WELCOME LUI! - Gmod Prop Hunt (Garry's Mod Funny Moments)

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  • Khanh Tran
    Khanh Tran 2 months ago

    When Nogla's Mom is washing Baby Nogla
    Nogla's Mom: Aw he's so cute!
    Baby Nogla: DATS A BATH TUB
    Nogla's Mom: ?
    Baby Nogla: DATS A SINK
    Nogla's Mom: ....
    Baby Nogla: DATS A TOILET
    Nogla's Mom: >:C
    Baby Nogla: DATS A KNIFE!....WAIT... AHHHHH

    • creeper God
      creeper God 1 month ago

      that's hilarious

    • Pugs Gaming
      Pugs Gaming 2 months ago

      Obs Kenobs some mothers do but some mothers use bath tubs

    • Obs Kenobs
      Obs Kenobs 2 months ago

      what mother washes her baby in the bathtub tho
      doesnt everyone use sinks for babies?

    • king lo
      king lo 2 months ago

      "Wanna know how I got these scars ? my mother...."

    • Clørøx Błeāch
      Clørøx Błeāch 2 months ago

      Clorox Embassador i gotchu too

  • Sean Velez
    Sean Velez 1 day ago

    7:30 that should be in a montage. Evan drank like 50 red bulls before recording and they all caught up right there. 😂

  • Danny Gurley
    Danny Gurley 9 days ago

    i havent seen lui in a video in forever

  • h2o fusions
    h2o fusions 12 days ago

    0:39 = 2017 dancing hotdog like for memories

  • Kirito Uzumaki
    Kirito Uzumaki 16 days ago

    Plz bring lui back

  • kat sans
    kat sans 19 days ago

    LsdMlg rights.

  • littleLA 268
    littleLA 268 27 days ago

    let lui go nogla

  • Teenage Love shack
    Teenage Love shack 1 month ago

    Lui come back to us

  • Jave Queen
    Jave Queen 1 month ago


  • kevshell
    kevshell 1 month ago

    i clicked cause of lui

  • Kirkir Cummings
    Kirkir Cummings 1 month ago

    Noglas voice is my life fr😍😍😍like if u agree

  • Kept Easy
    Kept Easy 1 month ago

    Hey Nogla will lui be coming back to YouTube? Like for Nogla to see

  • Gabriel Moreno
    Gabriel Moreno 1 month ago

    make a video on your channel please at least one

  • Benjamin Brady
    Benjamin Brady 1 month ago

    Is Lui coming back then?

  • Lukejacob MC
    Lukejacob MC 1 month ago

    why can't they just fucking tell us what's going on with Lui, if theres personal things happening, atleast something ?

  • Chilledcat
    Chilledcat 1 month ago

    Evan started speaking Nogla in this video

  • gunjo141
    gunjo141 1 month ago

    What did Jiggly see?

  • Elvis Martinez
    Elvis Martinez 2 months ago

    Yesssss LUI!!!!!!!

  • KdogPrime
    KdogPrime 2 months ago

    Nogla video....but Wildcat audio.

  • Hexx The Kid
    Hexx The Kid 2 months ago

    I miss Lui.

  • minions attack
    minions attack 2 months ago

    Bt why was lui gone like forever.

  • Trusted Gaming
    Trusted Gaming 2 months ago

    What the hell happened to lui why hasn't he been uploading

  • Anthony Fisher
    Anthony Fisher 2 months ago

    damn nigga you got ads every minute

  • gaming with Ashton yt
    gaming with Ashton yt 2 months ago

    in the great words of bigjiglee fuck you you Irish potato fuck

  • CAtilaSK GAmiNG
    CAtilaSK GAmiNG 2 months ago

    when you relise luis in a video with vanoss: YES YES YES YESSSSSSS

  • Quinten knutson
    Quinten knutson 2 months ago


    FAZE CHRISWILLKILL 2 months ago

    someone tell lui to come back

  • deathdakid100
    deathdakid100 2 months ago

    vanoss just uploaded this today.

  • Obs Kenobs
    Obs Kenobs 2 months ago

    Theres no wifi because Wildcat cut the cable. Huh? No.
    I'll leave now.

  • SWAGELI playz
    SWAGELI playz 2 months ago

    3:55 someones phone went off

    DIAMLER 2 months ago

    Anthony's laugh at the end killed me

  • Nightmare_bear Gaming
    Nightmare_bear Gaming 2 months ago

    Luiii your back

  • MalWaRe.?
    MalWaRe.? 2 months ago

    12:16 was that delirious ?

  • IronCladDwarf333
    IronCladDwarf333 2 months ago

    10:50 is the greatest mess up ever

  • XnighthawkX [GD]
    XnighthawkX [GD] 2 months ago

    sounds like Anthony sprung a leak

  • JstGameMbz Gaming
    JstGameMbz Gaming 2 months ago

    pigs are smarter than dogs...

  • xXAce_King Xx
    xXAce_King Xx 2 months ago

    fucking jiggles laugh 😂

  • Chaos-Gate361
    Chaos-Gate361 2 months ago

    If you see Marcel's gamer picture on Xbox One, it's a watermelon XD

  • oneawesomearmy 12
    oneawesomearmy 12 2 months ago

    is lui actuatualy starting his channel again

  • Jake Braz
    Jake Braz 2 months ago

    why is Lui just quit youtube? its been 9 months. its upsetting and annoying to see someone who gives up on all their fans.

  • Jo-E
    Jo-E 2 months ago

    0:19 too funny

  • Crystal Subscriber
    Crystal Subscriber 2 months ago

    We <3 you Lui! Will never unsub!

  • Coming2getU Carson
    Coming2getU Carson 2 months ago

    Good to see ya Lui :)

  • chrissuper
    chrissuper 2 months ago


  • BookdDust34511
    BookdDust34511 2 months ago


  • MrLonely Mike
    MrLonely Mike 2 months ago

    Lui came back but his channel is still inactive

  • Dominic Tammaro
    Dominic Tammaro 2 months ago

    Ask Luis why he doesn't upload

  • Dominic Tammaro
    Dominic Tammaro 2 months ago


  • Ramerio Moosa
    Ramerio Moosa 2 months ago

    is lui coming back to youtube pls i love hes vids :)

  • John Stephenson
    John Stephenson 2 months ago

    "Guess who I am."
    "Who are you?"
    It's the unexpected shit like that that makes these videos golden.

  • r i v e r b i r d
    r i v e r b i r d 2 months ago


  • Slend3r Official
    Slend3r Official 2 months ago

    lol pandas laugh 😂😂😂

  • HYpRMElUwn
    HYpRMElUwn 2 months ago

    Too many brother ran die these days

  • ʟʊkǟֆ ֆօ ʟɨt
    ʟʊkǟֆ ֆօ ʟɨt 2 months ago

    աɦǟt tɨʍɛ ɖօɛֆ ʟʊɨ ċօʍɛ օռ???

  • Chacha6464
    Chacha6464 2 months ago

    For some reason i thought i was in vanoss's channel for 6 mins of he video.

  • Tuxedo Troops Scandinavian Orange

    I know I'm glad that Lui is back

  • Ęÿūį Æßñ
    Ęÿūį Æßñ 2 months ago

    Wait what did Anthony see? 14:58

  • Austyn_Official
    Austyn_Official 2 months ago

    I want to know what Anthony was laughing at!!!

  • The Aether
    The Aether 2 months ago

    4:08 operation littlefoot....

  • Skywalker_ 175
    Skywalker_ 175 2 months ago

    I love the black screens in nogla's

  • Mzxlr8tash
    Mzxlr8tash 2 months ago

    Love watching these guys
    I missed Lui <3

  • Joel Lee
    Joel Lee 2 months ago

    This vid truly was #Hilarious
    Also I don't get the end, what was so funny?

  • Ale0037
    Ale0037 2 months ago


  • geometry Cube
    geometry Cube 2 months ago

    Is lui as kid

  • Jack O'Connor
    Jack O'Connor 2 months ago


  • Master Khaled
    Master Khaled 2 months ago

    i watched the video only for lui

    ASK AN ASIAN 2 months ago

    0:06 f bomb

  • Geert Den Hartogh
    Geert Den Hartogh 2 months ago

    Wildcat sucks dick but he makes awesome vids

  • Connor Allison
    Connor Allison 2 months ago

    so, turns out the pig page on wikipedia is protected...

  • Complex Question8
    Complex Question8 2 months ago

    always happy when lui appears

  • OldSch00lGenerati0n
    OldSch00lGenerati0n 2 months ago

    Nogla forgot Marcel in link <:´(

  • Geeky Cheese
    Geeky Cheese 2 months ago

    OH GOD you know Lui's gone when someone in the comments asks who's Lui

  • Samsms
    Samsms 2 months ago


  • CutiePie Girl01
    CutiePie Girl01 2 months ago

    Don't hate on me for not knowing, but why exactly did Lui disappear?

  • DANIEL Τψτ
    DANIEL Τψτ 2 months ago

    i missed lui caliber

  • Smidget
    Smidget 2 months ago

    I kept thinking this was vanoss's video bc his audio was higher quality for some reason

  • Angela Jasmine
    Angela Jasmine 2 months ago

    Lol "Fuckin Brian..." 10:22

  • MatthewPlayz
    MatthewPlayz 2 months ago

    This is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. I was supposed to be doing Homework while I was watching this video, so I had to hold my breath just, so my parents couldn't hear me burst in laughter!

  • Prince Okoiruele
    Prince Okoiruele 2 months ago

    where is lui

  • killercaller kill
    killercaller kill 2 months ago

    I dare Luigi's kid ways to say III SpongeBob

  • David / Hawai
    David / Hawai 2 months ago


  • jake fin
    jake fin 2 months ago

    that Bush boy is back

  • Bryan Shattuck
    Bryan Shattuck 2 months ago

    "Ooohhh marcel" "what you gotta watermelon" lol

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 2 months ago

    Operation Bigfoot is back!

  • Velvetbean1 AJ
    Velvetbean1 AJ 2 months ago

    #bringluiback spread it around!!!

  • Anonymous emo
    Anonymous emo 2 months ago

    operation bigfoot

  • V2 DIZZY
    V2 DIZZY 2 months ago

    does this mean lui is gonna start uploading again??

  • AnonymousSenpai9000
    AnonymousSenpai9000 2 months ago


  • tricksterXL
    tricksterXL 2 months ago

    4:00 operation bigfoot is a go

  • Duggy Mowski
    Duggy Mowski 2 months ago

    What the shit happened to Panda at the end there?

    • Neo Machine
      Neo Machine 2 months ago

      Probably a terribly forced laugh.

  • Majestic Sea Flap Flap

    I missed Luis baby voice

  • Jay
    Jay 2 months ago

    wow lui left his fans, and now he comes back?

  • Jose Vinas
    Jose Vinas 2 months ago

    Anthony makes a laugh that reminds me of the raptors from Jurassic Park

  • ATLAS _
    ATLAS _ 2 months ago


  • Jonny Man
    Jonny Man 2 months ago

    My cat was playing and he liked the vido

  • Cyrixal GD
    Cyrixal GD 2 months ago

    WHAT THE FUCK i M so Late

    SLENDERFREAK5127 2 months ago

    The only thing better than hearing Panda wheeze is when you hear it with no context of what caused it

  • Gooby
    Gooby 2 months ago

    Stereotyping is still not racism. If it's not intended as discrimination towards another race.

  • Oskari Eronen
    Oskari Eronen 2 months ago

    LUIS BACK?!?!

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