Roger Waters - Déjà Vu (Audio)

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  • "Déjà Vu" from his new album 'Is This The Life We Really Want' available now.
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    Music video by Roger Waters performing Déjà Vu. (C) 2017 Jule Pond Productions LLC
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  • Farhad Asadpour
    Farhad Asadpour 2 hours ago

    :) Very Nice

  • A.H.
    A.H. 4 hours ago

    Yes he became old and better and better.

  • Baia Q
    Baia Q 10 hours ago

    Can"t stop listening! <3

  • nick Taunton
    nick Taunton 1 day ago

    If i had been god i would of made us the same colour.

  • Guillermo Witt
    Guillermo Witt 1 day ago

    378 dislike????? WTF

  • Mike Oswald
    Mike Oswald 3 days ago

    Let me start here, been a huge fan all my life. This is the third song I heard today of the new stuff. One thing I have to say, as an Atheist you could have chosen any of the versions of God that superstitious idiots such as myself believe in. Given what's been going on in the world the past few decades it says a lot that you chose Christianity to shit all over. I know seeing only the good in Islam has become your thing lately, but how many Islamists buy your records and go to your shows? The new stuff is great, you're a genius, I wouldn't expect less I just don't understand why you feel the need to beat up on your fans in favor of people who would torture and murder you given half a chance.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 4 days ago

    Superb voice music to teach us.....the past and present.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 4 days ago

    Oh my, Rogers is still the man with his soothing voice and opinion.......always will love his music.

  • mystrokesofgenius Tim Hunter

    Big thumbs up for the labour of love with all these lyrics. I get a whole separate joy out of just seeing them in printed form like poetry, and so much of this album - fuck, all of it - reads like poetry.

  • Eduardo Williams
    Eduardo Williams 6 days ago +1

    This is the real shit. Awesome!

  • Getúlio Prates
    Getúlio Prates 7 days ago

    Great sonG!!!!

  • Magellano Nait
    Magellano Nait 8 days ago

    Is never the Final cut..... Grazie Roger

  • 234cheech
    234cheech 9 days ago

    11 when i stumbled on floyd in 1988 new it then roger was a word geinus and a great songwriter

  • 234cheech
    234cheech 9 days ago

    fuck noo its 371 cloth eard nicompoops

  • Frank Underwood
    Frank Underwood 11 days ago +1

    Anyone else get the 'electronic eyes' reference from the Final Cut?

  • Quinn Proud
    Quinn Proud 14 days ago

    This is the only album, or piece of art for that matter, to make me actually cry over the state of the world. Thank you Rodger

  • Tas D. Amour
    Tas D. Amour 14 days ago

    Roger... You've once AGAIN put into words what so many of us have been feeling. I would say "Thanks" but it seems so elementary.

    This song is such a MODERNIZATION of your works... It's so "Julia Dream" and so "IF" and so "Dogs" and so"Mother" and so "Get Your Filthy Hands Of My Desert" and so "Final Cut" and so "Four Minutes" and so "Every Strangers Eyes" and so "Perfect Sense Pt 1" with just enough lyrical sarcasm at the end (from "Corporal Clegg", Free Four, Money, Pigs On The Wing Pt II, Vera, Not Now John, The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, Sunset Strip, and The Bravery of Being Out of Range ,) that this 1 fool from that 99% is looking up at your "Gulf Stream" and knows that you've EARNED it.

  • sb mystery
    sb mystery 16 days ago

    Goddamn this visual artwork is garbage

    FREDERIC LEPONT 17 days ago

    Just like also solo albums..... no

    FREDERIC LEPONT 17 days ago

    No.... Always the same : no mélody.....

  • Alexandra Wimmer
    Alexandra Wimmer 19 days ago

    texts - really not bad at all
    music - really not bad either
    voice - not actually bad
    over all - ..., well that's just it! I can't say I like it, but I don't know why not!
    The feeling I'm getting while listening to these tracks:
    "He's trying too hard to make it sound like ... - (like P.F.? like Len Cohen? like Rog Waters? Is Roger trying to imitate himself? Can't he let go of ..., of what exactly? The man has all the tools, but he doesn't want to use them like he could!)

  • sadiswan
    sadiswan 19 days ago

    don't we all. and that's the problem

  • Greg Fox
    Greg Fox 20 days ago

    Sounds a lot like Warren Zevon. I do like it, just as I did the final cut, but their solo work was never as good as PF. this could use a bit of Gilmore

  • mark robinson
    mark robinson 20 days ago

    i feel kinda sad that this (my) generation has the x factor and most of them will never know about real art.have just listened to this for the first time and i am a fuckin wreck right now ,genius!!!

  • Massimo Beggio
    Massimo Beggio 22 days ago

    another great song, thanks Rogeeeeerrrr !!!!

  • Mike Meeks
    Mike Meeks 23 days ago

    I love DG, but I think this shows who Pink Floyd really was.

  • Yovav Shalit
    Yovav Shalit 23 days ago

    it sounds very old

  • vernon smith
    vernon smith 24 days ago

    An amazing man never leaves you cold

  • Ahmed Salem
    Ahmed Salem 24 days ago +1

    According to Roger Waters, there are two verses in the song that the director Nigel Godrich removed on the final cut to make the record fit the run time of 54 minutes. Otherwise, the album would have run over 60 minutes which according to Roger would be a disaster.

    The Two verses were suppose to be in the last part of the song and they go like this:

    {Verse 4}
    And if I were a Muslim
    And you were a Jew
    If I were a Mennonite
    And you were an Hindu
    Would we exchange
    The weight of these chains
    Chains of belief
    And the carnage on the trains to turn over a new leaf

    {Verse 5}
    If I had been god
    I would not have chosen anyone
    I would have laid an even hand
    On all my children everyone
    Would have been content
    To forgo Ramadan and Lent
    Time better spent
    In the company of friends
    Breaking bread and mending nets

  • Ahmed Salem
    Ahmed Salem 24 days ago

    many write songs.but there are only one roger waters

  • Jay See
    Jay See 24 days ago

    Whats the obsession with drones?
    Do drones only target women and children or something?

  • erythmatea
    erythmatea 25 days ago +1

    Roger thanks... i have tears in my eyes... you`re real music genious... God bless You

  • dougat
    dougat 25 days ago

    Reminds me a bit of Four Minutes.

  • crystal cookson
    crystal cookson 25 days ago

    love this man's music thankyou uploader

  • Patrick LastName
    Patrick LastName 26 days ago

    I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd, have been for more than 40 years and Roger can make some beautiful music but let's face it, he can't sing anymore, just an old man which is very ok, just don't have the voice anymore. I was just about to purchase tickets for "Us + Them", glad I didn't. David Gilmour now...anytime.


    If you hear with attention every new music fro Roger you will find that they have parts from old muisics ( it´s like DÉJA VU). But GOD i wolud be here heraring him for eternity, because he still is the best Thank you very much Roger for all the amazing songs you gave us!!!!

  • The John
    The John 27 days ago

    I can relate with the last verse

  • Langelot Langelot
    Langelot Langelot 28 days ago +1


  • Jack Larosa
    Jack Larosa 28 days ago

    Bringing back the FLOYDIAN MIX,, Paranoid Eyes, Amused Ourselves to Death,, Makes the hairs stand up

  • Stargazer
    Stargazer 28 days ago

    Love this.

  • Tazio Nuvolari1892
    Tazio Nuvolari1892 28 days ago

    I believe that if this upload had like 1 bilion views the world wuold become a slightly better place

  • Tomasz Hałasa
    Tomasz Hałasa 28 days ago +1

    one of the best solo album of Roger Waters besides Amused to death and Radio KAOS, but for me the best is The final cut

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 29 days ago +1

    Just bought my tickets for his 2017 tour, can't fucking wait!

  • Tami Fudge
    Tami Fudge 1 month ago +1

    Roger, you still got it!

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes 1 month ago +1

    It's great to hear Roger again and just to hear him singing gives me chills. I love it no matter what people say. It's not Pink Floyd its Roger. People need to get that through their heads and stop complaining. Money or not he's a good artists and I'll take him and Gilmour any day besides these other so called artists anyday.

  • sabahiya
    sabahiya 1 month ago

    It feels like he mashes "Wish you were here" with "The final cut" together to make this.

  • Majd Arnouk
    Majd Arnouk 1 month ago

    legend \,,/

  • malcolm miles
    malcolm miles 1 month ago

    Malcolm. Miles

  • Mufti Al Umam
    Mufti Al Umam 1 month ago


  • LuisNavarro
    LuisNavarro 1 month ago

    pigs on the wind...continue

  • John Floyd
    John Floyd 1 month ago +2

    Roger, you're a fucking genius!

  • Yummy Fuzzball
    Yummy Fuzzball 1 month ago +1

    this album is fucking superb but there are parts where the beautiful fingers of Mr David golmour would just fit perfectly .. thanks roger you never disappoint my man. ..

  • Niko0098
    Niko0098 1 month ago

    Grande Roger , sempre coerente e dignitoso in ogni cosa.

  • Dim Zan
    Dim Zan 1 month ago

    Warm up old food
    Stolen rifs and sounds from old Pink Floyd albums to create a nostalgia
    All tracks feels orphans missing so much the Gilmour guitar sound when you hearing all this Pink Floyd sounds mash up
    One more time Waters looking for easy money and publicity for his big ego than quality

    • Dim Zan
      Dim Zan 1 month ago

      Steve Marcisz Waters is a fucking egomaniac everything he do is for his image only
      Is just a hypocrite

    • Steve Marcisz
      Steve Marcisz 1 month ago

      This album is all about making money. You can tell that he was only thinking about the big money when you listen to this song, the title track, Broken Bones, and A Part of Me Died. I heard that Pixar is thinking about using these songs for Sing 2. It should be interesting no matter what but the fact that Waters is just out for the money is proven by his writing of these silly pop songs.

  • AaronO220
    AaronO220 1 month ago

    roger love all your pink floyd poems but this is ricdiculas

  • Roberto Folegnani
    Roberto Folegnani 1 month ago

    grande ballata cantata con voce rauca che la rende inimitabile.... Belle emozioni con testi attuali e profondi....sempre grandr

  • Mateusz Zając
    Mateusz Zając 1 month ago +1

    magnificent like always

  • Cama Che
    Cama Che 1 month ago +1

    de lo mejor!!!!!

  • Dali Salvador
    Dali Salvador 1 month ago

    Who did not like this 330 songs that delightful song?

  • AverageWannabe
    AverageWannabe 1 month ago +2

    Oh, come on Roger... Please invite David to play some of these songs and kick some last ass together before you two leave this world. There is still magic in this.

  • Randy Potter
    Randy Potter 1 month ago

    Roger Waters is a pig. Make America Great Again!

    • Victor Manuel
      Victor Manuel 29 days ago

      In those times USA had two great presidents, W Wison and FDR. Now you have a bad clown, can't speak, a lier, a joke.

    • Randy Potter
      Randy Potter 1 month ago

      +vic. We bailed Europe out of 2 world wars . Maybe the next one we'll let them do it themselves. Then who will be laughing? America First!

    • Victor Manuel
      Victor Manuel 1 month ago

      In Europe everybody laughs with trump actions. Such a bad clown! "light of the world" ah ah ah . He and putin are very good together.

    • Randy Potter
      Randy Potter 1 month ago

      +victor. Nowadays you are the joke of the world. President Trump is the light of the world.

    • Victor Manuel
      Victor Manuel 1 month ago

      America nowadays is the joke of the world . You may thank Donald for that. It's a pitty because it's a great country.

  • Lester Exton
    Lester Exton 1 month ago

    2017, I would love to see The wall(1979) remastered. I would pay 20$ to see it again in the theater.

  • David Lopes
    David Lopes 1 month ago +2

    The good old music is finally back!!

  • Richy Moore
    Richy Moore 1 month ago

    As a Floyd fanatic, all I can say is, who knew The Final Cut wasn't finished 30 years ago. Roger has exceeded himself once again. That last verse is one potent peice of writing, one of his finest lyrics in a 50 odd year career filled with finest lyrics in the history of rock and roll. The man !

  • Michael La Rosa
    Michael La Rosa 1 month ago +1

    The soul of Pink Floyd

  • Eugene hogan
    Eugene hogan 1 month ago +1

    That voice only could be Roger and all the stuff in the background amazing .

  • David Morris
    David Morris 1 month ago

    "You lean to the left but you vote to the right" is sooo indicative of what has just happened in the UK elections yesterday.

  • ToeJ
    ToeJ 1 month ago

    sounds like mother...

  • jose maria Barbosa
    jose maria Barbosa 1 month ago

    não adianta vc comentar eu acredito em inglês..vai adiantar vc também fazer alguma coisa pra mudar o estado em as coisas estão..por mais pequena que seja..faça algo meu irmão..saía do comforto do estado de embriaguez..somos livres para sermos escravisados.

  • payam ra
    payam ra 1 month ago


  • tentara ossas
    tentara ossas 1 month ago

    mother on the wing at southampton dock

  • Upon The 2 Pillars Lies The Truth

    Mellow, but powerful

  • jdgonzo1982
    jdgonzo1982 1 month ago

    old man music...think i'm too young to appreciate this sound just yet...i'll come back in a decade or so...

    • T Cook
      T Cook 1 month ago

      lol . very astute of you .. its a genre / flavor for sure .. just make sure you come back as you stated and give it a try after you get some more miles behind you.

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 1 month ago

    Looking forward to RATM regrouping after Chris's demise. The world needs de la Rocha as much as Waters.

  • rube26105
    rube26105 1 month ago

    if i had been god
    if i were a drone lol, roger nailed it on this one

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 1 month ago

    my song on repeat I love this song. good job Roger. love it love it love it

  • tpask162
    tpask162 1 month ago +1


    • Aydin Fjeldsted
      Aydin Fjeldsted 1 month ago

      I thought the same thing when I first read the title of this song😂

  • Pol'sProductions
    Pol'sProductions 1 month ago

    got here from the melon

  • thecognacsipper
    thecognacsipper 1 month ago

    io, se fossi dio....

  • ChiilyFat
    ChiilyFat 1 month ago

    amazing ! this is the definition of talent , and true belief. Im only twenty years old and i have dived deep in the pink floyd world since im a kid , and i gotta say , hearing this from roger waters brings tears to my eyes , so beatifull so pure , so .. meaningfull. Great work Roger , you showed the world the true meaning of music , so many years and you still deliver , still put yourself out there , still educating this messed up world we live in. Congrats

  • André Ramos
    André Ramos 1 month ago

    could him have done a better job?

  • grzegorz jarmoc
    grzegorz jarmoc 1 month ago

    Still excellent creativity !
    Thank you!

  • William Victor Newbold

    What is better?--->

    1. Blue eyes or green?
    2. Now or not now?
    3. Truth or something about you?

  • Brunty Boy
    Brunty Boy 1 month ago

    Wouldve been better without those stupid sound effects

  • MrTaximusic
    MrTaximusic 1 month ago

    of course roger stop the kidding we all know you are god

  • Irene Gaasvær
    Irene Gaasvær 1 month ago

    Thank you Roger Waters

  • Gianni Amico
    Gianni Amico 1 month ago

    It sounds very good but there are no guitar solos...why???

  • Riccardo Bauco
    Riccardo Bauco 1 month ago

    Ti amo

  • Fátima Ángeles
    Fátima Ángeles 1 month ago

    It sounds like Mother from The Wall.
    I love this

  • Marco Richiedei
    Marco Richiedei 1 month ago

    It's clear that he hates the G chord to start a song :D
    Anyway, nice one

  • petit pizza
    petit pizza 1 month ago

    when he said less prone i thought he said lez porn!

  • Manuel Matos
    Manuel Matos 1 month ago

    There are people who should never die. Thank You Roger Waters

  • Ari Dagan
    Ari Dagan 1 month ago

  • val zenemifuen
    val zenemifuen 1 month ago

    It's so sad how just today I started reading an article about this album and how well it fits today's world's situation and right in that moment I received a cnn notification from people who died in London, God it really was sad but there is still hope, thank you Waters.

  • T Cook
    T Cook 1 month ago

    Man o man these new songs are just getting better and better every time I listen to them. Great job Mr. Waters.

  • Nathalie Petermann
    Nathalie Petermann 1 month ago +1

    Bravo Roger continue jusqu'à tes 100 ans pour nous faire délirer dans ta très belle musique et tes très belle chanson toutes nos félicitations de la part mon bébé Nathalie et de moi-même Michel Minou

  • Nathalie Petermann
    Nathalie Petermann 1 month ago

    continue Roger jusqu'à tes 100 ans pour nous faire vivre la meilleure musique et tes meilleures chansons qui ne font délirer toutes nos félicitations de la part de mon bébé Nathalie et de moi-même minou Michel

  • Nabeel Jamal
    Nabeel Jamal 1 month ago

    Take a bow! Brilliant composition of music and words.

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