is the only bald person in this video

  • aerial wheel
    aerial wheel Day ago

    this video took forever to download

  • Extreme Potato
    Extreme Potato Day ago

    i wonder if they've ever had a threesome 🤔

  • Zajac
    Zajac 2 days ago

    Clever looking glasses squad

  • Mr Arca9
    Mr Arca9 2 days ago

    Stopped watching at the mb to gb. It is 1024... Decimal mb is 1000 but that's not accurate.

  • That Channel
    That Channel 2 days ago

    The thumbnail just shows why I only like Michael and Jake. Not Kevin

  • Skateobyou
    Skateobyou 2 days ago

    Ahaha 8:00 nobody answered lol 28 grams what im rollin!!

  • apaajp
    apaajp 2 days ago

    I'm 12 and I'm 5'4 XDDDD

  • ben wallace
    ben wallace 2 days ago

    There is 1024 mb in a gb not 1000

  • Stephen Jobling
    Stephen Jobling 2 days ago

    It's a shame the guy who ate the banana doesn't know how to open one..

  • Takashiari
    Takashiari 2 days ago

    I can download youtube videos

  • Tabetha Vandeventer
    Tabetha Vandeventer 2 days ago

    This video makes me feel so much better about not knowing my conversations

  • Kainy-Boi Gamer
    Kainy-Boi Gamer 2 days ago

    7:55 Not even the VSauce crew knows on the top of their heads! Why is it so confusing... Why couldn't my school use the metric system like the whole world uses hours, minutes and seconds?

  • Xx_FazeClan_VapeNation_OfficialNoscoperRatburn_xX

    *_I M M I C H A E L F R O M V S A U C E 1_*

  • David Fischer
    David Fischer 2 days ago

    Tubemate everyone

  • Thibaut Bernard
    Thibaut Bernard 2 days ago +1

    It's funny how they struggle to convert imperial units
    **laughs in european**

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer 2 days ago

    Man that buzz is fucking annoying

  • Nathaniel Pillar
    Nathaniel Pillar 2 days ago

    When people google "what is my ip address", more often then not, they are likely just getting google to tell them their public address, not asctually asking what it means.

  • Nathaniel Pillar
    Nathaniel Pillar 2 days ago

    When people google "can i run it", they are not asking a question, but going to an excellent website with the same name.

  • ProtoGamma
    ProtoGamma 2 days ago +1

    Btw for the what is the time question. I Google that a lot as my windows 7 computer keeps on changing the time by sometimes even days. Also some people might search it to see different timezones.

  • ŚÇÀŔ
    ŚÇÀŔ 2 days ago

    Never do this again, please.

  • Cartman Eryk
    Cartman Eryk 2 days ago

    1gb=1024mb lol

  • XSpyder_ XxProdigyx
    XSpyder_ XxProdigyx 2 days ago

    Does jake have bed bugs🤔🤔🤔...

  • Mortisant
    Mortisant 2 days ago

    10:01 these dudes obviously aren't pc gamers

  • PouncingPinkAndWhite

    Kevin wearing a gojira shirt!!!

  • Mexi Chemia
    Mexi Chemia 3 days ago

    MG IN GB are 1024 you were right, in binary it is different

  • Chris M
    Chris M 3 days ago

    1. Google will tell you a ip
    2. I watched this after downloading it with the YouTube app (w/ YouTubeRed)

  • The Best Gamer
    The Best Gamer 3 days ago +1

    I have bad news....

    You havee bug eyes!

  • LightRealms
    LightRealms 3 days ago

    **how to make love** dont think they understood the question there

  • bobkin611
    bobkin611 3 days ago

    Why do vsauce 2, and 3 look like pedophiles lol!

  • Emily Beatrix Hammer

    Pls don't put rising dough in the fridge thanks

  • MSadamgasm
    MSadamgasm 3 days ago

    Michael knows all the intelligent things
    Kevin knows how to draw well and kevin hart's height xD
    Jake knows food, skincare and IT related things (basically lifestyle things)

  • Black people meet Dot com

    Why is the sky blue?

    Because it is the reflection of the ocean

    • Weeabo Jones
      Weeabo Jones 3 days ago

      Black people meet Dot com *cue x files theme*

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 3 days ago

    Which just goes to show they really don't know anything on their own
    Everyone, please watch my tiny nature videos. There is no talking in them. It is hard to find quiet places to record. Shhh!

  • Bodhi Bowser
    Bodhi Bowser 3 days ago


  • DaltonThomas
    DaltonThomas 3 days ago

    Extra 50 points for the Gojira shirt.

  • Tim Schneider
    Tim Schneider 3 days ago

    First thing i noticed was the gojira shirt

  • Jake Thornton
    Jake Thornton 3 days ago

    I appreciate the Gojira shirt

  • Rasmus K.
    Rasmus K. 3 days ago

    GOJIRA! I have the same t-shirt :)

  • Sam Des
    Sam Des 3 days ago

    By the way, who sings this song?

  • Donald Dump
    Donald Dump 3 days ago

    How to get pragananant

  • Addya
    Addya 3 days ago +2

    that banana is very... yellow

  • Jeremy Grier
    Jeremy Grier 3 days ago

    HEY!, Michael, Vsauce here.

  • RogueJyn
    RogueJyn 4 days ago

    You ever notice the sky turning purple when in a chlorinated pool?

  • GoldenBytes
    GoldenBytes 4 days ago

    6:08 so much explanation for a bad pizza, cus he forgot salt

  • Migh7yb00sh
    Migh7yb00sh 4 days ago +1

    for iphone you click home and power, not volume down and power... :s

  • Rain
    Rain 4 days ago

    Fuck yeah, gojira shirt

  • BlitZiam
    BlitZiam 4 days ago

    who stoped the video to see how much money was on the check?

  • Bloopys Kay
    Bloopys Kay 4 days ago

    calories in a banana 100 lol i knew that

  • Lukas Büttner
    Lukas Büttner 4 days ago

    1 GB is always 1024 MB

  • Zane Vittorio
    Zane Vittorio 4 days ago

    "Dear 'insert name here', What up?" Definitely going to use this. Thanks.

  • Myles Gonzales
    Myles Gonzales 4 days ago

    Can I run it is a website, rather than a question (even tho "can I run it" it a question)

  • Jacob Estrada
    Jacob Estrada 4 days ago

    How to download YouTube videos

    Get YouTube Red press the download button and choose the resolution.

  • Tyler Pham
    Tyler Pham 4 days ago

    How to get money.
    Get a job and get a life.

  • Bakerman is Bakin Bread

    12 minutes? yeah sure if you like bone dry eggs with green around the yolk. The perfect time is 7 and a half minutes.

  • Caleb Kitchen
    Caleb Kitchen 4 days ago

    Love the Gojira shirt.

  • Justin A
    Justin A 4 days ago

    My most Googled question:
    "Why the f*** does John Oliver keep popping up in my recommended feed?"

  • Christine Niu
    Christine Niu 4 days ago

    to get rid of blackheads i just squeeze them out O_O

  • Lane wilman
    Lane wilman 4 days ago

    The Christmas one showed up twice?

  • RandomGuy5937
    RandomGuy5937 4 days ago

    protip windows 10, hold windows key and press print screen and it saves it straight to a screenshots folder. no copying then saving required

  • Sascha Leeuwerke
    Sascha Leeuwerke 4 days ago

    9:55 darude - sandstorm

  • Стилиян Петров

    Jake is a Belieber...

    ... I have no words...

  • malte h
    malte h 4 days ago

    "How to draw a rose?"

    Draw a lettuce and paint it red

  • Stuart Wilson
    Stuart Wilson 4 days ago

    The imperial measurement system is clearly the loser in this game!

  • Elise Maes
    Elise Maes 4 days ago

    Medal potato sum violate function database left feeling mess virus.

  • Squid ward
    Squid ward 4 days ago +1

    Am I the only person who felt super smart cause they just watched the bill bye episode and knew the question about the sky being blue

  • Conner Parks
    Conner Parks 4 days ago

    It shows the same question like 2-3 time 😐

  • Plastic Bag
    Plastic Bag 4 days ago


  • Clifton Pharm
    Clifton Pharm 5 days ago

    "How do you get rid of black heads?"
    "Call the cops"

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