16 Best Makeup & Beauty Hacks 2017! Chloe Morello

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Enjoy these Beauty hacks everyone! Whats your beauty hack?

    Products for each tip:

    #1 - Eyebrow Razor/Dermaplaner (Similar: bit.ly/2s4OTci AND my new one: bit.ly/2rvFkWG (not shown as this is pre filmed but I upgraded!)

    #2 - Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray (US: bit.ly/2rMCxsd AUS: bit.ly/2r2oMnW)

    Sigma 3DHD Blender Sponge (bit.ly/2leikI9 use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!)

    Too Faced Born This Way Foundation & Concealer (US: bit.ly/2qt4YY3 AUS: bit.ly/2qsVXyq)

    #3 - Sigma L05 Lip Brush (bit.ly/2rdlrTH use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!)

    Too Faced Born This Way Concealer (US: bit.ly/2qt4YY3 AUS: bit.ly/2qsVXyq)

    #4 - U by Kotex Sanitary Liners (AUS: bit.ly/2rMCGvq)

    Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Eyeshadow in #14 Bronze Lustre (discontinued)

    Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush (bit.ly/2rMIgxV)

    #5 - EX1 Invisiwear Powder Compact Foundation (bit.ly/2qtb2zK)

    Sigma 3DHD Blender Sponge (bit.ly/2leikI9 use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!)

    #6 - Sigma White Eyeliner (discontinued but similar US: bit.ly/2rME416 AUS: bit.ly/2rMEcxX)
    Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Butterfly Beach (bit.ly/2p7xqCi)

    #7 - Sigma White Eyeliner (discontinued but similar US: bit.ly/2rME416 AUS: bit.ly/2rMEcxX)

    Sigma 3DHD Blender Sponge (bit.ly/2leikI9 use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!)

    #8 - Ciate Bitter Sweet Liquid Velvet (US: bit.ly/2qsGgr2

    UK/EUR: bit.ly/2qxsUZH

    Angled Brush Unknown

    #9 - GHD Blow Dryer (US: bit.ly/2qt18OH)

    #10 - Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (US: bit.ly/2pWimnp AUS: bit.ly/2pYRlyI)

    Benefit Precisely, My Brow (for the spoolie end only: US:bit.ly/2pRe8Aa AUS: bit.ly/2qqrt3T)

    #11 - Real Techniques Spoolie (bit.ly/2qtkL9m)

    #12 - Hair Claw Clip (similar: bit.ly/2qxkQIw)

    #13 - Revlon Sculpt + highlight Contour Kit (AUS only: bit.ly/2qtiCdZ)

    Sigma 3DHD Blender Sponge (bit.ly/2leikI9 use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!)

    Wayne Goss Brushes 10 & 02 (bit.ly/2rMwUdD)
    #14 - Lancome Sourcils Brow Gel (US: bit.ly/2qt3flJ)

    Eyeliner brush unknown

    #15 - Revlon Gold Series Nipper (AUS: bit.ly/2qtiKtO) and Nail Clipper (AUS: bit.ly/2rMtOpK)

    Lilly Lashes ‘Believe’ Lashes (bit.ly/2r2FCTw use code ‘chloemorello for a discount!)

    #16 - L'Oreal protest Queen Lip Gloss (AUS: bit.ly/2rMdPYY)

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  • Ruth's Life
    Ruth's Life 15 hours ago

    I might be insane but she gives me serious Katie Holmes vibes😍💗 great hack video!

  • Arlette Arriaga
    Arlette Arriaga Day ago

    Thank you for the tips you rock!

  • Miranda Voth
    Miranda Voth Day ago

    Be careful with the blowdrying of the eyelash extensions! You can actually melt them since they're synthetic. You will look like you got your face caught in the bbq!

  • Andrew Palframan

    Tarty makeup..

  • Mary Charmaine Palabrica

    What did you use for the fake freckles? 😬

  • Wahiebah Daniels
    Wahiebah Daniels 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that make up only looks good on camera but totally fake in real life?

  • Mona Babeey
    Mona Babeey 3 days ago

    Thank youu 💕✨

  • MsCherryKitten
    MsCherryKitten 3 days ago

    Love this makeup look!!

  • shenaz bibi sooba
    shenaz bibi sooba 4 days ago

    very nice

  • Selina Ali
    Selina Ali 4 days ago

    If Gisele is your beauty inspiration then I'm sold. Definitely trying the shave and the white Kiplinger. Thank u beautiful

  • moth queen
    moth queen 4 days ago

    this strobing cream insted of a lipgloss tip is soooo useful, its crazy i have never thought of this bc honestly im not really on the matte lip bandwagon, i love glossy lips but those sticky products ewwwww..

  • Ingridb7
    Ingridb7 4 days ago

    Where do I get one of the face shaver things?

  • Buffy VS
    Buffy VS 4 days ago

    Great video!!💜💜💜

  • omgcelina
    omgcelina 5 days ago

    Died when she said "tease the shit out of it and get some damage in process"

  • Huaína Oliveira
    Huaína Oliveira 6 days ago

    Uau! First time seeing fake freckles!

  • B Al
    B Al 6 days ago

    I could have sworn you were Megan fox

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 6 days ago

    Did you only use that eyeshadow or did you use others? I really liked how that looked and want it for my prom

  • Kat 12345
    Kat 12345 8 days ago

    3 kg of make up ...better not be in a hurry or very confident to go out without make up ,lol...

  • Emily House
    Emily House 8 days ago

    Why not instead of using the pad liners, why not just use tape?

  • Sidney Klipklop
    Sidney Klipklop 8 days ago

    i just dont get why its always people who really dont need makeup at all are doing all the makeup shit...i wanna see normal ugly people like the rest of us talking about beauty.

  • Summer Smith
    Summer Smith 9 days ago

    My freckles have only ever multiplied with age 🙃

  • Laura  Cano
    Laura Cano 9 days ago

    How long have you been using the dermaplaner? Btw, I seriously love all of your videos!

  • Sweet Girl
    Sweet Girl 10 days ago

    u do makeup with relax

  • Sweet Girl
    Sweet Girl 10 days ago

    u look like katrina kaif indian bollywood actress

  • Christy Evans
    Christy Evans 10 days ago

    Very helpful tips...thank you!❤

  • Gabrielle Gilbert
    Gabrielle Gilbert 11 days ago

    Okay ;)) just saw~ maybe Elizabeth Arden?? Thanks!!

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  • SkytheQ
    SkytheQ 12 days ago

    Wow never knew it was a thing to shave your face... and here i was wondering how none of those beauty bloggers seemed to have any peach fuzz! So want to try it once and if I like it i might continue doing it

  • Eliza Bucher
    Eliza Bucher 13 days ago

    Don't use too much makeup lol. Natural beauty is the best way to look great.

  • Eliza Bucher
    Eliza Bucher 13 days ago

    I think I never saw in my whole life this much make up....

  • evie g
    evie g 13 days ago

    wow.. it think those are the cutest eyelash extensions that i have ever seen...they look gorgeous..

  • vanille et caramel
    vanille et caramel 13 days ago

    So amazing but without the freckels when it s not real they looks really ugly

  • Emily lox
    Emily lox 14 days ago

    I actually use the blow dryer on my curler for 15 sec I don't have extensions but I swear it works like a curling iron

  • Cissi St.
    Cissi St. 14 days ago

    Best tips ever

  • Cymbie Trance
    Cymbie Trance 14 days ago

    Great vid! Ur so pretty

  • 4GirlsWorld
    4GirlsWorld 14 days ago

    If I feel like I'm fugly and makeup doesn't help, what should I do?

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    Marisol Reyes 15 days ago

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  • Eύη Πάντου
    Eύη Πάντου 15 days ago

    Her: "Shaving"
    Me: "Thats actually a pretty good idea"
    After 3 seconds: "Ohh yeah I've acne...."

  • ilhem shajiri
    ilhem shajiri 16 days ago

    2017 women shaving their face. Oh my god don't wanna know what's next

  • Shoshana Boneparde
    Shoshana Boneparde 16 days ago

    For #4 I use electrical tape
    Better for the environment and cheaper.. plus way sharper lines

  • Elizabeth Reynolds
    Elizabeth Reynolds 17 days ago

    Thank you Chloe love you!

  • Denise S
    Denise S 17 days ago

    Didn't even know about the "freckle" craze. Great tutorial. Thanks!

  • Tímea Szilvási
    Tímea Szilvási 18 days ago

    wow I'll definitely try the 2nd one , thanks for the tip :) btw you're effin gorgeus.

  • isabella sandrini
    isabella sandrini 18 days ago

    Insane. make it look like your not wearing foundation???
    these tutorials are insanity for real

  • Shannon McLeish
    Shannon McLeish 19 days ago

    Apart from the blow dryer with eyelashes these tips were great!

    My old boss has permanent eye damage from using a blow dryer and it's caused her to have dry eyes and her eyelashes burned at the roots. She cannot see well at all and has to wear glasses. Her eyelashes are also terrifying because they are so curled back and grow in weird.

    Only sharing in feats of this happening to either Chloe or someone else x

  • Melissa Mac
    Melissa Mac 19 days ago

    Anyone know where Chloe's earrings are from? I can't tell if it's the earrings or her piercings but they look so cool x

  • bLaCK MaJiK
    bLaCK MaJiK 19 days ago

    Awesome tips. You showed ones I have never seen before which is refreshing.

  • Future Poet
    Future Poet 19 days ago

    this video is actually helpful 😊 thank u !!

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    Cherie Morris 19 days ago

    your gorgeous

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    Are this your eyes or lenses ?

  • HairXtensions.co.uk Direct Ltd

    Great ideas 👍🏻

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    Andrea Silva 20 days ago

    You have beautiful natural eye lashes!

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    Samina Ali 20 days ago

    Very nice beauty hacks I will definitely try them. Keep it up

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    SelfTaught Beauty 21 day ago

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    Bobsuruncle Mum 22 days ago

    "Look like you're not wearing foundation.' Yeah that a shiiiit ton of foundation. Very Lebanese, these new trends.

  • Madeleine Makeup
    Madeleine Makeup 22 days ago

    Such a helpful video! Subbed! :))

  • Patricia Bolan
    Patricia Bolan 22 days ago

    It really helps to be as beautiful as you are.

  • Kot Stefan
    Kot Stefan 22 days ago

    i love ur lashes so much

  • happymelon
    happymelon 23 days ago +1

    your eye lashes are soo beautiful Would you Please be so kind and tell me which brand it is and what the are called?

  • Jodie Moreno
    Jodie Moreno 23 days ago

    You are freeking awesome, thanks for the tips!!

  • nisha chitturi
    nisha chitturi 23 days ago

    Pretty 😍

  • Renee Werner
    Renee Werner 23 days ago

    I love the video but I have had freckles since I was about 5 I am now about 45 freckles do not fade with age. They become bigger and become age spots. Once u have freckles they only get darker and larger as you are exposed to the sun and you get older

  • MamaMaintenance
    MamaMaintenance 23 days ago

    Love these tips! So creative!

  • Vivien Sujbert
    Vivien Sujbert 23 days ago

    #1 beauty trick: stop wearing make-up 😄

  • Yael Cohen
    Yael Cohen 24 days ago

    Hi! I tried to find this type of eyeshadow.. as you wrote - discontinued! Is it possible still to find it somewhere or do you know about an eyeshadow same shade?!

  • Rebecca David
    Rebecca David 24 days ago

    Thanks for the tips

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    Deanna Witt-Trickle 24 days ago

    Love the color of your eye shadow. Wish I knew the name and brand.

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    Scharles Diaz 24 days ago

    You are adorable and beautiful!

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    Ali Vee 24 days ago

    Also, instead of using liners to protect the fallout of eyeshadow, you can use tape to help keep the shape of the eyeshadow!!

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    Amanda04 24 days ago

    How stupid is that "putting fake freckles" on your face

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    Jessica Simpson 24 days ago

    Gabriel Zamora ❣️😂

    BASHAYER 25 days ago

    You guys is this razor good? Like would it make the hair grow even more? It looks so easy and less painful I need it but I'm scared what do you guys think?

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    Almas Yaqoob 26 days ago

    A very nice video thanks for sharing

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    NewYork Chick 26 days ago

    Now this is what you call an artist. So informative. Thank you so much. New subbie here👋🏾

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    Wendy Cuellar 26 days ago

    Loved everything but the freckles hack

  • Inga V.
    Inga V. 27 days ago

    Hey, I'm from germany, so please forgive me if my english isn't that good but I need to tell you, that this is the most informative and best tutorial I've seen in a long time. very good and unknown tips! by the way you're such a beautiful girl 😍 only the best for you!

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