Moto Fail / Win 2016 Crashes

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  • DJ Sky
    DJ Sky Day ago

    franchement le sauvetage du mec a 3:25 rien a dire

  • ГР
    ГР 15 days ago

    9:55 the best

  • Maeva Chx
    Maeva Chx 27 days ago


  • 1,000,00 Subs with no videos

    8:24 music?? plz fast

  • Amr Fkhrllhlnh
    Amr Fkhrllhlnh Month ago

    and last

  • Amr Fkhrllhlnh
    Amr Fkhrllhlnh Month ago

    1:54 in malayaia

  • Tiago Fernandes
    Tiago Fernandes 2 months ago

    Nem com uma 50 4t e armam se em Cairoli

  • František Novotný
    František Novotný 3 months ago


  • Average Dude For you
    Average Dude For you 3 months ago

    7:30 I do that all the time

  • Fani Official
    Fani Official 4 months ago


  • Moreno Croda
    Moreno Croda 4 months ago

    0:44 that guy tried to extinguish an engine in flame with his foot then with his breath lol
    a genius

  • Den's V
    Den's V 5 months ago

    6:17 music?

  • documentaire
    documentaire 5 months ago

    si vous regarder bien a 05:19 la moto disparait quand elle part

  • wincho3x
    wincho3x 5 months ago

    0:45 con un soplido queire apagar fuego jjajjaajjajajajajajaaj epic moment jajja

  • Jesus Cristian Romero Moreno

    que wey el bato del minuto 5:43

  • Macu
    Macu 6 months ago


  • Asyrofa Avesina
    Asyrofa Avesina 6 months ago

    song on 1:38 ???

  • GERSON19841
    GERSON19841 7 months ago +1

    In 7:21
    The stupidest woman in the world!

  • HighGear
    HighGear 7 months ago

    1:30 I bet she liked it ;D

  • Marian Mecher
    Marian Mecher 7 months ago

    das letzte video absolut krank

  • Responsibly_Dangerous_Motovlogs

    lol lawnmower for the win

  • notBaCKK
    notBaCKK 8 months ago

    1:40 sick

  • Antonin Leroy
    Antonin Leroy 8 months ago

    c est moi ton seul abonné

  • Redel19
    Redel19 8 months ago +2

    Best 5:46

  • Jesus Cristian Romero Moreno

    seme paro la verg# en el minuto 1:28

  • Nameless
    Nameless 9 months ago +3

    do you really need to copy a video from another channel and just do 69 playbacks on one clip to get max youtube revenue??

    • Nameless
      Nameless 9 months ago

      just come on there is 4 ads at the start

  • Killah Messiah
    Killah Messiah 11 months ago

    So they pour beer on it lmao

  • Oce Likafia
    Oce Likafia 11 months ago

    elle est ouf la petite a 7:11

  • Nesha Reen
    Nesha Reen 11 months ago

    4:20 thats his ride or die

  • Memes XD
    Memes XD 11 months ago

    quality is just diarrhea

  • Ivannis DIAZ
    Ivannis DIAZ Year ago

    waoo la ultima moto iba rápido le pasaba a todos como sinada

  • Keoma El Gato
    Keoma El Gato Year ago +5

    5:22 la moto desaparece!!? O___o

    • maxi n 66
      maxi n 66 5 months ago

      Keoma El Gato uuj

    • Juan Antonio :v
      Juan Antonio :v 9 months ago

      no mames eso es del diablo, dijo soy libreee y booom desaparecio jajaj

    • YoloYepez
      YoloYepez 10 months ago

      Keoma El Gato magic

  • Talha Susam
    Talha Susam Year ago +1


  • IL Garca
    IL Garca Year ago

    6:002 asi se roba una moto jajaaaa

  • Gregory Manning
    Gregory Manning Year ago

    Square response unable .

  • Cook Huff
    Cook Huff Year ago

    im sorry can you play thay back one more time.

  • Louie Vincent
    Louie Vincent Year ago

    lol lol lol lol lol

  • Nebojsa Milicevic

    0:45 Yeah man I`m sure that will help, LMAO.

  • Jay Wiersema
    Jay Wiersema Year ago

    I feel like someone could put a dildo on the end of the green and black bike (at 1:32) and it would fuck that girl better then most people would be able to XD

  • Ulaş Korkmaz
    Ulaş Korkmaz Year ago

    9.22 as bayraklari as as

  • kixx ars
    kixx ars Year ago

    so which videos were 2016? I have seen a few of these 1 to 2 years ago... am I psychic ?

  • Chris Carver
    Chris Carver Year ago

    We seen it the first five times you played it stop replaying the shit

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash Year ago +1

    4:47 her fault, she didn't even look both ways.

  • Kawasaki David
    Kawasaki David Year ago


  • Gaming Awesomeness

    2:13 is the funniest

  • Brian Sabaski
    Brian Sabaski Year ago

    8:30 Travis Pastrana

  • Pee Park
    Pee Park Year ago

    wow wow Thailand 3:26

  • Gaming X
    Gaming X Year ago

    Wtf He drives over hi

  • Farmer2492
    Farmer2492 Year ago

    That tranny at 128 was a laugh

  • Andrés barrera santana

    el ultimo parece adelantado

  • Fabrice L
    Fabrice L Year ago

    Stupid people

  • devaux jean-marc
    devaux jean-marc Year ago

    a 3:28 respet pour le mec qui pense a sa neuf dans la glissade et la tire a lui pour la protégé

  • JESUS is GOD
    JESUS is GOD Year ago

    ROFL Guy on the last clip read too many superman comic books

  • Chichi persiancat

    6:00 Squid level...EXPERT

  • I_like_goats
    I_like_goats Year ago


  • I_like_goats
    I_like_goats Year ago

    why do people do that to their bike tires
    putting an engine like that in high rps while there is no flow of air just melts the piston
    when it sets fire is basicaly the bike committing suicide

  • Agung Wibowo
    Agung Wibowo Year ago

    0.36 GHOST RIDER

  • Danial Makrof
    Danial Makrof Year ago

    malaysia also got in here? hahahahahaha

  • Tan-Audat Studio
    Tan-Audat Studio Year ago

    Wow wow 3:26

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith Year ago +2

    why do those IDIOTS smoke their motorcycle tires like that? has there ever, ever, ever, ever been one person, on the face of the earth who thought that it was cool? I'm so glad it caught on fire.

  • Hail Satan
    Hail Satan Year ago

    Shitty compilation

  • EPIC Crew Vlog
    EPIC Crew Vlog Year ago

    3:10 he steel the bike???

  • schlaznger
    schlaznger Year ago +3

    The motorcycle at the 5:20 mark is a delorian. It disappears.

  • Kaffeemaschine
    Kaffeemaschine Year ago

    Please say the name of the video at 1:40 !!!!!!

  • space potato
    space potato Year ago

    what the vid at 1:40 i cant find it anywhere

  • Edge Mcsnob
    Edge Mcsnob Year ago +1

    Everyone that's not American is worthless.

  • Fernando Milani
    Fernando Milani Year ago

    1:40 OMG! where i can find that video?

  • ViralTuber
    ViralTuber Year ago +1

    Those last guys actually _want_ to die, apparently.

    • Luq Man
      Luq Man Year ago

      +Mostafa Monsef​​​​ They were on modified 135-150cc single cylinder bikes (their engine blocks are quite big...around 60-66mm and some 68mm). A lot of them have been tuned with and are able to go over 125mph provided that the rider is brave enough to do so on such a small bike. I couldn't identify all the bikes that were recorded but I know the ones leading at the front were a Yamaha RX-Z 135 and a Kawasaki 150RR. Both are 2-stroke. Hope that helped you m8.

    • Mostafa Monsef
      Mostafa Monsef Year ago

      +Luq Man thats quite crazy man!!! how fast were they going and do u know what type of bikes are they on? thx m8

    • Luq Man
      Luq Man Year ago

      +pingpong wigwom That was in Malaysia. My country. Races like that are common here.

    • pingpong wigwom
      pingpong wigwom Year ago

      +ViralTuber yeah i was thinking the same thing. fuck that.

  • ViralTuber
    ViralTuber Year ago

    5:55 ...had been waiting to run across this clip again for about 2 years.

  • Marco Bolometti
    Marco Bolometti Year ago +11

    2016? i don't think so... probably 1916... the quality of this video is awful

  • ScrewyToast 187
    ScrewyToast 187 Year ago

    The vid at 7:14 was funny

  • Slinging Tech
    Slinging Tech Year ago

    videos name at 1:45

  • vitiate111
    vitiate111 Year ago +9

    no reason to show the same section multiple times, if we missed something we can back up and see it again.

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