Why Milo Will Fail

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  • Richard Spencer discusses why he thinks Milo's new self-titled venture will fail, as well as the history of Milo's involement with the Alt-Right.
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  • Milo  Berkeley  

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  • Freethinking Влади́мир

    How was he "uncucked"? He was OBSESSED not only with his gayness, but also with Israel. Can't have a bigger cuck than that.

  • Lady Red Pill
    Lady Red Pill 2 days ago

    I'm not sure I like Milo much anymore. I did at one point, but he's starting to become more and more annoying the famous he got. When he was less famous he had a bit more humility. He's starting to believe in his own hype too much.
    He's good for a bit of a laugh, but I'd rather even listen to Ben Shapiro. Milo is not capable of intelligent debates.

  • Darren Carlyle
    Darren Carlyle 11 days ago

    Dream on beta boy......

  • Freedom isn't free!
    Freedom isn't free! 17 days ago

    MILO will continue to be successful, he is counter culture!

  • Kat M Boothe
    Kat M Boothe 17 days ago

    Milo will only disappear if the left disappears.

  • TheJadeFist
    TheJadeFist 17 days ago

    i feel as if Richard just called me gay

  • Rihanna Hall
    Rihanna Hall 28 days ago

    lol, milo is the reason you guys even have a voice. Milo is WINNING. tremendously even. He has a best selling book out now at #1 on amazon, and is going to continue getting stronger and more popular in his next tour. stay salty Richard, you are merely a homophobe. your homophobia is showing throughout this video

  • Johnathan Reynolds
    Johnathan Reynolds Month ago

    As conservatives we need to UNITE right now! I indeed consider the alt-right "conservative" and I would welcome you ALL! This infighting will be the death of us. We got enough enemies. We don't need to make enemies of ourselves. I don't like the idea of a queer being a leader of our "conservative" movement. But, if it gets the secular folks and brainwashed liberals in that is okay. This is about saving America, its people, and ESPECIALLY OUR people! 😕

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Month ago

    Give Milo some credit , he did put the Alt-Right in the spotlight on an international level.

  • Wise Wife of Keith
    Wise Wife of Keith Month ago

    "Abuse is how the homosexual community reproduces". I actually agree with that statement, but I also can't help but have sympathy for an abused person.

    I can't hate him.

    That said it's peculiar that the Catholic Church is being brought up in a negative light a lot lately. NOT that it isn't warranted, but I'm always cautious when to many sources simultaneously highlight the same villain.

  • Pete's Eats
    Pete's Eats Month ago

    Milo has better dress sense than Dick,

    However, they're both fuckwits, so whatever.

  • Mr. Midnight
    Mr. Midnight Month ago

    Homos end up killing themselves. Homos are disgusting and should be crushed to dust.

  • Kyle Medeiros
    Kyle Medeiros Month ago +1

    well you turned out to be wrong as hell

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch Month ago

    So you wouldn't share the stage with Milo? Doesn't that make you Alt Light?

  • Whitney Sharp
    Whitney Sharp Month ago

    you dislike him because he is the dangerous faggot~

  • New Ideas
    New Ideas Month ago

    It's not the "traditional left" that I'm against.. it's the agressive "cultural marxism", where you can only think "one way" (promoting homosexuality in schools) - that I'm against!

  • Daniel Marques
    Daniel Marques Month ago +1

    Milo is a useful idiot to your cause is it not?

    • Daniel Marques
      Daniel Marques Month ago

      "In political jargon, a useful idiot is a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause."

      Yes, he is according to your little nazi cult.

    • Edelweiß88
      Edelweiß88 Month ago

      A degenerate gay jew that promotes (((cultural libertarianism))) and race mixing isn't a useful idiot to our cause.

  • Colton Williams
    Colton Williams Month ago

    Hitler dealt with the "Alt Lite" of the SA on the Night of the Long Knives, several faggots got bodied that night. In time we may see such degeneracy dashed against the rocks trying to feign normalcy within our ranks again.

  • Jonathan Edwards
    Jonathan Edwards 2 months ago

    Why is the Alt-Right so obsessed with some faggot? Its weird. Like you are trying to steal his thunder. That's what's women do. Everytime I hear Richard speak about Milo, I lose faith in the White Race.

  • Cenks Mom
    Cenks Mom 2 months ago

    he seems good but I'll never look up to another man who takes it up the ass

  • JT Westvold
    JT Westvold 2 months ago

    I like Milo. I will be getting his book. He will succeed and I think it's important that he does because he is a gateway drug to the alt-right.

  • Stefan MolyJEW
    Stefan MolyJEW 2 months ago +1

    First I thought Milo is a puppet for the Jewish criminals. Then I found out that he's actually a Jew himslef, lol

    • Stefan MolyJEW
      Stefan MolyJEW 2 months ago

      Yes, he is a Jew. And by being part of the establishment, I mean controlled opposition.

    • Redrum
      Redrum 2 months ago

      Nope he's not .he has some jew via grandparents but doesn't religiously practice it.If anything jews want the opposite of what he talks about.

  • Strontium 90
    Strontium 90 2 months ago

    There was a comedian called Julian Clary in Britain in the 80s. Milo reminds me of him.
    Without the jokes.

  • GrandPrince
    GrandPrince 2 months ago

    He's primarily a homosexual, who supports the Israeli state.

  • Hans Steiner
    Hans Steiner 2 months ago

    Hail Victory, Hail Our People!!!

  • bozzwick
    bozzwick 2 months ago

    5:05 struck me as an interesting guy.

    11:15 I never found him to be interesting...


    • Redrum
      Redrum 2 months ago

      Milo is way more interesting than this guy.

  • ivegotheart
    ivegotheart 2 months ago

    this guy seems funnier in the movies

  • Shelly seymore
    Shelly seymore 2 months ago +2

    Milo yiannopoulos attended "parties" where "very young boys" were being abused!...that shows EXACTLY who he is, that's it!...no coming back from that, nor should there be.

  • ivegotheart
    ivegotheart 2 months ago

    who doesn't like milo? sir, you have failed already. who ever you are

  • Pretorious42
    Pretorious42 2 months ago

    who cares?

  • mgkpraesi
    mgkpraesi 2 months ago

    And who the fuck are you?

  • BleakVision
    BleakVision 2 months ago +2

    He is a degenerate. And he spilled the beans on how homosexuals are made. Big mistake.

  • CBY Bulldogs
    CBY Bulldogs 2 months ago +1

    Alt-(((lite))) milo, McInnes, Southern etc will never represent the Alt-Right. They are totally controlled opposition who will deflect to leftists and sjws instead of adressing the root cause: zionism, wars for Israeli interests.

    • Redrum
      Redrum 2 months ago

      Amen brotha and this guy here is no different ,just less of a speaker .

  • chris reese
    chris reese 2 months ago

    You mad bro? You gotta alotta Milo in yo mouth right now....I'm dead.

  • A U G U S T O P I N O C H E T

    "I am one of the few people who is open who will speak bluntly about things regarding race, about things regarding (((other matters)))."

  • blues2oo
    blues2oo 2 months ago

    @17:38 gotta love the Milo impersonation. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Confused Philosopher
    The Confused Philosopher 2 months ago +1

    Milo's was first exposed as a total cuck when he backed off his plans to lead a gay pride parade through a Muslim area of Sweden.

  • Mauricio Calasich
    Mauricio Calasich 2 months ago +1

    milo is a douche but at least he is entertaining. spencer is just a fucking douche spouting "muh white identity" like an idiot everywhere he goes. fuck you spencer.

  • rwatt5931
    rwatt5931 2 months ago

    Milo just earned 12 million dollars three weeks ago for doing what he's doing so yeah so he's winning while telling liberals to STFU.

  • Sir Church
    Sir Church 2 months ago

    You should debate him because nobody will migrate from him to you but some may move from him to you. The only downside would be if a large number of his followers are hardened against you. You have to make a decision whether it's more important to placate large numbers and hope for a slow trickle or debate him and peel off small chunk of his followers while alienating more of them.

  • Irocmytablecloth
    Irocmytablecloth 2 months ago

    I think there is an underestimation in the amount of gay conservatives and libertarians that will serve as a strong base of our Queen her majesty Milo.. praise Kek.
    1000 years TrumpenReich!!

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones 2 months ago

    This should be called "Why Milo Might Fail" because it would get less dislikes and more views. I thought this would be a hate video but it's really just a calm, doubtful perspective video. Doesn't fit the title

  • Written In Red Dreams
    Written In Red Dreams 2 months ago

    Read ~ Written In Red Dreams.

  • 281tanker
    281tanker 3 months ago

    It took me about 5 seconds to know that this guy is as gay as the day is long and he was probably raised by mom. Anything Milo says is toxic to the liberal left. They do not use the part of the brain that thinks analytically, reasonably, or scientifically. They view the world through their EMOTIONS and their FEELINGS, which means that real thought cannot get through to them. They explode if they have to think about anything.

  • Roland Del Cielo
    Roland Del Cielo 3 months ago

    well .... one thing is clear for me after watching this video .... this guy is boring as shit ... nothing coming through as a message just jealousy..... Milo made many statements that he is not alt right ...... so keep up the shitty work ......

    • Love Kiosk
      Love Kiosk 3 months ago

      So you understood nothing.

  • SensuellaSven
    SensuellaSven 3 months ago

    Milo is smart enough to come back and be even more successful than before. It's clear to everyone that you don't like that he's a gay Jew who prefers blacks but normal people don't care about those things. It's his message that's important, not who he is or who he chooses to sleep with. Milo is here to stay so just deal with it.

  • Stephen Marcus
    Stephen Marcus 3 months ago

    So funny to hear Spencer lisp "flaming homo" Milo.

  • Stephen Marcus
    Stephen Marcus 3 months ago

    Who's more gay: Milo or Spencer?

  • Cole S
    Cole S 3 months ago

    Someone's jelly

  • Sir Dirtbag
    Sir Dirtbag 3 months ago

    Millennial Woes did a video yesterday on Milo. Title: Milo, the Tedious Faggot

    I just tried to watch Milo's Cinco video but could only take about 2 minutes of it. MW pegged it right; it was quite tedious. Yawn!

  • Physis Sassy
    Physis Sassy 3 months ago

    are you comparing yourself with milo - pathetic, both of you are disgusting!

  • Skrap TM
    Skrap TM 3 months ago

    is it cuz he'll get aids n die

  • Nerzenjäger
    Nerzenjäger 3 months ago +1

    Then again, Richard, you are a homo yourself.

  • Jack of all Fades
    Jack of all Fades 3 months ago

    Outsider here...
    vid in a nutshell. part envy, part vitriol/disgust (expressed calmly), and some major delusions of grandeur.

  • The Beast
    The Beast 3 months ago +1

    Even though I'm mixed race I do agree with the alt-right's criticism of compromised right-wing activists that are funded by and bow to Israel. Whilst said activists do pull people away from the left-wing indoctrination, they're still misinforming them somewhat.

  • Jama M Jama
    Jama M Jama 3 months ago

    "do what you want mentality" you mean freedom? lol wtf is this guy smoking.

  • King arthur
    King arthur 3 months ago

    I like milo but I think milo not doing anything for 2 months was the worst thing he could have done he has made himself unrelevant and it shows this movement can continue with out him

  • Donald Jackson
    Donald Jackson 3 months ago +1

    I mostly feel sad for Milo. Who would he be if he was not molested as a child? I agree, unless he can 'ungay' himself somehow (perhaps be attacking the "grooming" criminality of gay culture), he might be able to reinvent himself.... or is that too much a part of his brand? From here, if he's able to move on, it seems like it will be all about the brand. If he can join the good fight and leave the perversion out, he might have a chance. Anyway, I appreciate your honest assessment in this vlog, not an easy topic to approach.

  • beautiful in white
    beautiful in white 3 months ago +1

    how did you not punch that guy who said your great grandkids are going to be brown

  • Power Of Positive Thinking

    Happy Birthday Richard ;D

  • Count Nomis
    Count Nomis 3 months ago

    Richard Spencer is a media created celebrity.

  • Doc Man
    Doc Man 3 months ago

    AltRight.com: 10K subscribers.

    /r/FucktheAltRight: 25,000 subscribers.

  • Conservative Pepe
    Conservative Pepe 3 months ago

    Milo is a faggot that doesn't represent the alt right!

  • Holland Rains
    Holland Rains 3 months ago

    lmao homeboy looks like a cuck

  • Bloopys Kay
    Bloopys Kay 3 months ago

    He looks and sounds like a liberal and he doesn't even act properly.

  • Degenerate Bastard
    Degenerate Bastard 3 months ago

    Someone's a lil jealous👀

  • Holypikemanz
    Holypikemanz 3 months ago +1

    Milo, jewish, Alex Jones, jewish, Cernovich, jewish, Ezra Levant, jewish, Micheal "Savage", jewish, Lionel Nation, Mark Levin, jewish. Its like a never ending parade of part jews coming to "combat" the left.

  • Sparisi1122
    Sparisi1122 3 months ago

    Idk if he will fail homestly. Alt-Light and poser Alt-Right seems to be a big rage. Not like it was before the election but still. I hope he fails.

  • TeeRex America
    TeeRex America 3 months ago +1

    Milo is awesome, never pegged Spencer as a basic bitch hater.

  • chrissy jamus
    chrissy jamus 3 months ago +1

    your time /efforts would be better spent attacking the lefist/jihadi menace rather than picking personality faults with people on our side

  • Sindiswa Seruto
    Sindiswa Seruto 3 months ago +1

    *Milo* is our Lord and Saviour

  • Fredrik Montelius
    Fredrik Montelius 3 months ago

    Milo is fried. He fried himself. Ghosts reappear. With a huge Jewish backing and promotion he can be given a new career if needed for Zionist political reasons. A TV host show perhaps. But the Milo he was is gone.

  • Andrizzle8
    Andrizzle8 3 months ago +2

    Milo was the one who red pilled me so I refuse to let you talk shit about him. He was done more for our cause than you ever have. Sorry but I just cannot support this video.

    • XmXFLUXmX2
      XmXFLUXmX2 2 months ago

      How can I be a bitch when you worship a crosseyed jewish pedophile?

    • Andrizzle8
      Andrizzle8 2 months ago

      Lmaooo you seem a little mad there. Keep crying you little bitch.

    • XmXFLUXmX2
      XmXFLUXmX2 2 months ago

      Fucking die loser. Go worship your crosseyed jew pedophile elsewhere.

    • Andrizzle8
      Andrizzle8 2 months ago

      The cause of freedom. Open your fucking eyes.

    • Love Kiosk
      Love Kiosk 3 months ago

      What cause are you even talking about? Some broad umberella "anti-SJW" group or what? Milo isn't our guy, he doesn't share our cause and if the only "redpill" you've taken is about critique of Islam and laughing at dumb feminists, then congratulations, you're just an average alt-lite.

  • Bird Law
    Bird Law 3 months ago

    The alt right: Nazi's and pedophiles. Hopefully you guys will punch eachother in the face now so the rest of us don't have to get our knuckles bloody.

    • Love Kiosk
      Love Kiosk 3 months ago

      Milo was never alt-right, not by any standard. Also lmao at your power fantasies :D

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 3 months ago

    You alt right guys just can't make friends with anyone. With your morals, you are just as annoying as christian (and muslim) fundamentalists. You live in the past, unable to adapt and to learn.

    • Max Mustermann
      Max Mustermann 2 months ago

      You attack him as a person not the Ideas that he represent. The alt right is always creating an echo chamber, then goes on righteous witch hunts and isolate themselves. Probably 50% of you guys are more degenerate then him.

    • XmXFLUXmX2
      XmXFLUXmX2 2 months ago

      yes adapt to worshipping a gay jewish pedophile and have him lead your political movement. WHAT COULD GO WRONG!?!?!

    ALEX ON LIFE 3 months ago

    There is quite a bit of jealousy going on here. I think Richard wants to be the leader of the Alt-Right and wants Milo eliminated. Truth is Milo is invaluable to conservatism and to heterosexual males.
    Milo has nothing to do with pedophilia. I did a video on this exact topic analyzing what Milo actually said and feels regarding pedophilia. For those who have no discernment abilities, they simply have no comprehension either. Its its quite lame and facile to just label Milo as a pedophile. That takes no intelligence to do so.
    The sexual experience of a 13 year old homosexual boy with a man is very different from that of a 13 year old heterosexual boy. This should not be so hard to understand. This is what my video explains. We all need Milo and I am not gay.

    • XmXFLUXmX2
      XmXFLUXmX2 2 months ago

      Right Wing Nationalism does not need a Jewish pedophile to lead it. Period. Get your fucking head checked.

  • IcantSeeReplies
    IcantSeeReplies 3 months ago

    There is a large group of people who support Milo. A young generation of non establishment anti-feminist straight White males. They are tired of political correctness and where our society is headed, but don't want to be called racist or nazis. Milo speaks for them while at the same time giving them a shield against those accusations. That is why they carry him on the throne. Internet is full of these anti-SJWs and I'm afraid they are a stronger political force than the alt-right.

    • IcantSeeReplies
      IcantSeeReplies 3 months ago

      The problem with Milo is that has never said anything new. He's has never come up with any original perspective. The only thing he has is his charisma and the gay Jew card which enables him to the voice of the angry straight White male and telling them what they want to hear (there's no such thing as lesbians). He saw the opportunity to ride the internet anti-feminist backlash and make himself rich and famous in the process. He's hustling troll, a White Al Sharpton that is seen for what he is by anyone with an iq beyond 110, and isn't taken seriously by anyone in the anti-regressive left intellectual movement.

  • Janez Krnc
    Janez Krnc 3 months ago


  • IcantSeeReplies
    IcantSeeReplies 3 months ago

    Milo is just a former liberal who switched sides to conservative after conservatives accepted homosexuality and the left embraced Islam. He is nothing more than a fag who ended up on the right side because doesn't want his head cut off.

  • Dryst Krab
    Dryst Krab 3 months ago

    maybe u heard already, butTYT Sports did a video on you where they took what u said about football making people like people they have no connection to, and they claimed u were saying u want to ban NFL because it makes people like black people.

  • Joshua Snyder
    Joshua Snyder 3 months ago

    Also when he said "very young boys" he was referring to parties in Hollywood when he was younger, and he said it in an extremely negative way... he DID NOT approve of it.

  • Joshua Snyder
    Joshua Snyder 3 months ago

    I like Milo. He serves a purpose. But he isn't alt right, and never was. The main issue with the alt right is there are a LOT of people with different opinions of what the "alt-right" means even among those who claim to be alt-right.

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb 3 months ago

    "at some we have to say he is intolerable"
    -Richard spencer, a guy who believes in a white master race

  • Gila Atwood
    Gila Atwood 3 months ago

    you have some valid points but in terms of personality, between you two, he'll be the one who will be remembered.. no offence!

  • Kyle M.
    Kyle M. 3 months ago

    Someone sounds jealous.....

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 3 months ago +1

    In the beginning, Milo came across as a conservative who happened to be gay. I didn't really care about this, but once Milo got more popularity he went off and did the "Flaming Queen Thing"., which was irritating.

    Milo has made it a point to make his engagements about himself primarily, and about the issues secondly.

    Milo has been clever in the sense of taking the narrative of the present and debating the libtards on issues, while making the issue about himself at the same time.

    Spencer has a point here. If all Milo wants to do is to be the "Dangerous Faggot" then he is running into a dead-end in terms of being politically irrelevant.

  • Beard Man
    Beard Man 3 months ago

    That is a nice couch.

  • patrick Sampson
    patrick Sampson 3 months ago

    So is the alt right now becoming homophobic and bigoted because Richard keeps saying gays are not right? By the way Richard and majority adult men that have sex with boys ever heterosexual married man will usually have children not gay man. Milo or not.

  • DucksDeLucks
    DucksDeLucks 3 months ago

    You're just jealous. Molyneaux's video was grossly unfair and intellectually corrupt and like most of his videos too boring to watch to the finish. Milo did three things you didn't: 1) he talks about the JQ. 2) he talks about what gay life is really like. 3) He affirms Christianity. What have you done other than hide from issues and bore people to death? You speak "bluntly" about "certain other things" LOL. Either shit or get off the pot. Milo does not defend pedophilia as the law defines it. If sex with a pubescent teen is horrible, why isn't Roman Polanski in jail? Or Jimmy Page or Bill Wyman or hundreds of celebrities who have had sex with groupies? It's not the same thing as abusing a ten year old. What is the Alt Right? A bunch of stupid kids who accept 90% of what the left has pushed on us since WWII and have no ideas they won't back off from in a heartbeat.  If you dig Hitler say so!  Millions of people liked his message and even today he has lots of defenders. But if you don't want to go there where DO you want to go?  Join up with the Jews and kick out the blacks? Boy that's a winner! You sound terribly jealous. Richard why don't you write an article laying out a coherent political goal and tell us by what tactics it can plausibly be attained. Until then Milo is the real deal and you are a spectator. "A sad end" which you are struggling to bring about!!!  Instead of pathetically trashing Milo do something of your own. At least Milo isn't out to take my liberties away. Not sure I can say that for you and not sure it matters what you're in favor of because you are a wallflower.

  • entschuldigung
    entschuldigung 3 months ago

    Stefan is a disgusting human being. I don't know why you would make reference to him as if he is worth mentioning in any way ?

  • Rebekah Zilch
    Rebekah Zilch 3 months ago

    White nationalism is the alt-right. Klan freaks.
    Conservatives love Milo. As do independents. Liberals and leftist hate him because he's said things like he wouldn't be gay if he could become un-gay.....

    Who admits to be alt-right Dufuq 😳😳

  • MrZetor
    MrZetor 3 months ago

    Wait, what?! Is this homo _the_ Richard Spencer? No wonder he got sucker-punched AND did nothing about it. Pathetic.

  • Folopolis
    Folopolis 3 months ago

    Look at Milo's brand logo, it is a man on all fours prepared to "receive". Need we say more. s3.amazonaws.com/factmag-images/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Milologo-616x440.png

  • Tim Perkins
    Tim Perkins 3 months ago

    The fact that this guy felt the need to post a 23 minute video about Milo shows that he (Milo) is winning. Reminds me of how left wing commentators regularly bash Trump in order to draw attention to themselves.

  • Damin_X
    Damin_X 3 months ago

    Milo will never fail. Not against the likes of you.

  • TheMatrix798
    TheMatrix798 3 months ago

    gay-hating, the video

  • Ashton Vicci
    Ashton Vicci 3 months ago

    This is getting sad now how some ppl seem to encourage violence at talks and Trump was the 1st person to do at his rallies last year.

  • Lavishlyfat
    Lavishlyfat 3 months ago +1

    Nigger loving faggot

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