Video Games Don't Need to Be Fun - Reboot Episode 6

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  • Michael Mahardy
    Michael Mahardy 3 months ago +71

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! Let us know what you liked or disliked about this video, and leave us suggestions for future episodes. We might feature your comment next week!

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith 3 months ago

      Love your videos bro, you seem to talk about the things I occasionally think about. I definitely agree we are beyond the stage where games must be 'fun'. People now are looking for engaging stories, new perspectives, and new genres also. The success of visual novels, Telltale games choices matter etc is proof of this. Although none of these things, including horror, are new, the technology has come so far that people are making these 'non fun' games but with a lot more polish. Which is great, because games are morphing into a medium, just like television, or radio or comic books. A few Assassins Creed games really made me cry, and I had to double take myself to realize I was in a video game - it wasn't real, and it wasn't a movie or TV show. All in all, I hope you keep doing these because this is exactly the kind of thing that we should be speaking about openly now. Gaming to become more mainstream is only a good thing, for people like us especially how love them to death.

    • stew360
      stew360 3 months ago

      I agree i have always think the same thing , when peoples for the last 30 years were always saying a game at its core games always have to be " fun " in their traditional sens , wich as lead some games to become actually denaturised ... for me its ok if a game isnt fun but is mysterious , grey , or spooky , for me a game as to be interesting in some ways or chalenging or anything but games who are use to be " fun " in the traditional sens i only play them when we party with friends or whatever when i am alone and i play a game i want it to be cinematographic , or chalenging , or spooky , or mind bogling etc...etc...

    • kenneth kujala
      kenneth kujala 3 months ago

      Video games can be far more than fun, but first and foremost, it should be fun. You need to focus on making a fun game and then adding in the rest.
      I would say that games that have philosophical themes, religious themes or political messages are actually more fun for a lot of people. However, for other people they aren't.
      games like metal gear solid, Bioshock, Deus Ex, and the Final Fantasy

    • Michael Mahardy
      Michael Mahardy 3 months ago

      You said "None of the things were mentioned in this video lies outside the realm of just fun." I mentioned That Dragon, Cancer, an autobiographical game about a young child dying of cancer, and his dad's effort to come to grips with that. Can you tell me what's fun about that? Or are you changing topics because you realize you've contradicted yourself?

  • Milko Nozhchev
    Milko Nozhchev 6 days ago

    So true

  • Luca vinícius
    Luca vinícius 26 days ago

    Completely agree. Video games are art, and art is not supposed to be fun, it's high time we grew up and start treating them like that.

    MUMUMUMUist Month ago

    This video is pretentious af.

  • Kage Williams
    Kage Williams Month ago

    Couldn't agree more.
    Everybody's gone to Rapture is a great example of this construction of a still and interesting space.

  • Gigabyte Gamer
    Gigabyte Gamer 2 months ago

    This is the straight up dumbest thing ever. Video games sole purpose are to be fun, not educational, or anything else. If they weren't fun, they'd just be an interactive documentary. Because pressing A while watching a documentary on Native Americans is TOTALLY something I'd spend $60 on.

    • Gigabyte Gamer
      Gigabyte Gamer 2 months ago

      Basically video games absolutely have to be FUN, but that fun can definitely consist of interesting and deep thoughts and ideas.

  • Trey Breezy
    Trey Breezy 2 months ago


  • weeb woozi
    weeb woozi 2 months ago

    does anyone know what game the clip at 0:09 is from? the art work looks really nice :)

  • Dat Dang
    Dat Dang 2 months ago

    Are you implying that people who plays Persona have bad taste? Sure sounds like it. Just fuck off with this shit. I bet you've never even touch Persona 1-4 or SMT and started with P5. Fucking normie.

  • zen strata
    zen strata 2 months ago

    **Your definition of 'Fun' is lacking.**
    fun is a word used to describe the feeling we get from things or events that give us enjoyment.
    So we can have 'fun' with all sorts of situations, there is no need to confine the word 'fun' into a tiny sliver of options.
    learn to english.

  • Milad MiladKazan
    Milad MiladKazan 2 months ago

    I can't really give a crap about what your perspective of fun is... VIDEO GAMES ARE FUN.... i can't mention any games that i didn't have fun playing it. whether it was puzzle, horror, RPG, shooter... whatever. I always had fun playing video games, so don't try to define what FUN is. Like Totalbiscuit says: Video games need to be engaging, and i Think that's where the having fun playing a video game appears. GAMEPLAY... is far more important. as far as i'm concerned if a video game puts me in a position of another character and takes me to another world to become something or someone else and it would give me the fantastic experience through it's gameplay, then that means I'm having FUN, and by the way you can't review FUN like you review a game.

  • oranssi game
    oranssi game 3 months ago

    From what I have seen scrolling down the opinions, I have not read anyone mentioning PLEASURE.

    I agree with both sides. The title can be misleading, but considering what the guys at Gamespot mean, it is spot on.

    Games don't need to be fun, but need always to be a pleasure. That's the difference that I don't see people considering.

    There are people that take pleasure in feeling scared or even hurting themselfs, in collecting items, in working as a pro gamer, in numbing their minds with repetitive gamplay or solving puzzles. They take pleasue in that..

    Having pleasure in having fun?! Sure!
    Having pleasure in not having fun? Maybe!

  • Lord Blue balls
    Lord Blue balls 3 months ago

    Spec Ops is nothing new

  • Carolina Cowboys
    Carolina Cowboys 3 months ago

    Thanks for making this video, I liked the points. Video games for me is a way to unwind, and take my mind off the world. I don't think there are more intelligent people making games by the day, I think it's only the technology that is advancing. Also, game achievements is another way to make games fun.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    I have to say that I can not agree with your logic. One plays a game for fun. If one is not entertained then they do not feel encouragement to continue to play. It may not be conventional fun, but it is fun.

  • ZakTheCthulhu
    ZakTheCthulhu 3 months ago

    This video enlightened me. I know who the holy land truly belongs to now.

  • TheInfamousWolf
    TheInfamousWolf 3 months ago

    I completely agree with this, making new IPs and break ground and creating something amazing and out of the ordinary. Awesome. Love this.

  • Kev The Gamer
    Kev The Gamer 3 months ago

    wtf is this dog shit. if a game isnt fun Im not playing period . GTFOH with this nonsense

  • Derek Spence
    Derek Spence 3 months ago

    Lame ass lamestation exclusives lol

  • Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia 3 months ago

    Fun is so utterly subjective... what a silly premise for a video.

  • pokemon4597
    pokemon4597 3 months ago

    I absolutely adore all of the work you guys are doing with Reboot! I love the sorts of questions you're posing about games, as well as the personal experiences you've shared in episodes like the Persona JRPG one. This is the sort of gaming discourse I LOVE, and that I feel is also really hard to find from other mainstream outlets. Also, plenty of people almost certainly didn't watch the video before complaining about the title, which I think fits perfectly well considering the great job you do of defining how you're using the term "fun." Keep up the great work team!

  • Guppy Berkley
    Guppy Berkley 3 months ago

    Not sure about games, but watching this video definitely was not fun.

  • Terrible Day
    Terrible Day 3 months ago

    Blatant, thinly-veiled Illuminati propaganda perpetuated by snowflakes liberals alongside homosexual marriage, transgenderism and abortion. Move along , people, there's nothing to see here.

  • VEVOsdead
    VEVOsdead 3 months ago

    Not sure why the many dislikes, but I gotta say it was a rather enjoyable watch which gave me goosebumps at some point.
    Keep doing stuff like this!

  • Mikey
    Mikey 3 months ago

    You are enjoying them, it's just a different kind of enjoyment. I feel like maybe the term 'engaging' is more accurate.

    • Mikey
      Mikey 3 months ago

      Also, the Witness is absolutely fun.

  • Jose Zablan
    Jose Zablan 3 months ago

    Since you used "personally" in the video a lot, here is my personal opinion. Just because you don't think Game A is "fun" and Game B is "not fun" does not mean Game B is "not fun" for anyone else. That goes for what game you think is intelligent and what you think is stupid.

    Games are made for entertainment and the synonyms for this are amusement, pleasure, leisure, recreation, relaxation, FUN, enjoyment, interest and diversion.

  • royfudgloy
    royfudgloy 3 months ago

    What game is at 3:50 ??

  • Matthew's Couch
    Matthew's Couch 3 months ago +1

    There was nothing fun with the Last of Us. But it dissected the nature of humanity at the brink of peril with such poignant fascination that the notion of fun never came to my mind as I plowed through it. I didn't find the combat fun since it was extremely tense. The characters were all despicable and none were endearing in a "funny" way. Regardless, I still enjoyed it and was profoundly affected by the experience of participating in it.

  • heat9open
    heat9open 3 months ago

    Great title , Fuck the haters

  • Amol Khandelote
    Amol Khandelote 3 months ago

    I liked the video!

  • Harry Kaplan-earle
    Harry Kaplan-earle 3 months ago

    things that are fun:

    solving problems
    screwing space wizards
    getting twisted up in a story
    having your pants scared off
    blowing up a spaceship
    finding lost treasures
    staring deep into your own soul

    see, pretty much any good game is fun in one way or another.

  • Selbor
    Selbor 3 months ago

    What game is that at 2:00? Looks fun.

  • stew360
    stew360 3 months ago +1

    I agree i have always think the same thing , when peoples for the last 30 years were always saying a game at its core always have to be " fun " in their traditional sens , wich as lead some games to become actually denaturised ... for me its ok if a game isnt fun but is mysterious , grey , or spooky , for me a game as to be interesting in some ways or chalenging or anything but games who are use to be " fun " in the traditional sens i only play them when we party with friends or whatever when i am alone and i play a game i want it to be cinematographic , or chalenging , or spooky , or mind bogling etc...etc...

  • IamLucky87
    IamLucky87 3 months ago

    To GameSpot I guess Being a pretend "Journalist" is fun. Just remember your not real news.

  • Musou Tensei
    Musou Tensei 3 months ago

    No, when you say you can't wait to go back to Outlast 2, it means you enjoy it, you enjoy the fucked up shit, you enjoy being scared, you enjoy being disgusted, it's a form of fun to you. When people say fun, they often mean enjoyment, and enjoyment is 100% subjective, like I don't enjoy all those pretentious crap you talked about. I played Papers Please, I think Cheetamen is more enjoyable than that garbage.

    "But there are more intelligent people making games blah blah blah"
    You basically called all games that aren't pretentious garbage stupid, and everyone who doesn't enjoy that pretentious garbage too.

    SUPREME EMPEROR MITTENS 3 months ago +1


  • Zaku Htet
    Zaku Htet 3 months ago

    When people said this game is not fun, they usually meant it's boring.
    Not sad or horrified, just plain boring.

    And I think every gamers get the points the video made, especially when you looked at the popularity of RPG, Horror Games, Point n'Click Adventures and if we're being generous, Visual Novels.

  • Rapeoreon
    Rapeoreon 3 months ago

    Actually, games do need to be fun. There's no point in putting in a message in a game(for example) when that game is not worth playing because it's no fun. If George Orwell wrote a shit book with a good message he would not have been influential at all. If the Bioshock games weren't fun then I wouldn't have bothered buying it, because it's it's got then is a message, and I can get that online for free.
    Games that are not entertaining die faster than that idiot teammate that tries to take on the entire enemy team alone. And yes, horror, competition, relaxation etc are all forms of entertainment. I consider entertainment and fun to be the same thing.

  • conan263
    conan263 3 months ago


  • GeneralTantzu
    GeneralTantzu 3 months ago

    If a game has no gameplay, ergo no entertainment value, it can fuck right off.

  • dattebenforcer
    dattebenforcer 3 months ago

    Fuck you

  • xDEADLOCKEDx2468
    xDEADLOCKEDx2468 3 months ago

    If you want to play a video game that isn't fun all you need to play is life is strange then.

  • Maurice Chery
    Maurice Chery 3 months ago

    enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

    amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.

    If you enjoyed the game it was fun if you found it entertaining it was fun (for you fun is subjective) in other word if you liked the game it was fun there is no need for a pseudo intellectual debate over such simple word.

  • Dairo Salamanca
    Dairo Salamanca 3 months ago

    So you are a smart guy because you like those games, and the people that like other games are not that smart. jmmmmmm, personal opinions then, first define what fun means, and then compare what is fun from one person to another, and so on.

  • Joseph Ercanbrack
    Joseph Ercanbrack 3 months ago

    All of these elements are fun/enjoyable. Horror is exciting and fun for some, and challenging puzzles are fun for others. But fun is still found in these games. What you're arguing seems to be more along the lines of "we need different types of video games". And hey, that's great. Personally, I think with Indie-developers help, we're already there.

  • Ole Gerko
    Ole Gerko 3 months ago

    I don't like that your exaples of "breaking the tradition" is walking simulators. To make gaming better you need to invent better gaming mechanics, good balance, or maybe some clever ways to merry gameplay and story. To just make an interactive linear expirience is not a ground breaking idea, it's less not more. If you open your car and trow out the motor - it's not a revolution in car design. It's just a broken car.

    I have nothing agaist this games existing, but it's not the kind of games that push any boudnries, tbh, and i don't want to people see them as such.

  • Ole Gerko
    Ole Gerko 3 months ago

    It's just words. It's better to use word "enjoyment" rather then fun, tho most people mean the same thing and use them interchangebly. Post people would call horror games or very hard games fun. You say "i play games that are fun, but also games that pull me from comfort zone" - but why pulling from comfort zone is not fun but some opposite of it? It's all the same thing - enjoyment.

  • jettythesunfish
    jettythesunfish 3 months ago

    Yeah, I'm not gonna play a game that isn't fun. Period.

  • Sevuz
    Sevuz 3 months ago

    People should play want they want to play and not care what others think. There need to be different types of games or else it gets dull. The most important thing is that the games are entertaining. If they are boring or a pain (bad ideas and controls) to play, they are not worth your time.

  • Lycan Seijin
    Lycan Seijin 3 months ago

    Did....Did your mom stick her pregnant belly in front of the microwave while you were gestating? Or did she just keep you locked in a basement for most of your life. A healthy person would not be so stupid as to not understand how being entertained works.

  • LordBitememan
    LordBitememan 3 months ago

    If a video game bores me, I turn it off and play one I like. That's my choice, and no I don't need to step outside that box.

  • Dynasty Star
    Dynasty Star 3 months ago

    Games need to be fun FIRST, if you wanna attach themes and messages on top of that, then go ahead. People will find different things fun as well, but if a company makes a game that is VERRRRRRRRRRY niche, then they shouldn't bitch when the game doesn't sell because very few people thought it would be fun for them personally.

  • Candy Chan
    Candy Chan 3 months ago

    I got a question. If your main argument that video games don't need to be fun, then why is your site is called GameSpot in the first place?

  • adhad dawdaw
    adhad dawdaw 3 months ago +1

    Listen to a man say nothing for 8 minutes

  • James Knight
    James Knight 3 months ago

    more videos like this please

  • Purple_Whale
    Purple_Whale 3 months ago

    "It's entertaining" You mean fun?
    "It's engaging" You mean fun?

  • Ayrton Sy
    Ayrton Sy 3 months ago

    Of course they do dumb shits

  • brownseanh
    brownseanh 3 months ago

    Great video! My question is: Besides horror titles, do you think big AAA games will ever be designed in this way? Like a game you never want to play again, but that was really emotionally effecting? Or do you think it will stay sort of a niche thing?

  • Dirk_Bogart
    Dirk_Bogart 3 months ago

    If so, what do we need GameSpot for?

  • WillyML4
    WillyML4 3 months ago

    Well, this comes off as hot garbage. -_-

  • DominoAFC
    DominoAFC 3 months ago

    The mention of TimeSplitters 2 I absoloutley admire, still to this day I consider it the funnest video game I have ever played, mainly for the reasons you have stated and the variety of crazy action and even creepiness it enveloped when it came to playing Virus on Hospital.

  • Fraz Sohail
    Fraz Sohail 3 months ago

    Fun is Sunset Overdrive!

  • Dominick Majors
    Dominick Majors 3 months ago

    I understand what you're trying to get across in this video but I think the word "fun" is an ill fit for this subject. it sounds like you just want to promote game variety moreso than saying a game has to be fun. there is no traditional experience for fun since fun is subjective. if I hate shooters, than a "traditionally fun" shooter won't be fun. if I love horror and puzzles, then horror and puzzle games will be fun for me. it makes no sense to claim a game isn't fun because it doesn't adhere to a forced norm definition. you even say that fun is hard to describe which goes against this video's title and overall wording

  • Jed Barber
    Jed Barber 3 months ago

    Do you think we have limited ourselves by using the term game? It seems like the term game implies fun, but I don't think the medium should only make "fun" experiences. It seems like the adherence to the idea that these are all games is holding developers back from making these truly deep experiences.

  • Redeemerofsouls
    Redeemerofsouls 3 months ago +1

    stop trying to be a wanna be danny odwyre ,the only reason he s grood is because he really loves games not because they are popular right now or for paychecks from media giants.

    • Jacob Dekker
      Jacob Dekker 3 months ago

      But we love games too... and I don't think either of us are in this for the paycheck. But thanks for watching!

  • jaylan harvey
    jaylan harvey 3 months ago

    "Games do not have to be extremely engaging to be good"

    I mean, that is the best title I could come up with.

  • Spidey Sense
    Spidey Sense 3 months ago

    I personally have never played a game hoping for it to be fun the same way as I've never watched a movie hoping for it to be fun. If that were the case then I'd be pretty disappointed with any courtroom drama I've ever watched! All you can hope for is that it will be engaging; be it fun or sad or terrifying or just makes you think, as long as it engages you with what it presents then that is a good result.

  • Andy D
    Andy D 3 months ago +1

    If I'm not having fun on a video game I stop playing it. PERIOD. video games SHOULD be fun or at least mildly interesting hence the word GAME.

  • Madvillainy
    Madvillainy 3 months ago

    Curious video, but this should be old news to people who do this for a living, you're not kids anymore.

    "It's pretty tough to define fun, specialy in video games"
    This is baffling to me, identity crisis? Everyone knows what fun is for themselves even if you don't know how to express it in words. What you're doing in the video is trying to define a concept to fit everyone, you're old enough to know the dumbess of that... even the dark lord sauron failed with his jewelry endeavours, should've just opened a stradivarius.

    Just wiki "Fun" if you want a short but precise explanation. Even there it shows how dificult it is to distinguish "fun" from "enjoyment", in part because of how extremely similar both the fellings are and for the little utility in doing so.

    "Because we all play games for diferent reasons"
    Yes, but none of the reasons you mention make it harder to define fun.

    The rest of the video is so so... the witness part of "never playing this game again" is pretty understandable, after you solve a problem what use is there in solving the same exact problem again? It's a puzzle game... you've solved the puzzle...

  • Stellar Gnoma
    Stellar Gnoma 3 months ago

    'Games don't need to be enjoyable to play.' Maybe not for you, but most people want to enjoy their games, not be beaten down with pretentious hipster games trying to be "art".

  • Rocket Insano
    Rocket Insano 3 months ago

    It's never been about fun or experience it's always been about the audience. Those who consume media will always experience things differently. The problem comes however in the double edged sword of design. One gamers complexity is another's confusion etc neither perspective is invalid. But you can't judge people for taste or force them to like something. You can only put out your creation and I hope you're not the minority in the situation

  • Gooby
    Gooby 3 months ago +1

    If a game isn't fun, it's not fun to play. So yes, it has to be fun. You can't define fun, since it's a difference for everyone.

  • Graavigala85
    Graavigala85 3 months ago

    Fun as in haha, no.
    But fun as in enjoyable, hell yes!
    I stopped playing Zelda BotW cause it was not fun experience for me, but loved HZD. NOOOO I AM NOT SAYING OTHER IS BETTER! HZD just had more fun world and combat and so much more interesting story, which all made it more fun for me

  • Nibiru
    Nibiru 3 months ago

    Nobody remembers Myst...

  • Yajnaji
    Yajnaji 3 months ago

    Casuals, all of you.
    I hate you. So much.

    • Rapeoreon
      Rapeoreon 3 months ago

      +Andy D Oh yes, just stereotype someone who is pissed off at the current state of his hobby. That's sure to help make your hobby(which I assume you share since you are in the comment section of a gaming channel) better for everyone involved. Genius.

    • Andy D
      Andy D 3 months ago

      lol the anger. There are way more casual gamers than basement dwelling hardcore gamers. sorry.

    • Yajnaji
      Yajnaji 3 months ago

      "Fun is for casuals" and that is the way it should be. Now, piss off, scrub.

    • Andy D
      Andy D 3 months ago

      you mean people whose existence in life doesn't revolve around video games?

  • Aramgo
    Aramgo 3 months ago

    Interesting approach, i tend to see fun and entertainment as equals in videogames cause in the end, the idea is to enjoy and if you achieve that, how you do, it only defines likes and affinities (as i see it).

  • pvtpain66k
    pvtpain66k 3 months ago

    I just finished watching Mark Browns Dead Space series. I was confused that I was on gamespot. :>

  • zepcrazyfre
    zepcrazyfre 3 months ago

    this "flow state" was very powerful but not particularly metaphysically interactive while binge watching 13RW on Netflix..... I enjoyed it...and very excited about S2 but I'm good never watching S1 ever again..the feeling of great joy and dread after the bathtub scene and car scene in the last S1 episode was just to much to try-on again smh;

  • Hamza Maken
    Hamza Maken 3 months ago

    I really love ur opening theme,just saying

  • john zaccone
    john zaccone 3 months ago +1

    "It's not supposed to be fun!" is an excuse for crap games.

  • john zaccone
    john zaccone 3 months ago +1

    fun=/=engaged. A boring game isn't fun, nor is it engaging.

  • Dave
    Dave 3 months ago

    video games are categorized as entertainment. Entertainment isn't confined to fun, but something that amuses or brings pleasure. Horror, drama, tension can bring forth pleasure

  • HelloTosho
    HelloTosho 3 months ago

    You ARE enjoying the games. You are enjoying the change in emotional state you get from playing these games while being in the safe space of it being just a video game. You can play a horror game like Outlast or Amnesia and be terrified while still enjoying it because you are getting a seldom experienced emotional response. Being truly terrified in real life is not fun, but being scared in a safe environment, such as a video game or movie is (for some people). This is why people watch horror and gore movies. This is why people ride roller coasters.

    This is the problem current generations are having in reconciling conflicting emotions. People are being told that any emotion is singular and mutually exclusive to all other emotions. That fear is bad and not enjoyable, or that bad things can't ever be funny. You're right that someone doesn't have to make a game with the idea of "fun" as the driving force, but the fun someone gets from any game is based on completely subjective emotional responses which make it pointless to ascribe such a screed as "videogames don't need to be fun" to.

    In reality, any game that will ever be made will be "fun" for someone.

  • SalientBen
    SalientBen 3 months ago +1

    Interactive/digital entertainment does not need to be fun, a game does or it's just not a very good game.

    Good clickbait.

  • Gar The Rapper
    Gar The Rapper 3 months ago +1

    This video is clickbait BS. He says he's not having fun but he feels compelled to play those games for hours on end. News flash buddy, thats because you're having fun.

  • Henrique Pera
    Henrique Pera 3 months ago

    Love This video agreed

  • Leval The First
    Leval The First 3 months ago

    Do people watch the video before commenting or just see the title and start typing?

  • Micah Curtis
    Micah Curtis 3 months ago

    They don't have to be fun, but if you want to make a living off of them, it would be wise for them to be entertaining.

  • louisgworld
    louisgworld 3 months ago

    No shit.

  • LuvboneX
    LuvboneX 3 months ago +1

    The title feels abridged. It should be "Video games dont need to be fun, so I can use them force-feed you SocJus bullshit through them".
    Fuck off, you dont understand anything about neither games nor art, Gamespot.

  • Mr. Donzo
    Mr. Donzo 3 months ago

    I agree with this video but I have to dislike it because of this shitty clickbait title.

  • Jason Betthauser
    Jason Betthauser 3 months ago +1

    Timesplitters is my favorite FPS. Good example of "fun."

  • Lindy R
    Lindy R 3 months ago

    love this show but it is missing the blue and pink filters

  • 87agomes
    87agomes 3 months ago

    This was a great video. The amount of dislikes is surprising... have you people even watched the damn video or just saw the title and gave a dislike? I'm going for the later...

  • Valentine
    Valentine 3 months ago +1

    Aaaaand unsubbed.

  • MrJoobafob
    MrJoobafob 3 months ago +1

    Imo, if you want video games to be considered art i.e. more than just entertainment, then you need to accept that there is more to them than how "fun" they are.

  • Ben DarthDakka
    Ben DarthDakka 3 months ago

    They do if they want me to buy them

  • Marcos Riggs
    Marcos Riggs 3 months ago

    reboot episode 7, the evolution of pokemon

  • Bole ZG
    Bole ZG 3 months ago

    So Next week will be reading Nietzsche's Thus spoke Zarathustra :)

  • Darkstar Spacer
    Darkstar Spacer 3 months ago +2

    And sex should be painful.

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