Little Mix - Touch (Official Video)

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  • Little Mix's official music video for Touch.

    As featured on their platinum selling album Glory Days. Get it here on iTunes:

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  • Runtime: 3:38
  • Pop  Little Mix  Syco Music  Touch  

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  • nicopop Castro Bastias
    nicopop Castro Bastias 35 minutes ago

    Las amo littel mixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • marcia araujo
    marcia araujo 58 minutes ago +1

    Os dançarinos são de mais e gostosos!😍😙

  • Amelia Ulhaq
    Amelia Ulhaq Hour ago

    I love little mix

  • LIVMAC 225
    LIVMAC 225 2 hours ago



  • skylar scherrle
    skylar scherrle 2 hours ago

    This music vid just ruined my day

  • Emma Tee
    Emma Tee 3 hours ago

    whats the noise 2.36 - 2.37 xD

  • Nicole Webster
    Nicole Webster 3 hours ago +1

    yuck they are all showoffs and its just to rude

  • gelery jony
    gelery jony 3 hours ago

    I love toug a love jij ik wel houw van toug

  • Alexandru Popa
    Alexandru Popa 4 hours ago +1

    Did you guys notice the glitch at 3:11 , close to Jesy.
    what is that ?

  • maja maj
    maja maj 4 hours ago

    love little mix

    VCVEVO 4 hours ago


  • Francesca Bordignon
    Francesca Bordignon 5 hours ago +1

    To 200 ml wiews

  • frankie1964weber
    frankie1964weber 5 hours ago

    COOL😍😍😍 Ich bin 12 und finde das cool Nelly😍😍😍

  • isabel oxley
    isabel oxley 5 hours ago

    Just know, they don't pick what they wear or the dance moves ect, they get told to do it. Maybe they had a different idea on how this video would be, but they wanted to get the song out to make the fans happy? So don't hate them,it wasn't their choice.

    HOLLY FREER 5 hours ago

    I ❤️ Jade's hair in this vid

  • Amelia Ford
    Amelia Ford 8 hours ago

    Hi little mix i love you so much this is my first time commenting!

  • Zuzanna Zielinska
    Zuzanna Zielinska 9 hours ago

    No matter what they wear, or how they dance, I still love them, and I feel like they are better than 5H, my opinion so pls don't hate ❤️❤️

  • Adelina Tudose
    Adelina Tudose 9 hours ago

    Advertising worbla? xD

  • Hai Vo
    Hai Vo 10 hours ago

    It love

  • Hacutina 82526
    Hacutina 82526 10 hours ago

    They so very beautiful their voice is so cool and powerful

  • Harvy Timon
    Harvy Timon 10 hours ago

    They get those unlikes from fifth harmony👊😎 fans

  • Cumin
    Cumin 11 hours ago

    Greetings from North Korea.

  • April HINTON
    April HINTON 11 hours ago +3

    Am I the only one who actually likes perries outfit?

  • mojmmal hossain
    mojmmal hossain 11 hours ago


  • Ghalia Soliman
    Ghalia Soliman 12 hours ago

    I wonder what there boyfriends were like

    • Ben Long
      Ben Long 8 hours ago

      Ghalia Soliman
      Tbh I felt sorry for them while watching this

  • arjoyeeta Chakraborty
    arjoyeeta Chakraborty 13 hours ago

    perrie ka dress is awesome

  • Edgardo Diaz
    Edgardo Diaz 13 hours ago


  • Shea MondiazRBE1
    Shea MondiazRBE1 13 hours ago

    200 million views almost! PPL LETS GOOOO!

    ZARIA A 13 hours ago +1

    love you


    They are beautiful. The lead singer has a good voice. Kind of remind me of the Spice Girls.

  • Shaw Farrow
    Shaw Farrow 13 hours ago

    Jade is a muslim of arab descent but she isn't devoted to her religion clearly because she's making this type of music and dresses how she wants so i like her!

  • Adrienne Brown
    Adrienne Brown 14 hours ago

    So lit

  • Fabiana Leitte
    Fabiana Leitte 15 hours ago

    amei o clipe mais gostei ,muito mais dos bailarinos

  • Esther Peña
    Esther Peña 16 hours ago

    hagan pausa en el minuto 1:24 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amy Fernández
    Amy Fernández 16 hours ago +2

    Today is 7 months of the video .. and already has 195 million visits .. proud of my girls 👑 🎉

  • J J
    J J 16 hours ago

    I thought it was you and me not you and i don't sound right?🤔

  • Joel Jose
    Joel Jose 16 hours ago

    ang ganda

  • chastyn creek
    chastyn creek 16 hours ago

    I love jade

  • andrea aube
    andrea aube 17 hours ago

    I'm sorry but what is perries outfit

  • In Hassan
    In Hassan 17 hours ago

    Perrie 😍😍😍 stunning!

  • L A
    L A 17 hours ago


    ENDLESSWARFARE 9 18 hours ago +1

    The white version of fifth harmony 😂😂😂

  • maria. clara clara
    maria. clara clara 18 hours ago

    Alguem brasileiro ?????

  • Laura Vassett
    Laura Vassett 18 hours ago


  • Areyanna Powell
    Areyanna Powell 18 hours ago

    I love these girls so much

  • A T
    A T 19 hours ago

    So who is the fine guy with the tribal tat on the arm 😍😍😍

  • Sherlin Hernandez
    Sherlin Hernandez 19 hours ago +1


  • Madi Monroe.
    Madi Monroe. 20 hours ago

    Damn, Zayn must of been so butthurt while watching this lmao

  • Clementine Fourt
    Clementine Fourt 20 hours ago

    I hope they stay together as a group they are amazing singers!!!!!!

  • Obviously Cassidy
    Obviously Cassidy 20 hours ago


  • Baraa Alharbi
    Baraa Alharbi 21 hour ago


    • Baraa Alharbi
      Baraa Alharbi 21 hour ago

      Ain't guys? Let's see how triggered feminists would be

  • millie bella bown
    millie bella bown 22 hours ago

    we love your videos subscribe to Millie and Bella brown

  • Paighton Bell
    Paighton Bell 22 hours ago

    Omg I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you girls and songs you rock

  • Estera Kowalczyk
    Estera Kowalczyk 22 hours ago +1

    be for end'es PL

  • Jose Castaño
    Jose Castaño 23 hours ago

    Yo soy de mexico

  • Aaryangugu Jassal12
    Aaryangugu Jassal12 23 hours ago

    Well done

  • luna valeria
    luna valeria 23 hours ago

    hola, 😂😃😅 me gustó la canción

  • Joleen Jensen
    Joleen Jensen 23 hours ago

    Song is gut😚😚😚😚

  • Leth Lino
    Leth Lino 23 hours ago


  • Tllian Vo
    Tllian Vo Day ago

    1, I love it

  • Tllian Vo
    Tllian Vo Day ago

    are you going to my house

  • Ashley Maravilha

    Love it sing

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster Day ago +1

    Perrie's pink tip is like the one Kylie Jenner once wore 😂

  • Bae Irene-Chan
    Bae Irene-Chan Day ago

    Amazing Song,But The Video Clip Is Terrible (Sorry LM,I Love You Girls<3) Just My Opinion

  • Carl Oliva
    Carl Oliva Day ago

    SixYearsOfLittleMix!!! SO PROUD OF YOU GIRLS ♡♡♡♡

  • Valentina Schulz Fã Clube

    Alguém do Brasil?

  • Hatsune Miku_fan
    Hatsune Miku_fan Day ago +1

    The song is great but the video is disgusting 😖

  • Shiela Aquino
    Shiela Aquino Day ago


    NAZARA CITY Day ago


  • Makala Thomas
    Makala Thomas Day ago

    Banging song love it. xxx

  • Keturah Brook
    Keturah Brook Day ago

    Your amazing.i love you

  • sam cas
    sam cas Day ago

    #MIXER4ever like si eres #Mixer

  • Tatiana Marins
    Tatiana Marins Day ago


  • Merisa Nuhanovic

    I liked this kinda porn

  • Harry Holden
    Harry Holden Day ago

    Sexy video girls

  • Annefantasy2003
    Annefantasy2003 Day ago

    The first time i saw this i didn't like it. The outfits, the makeup, the whole video. All way too sexual. But i've realized a few things:
    The song is awesome
    The choreography is briljant
    The camerawork is perfect
    The girls look grogeous
    No need to slut shame Little Mix.

    Though my favourite era is still Salute, and Little me is still my favourite video. I will support my girls no matter what. That said, i would love for Little mix to go back to that dance, slightly girl crush, slightly teen but also very adult concept. My ideal concept for Little mix would be "secret love song"  "Salute" and "Shout out to my ex" combined. The reserved and almost modest feel of secret love song, combined with the power of Salute, but then with the happiness and color of shout out to my ex. Does that sound weird?

  • Scarlett Smith
    Scarlett Smith Day ago +1


  • Jasmin Rahman
    Jasmin Rahman Day ago

    You and i.. and nobody else...😍😛


    I think lea(wearing a croptop) is the only one who is wearing an expensive outfit... The others looks like they are wearing things from the dump

  • Ana Palomino
    Ana Palomino Day ago

    SIEMPRE JUMTAS😍😍😍😍😍❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😻😻😻😻😻

  • Madiysen Hynds
    Madiysen Hynds Day ago

    Princess in the white of twerking

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill Day ago

    !you have really good videos

  • wally daboss
    wally daboss Day ago

    I will love to touch all of them

  • TheMatchHare H
    TheMatchHare H Day ago

    After Little Mix was discovered outside a tecnacolored maze about a dozen male model were never heard from again

  • Kamryn Samson
    Kamryn Samson Day ago


  • Ta'aga Perez
    Ta'aga Perez Day ago

    I love this song coz a touch of your love

  • Kim Montalba
    Kim Montalba Day ago +2

    ka igat ba kaayo musayaw yawa.

  • Cringe All Day
    Cringe All Day Day ago


    • louise amelia
      louise amelia Day ago

      Cringe All Day They have 24-26 years old, they aren't kids.

  • chloe leslie
    chloe leslie Day ago

    love the eyes

  • Jayline Bonilla
    Jayline Bonilla Day ago

    yass girls rock I will dance this song on my talent show

  • Bison T. P. King

    I get understand haters on YouTube because if you watch a terrible video on YouTube or on someone's YouTube channel/video why do you have to tell him/her that it sucks.. ALL YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO DO is to watch the dang video if you like it or don't like it WHY DO YOU THINK THE LIKE AND DISLIKE BUTTON IS THERE

  • CR1257
    CR1257 Day ago


  • Honeymoon Avenue

    Fuck stop require to my angels wearing and dancing like doing sex

  • Sophia Bertuga
    Sophia Bertuga Day ago +2

    Melhor música ever

    • Letícia Lopes
      Letícia Lopes Day ago

      Sophia Bertuga . 😍😍 brasileiros aqui ? AAAAAA

  • Roqui M.
    Roqui M. Day ago

    I don't care what anyone says....the are the new age Spice Girls ❤️💁🏽‍♂️

  • Isabella Noriega

    0:20 Did Leigh-Anne only want black guys?🤔

  • Huellero 81
    Huellero 81 Day ago

    Estaba suscrita pero me desuscribe. Hasta que bajen el video de LM CON CNCO ,porque cnco da asco😷😂😷👑huvieran hecho unacolaboracion con one direction❤❤no con cnco😷😷

    • louise amelia
      louise amelia Day ago

      Huellero 81 No me gusta CNCO, pero no tienes por qué tratarlos así, también son personas, y que ellas colaboren con quien quieran, no van a cancelar su colaboración con ellos a estas alturas, ya está todo hecho y ellas están felices<3

  • Gül Zeynep
    Gül Zeynep Day ago

    The dance, they could've done a bit more work, but the song is good.

  • Babe Jo
    Babe Jo Day ago

    3:14 Jade changed her shoes

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