10-year-old girl rips gator’s jaws open as beast attacked

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  • agkuramedia
    agkuramedia 2 months ago

    I'm tired of these news clips that I have to read.  If I wanted to read my news I'd buy a newspaper.   I watch videos because I want to see the pictures.  I don't want to read because then I can't watch the pictures.  I don't want to read because I'm eating my breakfast and it's too hard too keep up.  HIRE A NARRATOR!!!

  • Richard Gerischer
    Richard Gerischer 2 months ago

    Was listening to the news then I hear this Shit music...wth Fox.? This is ghetto. All your anchors and reporters off so you had some poor tech bastard throw this shit together? gtfo cheapos.

  • Joao Rocha
    Joao Rocha 2 months ago +1

    what a nice cheerful music to listen while acknowledging that a father desperately saw his son beeing dragged into a lake for his death. you guys are f***ed up.

  • Edward Limney
    Edward Limney 2 months ago

    white people always trying to make themselves appear powerful?

  • Thecontrodude proversial

    I'm a animal rights activist so causing pain to animal is immoral

  • DudeWatches
    DudeWatches 2 months ago

    Well, I'm sure we are all glad to find that hulks daughter is just fine.

  • Arcaneus Umbra
    Arcaneus Umbra 2 months ago

    euthanizing the alligator isn't teaching them a lesson, the animal was just acting on instinct, it's common knowledge at this point that the waters in Florida and Louisiana carry risk. the girl didn't pry the jaws open, it let go. the jaws of crocodilians are immensely strong, I guarantee she panicked. it the lack of knowledge about animals that makes us dangerous to them.

  • Chuck Beau Buck
    Chuck Beau Buck 2 months ago +1

    Fake fucking news!!!

  • db bd
    db bd 2 months ago +1

    I'd rather read about a dead girl than an innocent animal. Fuck off out of their environment.

  • Channel 517
    Channel 517 2 months ago


    I hate alligators

  • penguins flight school
    penguins flight school 2 months ago +4

    I would have bit the bastard back  hey does anyone now how them there  Gattors  taste  like uncooked is it like sushi well this video made  me a mammoth apatite some say them there gattors taste like chicken so I imagine my chicken dinners a gattor  and just add lots of sea salts oh ya to bad bout the kid but if she was hungry she should ordered chicken not played chicken with them there gattors I feel truly sorry but what can I say I got a soft heart for that gattor    BROUGHT TO YOUTUBE BY SAVE THEM THERE GATTORS  SOCIETY        OH AND PARENTS WARNING WHO IN THE HELL LETS CHILDREN SWIM IN GATTOR INFESTED WATER I DONT GIVE A F***K IF IT IS SEPARATED INTO TWO AREAS THE POINT IS HELLO AND IF I NEED SAY MORE THE POINT IS POINTLESS TO HAD NEEDS SAID HELLO LIKE THESE  PARENTS MUST BE RETARDED LIKE HELLO MICFLY ARE WE REACHING !!! I SAYS THESE IDIOT  PARENTS NEEDS  GET FED TO THEM THERE INNOCENT POOR GATTORS AND MY POINT IN THEM THER GATTOS CASE IS NOW CLOSED BE NO MORE NEED FOR GATTOR SHIT HERE !!!!

  • Ghenghy
    Ghenghy 2 months ago +1

    Fake news at its best.

  • AngelFace Love
    AngelFace Love 2 months ago +3

    Fake or real, I don't care. I'm just glad the little girl survived.

  • Verborgene Wahrheit
    Verborgene Wahrheit 2 months ago +2

    Why the fuck did they kill the 'gator??!!!

  • •Maiatsui•
    •Maiatsui• 2 months ago +4

    she didn't pry the alligators jaw open she put her fingers up it's nose so it couldn't breath and it opened it's mouth to breathe and she escaped

  • Boaman5435
    Boaman5435 2 months ago +4

    That poor gator should not have been killed.

    • db bd
      db bd 2 months ago

      Boaman5435 fuck was it killed? I didn't bother to watch the whole video, but thats wrong.

  • anton chigurh
    anton chigurh 2 months ago +1

    She is an amazing strong girl. Did she also get that precise measurement of 8 feet 9 inches while being caught?

    • anton chigurh
      anton chigurh 2 months ago

      •Maiatsui• I'm being sarcastic ... but Fox News could have just said it was an 8-foot alligator or a 9-foot alligator.

    • •Maiatsui•
      •Maiatsui• 2 months ago

      I don't know if your joking or not but this news is fake she actually shoved her fingers up the alligators nose so it couldn't breathe and it had to let go of her leg in order to breath

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago +2


  • Honky Tonk
    Honky Tonk 2 months ago +1

    a fourth grader girl beat up an 8 foot alligator? yeah credible huh.

  • Ruben Stevens
    Ruben Stevens 2 months ago

    Time to go Gator hunting and put them back on the endangered species list.

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin 2 months ago +3

    Damn, FOX NEWS, what a shame you had to start the fake news .....wow, this is pathetic. and I am a FOX NEWS fan...or was...wow

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin 2 months ago +17

    COMPLETE BS...the girl LIED HER AZZ OFF!!! you can hold the mouth closed but NO ONE CAN FORCE IT OPEN...the gator LET HER GO!!!

    • jack jones
      jack jones 2 months ago

      She didn't lie she said that she put her fingers up its nostrils in order that it had to open its mouth, Fox lied in order to pointlessly sensationalize the story, this is the definition of fake news, school journalism is better than this,when are Fox gonna sort there shit out. Watch the video elsewhere as proof she absolutely didn't lie why are people up-voting this assuming that she lied and not Fox News.
      PS. I am not a Liberal, I just detest intentionally inaccurate journalism, its dangerous it can ruin lives even cost lives it needs to stop.

    • •Maiatsui•
      •Maiatsui• 2 months ago

      this news is fake the girl actually shoved her fingers up the alligators nose so it couldn't breathe, so the alligator opened it's mouth to breath and she escaped

  • Resolute Support
    Resolute Support 2 months ago +2

    Hmm I wonder what could happen while swimming in an area where alligators live. They better eat that gator and use the skin for boots etc. You eat what you kill, never waste.

  • tkymike
    tkymike 2 months ago

    the gator was like.. oh shit.. it's a female... i don't want to be called sexist and racist.. i better let go...

    mangina gator and the girl got a pussy pass.

  • Mr K
    Mr K 2 months ago +10

    Pretty sure half these photos were of crocodiles.

  • Boing Boom Chuck
    Boing Boom Chuck 2 months ago +1

    The gator let the girl go because she was probably a Mexican and tasted like shit

  • Zep Tepi
    Zep Tepi 2 months ago +12

    Hillary would have swallowed her whole.

  • Señor Cinco
    Señor Cinco 2 months ago +7

    I cannot begin to tell, how much I utterly LOATHE these damn text based videos.
    ... and before some smartass chimes in to mutter their genius, as to why I'm here in the first place...
    Here's a hint, Einstein.
    There's no goddamn watermark in the thumbnail to warn of this bullshit.

    • Señor Cinco
      Señor Cinco 2 months ago

      Artie Willis LOL
      Go fuck your whore mother, you liberal bastard.

    • Señor Cinco
      Señor Cinco 2 months ago

      Connie E
      I know, right?

    • Connie E
      Connie E 2 months ago

      +Señor Cinco 😂😂😂

  • ispin4u2
    ispin4u2 2 months ago +9

    Amateur production.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 2 months ago +2

    she didn't rip anything apart more fake bullshit from fox and cnn

  • Canadiens Hockey
    Canadiens Hockey 2 months ago +2

    What a load of BS, even me don't have the power to open an full grown Gaters jaw, that is what like two tons of bite pressure, this is Fake News , the Gator open his jaws for some reason unknown to us .

  • GOD Emperor Of The SJWs Antonius Sarkeesius

    bullshit faux news
    even rich piana wouldn't be able to do that

  • Andrew Thomson
    Andrew Thomson 2 months ago

    What kind of parent would allow they're child to go swimming in water that has alligator's in it.

  • Jeremy Parsons
    Jeremy Parsons 2 months ago +2

    fox news is telling you a 10 year old girl over powered the jaws of the gator???? use your dam brains folks. fake news. the gator must have simply let go.

  • Robert Fields
    Robert Fields 2 months ago +2

    They tracked the alligator down and killed, what a despicable shame. Humans can be so disgusting.

    • Are
      Are 2 months ago

      My question is, were they even 100% sure that they killed the right gator? Did they just randomly seek out a gator that was close by then kill it for revenge or?..

  • truly fandamtastic
    truly fandamtastic 2 months ago

    The gator panicked cuz of little girls scream

  • NismoFury
    NismoFury 2 months ago +2

    What? A 10yr old pries apart an almost 9ft gator mouth apart? That gator doesn't look 8ft plus and a 10yr old does not have that kind of strength. Click Bait.

  • Blue -eyed
    Blue -eyed 2 months ago

    Brave girl. But what you should do is to poke the eyes of the gator. They will release immidiately.

  • Ash Ravenwood
    Ash Ravenwood 2 months ago

    Wow hell of a job girl, saving yourself from a deadly situation! Not many people can claim they did that!

  • Soundafek
    Soundafek 2 months ago +2

    Fish and Game euthanized the gator for being a gator, this is Florida you better assume every lake, river, stream and or designated swimming area is infested with Alligators...

  • Vincent Blanchard
    Vincent Blanchard 2 months ago +1

    2017 and people still expect gators to move away from Florida and understand they should not eat/bite humans?

  • Chimney Fish
    Chimney Fish 2 months ago +62

    Uhm no. She didn't pry shit apart, the gator let go. Lmao

    • Eli Ohlman
      Eli Ohlman 2 months ago

      If you were inside a gator and still alive, wouldn't you start ripping up the inside to get to the outside? That would cause some awful indigestion .

    • Noneshere
      Noneshere 2 months ago

      Its a a known local water lizard in florida, they are not the smartest creatures especially when cold. Most gators are not problems under 6-7' @ here , after that size... even mistakes are bad. Good clean tender white meat tho.

    • Sam Smith
      Sam Smith 2 months ago

      Chimney Fish more fake news from fox and cnn

    • Mikro Plasm
      Mikro Plasm 2 months ago

      Yep anyone who has any clue about the strength of a gators grip knows she is the luckiest girl alive atm.

    • Gene Parmesan
      Gene Parmesan 2 months ago

      Chimney Fish I was literally just going to comment this same exact thing. The gator panicked and let go. I don't care if you have the shit they use to pry car doors open after bad accidents. You ain't getting a gators mouth open bare handed especially if you're a 10 year old girl

  • Dismal
    Dismal 2 months ago

    lucky kid

  • isaac Bluer 16
    isaac Bluer 16 2 months ago +3

    Dam, fucking gaters are human haters

    • Terzy
      Terzy 2 months ago

      +isaac Bluer 16 You're in their habitat, the person should be mindful of this at all times.

    • isaac Bluer 16
      isaac Bluer 16 2 months ago

      Boaman5435 heres another fact, who gives a shit, humans have souls and emotions and dream big and we plan so much ahead of us for our future, untill one day, your chilling next to a peaceful swamp with nothing but birds chirping and tweeting, then out of no where, an 10 foot long alligator comes from beneath the lerkey layers of mud and water, and grabs you with its jaws, you panic, thinking about nothing but death and hopefully someone might save you, but no, all your dreams and plans for the are dead and are being ripped apart into pieces in a deep swamp, by bye life.

    • Boaman5435
      Boaman5435 2 months ago

      Hardly! Humans murder Alligators way more than Gators kill humans. FACT! Both American and Chinese Alligators rarely attack humans.

    • councilmandoug808
      councilmandoug808 2 months ago

      A human hater gator.

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