What is Tonkotsu Ramen?

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  • We flew out to Fukuoka and drove down to Kurume to eat at one of the founding places of Tonkotsu Ramen. We're trying out Kurume Ramen Seiyoken. It's delicious, and we're going to show you what the kitchen looks like, how the ramen is made, and we'll tell you just how good it tastes :D

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  • stoner12008
    stoner12008 7 hours ago

    Why would you thumbs down?

  • Pavat Pichetsin
    Pavat Pichetsin 17 hours ago

    Lol subin ramen

  • Kellsee Seecharan
    Kellsee Seecharan 23 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that there bowls swapped

  • leo ll
    leo ll 1 day ago

    That is an improper slurp. It's choppy.

  • Ruben Ashley Westerhoff


  • Jayson Bustillo
    Jayson Bustillo 2 days ago

    I NEED SOMEONE LIKE SIMON WHO LOOKS AT MARTINA WHEN SHE SLURPS UP HER RAMEN!!! You guys make me smile and always giddy about having a life like both of yours! (๑・̑◡・̑๑)

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 2 days ago

    Eww I hate that sound and the girl reminds me of my sister in law and I hate her!

  • Moe McIntyre
    Moe McIntyre 2 days ago

    This brings me back to when I was studying in Fukuoka, there was this tiny mom and pop ramen place that I LOVED going to; they spoke no English and it was one of the first places we found on our own that first few days there. Essentially we communicated using hand signals and pointing (and our VERY limited Japanese at the time) for the owners to show us what to try and how to season everything when it came out.

    'Scuse me, getting all teary-eyed thinking about it. ;A;

  • Gracie Estrada
    Gracie Estrada 2 days ago

    The Mexican in me is like , WHERE'S THE LIMON AND CHILE. Yum

  • LovablyE
    LovablyE 3 days ago

    Oh my gosh, I know it's polite there to slurp noodles but over here, ahh, I was cringing 😅👌🏼

  • Stephy F
    Stephy F 5 days ago

    I don't think I've seen Chyashu written like that before, that's interesting.

  • Ju Young Shin
    Ju Young Shin 5 days ago

    Is this place better than Ichiran???

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 5 days ago

      I don't think you can say that one ramen is better than another. It's like bread. Is sourdough better than rye? It depends on what you like.

  • Ryan Nixon
    Ryan Nixon 6 days ago

    Does anyone else think the thumbnail looks like a person with a very fancy moustache and bright eyes?

  • mordecai011
    mordecai011 9 days ago

    ramen egg, yessssss !! I miss japan!

  • Glory Tran
    Glory Tran 9 days ago

    What Martina did at 4:24 was adorBle

  • freakman005
    freakman005 10 days ago

    I love the two of you so much. <3

  • Siobhan Kaufman
    Siobhan Kaufman 10 days ago

    Can you already speak Japanese? I'm going to Tokyo for five months and im going to do a language course, but some tips before I go on Japanese would be cool from some people who learned japanese from just living there. Did you notice some slang or pronounces that are used often that arent taught?

  • Chrissy Mitchell
    Chrissy Mitchell 10 days ago

    I gotta find me a man that loves me the way Simon loves ramen

  • Mei Puji
    Mei Puji 11 days ago

    i'm reading simon shirt just like the way hermIOoooNe taught ron

  • Rocanero Anilorac
    Rocanero Anilorac 11 days ago

    comen bien sabroso hasta me dio hambre😋

  • Korena Nguyen
    Korena Nguyen 14 days ago +1

    After Martina slurped those noodles Simon then fell in love with her again.

  • marcelo cantor
    marcelo cantor 14 days ago

    noodles getting soggy is called.. water logging.

  • DJAnthologic
    DJAnthologic 14 days ago

    These sexy food-porn voice overs are over the top wonderful. Love you guys

  • Matowix
    Matowix 14 days ago +1

    I love Japanese women

  • Lichi go
    Lichi go 16 days ago

    Only thing I CAN NOT ACCEPT IS PIG HEAD WITH BRAIN INSIDE, ALL THE SOUP ARE WITH BRAIN residues, it is kind of weird feeling. It will be better if they put only bones inside the boiler.

  • biovol
    biovol 16 days ago

    I drive up to Little Tokyo in LA for Shin Sen Gumi Tonkotsu RAmen every chance I get. I love how rich the broth is. Thanks for the great videos!

  • rachmadhany haffis
    rachmadhany haffis 18 days ago

    you two are just so cute together

  • steve james
    steve james 18 days ago

    The commentary at the end should win an award

  • hayati shahmizan
    hayati shahmizan 19 days ago

    the food look soo awesome and yummy.U guys the best xD

  • Rizki Gifari
    Rizki Gifari 20 days ago

    still coming back for simon's magnificent shirt

  • Aniq Hasif
    Aniq Hasif 21 day ago


  • Zabieru McCloud
    Zabieru McCloud 22 days ago

    What are the brown strips of whatever that is in Martina's soup? I can't find what it is on google for the life of me!!!!!!!!

  • Patricia Santos Silva
    Patricia Santos Silva 22 days ago

    Hi! Please more videos with subtitles in portuguese💕💕💕. This video inspired me, so my subscription to the channel was automatic😊😊😊.
    Maceió/Alagoas, northeast region of Brazil. Thanks 👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕

  • Kid Vixen12
    Kid Vixen12 22 days ago

    ohh make sure to slurp loudly . the louder the slurp the more pleased the cook will be to know you enjoy their cooking :) i lived with japanese families a long time ago ;) thats mah xperience

  • Kid Vixen12
    Kid Vixen12 22 days ago

    Dear Gawwd 0_0

  • Lance Chhuana Ralte
    Lance Chhuana Ralte 23 days ago

    6:12 SImon's bowl empty 6:15 refill!! MAGIC!!!!!!!!

  • nubetube577
    nubetube577 23 days ago

    Just ate some tonkotso ramen today wish I had more now!

  • ibbo shkh
    ibbo shkh 24 days ago +1

    u guy's always drunk

  • Andre
    Andre 24 days ago

    Remove your hat!

  • Freshwater tanks
    Freshwater tanks 24 days ago

    simon all i do is suck breathe in and if you choke then oh well i guess we will only see martina

  • Satina Dempsey
    Satina Dempsey 25 days ago

    I Need some real ramen where I am

  • 間瀬昴紀
    間瀬昴紀 26 days ago


  • Jack Bauman
    Jack Bauman 26 days ago

    You guys are precious

  • PolarWolf111
    PolarWolf111 26 days ago

    simon had more eating sounds than actual talking

  • Jay Lammon
    Jay Lammon 26 days ago

    The ending 😂😂😂😂

  • Kina tano
    Kina tano 27 days ago

    7:06 I always do that. It's cos there is usually too much soup left and I want a balance between noodle and soup rather than little noodle and then SOUPPP

  • hplover656
    hplover656 28 days ago

    Eating ramen, watching people eat ramen. Ramenception

  • Average Citizen
    Average Citizen 28 days ago

    Do you ever shit so good you're hungry?

  • Arianna Nunez
    Arianna Nunez 28 days ago

    I love your videos but OMG I hate the sounds you guys make when you eating too much too much Aaaah aaah

  • Mirko Napolitano
    Mirko Napolitano 28 days ago +1

    I think it's called ずるずる (zuru zuru), not つるつる。I may be wrong tho。

  • Uramichi
    Uramichi 1 month ago

    "Are you food drunk ?" That actually happens to me after eating Yakiniku in Tokyo ! (Japanese barbecue)

  • ABO Z3L
    ABO Z3L 1 month ago

    He will hold his shit for his wife

  • Jeffrey Yang
    Jeffrey Yang 1 month ago

    My mom doesn't understand very much English... I'm wondering if that's good or bad during that last part of the video...

  • Coolestmovies
    Coolestmovies 1 month ago

    So we "don't have broths like this in North America?" Where the hell did you live when you lived here? It's not like Japanese who come to North America and open ramen restaurants suddenly forget how it's made back home. Great video as always, but the typical expat belief that "you just can't get this anywhere but here" is kinda tiresome. I eat at plenty of ramen places here -- small, hidden "gems" just like this one -- that match or better this one. Maybe things have changed since you left, but my favourite ramen shops actually predate your blog, so ... ;)

  • Covered in Shadows
    Covered in Shadows 1 month ago

    me: omg im sooo hungry!! this looks really good
    martina and simon: dont be grossed out, but there's a pigs skull in the broth
    me: O~O im never going to eat again

  • E C O
    E C O 1 month ago

    these people are ruining japan

  • Akuto Sai
    Akuto Sai 1 month ago

    why the heck are they making that creepy noise when the waiter is serving the ramen

  • Faustino Ibarra
    Faustino Ibarra 1 month ago

    💥AWW YEAAHHH!!! LOL!!!💛💛💛💛😁😁😁😁👏👏👏👏

  • serendipitous6
    serendipitous6 1 month ago

    Finishing the broth is the way to go =)

  • cezurii
    cezurii 1 month ago

    🤣omg that ending!!!

  • Leif Basilio
    Leif Basilio 1 month ago

    that T-shirt of Simon thou

  • a
    a 1 month ago

    just from my personal experience, i rarely finish the whole ramen with the soup the reason being is that i just get too full lol even if im really hungry i can never finish it all so by the time im like 3/4 done with it i just do my best to finish up noodles/chashu and then a few spoons of the soup itself at the end is enough to make me go i canttttttttt no moreeeeeeee so i leave the rest :c

  • Shan L
    Shan L 1 month ago

    Ha! I did have headphones on. Lmao

  • Fuzz Face
    Fuzz Face 1 month ago +1

    Simons look at 4:20 is just priceless xD

  • Mumu Gung
    Mumu Gung 1 month ago


  • localheroines
    localheroines 1 month ago

    the broth is the best part!!

  • katlady5000
    katlady5000 1 month ago

    My favorite ramen restaurant in California makes a Kura Tonkotsu Ramen. It's very much like that one in this video expect I have them add corn because I love corn and it has Kura which is a black garlic oil on top it's very good. I love the egg. It is possible to get good ramen in North America but there has to be Japanese people around. Lots of Japanese people in California.I don't think I could ever move out of California and give up my ramen.

  • Zavier Johnson
    Zavier Johnson 1 month ago

    Tonokousu is the only ramen I eat,but my egg has to be soft boiled not jelly that was not left in the fridge long enough

  • Monetyuki
    Monetyuki 1 month ago

    Food porno😭

  • FunnyGaming
    FunnyGaming 1 month ago

    I make for myself a cream soda with vanilla ice cream ,i feel a little less unsatisfied now ...Never mind, A want soup, THIS SOUP ;O

  • Maan Chua
    Maan Chua 1 month ago

    please try ichiran ramen

  • NotYourAverageMillennial

    Tonkotsu ramen is some of the most delicious food you'll ever eat

  • Miles Benjamin
    Miles Benjamin 2 months ago

    I could eat my computer screen...watched almost all your videos...Fantastic, wish I was there!! Been in Toyko when I was 18....I should have stayed...for sure!! Love you guys!! Fun stuff!!:0

  • Heaiaran Arteest
    Heaiaran Arteest 2 months ago

    great video guys! not a good one to watch when hungry. also I'm not sure if this is totally accurate, but I've heard that people do not drink the broth because it's high in sodium and unhealthy oils and it makes people feel sluggish and fatigued. the noodles are fine but the broth is usually very not good for you

  • Kaimy Madio
    Kaimy Madio 2 months ago

    my favorite episode :D

  • Ruben Ashley Westerhoff

    slurping is for flavour, the goos back out your nose and thats more "flavour" (smel, but humans are fucked up and tast and smell is not what we do well)

  • Caleb McKee
    Caleb McKee 2 months ago

    What's the song that starts at 0:55? I actually like it.

  • xXSinful GeishaXx
    xXSinful GeishaXx 2 months ago

    Simon's shirt 😍

  • zjohnfour blank
    zjohnfour blank 2 months ago

    It was VERY good for me ;)

  • Nerf Guyz
    Nerf Guyz 2 months ago +1

    I've had tonkotsu before and omg mind=blown

  • MF MinecraftFREAK
    MF MinecraftFREAK 2 months ago

    The part when Martina was teaching Simon how to properly slurp noodles 😂😂😂

  • David Chiao
    David Chiao 2 months ago

    I always get the ramen, fried rice, and gyoza combo when I was in Japan.

    • nowgaku
      nowgaku 2 months ago

      Yes,that's the best combo,I agree.

  • Lunar
    Lunar 2 months ago

    yoyoyo Simon and Martina, I just noticed, but what is that purple stuff in the fried rice at the end cause it kind of looks like flower petals? Or is it umeboshi or something like that!

  • dnse Frncia
    dnse Frncia 2 months ago

    I watch Simon and Martina during my lunch time at work. Something about their food adventures makes my lunch a little more enjoyable.. seeing them eat delicious foods somehow makes my lunch a little more appetizing haha

  • Tony
    Tony 2 months ago

    that is not healthy

  • Ron Solo
    Ron Solo 2 months ago +1

    Simon @4:20 is quite possibly the funniest shit ever!😏😈😂

  • Mike Ellis
    Mike Ellis 2 months ago

    Those might not be hair ties.

  • Dragon Surfer
    Dragon Surfer 2 months ago

    woah you guys shud try indian barbeque

  • New Kid
    New Kid 2 months ago

    you guys shure know how to make somone hungry😻😻

  • Flaming Ice
    Flaming Ice 2 months ago

    +Simon and Martina, you should bite your noodles because you are saying to the chef that you don't like it. So keep on sucking it until it the noodle finish; that compliments the chef.

  • That hoe Moe
    That hoe Moe 2 months ago

    dont watch this video without headphones !!!!

  • Obsessed With Hamilton
    Obsessed With Hamilton 2 months ago

    Here I am, preparing a cup ramen.

    HIDETOSHI MUYAUCHI 2 months ago


  • SI B
    SI B 2 months ago

    love Simons shirt

  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Simon 90% of the video: Mmmmm. -sluuuuuuurp- mmm.... MHMMMMMM!!! -SLUURRRRIRURHRGRPPPP-

  • TrashyVerse
    TrashyVerse 2 months ago

    Sniff. I had peanut butter crackers and a soda. T_T

  • RasYuki _
    RasYuki _ 2 months ago

    Tokotsu ramen is LIFE!!!

  • derrick claiborne
    derrick claiborne 2 months ago

    I don't know why but watching people eat ramen is so satisfying 😭🤤

  • Agnes Honey
    Agnes Honey 2 months ago


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