Imagine Dragons - Thunder

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  • Hinz Marlena
    Hinz Marlena Minute ago

    Das krankeste Video ever

  • SkyGaming
    SkyGaming Minute ago

    What have I just watched?

  • The Sweety
    The Sweety 2 minutes ago

    1:00 wtfXD ?! kto z polski B)

  • Tiara Khalaj-Zadeh
    Tiara Khalaj-Zadeh 2 minutes ago

    Believer or Thunder?

  • Barchtic
    Barchtic 11 minutes ago +1

    McGregor would've been proud 1:00

  • Tina M
    Tina M 12 minutes ago

    excelent :-)

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat 12 minutes ago



  • Yunix Startalker
    Yunix Startalker 21 minute ago

    Lol 2.00 Why soo much 458 italias

  • Nicky Fandino
    Nicky Fandino 25 minutes ago

    1:04 letting out that last drip

  • Houd
    Houd 28 minutes ago

    How does Imagine Dragons not wonder why the hell they made this video? I mean the video in the background if you know what i mean.

  • Haisam Mohamed
    Haisam Mohamed 34 minutes ago

    seedeng intro song

  • Haisam Mohamed
    Haisam Mohamed 35 minutes ago

    seede gå intro song

  • Haisam Mohamed
    Haisam Mohamed 35 minutes ago

    Sweden intro song

  • Srinidhi Mallapragada
    Srinidhi Mallapragada 41 minute ago

    Does anyone else hear "Fundip" XDD

  • Sean and Kaylee
    Sean and Kaylee 49 minutes ago

    1:00 when you get in a fight

  • Rane
    Rane 50 minutes ago

    It's nice that this takes place in dubai :0
    I recognize all these places. I guess Dubai gets boring after years of living here *s we at*

  • Mewzy Panda
    Mewzy Panda 52 minutes ago

    when he punches is so funny!!!!! lol

  • MisterSinister
    MisterSinister 59 minutes ago

    heyy.. its lou from unbox therapy

  • beata lewandowska


  • Miss Aqua Diamond

    Omg love this song!!

  • Eva Kuzmanovska
    Eva Kuzmanovska Hour ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 how i dance in parties 1:04

  • Simona Stasaitytė
    Simona Stasaitytė Hour ago +1

    I love this song❤❤

  • Botuz Channel
    Botuz Channel Hour ago

    One love

  • Praisy Gotpagar
    Praisy Gotpagar Hour ago

    Congratulations for 7m

  • Dustin
    Dustin Hour ago

    Well the song Radioactive was actually really good. But wtf is this piece of shit?

  • danila2009sar danila2009sar


  • Cleuton Correia
    Cleuton Correia Hour ago


  • Cleuton Correia
    Cleuton Correia Hour ago


  • tirna ray
    tirna ray Hour ago

    When I realised this was filmed in dubai. I live in dubai and I didn't notice this shooting I also missed the opportunity to meet them

  • АлександрVcc+

    норм тема

  • Karen Lacey
    Karen Lacey Hour ago

    I forget how beautiful dancing can really be, how it is so winsome and entrancing. It takes me back when I was a little girl and a clip of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire came on that was the first time I really noticed dancing as an art form in and of itself.

    I am just blown away by the beauty of what our bodies can do, how dancing can encapsulate our very being. It is so good to see how it never stops only changes expression from time to time.

  • Foxy .F
    Foxy .F Hour ago +1

    99% Thunder
    1% Other Words

  • Zk Pro!
    Zk Pro! Hour ago

    Son: Mather! Mather!
    Mather: What?
    Son : Im Fidger Spiner!

  • Infiniti Q50
    Infiniti Q50 2 hours ago

    why is this song so good i dont understand. it is more than good.

  • rammypixar A113
    rammypixar A113 2 hours ago

    1:00 when theres a buly and you finally fight back 😂😂

  • Beāte Babre
    Beāte Babre 2 hours ago +1

    I love this sing

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 2 hours ago


  • Polish Game
    Polish Game 2 hours ago


  • Ekaterina Cheglova
    Ekaterina Cheglova 2 hours ago


  • Julien Banna
    Julien Banna 2 hours ago

    Black peuple cant swim 1:00

  • Margot Libellule
    Margot Libellule 2 hours ago

    Good song

  • Аги Попка
    Аги Попка 2 hours ago

    В чем прикол ? 1:00

  • João Pedro Gomes da Silva

    Melhor musica

  • issa_trap!
    issa_trap! 2 hours ago

    1:22 'dreaming about being a b--ch ahhahahah

  • Stijn Rowinkel
    Stijn Rowinkel 2 hours ago

    Loterij of pretty girl

  • Nastya Rafaella
    Nastya Rafaella 2 hours ago

    Хелло кто тут русский?

  • Eat Slugs
    Eat Slugs 3 hours ago

    So good, wtf

  • matten1971
    matten1971 3 hours ago

    adele, send my love?

  • Reprezentacja PŁW
    Reprezentacja PŁW 3 hours ago

    How can peoples like this fucking shitty song !!!! When they play this fucking shit in radio makes me go VERY MAD and my brain is burning !!!!!!!!!!!! GET THE FUCK AWAY WITH THIS SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aimin Razali
    Aimin Razali 3 hours ago

    1:00 When u got Triple Kills in Mobile Legends

  • -Shved
    -Shved 3 hours ago

    песня топ,ролик уг (

  • Mary Games
    Mary Games 3 hours ago

    Pewnie pomyślcie teraz ze jestem głupia ale zamiast thunder słyszę Wanda xD

  • aldino firmansyah
    aldino firmansyah 3 hours ago

    godd nice

  • aldino firmansyah
    aldino firmansyah 3 hours ago

    godd hahahahah

  • tlos lol
    tlos lol 3 hours ago +1

    its real

  • MaD_ DoGE
    MaD_ DoGE 3 hours ago

    1:00 when your trying to create a blackhole....

  • romulo Ferreira
    romulo Ferreira 3 hours ago

    Nossa que batida 😮

  • Harley Russo
    Harley Russo 3 hours ago

    I hate this song.

  • GeorgE ThE WizarD
    GeorgE ThE WizarD 3 hours ago +1

    make more jokes plz

  • Olya Shiper
    Olya Shiper 3 hours ago

    1:00 это Маслеников такой же бестоватый как и в РукаЛицо

  • Marcel Bodera
    Marcel Bodera 3 hours ago

    1:00 When u see a mosquito in ur room and u cant kill it.

  • anna's world
    anna's world 3 hours ago

    1:00 look mom i can a trick


    my jam!

  • Lucia Hastova
    Lucia Hastova 3 hours ago

    Great video, great song ..... great job Imagine Dragons, i cant stop listening it, and this video is so amazing .....

  • DreamyNess's Channel
    DreamyNess's Channel 3 hours ago


  • Aleksandr Triton
    Aleksandr Triton 3 hours ago


  • Holly Wilkins
    Holly Wilkins 3 hours ago +1

    1:00 when there's a wasp buzzing round you

  • NightOwl YT
    NightOwl YT 3 hours ago

    I love the song but the video is fuckin weird

  • feedpack28 feedpack28
    feedpack28 feedpack28 4 hours ago

    1:29 when you need to go to the toilet

  • The M
    The M 4 hours ago

    1:00 legends say he's still spinning to this day.

  • jacqueline tippner
    jacqueline tippner 4 hours ago

    wau sau geiles lied

  • Mr.Freeze
    Mr.Freeze 4 hours ago

    В России вас каждый 2ой слушает! Ребята, вы топ!

  • Tronomon
    Tronomon 4 hours ago

    Those Aliens Looks like aliens From Guardians Of The Galaxy

  • Gabrielle Bond
    Gabrielle Bond 4 hours ago

    On 1:36 the alien has 4 arms now

  • Johann Kreuels
    Johann Kreuels 4 hours ago

    This baby voice or somthing else nice song😍😍😍

  • Ali Oktas
    Ali Oktas 4 hours ago


  • Dog Fight
    Dog Fight 4 hours ago

    I love this song and "Believer"

  • kuba kzn
    kuba kzn 4 hours ago

    2:00 oh wow!!!!!!!!!

  • P .A . J .V .
    P .A . J .V . 4 hours ago

    Geiles lied

  • jan marley
    jan marley 4 hours ago

    1000 years later still a classic

  • Arima
    Arima 5 hours ago +1

    When someone say that they respect women 1:00

  • micha grünwald
    micha grünwald 5 hours ago

    Joseph Kahn , fantastic Job , Imagine Dragons Great Song 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    PHADHOP _JR 5 hours ago +2

    Thunder not panda

  • Dzik Ru
    Dzik Ru 5 hours ago

    I hear " TAN TE " hehe it mean UNCLE In indonesia hahhaa

  • Księżniczka żelkowaa :3

    kto z polski?😍❤

  • Opętanty
    Opętanty 5 hours ago

    I Love it Music

  • Александр Иванов


  • Liew family's
    Liew family's 5 hours ago +1

    Coolest song ever

  • lucien meyvis
    lucien meyvis 5 hours ago +1

    like for ferrari

  • Kendal Mintcake
    Kendal Mintcake 5 hours ago

    Lightning then the thunder because the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound!

  • Scar Mark
    Scar Mark 5 hours ago

    {insert unoriginal comment here}

  • Nes ti
    Nes ti 5 hours ago

    Super piosenka! Good song!

  • Gdragon roblox&more
    Gdragon roblox&more 6 hours ago

    1:00 im fidget spinner nombor 2 he have ugly face nombor 3 he just naked omg

  • Gdragon roblox&more
    Gdragon roblox&more 6 hours ago

    i hope that is not our new future if real i hate my life

  • Anna Forestieri
    Anna Forestieri 6 hours ago


  • Meera Vinesh
    Meera Vinesh 6 hours ago


  • LimeTeam
    LimeTeam 6 hours ago

    русские присутствуют

  • BlackOne
    BlackOne 6 hours ago +8

    today is my birthday I want to get 100 subscribers and leave like in the comment to wish me happy birthday. NUTELLA IS THE BEST

    • dj 03
      dj 03 6 hours ago

      ok happy birthday

  • The-x-territory/ Nomorekill

    Song begins at 0:22

  • Feraligatr Rumble
    Feraligatr Rumble 6 hours ago

    Gimme likes boi

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