Usher - Crash

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  • New album 'Hard II Love' out now!
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  • Runtime: 3:33
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  • bboy65 dance
    bboy65 dance 1 hour ago

    tellement magnifique ce clip
    tu danse toujours aussi bien usher :)

  • bboy65 dance
    bboy65 dance 1 hour ago

    tellement magnifique ce clip
    tu danse toujours aussi bien usher :)

  • Tennant Niki
    Tennant Niki 6 hours ago

    I still love you despite your herpes status 🤗🤗🤗

  • Tolga Akyuz
    Tolga Akyuz 13 hours ago

    best song of 2016

  • crafty soapy soapy

    i wish your song was a story ....

  • Mauricio Salamanca
    Mauricio Salamanca 2 days ago

    me encanta la canción y los movimientos

  • Lilian jessy
    Lilian jessy 2 days ago

    This is the bomb, Usher is a big icon.

  • HotMetea
    HotMetea 2 days ago

    Love this damn song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Trumby
    Trumby 3 days ago

    studing for that maths a exam

  • Jordy Neale
    Jordy Neale 3 days ago

    Vocals are literally incredible

  • Geoff Burberry
    Geoff Burberry 5 days ago


  • God's Creation
    God's Creation 6 days ago

    Usher! He's so amazing and I love his songs so much. His songs are so catchy and so moving. I love him so much and I hope he continues to show the world what he's made of.

  • juniorelyomar desafiante

    2017 assistindo

  • Candis Almendarez
    Candis Almendarez 8 days ago

    purely perfection of absolute sweetness

  • Candis Almendarez
    Candis Almendarez 8 days ago

    emotions in motion smooth groove baby

  • Gagan Sandhu
    Gagan Sandhu 10 days ago

    Again in 2017

    THE BROTHERS WAR 11 days ago


  • Brian Hendrickson
    Brian Hendrickson 12 days ago

    This was one of his BEST,he sang it on the Ellen show,with Michelle O,I loved it two two thumbs up,Usher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abhijeet Johnson
    Abhijeet Johnson 13 days ago

    just 17 millions like on such a wonderful song y... I don't understand the. choice of people these days...!! ND songs like pillowtalk got 733m views huh

  • Metall boy in the World

    I Love this music

    KINGMIKED GAMES 14 days ago

    im not thinking bout nobody else but you

  • Antanas Karklelis
    Antanas Karklelis 17 days ago

    not a fan of black music, but this is perfect. usher has style.

  • MiZzJeNTv
    MiZzJeNTv 18 days ago

    Why am I just now hearing this song I love it omg

  • Almost Perfect
    Almost Perfect 19 days ago

    so beautiful I am crying

  • Shannon Morby
    Shannon Morby 19 days ago

    How have I only just started to listen to this tune ? has so many meanings 🎶🎶🎶

  • Paul Stephenson
    Paul Stephenson 20 days ago

    Usher all teh rest of your stuff is shit but this song is the fucking shit bai kaep it!

  • Agnieszka Wrzos-Durbacz

    i love this song

  • Kasozi Shirah
    Kasozi Shirah 20 days ago

    I looooooovvveeeeee this song .I go deep into it and feel it flowing in my head😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Kasozi Shirah
    Kasozi Shirah 20 days ago

    I looooooovvveeeeee this song .I go deep into it and feel it flowing in my head😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Lulu Koech
    Lulu Koech 21 day ago

    when he sheds tears 😥😥😥

  • Suzana Rodrigues
    Suzana Rodrigues 21 day ago

    i love this song

  • heeted01
    heeted01 21 day ago

    The kids just don't have any real emotional depth to embrace this depth. Really is a beautiful song and brilliant visual performance...

  • Edward Kozachenko
    Edward Kozachenko 22 days ago

    Very Good

    PAULINE AKO 23 days ago

    usher yeahmen is my boo, love all his music n style

  • Sophie Freeman
    Sophie Freeman 24 days ago

    Love this song and the video is a masterpiece! Best dancing I have ever seen. Usher and the girl in this are beautiful. Also Usher has a cute butt!

  • Fikile Dhlomo
    Fikile Dhlomo 24 days ago

    I like the melanin on this video #Ilovebeingblack

  • katleho elisah
    katleho elisah 24 days ago

    he still dance as good as ever!!....I give up shem

  • miranda z
    miranda z 24 days ago


  • Ford F
    Ford F 27 days ago


  • Sophie Webb
    Sophie Webb 27 days ago

    Add to musically 📱

  • Candis Almendarez
    Candis Almendarez 29 days ago

    pure sweet in motion

  • Cloudyxlove 12
    Cloudyxlove 12 29 days ago

    3:06 that slide doe

  • Luke Formosa
    Luke Formosa 1 month ago

  • Anthony Dibiah
    Anthony Dibiah 1 month ago

    What happened to sisqo?

  • Billy Brown
    Billy Brown 1 month ago

    the 6k are heartless cunts .

  • lachelle81
    lachelle81 1 month ago

    It's worth the fight...if I get back home

  • Jess Ellis
    Jess Ellis 1 month ago

    Are there any songs that are similar to this? Like the lyrics or the music.

  • Lahmira Hall
    Lahmira Hall 1 month ago

    i like loved this song for so long that i listen to it 24/7 literally

  • naomi kamau
    naomi kamau 1 month ago

    I love you😍😍😂😂Usher
    i cherrish your songs and i am mostly touched to see you cry it makes wanna cry too😢😢

  • naijal nunnally
    naijal nunnally 1 month ago

    no matter how many time I listen to this song I always get felling I've never had before

  • Maria Bradshaw
    Maria Bradshaw 1 month ago

    I love love love love this song, this artist, this video.  Usher Raymond is talent beyond comprehension. Totally fantastic.

  • joshua joshua k
    joshua joshua k 1 month ago


  • Hhdcwwoqoja Ajhvwiis


  • J Lander
    J Lander 1 month ago

    Heard this for the first time this week, thought "wow Usher is back this song bangs!" then I come here and find out it's a year old?! How did this song not blow up?

  • Samia Bouras
    Samia Bouras 1 month ago

    mon chouchou 😍

  • Ian  Still
    Ian Still 1 month ago

    Sista is fine! That's what I'm talking about! My pure chocolate Queens!

  • joshua joshua k
    joshua joshua k 1 month ago

    Crash,Drove all night...Greatness

  • NA NA
    NA NA 1 month ago

    Still got it

  • Chelsea Buckland
    Chelsea Buckland 1 month ago

    He's so amazing 😍😍 flawless talent, voice and moves 💦💦

  • Ebony Macumber
    Ebony Macumber 1 month ago

    Dedications with a meaning, luv this guy💋♥👄💋👄🔐

  • Jonathan Reeves
    Jonathan Reeves 1 month ago

    You're the boss Usher.

  • Lucas Paula
    Lucas Paula 1 month ago

    música linda incrível como esse cara sempre apavora nos álbuns toooooop música show danca muito usher para sempre s2

  • queenlakes28
    queenlakes28 1 month ago

    I am in love with this song.

  • Athini Prettyking
    Athini Prettyking 1 month ago

    my top 5
    1: Jason Derulo
    2:Trevor Jackson
    4: Tory lanez

  • QueenRenee
    QueenRenee 1 month ago

    Hey everyone, please subscribe to my channel and like my videos. Thank you!

  • mathieu sabrina
    mathieu sabrina 1 month ago

    The artist ,nothing to proove, he is the best

  • beuz Spiritdoctor
    beuz Spiritdoctor 1 month ago

    i don t know why i shed tears listening this song

  • James Brown
    James Brown 1 month ago

    are you okay usher are you sad because your wife is your wife sad too I'm sad for you usher fighting

  • Puppet Frisky
    Puppet Frisky 1 month ago

    i wish i could meet him In person one day love all his songs

  • leon Sales
    leon Sales 1 month ago

    you are a good singer usher

  • Retro Turd
    Retro Turd 1 month ago

    Absolutely buzzing usher again lately!

  • Mohd Zaman
    Mohd Zaman 1 month ago

    great song and great video

  • Nadia Rocha
    Nadia Rocha 1 month ago

    usher i love you :) :)

  • we the family
    we the family 1 month ago

    here for the 50th time

  • Jermaine Hoffa
    Jermaine Hoffa 1 month ago

    I absolutely love it. I've been a fan since "think of you".

  • Hennri
    Hennri 1 month ago

    My jam right now. I wish I got his moves.

  • Dorothy Lipford
    Dorothy Lipford 1 month ago

    Timeless........on repeat

  • Babyx 32
    Babyx 32 1 month ago


  • Alaska The Husky
    Alaska The Husky 1 month ago

    40 and still can fucking dance and sing better then me

  • Yvonne Watts
    Yvonne Watts 1 month ago

    I love this song. usher you are sweet

  • Ana Paula Santos
    Ana Paula Santos 1 month ago

    Vem pro Brasil sou louca para ir no seu show desde da época que vce namorava Chilli da TCL e fez a musica Burn para ela.Vemmmmmm

  • michael philippe osmeña

    i could listen to this song all day long... 😍💘🎶

  • Angelina Kobel
    Angelina Kobel 1 month ago


    STANK 1 month ago

    Who else stopped to listen to this after looking for Crash Bandicoot videos?

  • we the family
    we the family 1 month ago

    eish man this track 😍😍

  • Yovin Chilumanga
    Yovin Chilumanga 1 month ago


  • Abhijeet Johnson
    Abhijeet Johnson 1 month ago

    best ever video of usher probably...

  • Roo RooXD
    Roo RooXD 1 month ago

    I feck'n love this song rn XD

  • BELLO Ben
    BELLO Ben 2 months ago

    this song dscribes my feelings it's painful

  • anthony mallon
    anthony mallon 2 months ago

    Never gets old tune

  • Tash Chetty
    Tash Chetty 2 months ago

    My granny wants this song

  • growingglads
    growingglads 2 months ago

    this song is a masterpiece, downloaded it instantly, and i usually don't listen to western pop music.

  • Jessica Shamblin
    Jessica Shamblin 2 months ago

    I been listening to usher since I was 11 years old and he is still number one to me keep it up usher ur amazing

  • Reuben Kiboi
    Reuben Kiboi 2 months ago


  • Arthur Dean Jr
    Arthur Dean Jr 2 months ago

    Usher is The Man He Always brings a spectacular song out he's a Music ICon and Genius #100

  • lib l
    lib l 2 months ago

    This is a A quality song if he was Justin Timberlake this would of been hit erm 🤔 what is colour.

  • Paige Robinson
    Paige Robinson 2 months ago

    I was here when it had 1000 views and it still is pretty low..... ITS AN USHER SONG PEOPLE IT SOULD BE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ضوء القمر
    ضوء القمر 2 months ago


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