5 Most Incredible Things Found In Attics

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  • Jamie Edison
    Jamie Edison 10 hours ago

    the first guy is a fuckin retard he said you dont get the chance to do something radically honest like that very often and givez it back lmao well you also dont usually find a fortune in the attic of a home you just purchased the home and its contents were legaly his what a fuckin jerk off i bet his wife divorced him

  • dima bruzha
    dima bruzha 2 days ago


  • Dungeon Cat18
    Dungeon Cat18 15 days ago

    If all of you dumbass people are saying he's an idiot for being nice I'd think you the biggest disappointment on the face of the planet, sincerely Danny

  • Dungeon Cat18
    Dungeon Cat18 15 days ago

    Wait this is TrendCrave... oh ya

  • jon dingee
    jon dingee Month ago

    the first guy is a complete and utter moron, unbelievable.

  • Michelle B
    Michelle B Month ago

    Farin (the guy in the first clip) is a fine example of a decent man. Today common decency is a rare gift.

  • Ed Mitchell
    Ed Mitchell Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who really didnt hear to the rest of the video after the first one with the idiot giving the money away?

  • Charley Bennett
    Charley Bennett 2 months ago +1

    Idiot giving the money back. He'll be moaning nextt week how he needs to get a loan out to pay bills

  • Magnedeus Fenrir
    Magnedeus Fenrir 2 months ago

    Would have immediately busted a nut the moment I found all that money.

  • 1980PainforFun
    1980PainforFun 2 months ago +1

    I would put a hole in every ones head that commented in this video, because every single one of you are nothing but thieves that would steal. No wonder cops kill so many people these days because these people are not worth letting them live just to steal from nice people.

  • ShesMine ImHers
    ShesMine ImHers 2 months ago

    if the man wanted his family to have it he would of told someone they didn't check up there

  • Grumpy Wolf
    Grumpy Wolf 2 months ago

    speak faster

  • Grumpy Wolf
    Grumpy Wolf 2 months ago

    oh god he's still using a script lol nooooooo

  • Brad Marschall
    Brad Marschall 3 months ago

    To be honest I don't know if u would give it all. That guy is a better person then me.

  • g2macs
    g2macs 3 months ago

    I found a genuine grey squirrel in my attic, after I hit it with box of 45's
    it looked as far from a masterpiece as you can get!

  • Kiara Lee
    Kiara Lee 3 months ago

    I would check my attic but I swear there's something living up there

  • jcee 123
    jcee 123 3 months ago +1

    the first guys a fucking pussy teaching his kids to be pussies.

  • obey snerz obey snerz
    obey snerz obey snerz 3 months ago

    Must have been JP coopers long lost cash they gave him the cash into big old potato sacks and twenties

  • jose miranda
    jose miranda 3 months ago +2

    what a MORON. i bet his wife later divorced him

    • Magnedeus Fenrir
      Magnedeus Fenrir 2 months ago

      jose miranda He then realized he made a huge mistake and sucks dick for money.

  • Julie Baxter
    Julie Baxter 3 months ago

    Why the fuck is he talking like an average trend channel?

  • Jolieana Jones
    Jolieana Jones 4 months ago

    i would of took the fuckin money

  • MEELO 14
    MEELO 14 4 months ago +1

    Nigga how fucking dumb if i found some money ima teach my kids that to survive you need to cover your heart sometimes because its every man for himself.

  • porkchop express
    porkchop express 4 months ago +1

    unbelievable how many people commenting are saying that "setting a good example" for your son is somehow more moral than providing for his future. In other words, being more concerned w/ a stranger & virtue display than your own flesh & blood family.

    the cuck mentality is off the charts here

  • kevinpeedy
    kevinpeedy 4 months ago +1

    Yeah the first guy in sure his wife filed for divorce soon after returning that money

  • Khaled Alkahtany
    Khaled Alkahtany 4 months ago +1

    dumb fuck 1st guy

  • Anthony chacon
    Anthony chacon 4 months ago

    ok guys I'm from Utah and I'm 99% that guy is mormon. If you know the religion you know what I'm talking about

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 4 months ago +1

    What a fucking retard

  • Wolfe Wolf
    Wolfe Wolf 4 months ago

    Not to be mean I would probably keep the money

  • john barber
    john barber 5 months ago +1

    what he gave al the money back what an idiot

  • get_it_boy
    get_it_boy 5 months ago +2

    1st guy so stupid i would have keept that money for myself and live a good life

  • BlindSite209
    BlindSite209 5 months ago +1

    ha.... that first guys a pussy

  • Lefty 100
    Lefty 100 5 months ago +1

    his kids shoulda slapped some "cents" into his dumb a$$..

  • Erick Onassis
    Erick Onassis 5 months ago


  • Admir Rogova
    Admir Rogova 5 months ago


    DAVID REYNOLDS 5 months ago

    and the Gov gave a tax that would make you cry.

  • Stephen hathaway
    Stephen hathaway 5 months ago

    It's pronounced Van Goff ok Van fucking Goff!!!

  • Stephen hathaway
    Stephen hathaway 5 months ago

    It's not Van Go !!!!!

  • normietv
    normietv 5 months ago

    So many comments about the first guy so annoying.

  • Hiphopcents1987
    Hiphopcents1987 5 months ago

    That first guy midas well be dead. If your gonna be that stupid people will murder u for that kinda cash. Especially cold hard untraceable, umarked cash that guy's body would be missing.

    SINCLAIRRESEARCH 5 months ago

    lovely thing to do for his kids

  • cobainzlady
    cobainzlady 5 months ago

    that money could have been from the owners BEFORE the previous owner.

  • cobainzlady
    cobainzlady 5 months ago

    thumbs down for horrible narrator voice.

  • BunB4523
    BunB4523 5 months ago +1

    Let me find 45K in a house I just purchased and give it back...yeah right!!!

  • Karam Saheb
    Karam Saheb 5 months ago

    The first guy was a dump ass a dump ass a dummmmp ass I will take the cash but not give it to the stupid bank I will give like a hundred dollar to poor people and to mosks and that's it that's all I give then with the rest I will get married and live my life with peace cause am only 20

  • Travis Thacker
    Travis Thacker 5 months ago

    No# dumb ass why is it these ass holes are the ones to find cash or gold or the fucking ark of the damn jews one day. Then just ah give it away for shits and gigles

    • jon dingee
      jon dingee Month ago

      Travis Thacker I bet we don't hear about the smart ones that find money, they keep quiet like they should. we just hear about the retards that give it back.

  • Steven Castaldo
    Steven Castaldo 5 months ago

    crazy I need to find stuff like this I have found some cool stuff I flip houses but never anything like this

  • Seiryu Midnite
    Seiryu Midnite 5 months ago

    fuck that!!! I would never give back that much money, heeeelll nooo

  • Addison Udelhofen
    Addison Udelhofen 5 months ago

    the first guy was so so kind and smartmsk SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS

  • Robin Rocha
    Robin Rocha 6 months ago

    No wounder there was a Russian Revolution...such extravegance while the people were starving...

  • Robin Rocha
    Robin Rocha 6 months ago

    What a dope...

  • Gal Nevo
    Gal Nevo 6 months ago

    the 1st guy is SO stupid! when the world give u- u take it! otherwise u spend all your life think if u did the right thing. he wanted to be famos with this & he lost money that he needed.

  • Alpha Bravo
    Alpha Bravo 6 months ago +1

    Why would even announced keep it all

  • c3cubed
    c3cubed 6 months ago

    Narration voice-over extremely annoying with an inappropriate and repetitive downward cadence.

  • 1967fateh
    1967fateh 6 months ago

    he is stupid he didn't even get 1 dollar

  • Larry Hayes
    Larry Hayes 6 months ago

    i remember me and my wife Samantha was homeless one time we ate in a few days and we walking down the road picking up cans and a stranger gave us 17 hundred dollars and told us to take this money get us something to eat and we never saw the man again it was a blessing where ever that man was thank you and we want to pay you back

  • GEAUX-PRIUS Cowboy
    GEAUX-PRIUS Cowboy 6 months ago

    The first guy bought that house he owned that money. If the home had issues like asbestos he would have owned that ?

  • preppin plumber
    preppin plumber 6 months ago

    what a friggin moron....

  • Ryan French
    Ryan French 6 months ago


  • colw5300 colw5300
    colw5300 colw5300 6 months ago

    you suck

  • Hadden Bramham
    Hadden Bramham 6 months ago

    Craziest things I found in our attic was 75 unused shotgun shells (corroded so gotten rid off at the local police station, really freaking out the young PC on the desk), and a pile of *ahem* specialised gentlemans reading material...

  • Jarheads4Yeshua
    Jarheads4Yeshua 6 months ago

    Find a secret hidden treasure, keep the hidden treasure secret. Finders keepers.

  • supersesqui
    supersesqui 6 months ago

    I would have kept the caskh..and taken out a contract on the narrator of this video to have him killed with a blunt egg whisk.

  • Jim bob
    Jim bob 6 months ago

    the first man is a fool

  • Robert B.
    Robert B. 6 months ago

    Somebody could have known about the treasure and would have killed someone to get at it.

  • Abraham Lopez
    Abraham Lopez 6 months ago

    idiot probably lost his house too.

  • TacomaPaul
    TacomaPaul 6 months ago

    Another computerized voice... and another example of how technology can eff things up.
    We have had technology that makes people's voices sound human for... 150 years !!!

  • guy m
    guy m 6 months ago

    i bought a house in mexico..next month.//.i found trumps body in the attic

  • George Hamilton
    George Hamilton 6 months ago


  • King Larro Hicks
    King Larro Hicks 6 months ago

    fucking idiot

  • mallarysangel
    mallarysangel 6 months ago +1

    I started reading comments after #1.
    I have no idea what else was on the video.

  • Aaron James
    Aaron James 6 months ago

    First guy is a retard

  • stephen folkard
    stephen folkard 6 months ago

    first guy his kids will grow up to fucking hate him exspeciley every Christmas. these days no one gives a fuck about anyone else .shame but very true.and I bet he dreams everynight about if only ide have kept it the things I could have done and the women I could of fucked.you plum

  • Morcombe Wise
    Morcombe Wise 6 months ago

    When you buy a house, any contents left by the previous owner (in this case, the estate of the deceased) become yours. Their neglect is your windfall. You may _choose_ to give it to them, but _legally speaking_ they sold it to you. However, if the previous owner engaged some agent to prepare the house for sale, the previous owner could sue them for negligence and win damages in the amount of the loss.

  • alanmeires
    alanmeires 6 months ago

    I would not hand fuck all in , you would have to be some kind of cunt to do that .

  • Tim's Misc. Videos
    Tim's Misc. Videos 6 months ago

    The old man who stashed the money DIED. He obviously did not need it when the home was sold. When a home is sold and closed on, ALL contents left behind, intentionally or not, become the property of the new owner. If the previous family had NO CLUE the money was in the attic, then that's THEIR problem. The old man's survivors did not earn or stash the money. It was NOT their money. They had no clue it even existed. If they had, they would have taken it for sure.

    So, why do they have rights to the money? How was the guy who bought the home being "Extraordinarily Honest"???

    The only example he set to his kids was that he was willing to go to work MORE, and not spend 1 on 1 time with them MORE, or that he was not willing to control the GOOD USE of the $300k. He could have started a house flipping business, retired early, and built his relationships with his family. Instead he goes and punches a time clock somewhere for 30 years. IDIOT!

    Sometimes God just hands you a break, and you think you are so HOLY and HONEST when all you are is STUPID!

  • Luis R
    Luis R 6 months ago

    fucking dick giving money back

  • Merrion Gess
    Merrion Gess 6 months ago

    Vincent van go

    TATTOO VAMPIRE1966 7 months ago

    The only things I have found in a House was my dead Grandfather after he committed suicide. The other was a Dead Young Black Girl stuffed in the Dumpster of my Bar in Wisconsin. Lucky me.....Heh?

  • Mike Konyndyk
    Mike Konyndyk 7 months ago +1

    The FBI is controlled by the Illuminati, so they are demon minions.

  • Ride or Die
    Ride or Die 7 months ago

    wow that first video, they didn't even give you a reward sad I would have kept all of it or at least half😂😂😂😂😂😋

  • ShadeyBladey
    ShadeyBladey 7 months ago +1

    So it wasn't from a bank robbery or something?


  • D Winn
    D Winn 7 months ago

    Is there something wrong with this guys brain? I find that much money its mine.

  • john wayne
    john wayne 7 months ago

    what a dick head that first guy I would have told no one prick

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson 7 months ago


  • bob baxter
    bob baxter 7 months ago

    I would have missed all that money away on whores.

  • ken graham
    ken graham 7 months ago

    I would have set an example for the kids alright.. I would've taken it and paid their dam college tuitions and taken them to a nice steak dinner 2nite. that's not setting an example finding money and give it away. I bet those kids say DAMN daddy stupid!!!

  • ken graham
    ken graham 7 months ago

    you bought the house. The house is yours and there happen to be money in it. it's yours

  • ken graham
    ken graham 7 months ago

    I hope like hell he threw u something. That was ur Blessing idiot

  • midnight rider
    midnight rider 7 months ago

    annoying vocal patterns. couldn't watch this.

  • Al Bundi
    Al Bundi 7 months ago


  • Edward Clark
    Edward Clark 7 months ago

    I'd of kept it

  • Frank Ernesto
    Frank Ernesto 7 months ago

    Some people believe anything. We call them Christians.

  • 1DesertCop
    1DesertCop 7 months ago

    Stupid motherfucker

  • Elizabeth Davis
    Elizabeth Davis 7 months ago

    i found a rare guitar from the 60s in my attic, in playable condition its worth $800. I wont sell it though.

  • Deanna Bell
    Deanna Bell 7 months ago


  • lacossa nostra
    lacossa nostra 7 months ago

    annoying voice !!

  • JPS
    JPS 7 months ago

    What an Idiot

  • Kathryn Truscott
    Kathryn Truscott 7 months ago

    By the way, a more correct pronunciations of Van Gough sounds like "Van Goff" although the final consonant is really gutteral, which most English speakers find difficult, but "van go" is way incorrect... :-)

  • Daniel Rios
    Daniel Rios 7 months ago

    The first guy was an imbecile and yet worst someone who didn't think how or care how that money could have benefited his family. Say you when camping or walking in a park and found a large diamond or a gold boulder are you a fool are going to donate it to the state. Duh!!!!! I am an idiot. It belongs to the state where I found it. DUH!!!!!! The dude that got the money probably spent it on drugs, gambling, and prostitutes. So much for your good deed dumb ass.

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