The Latest Inventions, Gadgets and Technology! #46

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  • Runtime: 10:1
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Comments: 7

  • Andries VDB
    Andries VDB 10 days ago

    With nuvo grill the fire doesnt even get air....

  • Chaucer Faux
    Chaucer Faux 11 days ago

    complete junk all of it.

  • powerofanime1
    powerofanime1 11 days ago +2

    I'm not gonna buy a butterfly key, but that's hilarious, Scare the cops shitless.

    • powerofanime1
      powerofanime1 11 days ago

      I know, that's why I'm not buying one. XD Wouldn't do shit against a K9 anyway.

    • NWforager
      NWforager 11 days ago

      and get tazed or shot so quick unfortunately =/

    • Trollop 17
      Trollop 17 11 days ago

      Butterfly effect.

  • Greg Boonie
    Greg Boonie 11 days ago +1

    Worst collections of inventions on thos one

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