Sony's Spin Off Movies are in the MCU?

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  • Recently, it was revealed that Sony's Spider-Man spin off movies were in fact going to exist in the same continuity as Tom Holland's Spider-Man. Is it true, or is Amy Pascal making stuff up again? Let's discuss!

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  • Astro-Craft Studios
    Astro-Craft Studios 13 days ago

    Nope. Now they are the same reality.... LIKE WHAT...

  • Noah Mal
    Noah Mal 23 days ago

    Amy Pascal and Sony better wisen up and make them part of the MCU because you can't have a Venom or Black Cat without Spider-Man. He is a necessity to them!

  • Leon lionhart
    Leon lionhart Month ago

    who here has seen homecoming and didn't like it as much as everyone else?

  • BK Vids
    BK Vids Month ago +1


  • Thomas cantsay
    Thomas cantsay Month ago

    How fast is Savitar ?

  • fully grown child gaming

    do a how strong is naruto

  • pjsniper1986
    pjsniper1986 Month ago

    well i think they should.

  • Blade Wilson
    Blade Wilson Month ago

    I can understand how venom, black cat, and silver sable are connected to MCU without being produced by Kevin Feige.

  • thegoodone55
    thegoodone55 Month ago

    Can you do a top strength calculated video for luke cage?

  • Leonardo Moreno
    Leonardo Moreno Month ago +1

    do Goku Vs Superman

  • Soul Raider
    Soul Raider Month ago


    • John McCain
      John McCain Month ago

      I dont know if its possible though.... Venom only got about 30 mins of screen time

    • John McCain
      John McCain Month ago

      Comic Books vs The World put this on your list - How strong is raimiverse venom

    • Gabriel Hughes
      Gabriel Hughes Month ago

      Comic Books vs The World How there can you please do a video about The spectre and all his powers And try to make it to be long? Thank you and keep up the good work

    • Comic Books vs The World
      Comic Books vs The World  Month ago

      I'm doing a top speed video on the Fox Quicksilver right now, but the MCU Hulk's on my list!

  • sasoricrocodiel
    sasoricrocodiel Month ago +1

    my opinion is :
    this had to be a secret, like something they wanted to reveal during a BIG occasion
    like Comic Con
    that's why so many people said no to make it sounds false
    but apparently Pascal just funked everything up and revealed the big thing x)

  • Synyster975
    Synyster975 Month ago

    This is what I've been hoping for. I want a Venom movie that can be stand alone but having MCU ties is the best idea. But I think Sony just has no idea what they're doing right now anyway.

  • MikeyTheWarrior/MTW
    MikeyTheWarrior/MTW 2 months ago +1

    Kevin confirmed that there will be a Spiderman trilogy and not 2 movies in the MCU.

  • 9Zero
    9Zero 2 months ago

    How strong is CW Grodd?

  • MisterBatfleck
    MisterBatfleck 2 months ago

    I think Pascal is either drunk or off her meds.

    Or both.

  • Josh Castic Show
    Josh Castic Show 2 months ago

    No it's not there is a spider verse and MCU which the New Spider Man might be in worlds. You didn't understand what there saying because they never said the the Sony productions are MCU. what they said was the world that marvel and Sony are making is where the Venom, Black and Silver, and Sinister Six are going to take place in different area so it would make sense if it was the MCU because the MCU was made by Marvel without Sony so there talking about a Spider Man Verse where if contract work out the New Spider Man will be in both. Another evidence supports this and that the fact that MCU is not going to reference any of the characters from the Sony productions and the Sony productions won't reference any character from the MCU. Kevin even said it himself that none of those Sony productions will be part of the MCU in a different interview.

    • Josh Castic Show
      Josh Castic Show 2 months ago

      6dj6, yes she did say that but it is just referencing Spider-Man verse not MCU

    • 6dj6
      6dj6 2 months ago

      She said, *They may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world. They will all be connected to each other as well*

      Is it just me or it heavily implies the movie will take place in the same universe/world. Sigh.. So conflicting.

  • IP Films
    IP Films 2 months ago


  • El Kapitan
    El Kapitan 2 months ago

    Amy Pascal is making something up again. I mean, look at Kevin's reaction to her comment. Surely, he's worried this will affect Marvel's plans for Spider-Man.

  • Mercurious Magus
    Mercurious Magus 2 months ago

    Compartmentalized but connected nonetheless.

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 2 months ago +3

    Did you see Kevin's face he was looking at her like she a Bozo the clown in a flash suit

  • Jarvis Bailey
    Jarvis Bailey 2 months ago +4

    I don't know what it is but I hate Amy Pascal. She seems like a witch who only wants to fuck with people and ruin stuff.

  • SCORPIO06061988
    SCORPIO06061988 2 months ago +4

    Amy Pascal was full of sh*t, Feige who is in charge of the MCU has stated multiple times that the Sony films are in no way connected to the MCU! Sony are just hoping to trick people into thinking its in anyway related so they can cash in on the successful brand of the MCU without having to have their films be part of it (allowing them to keep more of the profits). Sony just takes us all for Idiots. I cannot wait for Sony's film division to go bust already!

  • AB Supreme
    AB Supreme 2 months ago +4

    amy is a crackhead . you cant trust crackheads ...

  • Jackson Backus
    Jackson Backus 2 months ago +4

    what's the name of the interview I wanna see that happen

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Grand Admiral Thrawn 2 months ago +3

    Yeesh, talk about damage control. Sony is going to be backpedaling now to fix all of the previous news articles. That screenshot that you showed had an article that was done only five days ago!

  • Adrian Kruger
    Adrian Kruger 2 months ago

    Dr Deadpool, why did you butcher your intro? It was perfect the way you had it.

    • CHE
      CHE 2 months ago

      Look I like the intro as much as the next guy, but it's too long. Most other intros are 5 to 15 seconds. Not 30 seconds.

    • Adrian Kruger
      Adrian Kruger 2 months ago

      +Alex Fabrizi Tell me about it. I waste no time in watching Comic book vs The World uploads.

    • Alex Fabrizi
      Alex Fabrizi 2 months ago

      CHE but they were the best 30 seconds ever...

    • CHE
      CHE 2 months ago

      Adrian Kruger No. He did the right thing by trimming the intro. I hate having to wait for 30 seconds or skipping it all the time.

  • WiggleBabies
    WiggleBabies 2 months ago

    Be in with the MCU :D

  • Shepherd of the West
    Shepherd of the West 2 months ago

    Personally, I don't think there's anything to worry about. Whether Sony was lying before or not about not having a shared Universe, this is good news. They're finally playing ball and we'll finally get a coherent 'Spider-Man Universe' with spin-off's.

  • Xavier Productions
    Xavier Productions 2 months ago

    Spidey will pay Vemon a visit from ruining the third movie.

  • Mario Gabriel Dos Santos Correia

    How strong is Fox Thing and Universal Hulk

    • Alonzo Golden
      Alonzo Golden 2 months ago

      Mario Gabriel Dos Santos Correia Fox Thing isn't as strong (or as big) as he should be. Universals Hulk was too big (25 feet tall or so); MCU Hulk is perfect!

  • Tazz Mission
    Tazz Mission 2 months ago

    maybe this was a announcement meant for comic con but got ruined thanks to this woman hence why kevin had such a look and reaction

  • myterio gamer
    myterio gamer 2 months ago

    this is not real because sony says venom is is a R rated movie and do you remember disney buys marvel

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 2 months ago +7

    Look. Even if Amy was bullshitting about Venom connecting with the MCU, now we got a positive reaction. I don't think SONY wants to back down now. It's either make the fans happy and make tons of money or piss them off even more to the point where you loose money.

    • Keep It Zen
      Keep It Zen 2 months ago

      Jose Rodriguez
      You're completely forgetting the other part of this equation, Marvel. They probably won't have control over these new movies, so why would they let Sony's shitty movies be a part of their universe.

  • FireJach
    FireJach 2 months ago

    It would be look like 'we're Venom and we know Spider-man'. Thats all

  • Justin Lopez
    Justin Lopez 2 months ago +23

    This would be horrible, I mean this film would not be in Marvel's creative control, it would be in Sony's, and then it would force itself into the MCU, and expect it to be treated the same, even though it will probably suck since it's Sony.

    • Harasser
      Harasser 2 months ago

      That's what I'm saying; I hope that their greed is greater than their stupidity and they try to incorporate these movies into the MCU. Any move that allows Marvel Studios to have some kind of power over these movies is good.

      Personally, I wish Disney/Marvel would just buy the rights back for Spider-Man and other failing Marvel properties like the Fantastic Four, but I know that Sony would be a pain in the ass about it.

    • Justin Lopez
      Justin Lopez 2 months ago

      +Harasser. But the problem is that they ARE completely stupid, I mean they're idiots with franchises that could make them billions, yet are so completley incompetent that instead they just make what could get then a quick buck, instead of putting effort into a film and being rewarded with much more money because of that.

    • Harasser
      Harasser 2 months ago

      This is my fear as well, however, I think including them in the MCU will be the only way to save them in the first place: Spider-Man: Homecoming for example, IS a Sony movie but since it's including Iron Man and other MCU properties Marvel Studios is given a voice and able to keep Sony from getting too far up their own ass and fucking it up like they've always done.

      Now, if say, Venom is going to be able to make past references to MCU events and use Tom Holland then I'm sure Marvel will demand enough of a voice to keep Sony in check. Now, we all know that Sony is greedy, and I'm sure they realize that Iron Man is probably why a lot of moviegoers will go see Homecoming in the first place, and the MCU in general is a huge cash cow, so unless they're completely stupid I think they will connect the movies to the wider scheme which hopefully allows Marvel to save Spider-Man from the third Sony fuck up.

  • Kadafi69
    Kadafi69 2 months ago +19

    Amy is fucking clueless.

  • Harasser
    Harasser 2 months ago +7

    I'd mostly be happy about this, but I hope Marvel Studios will still have a voice regarding these movies since they wouldl be part of their universe; Sony has had a habit of losing their grip on Spider-Man and imploding as a result, so hopefully Marvel can keep them reigned in and prevent another Spider-Man 3, or Amazing Spider-Man 2.

    Overall, I hope this will become true.

  • Dino Thunder14
    Dino Thunder14 2 months ago

    As awesome as that sounds kids want to watch the R Rated Venom movie, Tom Hardy being way older than Tom Holland. And since the MCU Spider-Man is based on Ultimate which Black Cat is older than Spider-Man, (Pls Sony make Black Cat a Teenager). But Im gald to see Black Cat and Venom on the big screen with Spidey

    • Harasser
      Harasser 2 months ago

      We don't really know what kind of R-rating it would be though; is it rated R because of severe gore, or excessive profanity?

      If it's more profanity and the 'gore' is along Deadpool levels then I'm sure there are plenty of parents that might be willing to let their kids see it, as long as they're there.

  • Mod Maker
    Mod Maker 2 months ago +28

    Sony is lying because Kevin Feige was surprised when Amy Pascal revealed the news.
    Kevin Feige is the Marvel Movie boss and don't get confused with Marvel everything boss which is Stan Lee.

    • SLC Productions
      SLC Productions 2 months ago

      um they never said spidey wouldn't be in the sonyverse thats was assumptions

    • Antonio Cruz
      Antonio Cruz 2 months ago

      It's in Fox's position right now where they know well see the movies cuz they are characters we've always wanted to see on the big screen but we won't enjoy them as much cuz they arnt connected to the broader mcu

    • 6dj6
      6dj6 2 months ago

      It make no sense to hide the info, I mean why hide the surprise? Almost no one is excited about a Son'y spiderman universe that.. don't have a spiderman in it, let alone a standalone movie that's not connected to MCU. The reaction on Kevin's face is more like "wtf this bitch is talking about", just recently the man announced sony spin off movies are not a part of mcu, it's still confusing.

    • Mod Maker
      Mod Maker 2 months ago

      SSoldier22 Well he is the historical boss of everything Marvel.

    • SSoldier22
      SSoldier22 2 months ago

      Lukasz Walkusz Stan Lee barely involves in Marvel's directive right now

  • marcus howard
    marcus howard 2 months ago +30

    Kevin is looking like he's saying...


    lmao this is why sony fucks up because they are SOOOOO fuckin trigger happy. idiots smh 🤣🤣🤣

    • the insurance
      the insurance 2 months ago

      marcus howard don't forget everyone in Sony is dumb.

  • Jake
    Jake 2 months ago +6

    Bruce Campbell for J Jonah Jameson in the MCU

  • Anuj Jha
    Anuj Jha 2 months ago


  • marvelite 1749
    marvelite 1749 2 months ago +14

    but if venom is rated r then that will officially be the first rated r mcu movie but how is that gonna work do they really want Holland spiderman in a rated r venom movie? I would not like that and how is it gonna work is Spidey gonna get his black suit in infinity war?

    • Shrey Vaghela
      Shrey Vaghela 2 months ago

      marvelite 1749 well it's technically still Sony movie just tied with Disney/marvel movie..

  • khush 17
    khush 17 2 months ago

    they misspelled venom as vanom R.I.P (love me pls)

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