NHL/Interviews Gone Wrong

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  • linty zeus
    linty zeus 19 days ago

    Why need to be TRIGERRED for some questin?

  • Boozey Bros
    Boozey Bros 27 days ago

    Garbage video. Fuck you.

  • Bunny49117
    Bunny49117 Month ago

    Torts is decent with CBJ

  • Hurst The Hero 40
    Hurst The Hero 40 Month ago

    The guy in the first interview with tortarella was so annoying and an idiot to be messing with torts you can never defeat him

  • cuff1957
    cuff1957 Month ago

    tort is the biggest douchebag behind any bench

  • James Russo
    James Russo Month ago

    CARPSTER THE LEGEND IN THE BACK!! That guy is the best NYR reporter!

  • James Russo
    James Russo Month ago

    I love Torts and Larry Brooks....Brooksie showing the jam!! lol

  • Felony Strutter
    Felony Strutter Month ago

    LARRY BROOKS TELLS TRUTH, Face it NYR you are NOT winners and Boyle was horrible for the NYR

  • NHL Rules
    NHL Rules Month ago

    If I want to explain it to u I would😂

  • Bdonn Films
    Bdonn Films 2 months ago

    Larry Brooks is a piece of filth reporter working for a piece of filth company

  • dee astley
    dee astley 2 months ago

    guy at 0:55 seems like the typical snob in the starbucks line. what a faggot

  • Pave Stiletto
    Pave Stiletto 2 months ago

    These are great! Keep 'em coming!

  • Deadly POG
    Deadly POG 2 months ago

    LOL torts!

  • Tortilla Jackson
    Tortilla Jackson 2 months ago

    "What have you done for this city?" Every reporter there wanted to die lol

  • David Deel
    David Deel 2 months ago

    The first part of this video. I loved Torts handling of that prick. It needs to happen more.

  • 111highgh
    111highgh 2 months ago

    "Well then get the fuck out of here then."

  • JohnnyTSK
    JohnnyTSK 2 months ago

    "We know what we did"
             - John Tortorella, 2007

  • Kelltron
    Kelltron 2 months ago

    "Ask your dead question..."


  • Rott Dawg
    Rott Dawg 2 months ago

    gtfo Brooksie

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 2 months ago

    Dan Boyle Is A Fucking Jack Off Fuck Him He's An Asshole.

  • Kristy7226
    Kristy7226 2 months ago

    The facial expressions of the reporter next to Dan Boyle as he's dropping F bombs. Like get me the eff out of here.

  • Christopher Perkins
    Christopher Perkins 2 months ago

    torts is savage on interview

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 2 months ago

    Wow that tort is a real modern new age super pussy loser. A hero of trannys. Eastwood is right, this generation are sickening goofs who think a weakling pos like him are "men". To bad this isnt 1770 so the reporter could have challenged that fruit to a duel, and put him right where he belongs.

  • Zak 6959
    Zak 6959 2 months ago

    Seems reporters like to criticize, but they don't like to be criticized

  • Matthew Jay Evans
    Matthew Jay Evans 3 months ago

    Tortorella could knock out Brooks in one punch!!! Hahahahahaha 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Haterswillhateme4er
    Haterswillhateme4er 3 months ago

    Dion Phaneuf lol goes to Ottawa to do great!

  • Mayor Ajuana
    Mayor Ajuana 3 months ago

    don't get too worked up Phil cheesesteak maybe take a seat a d catch your breath

  • speechless
    speechless 3 months ago

    it sounds to me like a few reporters trying to make the coach and some players go off! not being a big fan of any of theese people( players and coach) they have a point !! ask the question with out belittling the person you are talking about. then act like a tough guy when you are not !! i am not a big tortarella (hope i spelled his name rite) fan but i respect him for beeing good at what he does. a reporter trying to push buttons so that someone goes off !! i dont think that even the enquier ,the star ,midnight, ect! ect! they dont even go there. be big boys and ask the question like a professional!!

  • Trey Lamoureux
    Trey Lamoureux 3 months ago

    What about 'NHL Interviews Gone Sexual'?

  • bluenickels
    bluenickels 3 months ago

    when did hockey players become such wilting violets? Oh boo hoo, I'm making WAY more than everyone in the room but I don't like the words you wrote.

  • YoureAPillock
    YoureAPillock 3 months ago +1

    Lmao, I'm not a big Torts fan, but I have to admit "Have you ever fought before?" - He gets points for that one.

  • catguy00
    catguy00 3 months ago

    Is Kessle the fattest player in the NHL?

  • Rox Tex
    Rox Tex 3 months ago +1

    Kessel just isn't built for interviews. It's a wonder he even does them. He's just that kind of guy. Not everyone is Dan Boyle.

  • Vince Meekmahon
    Vince Meekmahon 3 months ago

    You guys should've just listened to boyle and leave....

  • Hockey Joe
    Hockey Joe 3 months ago

    Brian Boyle,you suck anyways,just answer the damn question you ignorant hick

  • Matt Pizzano
    Matt Pizzano 3 months ago +1

    Tortorella probably would comprise eighty percent of a compilation like this.

  • Plymco Pilgrim
    Plymco Pilgrim 3 months ago +3

    I hate Tortarella but damn he is awesome in these clips!!!   Maybe my hate is misplaced!!

  • The Flaming Pike
    The Flaming Pike 3 months ago +1

    Interesting how most hockey fans love Tortorella but the medias keep trying to picture him as an idiot and all that. I have a lot of respect for the guy, both for what he's done on the bench and also outside the arenas with charity. I like his attitude. There's a lot of hypocrisy in this world and he won't have any of it.

    On the other hand, I always felt like Kessel ( and Phaneuf ) were a problem in Toronto. Their on-ice behavior made me feel like they were not good people, but they seem to have changed after they were traded to different teams. Good for them.

  • Fist of Common Sense
    Fist of Common Sense 3 months ago

    Dion IS a scrub tho. That we can agree on

  • foist
    foist 3 months ago

    Indignant, self righteous reporters give journalism such a terrible reputation. If someone tells you to fuck off that's it, you have no right to whatever you were fishing for if they don't want to give it to you. There's being diligent and then there's being a knob.

  • melissastorn
    melissastorn 3 months ago +2

    Bryzgalov is the fucking man 😂👌🏻👍🏻

  • Midnightrambler3760
    Midnightrambler3760 3 months ago

    Tortorella is an ass

  • hjfdlt
    hjfdlt 3 months ago +4

    Kessel looks like a high school kid that lost a Guitar Hero competition in the first round

  • FjorgVanDerPlurgh
    FjorgVanDerPlurgh 3 months ago +1

    notice how larry brooks is the reason for most of these? larry brooks is a waste of space and should be ashamed and embarrassed to call himself an official reporter of the rangers.

  • tbs 1999
    tbs 1999 3 months ago

    Where's Richard Sherman when you need him?

  • Wade Mills
    Wade Mills 3 months ago

    "Have you ever been in a fight?"

    METALRON 3 months ago +1

    Rangers classless and suck. Come at me.

  • Vara Varala
    Vara Varala 3 months ago +2

    You could easily dedicate one entire vid for Tortorella. Footage is endlessxd

  • 33kingofkings
    33kingofkings 3 months ago

    that fucking interviewer is a piece of shit man he probably was beat up at the bus stop fucking nerd

  • John Stitt
    John Stitt 3 months ago

    I don't feel sorry for hockey players or the coaches....boo hoo

  • J. Wellington Spitler
    J. Wellington Spitler 3 months ago

    Torts is a fucking asshole, glad he's not my coach

    • J. Wellington Spitler
      J. Wellington Spitler 3 months ago

      Ian Boback not even being shady either, well played, my friend

    • J. Wellington Spitler
      J. Wellington Spitler 3 months ago

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was actually hilarious

    • Ian Boback
      Ian Boback 3 months ago

      J. Wellington Spitler #notmycoach2016

  • Jack Long
    Jack Long 3 months ago +4

    Both the Torts one had me laughing my ass off

  • Angry Tom
    Angry Tom 3 months ago +1

    Lol, fuckin' Bryz. God I miss that crazy sumbitch.

  • Eddie Galon
    Eddie Galon 3 months ago

    who knew hockey players were so sensitive.

  • M J
    M J 3 months ago +2

    Love how many of these snaps are all at Larry Brooks. He's a fucking twat. Disgrace of a journalist

    • Roman Czwakiel
      Roman Czwakiel 2 months ago

      M J Yeah, Brooksie is a terrible beat reporter.

  • Jakdup Jackson
    Jakdup Jackson 3 months ago

    Best response to grow up..? I'll grow up in your mouth....

  • sincityblue03
    sincityblue03 3 months ago +2

    Fuck the Press. Fuck the media. Fuck the reporters.

  • Sorry2Baked
    Sorry2Baked 3 months ago

    the media in general is a bunch of cunts with no respect. If i would of made the nhl id of been fined after every game hahaha

  • jamison allen
    jamison allen 3 months ago

    I'll just speculate then! now that's "journalism"

  • Whateverfits
    Whateverfits 3 months ago

    More like NHL/Interviews Gone Right.

  • Cj.outdoor s
    Cj.outdoor s 3 months ago

    Yayyy I was hoping to see bryz and I wasn't disappointed great vid!!!

  • rjstirzel
    rjstirzel 3 months ago

    Larry brooks ( the guy who was the reporter in 3/5) deserves it. Horrible journalism

  • xpat73
    xpat73 3 months ago

    Kissel is fat.

  • death2pc
    death2pc 3 months ago

    None of this turd swilling media cunts can tie their shoes, all the more remotely have ever been on skates for so much as one second. Do the math.................................

  • jimmy shine
    jimmy shine 3 months ago

    2:47 WUSS

  • Matthew Prestia
    Matthew Prestia 3 months ago

    WTF did Bret do?

  • Cameron Chisholm
    Cameron Chisholm 3 months ago

    in the second one who is he talking to

  • David Deel
    David Deel 3 months ago

    So called "news reporters" or "sports reporters" in this case, are all self righteous idiots. They get some sort of education, at least usually they do, and they think that makes then knowledgeable. What I have witnessed is that it is all about porsonality. If they make iton the air in any way, it is most always personality. It is an extreme rarity that I have ever witnessed sports reporters doing a show where they know what they are talking about. Excluding statistics that anyone can look up. It is always their guests that make the intelligent comments and makes intelligent offerings of insight.

  • ammaclellan79
    ammaclellan79 3 months ago

    Torts is the biggest crybaby bitch. Acts like a fecking child.

  • Nicholas Ramsey
    Nicholas Ramsey 3 months ago

    Can someone find the article that he was talking about in the first clip

  • alphabet933
    alphabet933 3 months ago

    Fat Phil, making it happen in Pittsburgh... on the third line.

  • Naz Idoura
    Naz Idoura 3 months ago +2

    Dan Boyle played for Torts @ Tampa, right?

  • Jake W.
    Jake W. 3 months ago

    Lol! Love Torts and Danny Boyle in this! Love AV but I do miss Torts. #NYR #LGR

  • Dan Dutton
    Dan Dutton 3 months ago

    Tortor has always been blunt and to the point. LOL

  • penssmell997
    penssmell997 3 months ago +18

    "you were probably beat up at the bus stop most of the time" LMFAO. Torts is such a dick but it's so funny hearing him give it to these snot-nosed reporters.

  • bgcheese
    bgcheese 3 months ago +1

    Brooks is an asshole and deserves a punch to the face.

  • TheCrazyCanuck420
    TheCrazyCanuck420 3 months ago +1

    Brooksie is one hell of a shit disturber. I'm shocked that Torts was only in two of the clips, the reporters piss him off so often you could make a 10 hour video of clips from that material.

  • Jordin Lashley
    Jordin Lashley 3 months ago

    Sports reporters are the lowest form of life. First person to get eaten when shipwrecked on an island. Utterly useless

  • Rabbie Taylor
    Rabbie Taylor 3 months ago

    Torts & Dan Boyle - legends!
    Lapierre ruined Boylers career - at least he retired a Shark

  • James Sweeney
    James Sweeney 3 months ago

    Phil is great because man he hated Toronto's media and they hated him.

  • MDB
    MDB 3 months ago +2


    Mark Ruffalo is Danny Boyle's doppleganger.
    And that guy next to Boyle is Robin Williams.

  • Douglas Schultz
    Douglas Schultz 3 months ago

    As much as I can't stand the Penguins! Still nice to see Phil get a ring after all the crap Toronto gave him.

  • 07foxmulder
    07foxmulder 3 months ago +2

    I'm a huge Leafs fan and I gotta agree with Kessel in that interview. Phaneuf was prematurely given the "C" and was expected to be the face of the franchise. He took a lot of shit from the media and handled it all with class. Kessel was given a lot of shit, too. It wasn't their fault they were under shitty management and played for an even worse team.

  • Nick Paluzzi
    Nick Paluzzi 3 months ago

    I hate john tortilla

  • Jimmy Sheridan
    Jimmy Sheridan 3 months ago

    Notice when its the Rangers, its always Larry Brooks.

  • Larence Persaud
    Larence Persaud 3 months ago +2

    Toronto is a great city. great management, good team, great coach, great fans, it just sucks the media is the worst. they make us look bad smh. I just hope they dont run anymore players outta the city like they did in the past

  • Steve Pirate
    Steve Pirate 3 months ago +1

    The reporter that was going at torts deserved every bit of what I got. Clearly never played a sports & torts was right he's the same guy that runs to the principle after instigating

  • Alexcr_31
    Alexcr_31 3 months ago

    larry brooks is a douche

  • Shawn Haqqani
    Shawn Haqqani 3 months ago

    Larry brooks is a jackass

  • Corey Crawfish
    Corey Crawfish 3 months ago +59

    "I want him out...
    and the other fucking clown" LMFAO

    • Felony Strutter
      Felony Strutter Month ago

      He must not like the NY Post. People always talk about the NYR this, NYR that...if the NYR won the cup and Derek Jeter cut his hand with a paper clip...Jeter gets the back page...I am a Devils fan...at least I know where we stand and that is okay...give me cups ..

  • Messier90
    Messier90 3 months ago +43

    Reporters are a special breed of losers

  • TheCardKing39
    TheCardKing39 3 months ago

    at 2:47, everything that comes out of Kessel's mouth about Phaneuf is all bull. Phaneuf is dirty, cheap and doesn't contribute no matter what team he's on.

  • intoodeep941
    intoodeep941 3 months ago

    Brooksie looks exactly as you'd expect. What a fat, turkey necked loser. Such a jerkoff!

  • Samuel Luria
    Samuel Luria 3 months ago

    Love all current AND FORMER Rangers!!!!!! That's what's so special about the Rangers/Ranger Fans. Once a part of the Family, always a part of the Family! If you are not a Ranger fan, you don't get what I'm saying. You might think you do - but you don't.

  • Patrick Laverdiere
    Patrick Laverdiere 3 months ago +2

    Larry Brooks is an idiot.

  • SerenityNow
    SerenityNow 3 months ago

    Larry Brooks is a fucking moron. He's a complete piece of shit hack artist. What a scumbag. I wished someone would knock the fuck out of him.

  • Mario Luigi
    Mario Luigi 3 months ago +13

    Tortella is a fucking save lol. I liked the Dan Boyle one too. "Brett, or whatever the fuck his name, where is he at?"

  • goalie2998
    goalie2998 3 months ago +12

    phil kessels head outgrew his hair...

  • Jesse Pugh
    Jesse Pugh 3 months ago +3

    "Then get the fuck outta here" hahahaha torts is great. I'd love him as my coach just so I could listen to all his post game pressers driving home from the game

  • ebnc23
    ebnc23 3 months ago

    Tort is a bosssssss

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