Conor McGregor boxing sparing Chris Van Heerden, 2016

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  • d_nemesis_alex
    d_nemesis_alex 2 hours ago

    Music sucks

  • Stephen Salazar
    Stephen Salazar 19 hours ago +1

    karate doesn't work in boxing McGregor. Good luck with Floyd. lol! I can't believe this is happening... OH GAWD! loL!!!!

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez 20 hours ago +1

    He thinks he Ali far from it fooken joke

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez 20 hours ago

    Look at that stance great white ioke lol

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez 20 hours ago

    Glass jaw Joe he boxes fooken cartoonish look at him some from Nintendo boxing game dink dink dink

    JAY STATION ONE 3 days ago

    its a win 2in for connor if he wins he will be a legend if he looses he can say well i stepped outa mma to fight u why dont u come to my world

  • Hoax Game
    Hoax Game 4 days ago

    He move fast and that will be problem for TMT

  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 4 days ago +1

    Conner`s too slow here his short punches don`t seem as effective and his opponents punches are nice and short also, Conner can`t put boxers on the defense because his gloves are softer than MMA mitts, he can`t operate without the threat of a thinly gloved hand or knee and he`s not used to it.

  • Imanks Imanks
    Imanks Imanks 5 days ago +1

    mcgreggor is going down in boxing, except that's will be no problem if that's all about the money...

  • Aquarius Storm
    Aquarius Storm 5 days ago

    Chiss youre cheating! You are not retired or over 40! Shame on you Chriss

  • DayZ Standalone - Jiveturkey600

    This music man....smh

  • Sam WestPhotography
    Sam WestPhotography 6 days ago

    I dunno about this, it looked like they were both pulling their punches and just sparring. Conor hit him but not nearly at full power... then again neither of them were punching hard at all. It would be a different fight if they were really going at it.

  • JoshKing530
    JoshKing530 6 days ago +1

    Man I love mac but just watch the footwork, that's where it shows the big difference in skill.

  • юра карпук
    юра карпук 6 days ago

    конор мертвый в боксе ,ха !

  • Alberto Vitoreti
    Alberto Vitoreti 6 days ago

    mc gregor vai leva em sacode....

  • WDRS 98.7
    WDRS 98.7 7 days ago +1

    Looks like Chris Van Heerden took it easy on him

  • jay jay
    jay jay 7 days ago

    Chris got slapped up in my opinion I don't know what boxing fans swe

  • Vin Silv
    Vin Silv 8 days ago

    Watching this video then the Pauli one it's like watching charmander transform into Charizard lmaoo

  • Andile Lionel
    Andile Lionel 8 days ago +1

    If floyed doesn't knock out Conor, I don't care if Conor loses on decision, Boxing as a whole is dead!!

    Idiots forget that Conor is not a boxer.

    • Metha Zone
      Metha Zone 7 days ago

      Andile Lionel
      Exactly what im thinking
      Its a total disaster if the 49-0 best boxer in the world, cant even finish a part time boxer.

  • Keith Hancock
    Keith Hancock 9 days ago

    Floyd has a left, Connor keeps his right hand down.

  • G
    G 9 days ago +1

    What people aren't paying attention to is the fact that Conor has poor defensive skills. As soon as Van Heerden stars to land Conor just freezes or retaliates with trying to counter in stead of moving his head. He better check that now, also their wont be no body padding to protect his body come fight night.

  • Vladimir Zhidkov
    Vladimir Zhidkov 9 days ago

    actually, conor has done pretty well in this session. im sure he fixed some mistakes and improved by now

  • Joey Vast
    Joey Vast 9 days ago

    I'd give the round to Connor. I don't understand the hate. Mayweather is All-time great so you can't expect that level of fluidity from McG.

  • Christopher Rubio
    Christopher Rubio 10 days ago

    Either way, this training in boxing is gonna make Conner a killer in MMA.... he is winning either way.

  • Ali Jordan
    Ali Jordan 11 days ago

    What's everyone talking about how Conor gets exposed by this guy. Looked like Conor won the round.. wtf

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White 11 days ago

    After seeing Errol Spence stop Van Heerden, Spence would kill Conor if they were to fight.

  • Oswaldo Cruz
    Oswaldo Cruz 12 days ago

    In my opinion mcgregor can box better when he mixes his boxing with a wide stance as he on sec 30 to 38, he looks so comfi w his hand down he can throw a strong n quick jab, but with a traditional boxing stance is a no no.

  • KCKZ August
    KCKZ August 12 days ago

    Yall realize that this was over a year ago though and at this stage mcgregor has probably cleaned u p a fuckton

    • Brandon White
      Brandon White 11 days ago

      KCKZ August Being cleaned up isn't enough to defeat Mayweather. If it was Canelo, Cotto or Maidana fighting Conor, they would kill him I'm the ring.

  • peterpanmannnn
    peterpanmannnn 12 days ago

    There's a video on the side with the exact boxer sparring here doing an interview saying "Don't get me wrong. Conor could be a lot of boxers out there" So yeah ofc one of the greatest of all time is totally going to make a mockery of him but these commenters saying an amateur could beat mcgregor like it's nothing is talking out of their ass.

    • Brandon White
      Brandon White 11 days ago

      peterpanmannnn There are plenty of amateur boxers that could beat Conor, what are you talking about? Do you not understand boxing?

  • Son of Shiva
    Son of Shiva 12 days ago +2

    LMAO! You can clearly tell he is not a boxer in this video

  • Abraham Garcia
    Abraham Garcia 13 days ago +2


  • Tom Derkach
    Tom Derkach 13 days ago +1

    He loads up too much on his left. Sets the same traps over and over. Will get sussed out and picked off

  • Real Pacificus
    Real Pacificus 13 days ago +3

    Conor landed 10 punches in 2 minutes.... He is going to get owned by Mayweather.

  • Jay DeziFour
    Jay DeziFour 14 days ago

    I keep hearing that there's some unedited version of the session that shows Conor beating him up. Only occasion I've ever seen Conor winning was in a very heavily edited video.

    Can't someone please post where I can find this unedited footage where Conor gets the better of him? I looked it up, but no luck.

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 14 days ago

    Lomenchenko vs mcreagor

  • Raul Diaz
    Raul Diaz 14 days ago +2

    Conor would lose to an avarage boxer ten times out of ten

  • Steel Nerves
    Steel Nerves 14 days ago +1

    I guess mayweather is shaking in his boots based on this performance

  • Danny Bennett
    Danny Bennett 15 days ago

    But i cant wait to see floyed and conor in the octogon, thats going to be great, but i doubt its going to happen which is bullshit.

  • Danny Bennett
    Danny Bennett 15 days ago

    No disrespect but what people have to understand is this was over a year ago. He wasnt trainging to box mayweather then. But he has been training nothing but boxing, for floyed for how long now? Im not saying conor is going to go in there and destroy floyed because hes not a boxer but he is probably much better than this now, and yes i would like to see conor win.

  • Scott Whitteker
    Scott Whitteker 16 days ago

    Conor is wearing the Reebok shoes Floyd always does

  • Angel B
    Angel B 16 days ago

    This is All the MMA has to offer , Aug 26 it's gonna be easy work

  • YaBoy Yod
    YaBoy Yod 16 days ago +1

    Conor's not even trying

  • Joseph Cotrina Guerra
    Joseph Cotrina Guerra 16 days ago

    el boxeo es guapeo

  • Angel King
    Angel King 17 days ago +1

    Jab his ass all day and KO him in later rds

  • Sylvester Ramirez
    Sylvester Ramirez 17 days ago +2

    This is the guy that is going to beat mayweather ? LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

  • tom fraser
    tom fraser 18 days ago

    he mistook mercy for weakness.... LOL!!!!

  • Diondre Daniels
    Diondre Daniels 18 days ago +1

    Nooo He Not Ready 😂

  • Dimi Trick
    Dimi Trick 19 days ago

    what the fuck did i just saw

  • Matt Erwin
    Matt Erwin 19 days ago

    Why does he have is hands down like he wearing 2 oz gloves ? There is a reason why the great boxers have there hands up

  • Shogun973
    Shogun973 19 days ago

    Not bad

  • Andres Bardot
    Andres Bardot 21 day ago

    nooo en boxeo lo van a matar

  • Bacons Strip
    Bacons Strip 22 days ago +1

    Conor is going to get his head taken off... He went from 1% chance to 0% chance in one video.

  • Factorum Monterrey
    Factorum Monterrey 24 days ago

    Lol he has no chance even vs Julio Cesar Chavez jr on drugs!

  • sher lock
    sher lock 25 days ago

    Conor needs to learn dodging. He is like always striking.if he be like this. The fight will be a joke

  • Don Marks
    Don Marks 28 days ago +1

    Chris Van Heerdan was out of shape here and wasn't even training for a fight of his own. He just camo off of a vacation with his wife and kids and still had to hold back on McGregor's ass Lmfao.

    DALLAS JOE 29 days ago

    Hopefully he has improved since then.
    This Boxing is going to make his Stand UP SOOOO much Better in the UFC.
    He will be unstoppable...
    *** As for Mayweather, Conor has to ManHangle him, and rough him up, and at other times, run away
    and make Floyd Chase HIM. Its a hard thing to do, making a Runner chase you, but that is
    the only way he is going to find openings.

    I know Mayweather is gonna win, but I'm hoping Mayweather gets embarrassed,
    and pummeled a little. And at most... Knocked Out. It would be so Great.

  • The Raul movie Fernandez

    it was in the 2016 and now we are in 2017, mcgregor was not training for mywather fight

  • Darren Arni
    Darren Arni Month ago

    I love McGregor but that jam..just gets him all the time...which by the way is a Flyoid specialty.

  • Matt Williamson
    Matt Williamson Month ago +1

    And people think he beats Mayweather!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆

  • Nathan Martyn
    Nathan Martyn Month ago

    he's fuckin horrible at boxing he's gunna get absolutely completely humiliated

  • Steve Keenan
    Steve Keenan Month ago +1

    after watching this....conner will get so frustrated at not being able to impose his will...

  • Arief  Budhi
    Arief Budhi Month ago

    lol poor boxing skill

  • G. Valverde
    G. Valverde Month ago


  • Dee Eed
    Dee Eed Month ago


  • johanzo88
    johanzo88 Month ago +1

    Conors going to get murdered damn

  • boxxanon
    boxxanon Month ago +1



  • luis adrian
    luis adrian Month ago +1

    Mayweather is gonna kill him hahahahaha

  • Winux Worx
    Winux Worx Month ago

    I hate Mayweather and a fan of McGregor BUT i think Mayweather will sure win the fight. I still respect pure boxers who trained for decades. The footwork, combination punches, counters, body movement, and most specially their instinct has been mold to the sport boxing. On the other hand, though MacGregor's training in MMA have boxing, its totally different in all aspect (footwork, combination, counters, etc.) . Yes he's training now in boxing but that's not enough to engrave to your instinct in just few years. Mayweather is doing boxing for about 25 years since childhood. I don't even think McGregor's going to stand a chance in boxing even with any Mexican fighters like Marquez or Morales.

  • Mawfuckahh Kritisch op je moer

    Easy money for floyd come on lets be honest

    KPOPFANBOYUK Month ago

    I could beat Conor at a game of LoL therefore i could beat him in a real Fight... Mayweather logic

    • Kyle B
      Kyle B 27 days ago

      mma isnt a real fight

  • Euan Anstice
    Euan Anstice Month ago

    Ok I came to this video hearing Conor looked absolutely terrible, Chris is a fucking good boxer with a record of 25-2-1 with 12 kos, he's no where near floyds level of course and there were lots of errors on Conor's part, but Conor landed a counter almost every shot heerden got in

  • Joseph Mauricio Flores

    Floyd is going to take candy from an 6 year old on August 26.

  • Kenny Powers
    Kenny Powers Month ago

    Lol at everyone saying Connors going to lose. He's getting paid $100 million fucking dollars. That's a win already imo.

  • Alessandro Sorrentino


  • Jeremy H
    Jeremy H Month ago +1

    McGregor won that round. Maybe not the other 5 he sparred with Van Heerden, but he won that one for sure

  • Billy Markley
    Billy Markley Month ago

    This video was made before any serious consideration to fight mayweather, this is clearly just a little off season sparing match

  • Trollseeder
    Trollseeder Month ago

    Conor is a power puncher, he could have KO'ed him so many times. But they're sparring.

  • Hffjnn Bhfddhh
    Hffjnn Bhfddhh Month ago

    no tiene nada que hacer contra maywather

    HEAD HUNTER NZ Month ago

    Zebra one commenti g this was a year ago a lot has Cha ged and don't ever underestimate Connor you all did with Aldo he got knocked out on the first round

  • Minsu Kim
    Minsu Kim Month ago

    Mcgregor is like Bruce Lee

  • Arturo E.
    Arturo E. Month ago +4

    This dude can't box. I feel sorry for him 😕

  • Iqbal Rizal
    Iqbal Rizal Month ago

    Is his sparring partner supposed to punch him? Conor look so laboured and slow, Mayweather will kill him inside 2 rounds. I don't think Conor looks like he can knock Floyd down even if he let him have a clean punch. Don't get me wrong, I want Conor to win. But if this is how he boxes, gosh...

  • Vernon Boothe
    Vernon Boothe Month ago +1

    mc Dublin is going to be mc done may weather is going to destroy him

  • joseph rivera
    joseph rivera Month ago +2

    Man Floyd is gonna massacre him

  • Vernal 69
    Vernal 69 Month ago

    He says he's going to knock the greatest fighter of all times out in 4 rounds but he can't throw a decent jab? lol Good luck.
    Unless Floyd takes a dive, this is going to be really embarrassing.
    Also, if I thought Floyd was a stand up guy, I'd bet on him. My big problem with Floyd is I don't trust him and I wouldn't put it past him to take a dive for $200 more million (2 more fights). Think about it. I don't trust anymore then I could hit him.

  • Julius Tiangson
    Julius Tiangson Month ago

    He looks flat footed and I hope he will be a lot faster than that comes fight nite.....cuz Mayweather will take him to school and have him see stars if he boxes like that comes fight nite.......ha ha ha

  • iDylanTV
    iDylanTV Month ago

    Wow.... this is pretty bad bruh. He doesn't have a fooking shot at beating Floyd.

    • Neon Green
      Neon Green Month ago

      They are clearly throwing half punches. Watch Mcgregor in a real mma fight. Compare the speed of his punches to this video. they are just touching each other. Of course Mayweather is gonna win easy, but this video isn't proof of that.

  • Rejie Serra
    Rejie Serra Month ago

    his chance of winning is 1%... 1 lucky punch. that, if he is stronger puncher than pacquiao.

  • grant4life13
    grant4life13 Month ago

    Im Ready for him to shock the whole world

  • syntheticTEK
    syntheticTEK Month ago

    When he fights on 26th, he will destroy Mayweather

  • syntheticTEK
    syntheticTEK Month ago +1

    Conor is obviously out of condition here. You'll wake up, fools

  • Jerry Helwig keeping it real real

    not looking good and I'm a huge fan... just being honest brother

  • alternativealgo
    alternativealgo Month ago

    this fight is going to be the biggest joke in boxing history and yet it will make the most money in boxing history


  • Jay Cas
    Jay Cas Month ago +3

    he's lucky van heerden was told to hold back

  • Lorel Latorilla
    Lorel Latorilla Month ago +1

    So,this is the unorthodox movement that will fluster Floyd?

  • Asheru Assiene
    Asheru Assiene Month ago

    I think Conor will be surprised at what happens to his "power" with the big gloves


    I hope conor twats Mr money big mouth expensive watch wearing tosser oh my watch costs 1.2 mill what a little tit he a great boxer but he's a bell end conor has a chance a good chance he has more of a chance than money would have if he fought him in mixed martial arts. gooo on conor do him in uk are with u bruv

  • Floyd

    money money money money team money money money money team

  • Monranel Rufila
    Monranel Rufila Month ago

    how about floyd will fight Mcgregor in UFC? lol

  • Rachid Khamlichi
    Rachid Khamlichi Month ago +1

    It is like expecting C.Ronaldo to beat Le Bron James in a basketball head to head, this is all over.

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