Avengers: Infinity War Footage Reaction - D23 2017

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  • The first stunning footage of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War was shown at D23 Expo, and we've got the breakdown.

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Comments: 1 054

  • Nihilus
    Nihilus 49 minutes ago

    Show the trailer. Nobody cares about your reaction.

    SKELE BROS 2 hours ago


  • Ja'son Miller
    Ja'son Miller 6 hours ago

    Is this guy 14 or 40

  • Eternaldarkness3166
    Eternaldarkness3166 13 hours ago

    I plan on not doing anything reckless with my life until all of these are done, I have been following this since Iron Man.. This has literally been a life long journey with this MCU, and I am in it till the end..

  • Apollo BrightOne
    Apollo BrightOne 15 hours ago

    oh? spidey sense you say? it seems to be working now......then again any bloke with sense will feel the danger of a cosmic battle approaching lmfao

  • Yee McGee
    Yee McGee 20 hours ago


  • Carlos Anariba
    Carlos Anariba 23 hours ago

    What about ant man

  • jan mac
    jan mac 1 day ago

    Didn't Thanos destroy half of the Universe in an instant and left the other half so he won't get bored?

  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir 1 day ago

    No Obama and Hillary leakers to leak this D23 Expo only exclusive trailer?

  • XXCity_LightsXX
    XXCity_LightsXX 1 day ago

    Where the hell is scarlet witch, they kinda need her, doctor strange cant do it alone, they both need each other so 😕

  • Jacob McCreary
    Jacob McCreary 1 day ago

    will ant-man be in this movie?

  • troyisfilming
    troyisfilming 1 day ago

    Adam the Woo!

  • Nicolas Festing
    Nicolas Festing 1 day ago

    coming togedder

  • I'm Scrufalicious

    2:20 yw

  • Samuell du
    Samuell du 1 day ago

    Of course they only show it to the rich people who could afford to go to d23

  • dank director 460


  • CaCawQrow
    CaCawQrow 2 days ago

    Every Avengers died! WHOOPS!

  • Blue Beebulls
    Blue Beebulls 2 days ago


  • Gautam Karakoti
    Gautam Karakoti 2 days ago

    Someone plz give me the link of trailer

  • Blue Beefalo
    Blue Beefalo 2 days ago

    Doomfist lul

  • Dev Shama
    Dev Shama 2 days ago

    People never get the same excitement for justice league though.. Which gonna be released on this year

  • Dev Shama
    Dev Shama 2 days ago

    Plz make it happen marvel.. A movie based upon Natasha Romanoff origin.. Starring Scarlett Johansson only

  • Salad Queen K
    Salad Queen K 2 days ago

    sino pilipino

  • Nappyapplerecs
    Nappyapplerecs 2 days ago

    So over 1 million people want to watch a guy explain what he saw that we too shall see soon? i don't get it

  • Jan Newzadi
    Jan Newzadi 2 days ago


  • Lex
    Lex 2 days ago

    May 4th here in Sweden! Woho!

  • Like my Comment
    Like my Comment 2 days ago

    Who tf is thainos? 🤣

  • Marvin L
    Marvin L 2 days ago

    Why is captain America a fugitive?

  • Aeron Sumilong
    Aeron Sumilong 2 days ago

    Thanos grabbing a moon is nothing compared to the full capabilities of the infinity gauntlet

  • eja35oz
    eja35oz 2 days ago

    3 IGN videos in a row and no ads?!?!?!

  • The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone 2 days ago


  • Dan M.
    Dan M. 2 days ago


  • Naiel/Salad NovaRO
    Naiel/Salad NovaRO 2 days ago

    I just cant get enough of what's happening behind... lol

  • guitarman0365
    guitarman0365 2 days ago

    yesssssss i pretty much called it! i was wondering how they would introduce gaurdians and what reason they would have to come to earth...and i thought how thor and hulk would get back to earth too probably without odin and loki not showing his secret ways out. I figured it would be cool for them to run into the guardians and get transported back to earth that way. Not to mention jeff goldblum dancing in the credits for volume 2 despite his character having nothing to do with the movie made me think there definitely is a thor and guardians connection coming up.

  • Michael T.
    Michael T. 2 days ago

    Why can't they just upload the footage instead of having us hear reviews? I mean come on, I want to see it!

  • Justin Rodriguez
    Justin Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Your just spoiling it without a video if your going to spoil it have a video with it. Smh

  • SteelSoldier
    SteelSoldier 2 days ago

    That guy in the beginning just had to scratch his back

  • David Houston
    David Houston 2 days ago

    click bait! 😠😡👎🏿

  • Kai _73
    Kai _73 2 days ago

    What about Ant-Man?

  • John S
    John S 2 days ago

    ADAM THE WOO at 2:19 LOL

  • Poisonedblade
    Poisonedblade 2 days ago

    James Brolin's Thanos sorta kills the suspension of disbelief.  Just call him Thanos.

  • Jay Gunn
    Jay Gunn 2 days ago

    That mic is horrible looking

  • MadSaltySkills
    MadSaltySkills 2 days ago


  • Deadhead Canobile
    Deadhead Canobile 2 days ago


  • Gabbi
    Gabbi 2 days ago

    I'm triggered.

  • Ben Marks
    Ben Marks 2 days ago

    why dont they just show everyone like 3 days after or something? its not fair keeping the rest of the world waiting...

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor 2 days ago

    Adam the Woo, king of video bombers. His best at D23 though was with DIS Unplugged

  • OniDemi G
    OniDemi G 2 days ago

    when will Adam warlock show up tho

  • Amruta Dandge
    Amruta Dandge 2 days ago

    Fine I'll do it myself and hell yeah your doing it yourself

  • sheflashedus
    sheflashedus 3 days ago

    wait sooo spider-man spider sense is finally working? i assumed his spider-sense was not part of this universe since he has never used it

  • jcsmooth70
    jcsmooth70 3 days ago

    Spolier alert: they don't show the trailer in this video. Surprised? Yeah me neither.

  • tony
    tony 3 days ago

    How does NO ONE on the internet not have recorded footage of the trailer? Who WOULDNT want to record the first trailer of the movie of the century.

  • Elizabeth De Jesus
    Elizabeth De Jesus 3 days ago

    If they even think of trying to kill off Spider-Man I'm going to be so upset. I actually really like the new Spider-Man and want him to stick around for a while.

  • Samruddha save
    Samruddha save 3 days ago

    Why not 5000minutes?😡😡😡😡

  • Bharath Shetty
    Bharath Shetty 3 days ago

    they aint fooling us right?

  • Jackie Logan
    Jackie Logan 3 days ago

    Thanos might kill Vision for the Mind Stone

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe 3 days ago

    Is there anyway we can have deadpool in Avengers ?

  • hi
    hi 3 days ago

    can one of yall tell me how to audition for Marvel movies bc be in MCU movies is literally my dream😭

  • Pradeep Saud
    Pradeep Saud 3 days ago

    captain america Is there

  • Bryan Suguitan
    Bryan Suguitan 3 days ago


  • beetheb
    beetheb 3 days ago

    Why is it that like 50% of people can't pronounce "Thanos" right? It's "Tha-nos" dude, not "Thayn-os".

  • Martyn McMurray
    Martyn McMurray 3 days ago

    Hopefully we'll get a remixed version of "Fight As One".

  • Skyflakes
    Skyflakes 3 days ago

    Who is this 50 year old dude

  • Rick Kardol
    Rick Kardol 3 days ago

    Why Theynos?? Why not say ThAnos already..

  • serialkiller77
    serialkiller77 3 days ago

    What the hell happened to Jim V.? He looks like he's battling a disease

  • Ryuu Saki
    Ryuu Saki 3 days ago

    Yup Im hyped For Avengers infinity war and Justice League but Avengers infinity war already sound like its curve stomping everything!!!

  • հɑɾӀҽվ'Տ ςɾվҍɑҍíҽՏ

    If spiderman dies in this movie I'm officially gonna kill myself ._.

  • kollin clark
    kollin clark 3 days ago

    we don't want to hear people talk about it, we want to see the dam thing!

  • flattest soup
    flattest soup 3 days ago

    Thanos is the negan of marvel universe.

  • Decoy 506
    Decoy 506 3 days ago

    This is going to be a iron man movie 🙄

  • grantgmc1313
    grantgmc1313 3 days ago

    hey a photo bomb from adam
    the woo

  • Suthan Striker
    Suthan Striker 3 days ago

    truth is u can never beat Thanos

  • Calob Adams
    Calob Adams 3 days ago

    Damn it I don't want Spider-Man looking like Iron Man. Let him be Spidey

  • Brandon Coplen
    Brandon Coplen 3 days ago

    Did anyone else notice Adam the Woo walking around the background at the end there?

  • Killer Flame226
    Killer Flame226 3 days ago

    Y u tellin the movie come on dude !!!!

  • Engage AK47
    Engage AK47 3 days ago

    no one better like this

    JUGGERNAUT KI11 3 days ago

    *yawn* Why are they acting like thanos is such a threat. I'm over here waiting for galactus

  • Android 17
    Android 17 3 days ago


  • Christian Sánchez Salinas

    Pollo poto

    BURAK BİLİR 3 days ago


  • Wweawesome11 DKTHEORIGINAL

    is ant-man gonna be in infinity war?

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 3 days ago

    Ur lack of marvel knowledge disturbs me and the way u say thanks

  • zavier Jackson
    zavier Jackson 3 days ago

    Happy he gave us a spoiler alert about that Spider-Man homecoming thing haven't see the movie yet. Stopped the vid right there

  • Lew Knob
    Lew Knob 3 days ago

    THis sux

  • Pluralguitar580
    Pluralguitar580 3 days ago

    how about lego infinity war sets

  • anil yüksel
    anil yüksel 3 days ago

    May 28 that's my birthday wow finally I have a reason to go out at my birthday

  • Jessie
    Jessie 3 days ago

    we could possibly get the teaser at comic con but the actual trailer would probably come after Thor comes out in November

  • Drake Right
    Drake Right 3 days ago

    y didnt u guys just show us the video?

  • Yeshlin Naidoo
    Yeshlin Naidoo 3 days ago

    that spoiler gave no time to exit....

  • Suicide Crist
    Suicide Crist 3 days ago

    I came so hard

  • InkLink
    InkLink 3 days ago

    He can bring the moon down? It's Majora's Mas all over again

  • Kyoto Kodaura
    Kyoto Kodaura 3 days ago

    What? No ant man?

  • Oliver Berner
    Oliver Berner 3 days ago

    "If it wasn't for "the migraines" man, and othet *other sh*t really would have been "10-15" cm longer "complexential" musculuture *muscular *musculature, healthy bodu *body seems like alot would have br *been better. . .Alot "smarter'er" too. ."

    • Oliver Berner
      Oliver Berner 3 days ago

      ". . ."Thanos". . ." Look like "a better, caretaker."

    • Oliver Berner
      Oliver Berner 3 days ago

      "Still getting hacked and they be like no beepo beep. . . ""jbyyj"" ahaaaa-ha. . ."

    • Oliver Berner
      Oliver Berner 3 days ago

      "dark points upgrades" for "societal machinery. . ."

  • Steven Ritchie
    Steven Ritchie 3 days ago

    am glad it's next year. a feel a need to build myself up for this film. even then am not gonna be ready for my eyes to witness this film haha. soo excited lol

  • Dark Meskell
    Dark Meskell 3 days ago


  • Rodrigo Zepeda
    Rodrigo Zepeda 3 days ago

    so spidey does have spider sense then lol. confirmed in this video

  • Gilliemonjaro 123361


    JACKSON BEAL 3 days ago

    All the ads in recent IGN videos have either been Ghost in the Shell or Atomic Blonde. Also, when are we going to get a fricking trailer, Feige?!?

  • Double k
    Double k 3 days ago

    @adamthewoo the last 20 seconds or so

  • Wilx
    Wilx 3 days ago

    trailer begins at 2:37

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