Trace Lysette Calls Upon Hollywood to Hire Transgender Actors l 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

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  • charly evans
    charly evans 3 days ago

    Trace's height says she is 5'8. I think 5'8 with heels. I've seen her in running shoes she looks 5'3

  • miss samoa
    miss samoa 3 days ago

    that gave me chills gurl

  • Cayla Prima
    Cayla Prima 2 months ago

    look at this stuck up faggot and old ugly man in a res dress

    • Cayla Prima
      Cayla Prima 20 days ago

      Bob ap Bob as a trans girl who isnt on a TV show and at the GLAAD Awards and red carpets, etc...rather i sell myself in Craigslist since 2004.

    • Bob ap Bob
      Bob ap Bob 20 days ago

      so much hate. Is it yourself that you hate?

    • joe pak
      joe pak Month ago

      hope you die a horrific death cunt. You just mad trace lysette will be 1000x hotter than you will ever be in your entire ugly ass life

    • Bob ap Bob
      Bob ap Bob Month ago

      you really are a nasty mean spirited troll. we find you on most of these sites. You must really hate yourself.

  • Cayla Prima
    Cayla Prima 3 months ago

    faggot stop begging you are the privileged one faggot

    • YouFoolish
      YouFoolish 2 months ago

      You mad? These ''faggots'' look better than you and your mom.

  • Danielle Roberts
    Danielle Roberts 4 months ago +1

    Great job lady's 👍 together we stand for human rights 💪

  • MsPrettypinkpanther8
    MsPrettypinkpanther8 4 months ago +1

    Those men in drag are absolutely ridiculous looking and embarrassing 😂

    • charly evans
      charly evans 3 days ago

      Trace is the prettiest. I still can't believe She was born a male. I was stunned from the before and after photos. The taller ones do look like men though. Any Transsexual over 5'8 will look like men no matter what.

    • YouFoolish
      YouFoolish 2 months ago

      Bitch, I've seen your ass hating on trans's videos for ages ! You need help. You're probably one ugly transvestite hating on beauties like Trace. I'm sure your face is way more embarrassing that this video.

  • res123190gamer
    res123190gamer 4 months ago +1

    Love trace and she is right

  • amberphoria
    amberphoria 4 months ago +3

    so proud of my brave sisters

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