Easter Eggs You Missed In Cars 3

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    Pixar's movies are a veritable basket of Easter eggs, filled with running gags and references to other Pixar properties that only eagle-eyed fans might notice. Cars 3 is no exception, and contains a truckload of new hidden gems. Here's a look at some of the Easter eggs you might've missed in the Cars franchise's third lap around the track...

    A113 | 0:22
    The Pizza Planet truck | 0:52
    The Pixar Ball | 1:46
    Some familiar branding | 2:14
    Cinderella's pumpkin | 3:05
    Coco | 3:25
    NASCAR racers take a new name | 3:47
    Paul Newman resurrected | 4:44
    Car Talk | 5:38

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  • Looper
    Looper  2 months ago +346

    What other Cars 3 Easter eggs should've made this list?

    • the dizzy pigeon
      the dizzy pigeon Day ago

      Looper yiannimize plays the orange and blue car

    • Blueguy
      Blueguy 3 days ago

      I SEEN THE A1 13
      does that count

    • Walrus Boy
      Walrus Boy 7 days ago

      Looper I love all the NASCAR references

    • Sukhjinder Singh
      Sukhjinder Singh 9 days ago

      The fact is my sister is not my sister

    • Alex Hinkle
      Alex Hinkle 13 days ago

      A 113 was also found in Wall-E when the captain finds out why they cannot go back to Earth

  • savage ____________

    Ryan Blaney ain't in it is yianne that plays him

  • savage ____________

    Daniel surrez ain't in it that is Oli white that plays him

  • Cam_Sawyer
    Cam_Sawyer 2 days ago

    Ryan InsideLaney

  • Krista Woodbridge
    Krista Woodbridge 6 days ago

    You sound like..... no you sound like the smol genderless child in if undertale was realistic

  • Ben Hood
    Ben Hood 8 days ago


  • Candycorn 2014
    Candycorn 2014 9 days ago +1

    Brothers be like:
    "Don't drive like my mother!"

  • Ashstar 123
    Ashstar 123 9 days ago

    Is that Dexter in the background talking ?

  • prakash diya
    prakash diya 11 days ago

    You have missed one Easter Egg in mater licence plate A113

  • Eryk MG
    Eryk MG 11 days ago

    Good spotting!

  • Taehun Lee
    Taehun Lee 11 days ago

    2:16 is that an S15 Silvia

  • Fanofthomas31
    Fanofthomas31 12 days ago

    The A113 easter egg also appears on a sticker that's on a spokesperson car. She appears in the mob of interviewers outside the Rusteze Training Center.

  • D Dawg
    D Dawg 13 days ago

    It's official my childhood is over since lightning is basically done racing

  • Josh Kekoa
    Josh Kekoa 15 days ago

    I saw a113

  • Ludwig the 64
    Ludwig the 64 15 days ago

    Triple dent also said spearmint

  • Stop Mania
    Stop Mania 16 days ago

    Triple dent was in the original cars movie

  • Max Schlesinger
    Max Schlesinger 17 days ago

    Wtf cars 3 already out?

  • William
    William 17 days ago

    The BnL easter egg can also be spotted when the treadmill on the beach, it makes the same sound Wall-E does when he powers up.

  • BenLockZel Gaming
    BenLockZel Gaming 17 days ago

    3:34 That says DINOCO not COCO

  • Triple Headshot
    Triple Headshot 19 days ago

    the movie was more vilent then the other movies because oh wait spoiler elert don't read this comment if you haven't seen the movie ok back to the spoilers because it is more vilent is when lightning crashed and nearly died at the start

  • Kody Abenaki
    Kody Abenaki 19 days ago

    A113 is such a lame easter egg...

  • robbie jenkins
    robbie jenkins 19 days ago

    I saw a113 on a billboard.

  • Eduardo B
    Eduardo B 19 days ago

    Wall E Toy Story 1 and Cars 1 the best!

  • NDM Vids
    NDM Vids 20 days ago


  • Catz Playz
    Catz Playz 21 day ago

    I have the pizza truck

  • PinchBOOM__ __
    PinchBOOM__ __ 23 days ago

    I still think if young McQueen went against Jackson storm
    McQueen can beat him because it's obvious McQueen is smarter and FASTER!
    at cars 2 he raced against a formula one car named Francisco and the average speed of a formula one car is more than 200 mph! And the fact at the ending of cars 2, rocket powered Mater and McQueen go for a race
    And it seems like they are both at the same speed.

  • mangletion
    mangletion 24 days ago

    At 1:11 behind bus you see the pizza plant truck

  • Devin Alexzander
    Devin Alexzander 24 days ago

    I know it was already known but 95 is still a Easter egg in cars 2 and 3

  • Kirby
    Kirby 24 days ago

    When I watched the film I actually almost found all of these before watching this. Yay me!

  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster 24 days ago

    He sounds like DanTDM!

  • SeniorLlama
    SeniorLlama 24 days ago

    The coco name on the sidelines is a stretch since it's actually supposed to be Dinoco

  • Roy Verkerk
    Roy Verkerk 24 days ago

    Because i watched this video did i watch cars 3 and it was an amazing movie!

  • lol gan
    lol gan 25 days ago

    the movie 300 on a white car when lightning mcqueen plays a tape of doc Huston racing

  • Hero
    Hero 25 days ago

    Dexter manning? Lol

  • Jinx Gaming
    Jinx Gaming 25 days ago

    Tbh I want to see lighting mcquuen racing again and if their will be a cars 4 I hope he's racing still

  • Owlpha
    Owlpha 25 days ago

    In the Demolition derby the ambulance from mater shorts can be seen

  • Spring Trap
    Spring Trap 25 days ago

    Dinoco is real cool

  • Gavin Dhaliwal
    Gavin Dhaliwal 25 days ago

    Who else noticed The King as well as A113?

  • TheKingDragonFire
    TheKingDragonFire 25 days ago

    3:35 Rod???

  • lorenzo mohamadi
    lorenzo mohamadi 26 days ago

    I saw a apple logo in the movie and on the stars mqceun in the truck on the glass weird mirror things

  • Erto Gaming
    Erto Gaming 27 days ago

    gray's rooms name is a113

  • A v.s J
    A v.s J 27 days ago


  • C
    C 27 days ago

    a113 a113 a113 a113 a113

  • R Keeves
    R Keeves 27 days ago

    that dino from wreckit ralph

  • Samuel OBRIEN
    Samuel OBRIEN 28 days ago

    In cars 2 when they first arrive in Tokyo you can see it says lightning McLean and they laugh, and in cars 3 sterling has the cars 3 lightning McLean prototype

  • lipe gamer
    lipe gamer 28 days ago +1

    In the beach the song of the computer is the song of the batterry of wally

  • VikzillaPlayz
    VikzillaPlayz 28 days ago

    What about Lewis Hamilton being 'Hamilton' in Cruz Ramirez's electronic assistant

  • Alix Nissen
    Alix Nissen 29 days ago

    Can someone please tell me how Doc Hudson passed/died? I have watched Cars 1 and 2 so many times but never seen the scene where he died?

  • ByteMe
    ByteMe 29 days ago

    How to watch cars movies :

    *Cars 1*
    *Cars 3*
    *Never speak of Cars 2*

  • Kevin Colmenero
    Kevin Colmenero 29 days ago


  • MrJr
    MrJr Month ago

    I'm appalled that nobody has noticed Lewis Hamilton as "Hamilton" the Siri clone. I've been looking through the comments and NOBODY has mentioned it. It is the one Easter egg I plainly noticed. Guess I'm just weird because I'm an American who watches F1.

  • Escaboys
    Escaboys Month ago

    i noticed the truck first time watching

    LINKPRO10YT Month ago

    Ir Paul Newman was resurecter why do they don't do the same w/Chester begninton

  • Brennon Davis
    Brennon Davis Month ago

    what was your guys favourite cars movie mines cars 2

  • litoms096
    litoms096 Month ago +1

    is the voice dextermanning?

  • RioluDoesAnimations


  • Cambarn Videos
    Cambarn Videos Month ago

    Its Jesse from Minecraft Story Mode Funny 😂 Animation from Smashbits Animation.

  • Ghost Of Game
    Ghost Of Game Month ago

    2:57 who is speedstar Ramirez

  • DylBeen the Plotagonist and randomee 240

    I just saw Cars 3 today, and the only Easter eggs I noticed were A113, the pizza planet truck, and the Pixar ball

  • Kirsten S
    Kirsten S Month ago

    If you've watched the TV Series 'The Flash' then I think this movie is somewhat based off of it. Lightning is like The Flash and Jackson storm would be Zoom. Croos(idk how to spell her name) kinda plays Kid flash as Lightning mentors her to become the new racer, she also wanted to become a racer, just like Kid flash wanted to be a flash.

  • roblox noob
    roblox noob Month ago +1

    "Jucko Fucko"
    "Helps tim fuck"

  • Ryanbeynon
    Ryanbeynon Month ago


    xLEADERWOLFx Month ago +1

    I like how Cars 1 and 3 are similar, but Cars 2 has nothing to do with anything

  • Adrian  Cruz
    Adrian Cruz Month ago

    Wasn't the beach scene a referance to the beach scene from Rocky 3 where he was training ?

  • Davinis Roblox
    Davinis Roblox Month ago

    Mater,s Easter Egg Mater Number A 133

  • Jasper Ferari
    Jasper Ferari Month ago

    The thumbnail looks like a Plymouth Daytona or a Dodge Daytona

  • RMB Offroading
    RMB Offroading Month ago

    The best part was when lightning got the paint job like doc had

  • JuXi
    JuXi Month ago

    Triple dent was already a sponsor of a car in the 2006 piston cup

  • Suraya Ebrahim
    Suraya Ebrahim Month ago

    the batmobile was almost in the movie

  • Thunder Sweeper2
    Thunder Sweeper2 Month ago

    Cars 3 was lit tbh

  • ICMGold
    ICMGold Month ago +1

    I didn't miss any of these waster eggs.

  • a10f P
    a10f P Month ago

    I love how dex is doing this now

  • Toybonnie 19
    Toybonnie 19 Month ago

    Oh! hey!! its frisk!!!

  • Dido Meira
    Dido Meira Month ago +1

    How the hell do you find these???

  • Shun_
    Shun_ Month ago

    Before I watched this, Doc was still alive

    THE FLASH Month ago


  • Fredbear Pawsome111 Gaming PK

    But that last part wasn't included in the film with the eagles song take it to the limit

  • GreenPlanet669 Gghfhgg

    In fact I noticed the Pizza truck easter egg

  • Josh Kekoa
    Josh Kekoa Month ago

    A113 on the dorr glass dorr

  • Josh Kekoa
    Josh Kekoa Month ago


  • Josh Kekoa
    Josh Kekoa Month ago

    And the appel

  • Josh Kekoa
    Josh Kekoa Month ago

    And a113 that all

  • Josh Kekoa
    Josh Kekoa Month ago

    Cruz wins

  • Josh Kekoa
    Josh Kekoa Month ago

    I saw the pizza planet in the thunder hallo

  • Fernando Mejia
    Fernando Mejia Month ago


  • GamerBoy870
    GamerBoy870 Month ago

    is that Dexter Manning

  • chefinavan1
    chefinavan1 Month ago

    it was only released this week?

  • Harpreet Hakemzadeh

    on sterlings desk there is the tree from bugs life

  • Mateusz Tomczak
    Mateusz Tomczak Month ago

    Is that voice from realistic undertale parody animations? XD

  • Yoav Stepansky
    Yoav Stepansky Month ago

    do you dont see the apple ester egg

  • Jonah Karpinski
    Jonah Karpinski Month ago

    Isn't Cal Weathers the son of Strip Weathers and not his nephew? In real life, Strip is played by NASCAR legend Richard Petty and Cal is played by his son Kyle Petty (also a winning race car driver).

  • Rafael Angelo S. Sanchez

    the movie said " from the creators of toy story ang finding dory" !!! tanga ka bobo!

  • JakeTV
    JakeTV Month ago

    Strip (The King) was a crew chief in one of the early races.

  • Warlikebow 389
    Warlikebow 389 Month ago


  • JPGKid
    JPGKid Month ago

    Is that Dex?

  • Mark520
    Mark520 Month ago

    you know A113 it is also on the train in cars 1 at the start following the truck. LIKE SO HE CAN SEE

  • Tori Zoe Febres
    Tori Zoe Febres Month ago

    I seen A113

  • Sean Garland
    Sean Garland Month ago

    the first time i saw it i saw a113

  • Mr. Gumboy
    Mr. Gumboy Month ago

    It's not even out yet in my country, they said August...

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