Joe Weller - Mission (Official Video)

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  • Joe Weller's brand new summer banger: 'Mission'.


    Produced by Joe Weller & MB13 Beatz

    MB13 Beatz:

    Gonna be working on some major things with MB13 over the summer, Mission being the beginning. We met through YouTube and the guy is seriously talented, not to mention only 15 years old! He's based in Newcastle, so we produced this track mostly through Skype calls and sending things back and forward over email. Unreal work ethic and a top geeza.

    Music video by Joe Weller, Luke Ripely & Emma-Louise Sampson

    Emma-Louise Sampson (Dancer & Creative Director):

    Luke Ripley (Director of Photography & Editor):

    Unreal team behind this one and in fact the first ever time I've reached out to new people to create a music video. We essentially turned this whole video round in a week - something that realistically shouldn't have been possible but with such a focused and hardworking team, we did it! Emma: Leader of the dance group and a creative director of the video, an absolute boss when it comes to getting shit done right and incredible to work with. Luke: Co-director and editor of the video. The guy is a magician with the camera and put in some serious graft to get this video to the level we wanted.

    Huge thank you to The Arch in Brighton! We shot all the club scenes in there, it's one of my favourite venues.

    The Arch:

    The two other lads in the video:

    Elliot Crawford:
    Snapchat: elliotcrawford

    Harry Lee-Preston:
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  • Runtime: 4:03
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  • Joe Weller
    Joe Weller  4 months ago +8319

    BANG BANGGGGGG 🔥 Boys & girls it's finally out! Honestly it would be absolutely unreal if you could purchase the track and then stream it on repeat to give it the best chance of charting high! Regardless of all that I hope you enjoy what we've made! It's been the best experience working on this project. Produced by myself & MB13 Beatz. Music video by myself, Luke Ripley & Emma Louise-Sampson 👊🏼

  • Connor Sagar
    Connor Sagar 20 minutes ago

    Speakers up full, this is a absolute banger of a tune!! Keep dropping them

  • Jake The Obscure
    Jake The Obscure 50 minutes ago

    Way better than most of the shit brought out by other youtubers

  • Maaike Etar
    Maaike Etar 53 minutes ago

    And you are dissing KSI music?😂😂

  • DenizG Vlogs
    DenizG Vlogs 53 minutes ago

    You didn't rap coz you cant

  • DenizG Vlogs
    DenizG Vlogs 54 minutes ago

    You think your cool

  • DenizG Vlogs
    DenizG Vlogs 55 minutes ago

    Your shit at rapping

  • bleach lover
    bleach lover Hour ago


  • _Aids_Joe_
    _Aids_Joe_ 3 hours ago

    I don't think the ghosts really liked all those tweriking girls

  • aceofnic13
    aceofnic13 5 hours ago


  • Broom Stick
    Broom Stick 5 hours ago

    A bunch of gay dudes holding tools and running around there local forest. Fucking autism in my books and the song is complete aids

  • Anime Edits
    Anime Edits 10 hours ago +1

    *Joe Weller, the type of guy to make a music video but not sing in it*

  • Warframer TGFY
    Warframer TGFY 11 hours ago

    Boi what is this your ain't even singing

  • Ivan H.
    Ivan H. 11 hours ago

    Wtf is this shit

  • XxgodofwarGamingxX
    XxgodofwarGamingxX 11 hours ago

    The title of the song should be the 3 ugly musketeers

  • Jalil Zarifa
    Jalil Zarifa 12 hours ago

    I've been to that abandoned place

  • Diego Vargas
    Diego Vargas 12 hours ago


  • Jordan And Chris
    Jordan And Chris 15 hours ago

    Sounds like something that would be playing in guess or in Victoria's Secret

  • Eian Ferba
    Eian Ferba 15 hours ago

    What is this😂

  • intercityblazeit 01
    intercityblazeit 01 15 hours ago

    Kill me its so shit

  • INsomNia BlaZe The best

    Soooo gay m8

  • OSN'S Hair
    OSN'S Hair 17 hours ago

    Fucking hell this is terrible

  • Megalomanic
    Megalomanic 18 hours ago

    Produced by Joe Weller & MB13 Beatz

    You mean you sat next to MB13 while he made it...

  • Joel Ortiz
    Joel Ortiz 20 hours ago

    How u say ksi music trash but this shit is asssssss

  • Tom Duffy
    Tom Duffy 20 hours ago

    Looooool. What the fuck is this shit, stick to F5ing women into pools rather than making some bang average dance tune. How about some originality, that's what you brought you to the table.

  • Mullen Plays
    Mullen Plays 23 hours ago

    Fire 🔥 or what x

  • xxxAliG 123
    xxxAliG 123 23 hours ago

    Wtf is this shit you run round in a forest and play weiji board and girls do squats at the back bro refund this shit 👍👍

  • Cameron M Wood
    Cameron M Wood Day ago

    The hoodie Joe is wearing?

  • J. Silver
    J. Silver Day ago

    Damn now I know why they say his music his gay as fuck 😂😂 i think my ears wanna kill themselves

  • Trying to hard Ya
    Trying to hard Ya Day ago +1

    And that's meant to be better than little boy

  • Kai Dickson
    Kai Dickson Day ago

    most retarded music video I have ever seen, song couldnt be hard to make at all, using that same loop thoughout the whole song, just wow.

  • Wolfsbain
    Wolfsbain Day ago

    Yeah good tune well filmed but that dancing Jesus 2her3 did you find them all shite

  • Berro Work
    Berro Work Day ago

    This is fucking fake you didnt make this song its from fucking trapnation you bitch

  • ThgGamingMg
    ThgGamingMg Day ago


  • Venom X Clan
    Venom X Clan Day ago

    Hey everyone sub to my channel

  • Jay Hansen
    Jay Hansen Day ago

    I remember hyping about this till I heard it

  • Clash Central
    Clash Central Day ago

    This song helped me through my agony when i had my Hernia operation

  • d_.w.a
    d_.w.a Day ago

    Trash and you call KSI crap

  • Liberty Clewes
    Liberty Clewes Day ago

    This bangs 😻🔥

  • Jamie Graham
    Jamie Graham Day ago

    This is already a song and it's called fire dust I think and it was out in 2016

  • ghost Taylor
    ghost Taylor Day ago

    Your a bit of a bellend but nice vid

  • tamanna begum
    tamanna begum Day ago


  • Farrah Henderson

    OMG!! That was so scary, all I saw was joes floating head and hands!! Where did his body go??!!!!😱😨

  • Kawaii Chan
    Kawaii Chan 2 days ago

    Downloaded it already it's the best song ever ❤️

  • Joe McDermott
    Joe McDermott 2 days ago

    Truth x Lies - Wanderlust Have a listen, it sounds just a tiny bit similar. by a tad.

  • elisexo vlogsx
    elisexo vlogsx 3 days ago

    I live down the road from. Where this was filmed it's called the mill

  • Black Jumper
    Black Jumper 3 days ago

    The fucking with a ouji board? This is sic thoughh

  • Claudia Cardenas
    Claudia Cardenas 3 days ago

    wtf is this

  • luke johnston
    luke johnston 4 days ago

    The reason this video got a great like to dislike ratio is because he didn't put VEVO in the thumbnail

  • Corey Mallard
    Corey Mallard 4 days ago

    Hahaha looks like fag got boy crew hahah

  • Lee Nash
    Lee Nash 5 days ago

    what the fuck is this😂😂😂😂I just waisted 4 minutes of my life

  • amasterdonut yay
    amasterdonut yay 5 days ago

    mission how gay can you be in your gay outfits

  • Tgiyg Jhhj
    Tgiyg Jhhj 6 days ago

    Who's whatching in august 2017?

  • Cody Luke
    Cody Luke 6 days ago

    The funk is too much with this one

  • u want some m8
    u want some m8 6 days ago


  • TheBudder Minecart
    TheBudder Minecart 6 days ago +1

    Love it because I listened to this song while we went in to a abandoned house I was not scared of shit

  • tenchichrono
    tenchichrono 6 days ago

    This shit sounds like something from the 90s WTF.

  • jeremyviromek
    jeremyviromek 7 days ago

    wtf is this?

  • gigel cocostârc
    gigel cocostârc 7 days ago +1

    What shoes is he wearing?????

  • 大谷フェイス
    大谷フェイス 7 days ago

    love the song, just wish the music video wasn't shit lol

  • My Nan Is A Fruit Salad

    dunno why i cant see your legs and body?? oh well

  • Forever Football
    Forever Football 7 days ago

    I'm sorry but what did joe actually do in this

  • Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace

    LOVED IT Joe Weller

  • Harvey Dowse
    Harvey Dowse 8 days ago

    When does joe walkers diss on ik come out then he's got to join in right ?

  • Person 21
    Person 21 8 days ago

    Joe nice butt z😂😂

  • Obrist Playep
    Obrist Playep 8 days ago

    You should do a collab with Oliver Heldens

  • Helen Mills
    Helen Mills 9 days ago

    What a track

  • sams vlogs
    sams vlogs 9 days ago

    This is actual fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Isaac Ogley
    Isaac Ogley 9 days ago

    The video your do are the best 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Aliv 1403
    Aliv 1403 9 days ago

    Who sing this song ?

  • Izzy Walton
    Izzy Walton 10 days ago


  • Izzy Walton
    Izzy Walton 10 days ago


  • Izzy Walton
    Izzy Walton 10 days ago

    JK JK

  • Izzy Walton
    Izzy Walton 10 days ago


  • The Beast
    The Beast 10 days ago


  • coolmate2017 adidas
    coolmate2017 adidas 11 days ago +1

    joe weller great song

  • Crystal Rose
    Crystal Rose 11 days ago

    What was this about no hate but........

  • FIFA Pack king
    FIFA Pack king 11 days ago

    This is actually a fucking banger

  • Itz Sparky
    Itz Sparky 12 days ago

    this is fire

  • codyleigh jo
    codyleigh jo 12 days ago

    this is a brilliant song I listen to it all day and night

  • Michael Buck
    Michael Buck 12 days ago

    Yes Weller

  • Alex Kharin
    Alex Kharin 13 days ago

    I love the beat

  • Leigh Cummings
    Leigh Cummings 13 days ago

    Joe do you have snapchat my name on snapchat is ncummings I got beaten up by a bully please add me on snapchat

  • Alvin Biggs
    Alvin Biggs 14 days ago

    Love the song

  • Kaya Jach
    Kaya Jach 14 days ago

    INTERNET MELTS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mats Zwartbol
    Mats Zwartbol 15 days ago

    Bad version of Overdrive

  • Will Sayers
    Will Sayers 16 days ago

    umm this sounds very similar to 'the mission' by LESSI that was realised last year.................

  • Adam Macneill
    Adam Macneill 16 days ago

    Joe sings like a girl. ( jk)

    BANDY DINOSAUR 36 17 days ago

    Best song ever

  • Lachlan Turpin
    Lachlan Turpin 17 days ago

    does weller only make the beats

  • Oliver Jones
    Oliver Jones 17 days ago

    Suck me mum

  • KashaGaming 1266
    KashaGaming 1266 17 days ago +1

    Everyone subscribe to #JoeWeller and subscribe to #KashaGaming 1266

  • age of orton
    age of orton 17 days ago

    Na wer versteht was ich sage 😂

  • Caitlin Shelley
    Caitlin Shelley 18 days ago

    This video confused me, at first I thought that it was the boys going and exploring an abandoned building and it was their 'Mission' but then they come across a bunch of girls then they end up in a club? Wtf is going on? 🤦‍♀️😂

  • Jack The boss 250
    Jack The boss 250 19 days ago

    Shit song

  • Keiara McNicholas
    Keiara McNicholas 19 days ago

    best song ever Joe 😊well done 🎵🎵

  • Unicorn Scarlett
    Unicorn Scarlett 19 days ago

    Love it #biggest fan ever xxx

  • matthew hill
    matthew hill 20 days ago

    I remember my first my first sesh

  • Isaac N Jack
    Isaac N Jack 22 days ago

    Usually I hate you tubers songs but this one is very good

  • Eleanor Arden-Turner
    Eleanor Arden-Turner 22 days ago

    Absolute fire🔥🔥🔥

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