Hamilton’s Plan to Keep Trump From Becoming President | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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  • Ivone de Figueiredo
    Ivone de Figueiredo 4 months ago

    Unfortunately the Electoral College did not rise to the occasion. Sad!

    An opportunity lost. As a foreigner, it seems to me that if they could not do their job, I don't see the point of their existence.

  • Joel Gilmor
    Joel Gilmor 5 months ago

    It would've been a great idea, but our electoral college did not do its job and gave us this

  • Saul of Tarsus
    Saul of Tarsus 6 months ago

    NO, no compromising out of fear! Give me Bernie's ideas and liberty or give me death! HM3

  • TheWyrdSmythe
    TheWyrdSmythe 6 months ago

    The problem is that this was never about Trump. It was, and still is, about party, anger, and voting against. This was a referendum on rejection, no matter the consequences. Screw the face, the nose must go!

  • Titus Snyder
    Titus Snyder 6 months ago

    hey people the electoral college did its duty and elected Trump.

  • orochimarujes
    orochimarujes 7 months ago

    I wish electoral college voters had been chosen by lottery and not by state party elites.

  • Tom Ryner
    Tom Ryner 7 months ago

    I applaud you Sir!

  • emslas
    emslas 7 months ago

    This is an intelligent man who fears what comes ahead for all of us, with such an unbalanced person as president of this country. Hoping that he is wrong! Time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

  • Charlie Skywalker
    Charlie Skywalker 7 months ago

    I am a die hard democrat. And I hoped the electors would change their minds. But imagine a scenario just like this one, except it was the dems who came out with a lead, yet were 3 million behind and the reublicans were trying to switch it. Image that it was Anthony Weiner or the left and Colin Powell on the right. What would you do if people wanted to give it to Powell? Just my 2 cents, and I wish the election had been different.

  • Mary Kern
    Mary Kern 7 months ago

    Well said Keith! We are all Americans first. No foreign government should ever be allowed to take our Democracy away by their involvement in our elections.

  • John Fragka
    John Fragka 7 months ago

    And the Electoral College worked this time. Clinton lost.

  • Gary Gray
    Gary Gray 7 months ago

    You can't call a bunch of lying sacks a "Resistance". The actual Resistance began in the early 1990's with a little known voice on AM radio. The liberal Democrats tried and failed to silence Limbaugh and the rest is history.

  • JustStat
    JustStat 7 months ago

    Still crying Keith? You're making Kleenex stocks soar!

  • Toddy must
    Toddy must 7 months ago

    YES YES YES!! 😫too late!

  • K05H
    K05H 7 months ago


  • nasus nasus
    nasus nasus 7 months ago

    Hitler vs the Joo World Order.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 7 months ago

    Keith Olberman would make a good Mitt Romney impersonation on SNL if Romney ever became president.......hopefully 2020!

  • luvindaopera111
    luvindaopera111 7 months ago

    Bravo! Agree! But and alas, too late.

  • garyha
    garyha 7 months ago

    He's 100% full of hate.

  • oswald Boelcke
    oswald Boelcke 7 months ago

    Keith, it is time to take your medicine and rest.

  • Walnut Rock
    Walnut Rock 7 months ago

    The checks and balances of our fail safe democracy have already failed. The danger isn't Trump nuking another country, the danger is Putin (with Trump's knowledge)nuking US, US intelligence contacting Treason President Trump (who will happen to be in a secure luxury palace somewhere) and Treason Trump ordering NO retaliation against Russia - but rather a Nuke for China or a European ally. Meanwhile Trump's cabinet of imbeciles are all lined up to not be able to handle such a crises. Result - Authoritarian Dictators rule world. Advice - move to quiet warm place in the southern hemisphere of the planet because nuclear winter will very cold and US will be experiencing aftermath of radiation.

  • Keisha Johnson
    Keisha Johnson 7 months ago

    Need a better background this one is distracting.

  • Greg Campbell
    Greg Campbell 7 months ago

    This Guy is Geeked!! Obvious to anybody familiar with methheads.

  • AmericanCynic
    AmericanCynic 7 months ago

    I see the braindead liberals are whining.... again.

  • Frances Ryl
    Frances Ryl 8 months ago

    Time for Electoral College to go! Thank you, KO! 😉

  • aservantofyhvh
    aservantofyhvh 8 months ago +1

    For 2 million dollars Keith will bark like a dog and wear a clowns outfit.............

  • CaramelChameleon
    CaramelChameleon 8 months ago +1

    What a spaz. Dude, you are no longer, if you ever were, relevant. Russia didn't do anything in this election, you dumb fucks.

  • Williy From Philly Rev. of Truth

    Your a Tool . put your big boy pants on and deal with the loss already Keith

  • aaronconsultant
    aaronconsultant 8 months ago +1

    Too late, you psychotic whiner: Trump Won.

  • TheDeathwalker86
    TheDeathwalker86 8 months ago

    what a tool

  • Cheryl Gumulauski
    Cheryl Gumulauski 8 months ago

    The electoral college worked as planned by making sure a nationally supported candidate v/s regionally supported one was elected!

  • Bush Madness
    Bush Madness 8 months ago

    it's clear that the Islamists and Muzlims elected Trump, remember the US Cole?

  • Red Hot
    Red Hot 8 months ago

    Sadly seems we are stuck with this Trump, but I for one will fight to my dying breath to keep this country ours, I will resist I only hope intelligent people will as well,

  • Bararara Bororor
    Bararara Bororor 8 months ago +1

    Is this satire?

  • gantmj
    gantmj 8 months ago +1

    I'm an actual liberal, so I think even if Russia hacked the DNC emails (of which there is no proof), it's a good thing.
    Just because you hate Trump, you get all tribal, and go against a good thing.

    • GWR
      GWR 8 months ago

      gantmj. With a name like 1984 I thought you might have had more sense. It's a good thing that a most people don't think "it's a good thing" that "someone" tried and succeeded to sully and sway the electorate and the election. If you agree that the DNC and John Podesta were targeted then you also have to admit that "someone" knew what the outcome would be when they arranged for the info they stole to be drip fed to the worlds media via Wikileaks. Trump couldn't finish a single sentence without the using the word email a dozen times. The FBI looked into this and are no longer interested, neither is Trump, or GOP or anyone really. Every liberal I know believes in the rule of law. Republicans however seem to decide on a case by case basis.

  • 5thcorps
    5thcorps 8 months ago

    President Donald Trump. I'm all about it.

  • Ted G
    Ted G 8 months ago

    Keith, just a reminder. Trump won.

  • Chris Cason
    Chris Cason 8 months ago

    LOL ! Go back to sports!

  • wilson hill
    wilson hill 8 months ago +2

    I like the lazy hitler salute at the end f each video.

    • wilson hill
      wilson hill 7 months ago

      +David Russell lol

    • David Russell
      David Russell 7 months ago

      I could not possibly take 10 of his in a row - not even the same day. That man is insane. I'm afraid it might be contagious. ;-)

    • wilson hill
      wilson hill 7 months ago

      +David Russell i binge watched 10 in a row. he is hilarious.  

    • David Russell
      David Russell 7 months ago

      Thanks for pointing that out. I had missed it. (Probably never finished watching. It's hard to watch such a raving lunatic.)

  • Michael McCurley
    Michael McCurley 8 months ago +1

    Poor Keith seems to have his panties in a twist because the electoral college didn't see it his way...

  • jhunsicker22
    jhunsicker22 8 months ago

    Olbermann is going to have a stroke within the next 4 years. Trump won the election the same way Obama did 8 years ago. You're blowing everything way out of proportion. Calm down, everything is going to be okay.

  • Bard of the Beholder
    Bard of the Beholder 8 months ago


  • Lasna34
    Lasna34 8 months ago +1

    That's not the reason the electoral college was designed you crazy fucktard.Congress is who keeps the president in check.Checks and balances.I bet dumbass ppl believe crap coming out of this looney's pie hole.

  • diasmitty
    diasmitty 8 months ago


  • David Hanson
    David Hanson 8 months ago

    I told you that this thing was npt going to turn out well.

  • Kevin h Sellers
    Kevin h Sellers 8 months ago

    in case of emergency. break glass? hmmm

  • Dan neeah
    Dan neeah 8 months ago

    "In case of emergency break glass"

  • mark9241
    mark9241 8 months ago

    He sounds like the cooks who did the coup in turkey... Is he the friggin gamemaster of The Hunger Games?

  • Tera Summers
    Tera Summers 8 months ago

    Call my foolish but I still think Sanders would make a good president. Clinton and the Democrates tossed him aside but out of the three of them he had the most thought out plan off attack, knows how the system works and how to fix the damaged parts. Yet I still hear all these other people recommended to take over that didn't even run. Romney? really? he didn't even try in 2016. Maybe we should give it to someone who did.

  • D'yer Maker
    D'yer Maker 8 months ago

    God bless President Trump.

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 6 months ago

      +Well D'yer Maker, you crybaby Rightists were certainly endlessly crying and whining under Obama and Bill Clinton.

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 8 months ago

      Yes, Dump is our God given savior, D'yer Maker?. I, Heavenly to the Highest, doubt it.

    • D'yer Maker
      D'yer Maker 8 months ago

      +Alex Stewart Leftist tears make the green grass grow. Keep crying.

  • D'yer Maker
    D'yer Maker 8 months ago

    Keep crying, leftists. You are the world's biggest pansies and whiners. Your candidate lost. Democrats have been losing since 2010, get used to it.

  • Pete Sounds
    Pete Sounds 8 months ago

    GQ should get a better suit fitting for this guy

    • AnarchoRepublican
      AnarchoRepublican 7 months ago

      ...Blubbermann has a huge chip on his narrow shoulders, making him particulary hard to fit..

    • Bill Smith
      Bill Smith 8 months ago

      Pete Sounds He's sitting in a cardboard studio, there's nothing left in the budget.

  • JustaGuyx91
    JustaGuyx91 8 months ago

    FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Haru Kun
    Haru Kun 8 months ago

    Who cares what a White Male Slave owner said back in the past?

  • jpm5243
    jpm5243 8 months ago +2


    Still, one does have to pause to admire the colossal stupidity one man, in his mommy's basement, can create with craft paper and an iphone. Congratulations, Olberdouche.

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 8 months ago

      Yes jpm5243 I'm feeling insane also - HAHAHA... oh goodness, I'm too weary to complete all those HAs. :)

  • Will Boucher
    Will Boucher 8 months ago +1

    Amazing how many psychopathic Trump trolls have showed up today. Did you get paid overtime for you unzipping Trump's fly and saying ahhh?

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 8 months ago

      Hmm Matthew, and Trump isn't a "Loonie"?

    • Matthew Martin Rodgers
      Matthew Martin Rodgers 8 months ago

      Time for Leftist Loonies and Third Party ineffectual idealists to snap out of it, Trump and Republicans will get the economy moving and make the country safer--it's hip to be square.

      Get with it!--enjoy your freedom in this context, enjoy your music, the outdoors, the latest technology, God's abundance--stop embracing media falsehoods. Common sense people voted for Trump.

    • Matthew Martin Rodgers
      Matthew Martin Rodgers 8 months ago

      +Will Boucher thanks for not voting for her. 

  • VT Watchdog
    VT Watchdog 8 months ago

    The glib, pompous, narcissist is back baby! Watch out co workers, look out assistants and producers. The snarky self important windbag is in the building.

    Watching these after the fact is fun because it proves no one listens or cares.

    Don't know whose propping you up but back to your hole Keith.

    You blew it.

  • Smith Jones
    Smith Jones 8 months ago +1

    Donald Trump is my President Mr. Olbermann, and like it or not he's now YOUR President as well because that's what America wants!!!

    • Timothy Scanlon
      Timothy Scanlon 8 months ago

      Hmm....let's see, I didn't vote for the psychopath; 2.86 million voted for the psychopath's opponent. No, it's not "my president." You lost. Get over it.

    • CREvothegreater
      CREvothegreater 8 months ago

      yes that right......

    • Smiling Dog
      Smiling Dog 8 months ago

      Exactly, a minority of all Americans want him as President and we are a democracy!

  • Voodoo Vegetable
    Voodoo Vegetable 8 months ago


  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 8 months ago

    Olbermann can't get a real job in the media so he's on this channel where he rants. Tsk, tsk.

  • Ben Schneider
    Ben Schneider 8 months ago

    "But what's in it for me," brilliant

  • Graphics Geek
    Graphics Geek 8 months ago +1

    Being able to watch the slow unhinging of Keith Olbermann on YouTube is awesome!

  • Dancer Tiffy
    Dancer Tiffy 8 months ago

    Keith----get over it already. You live in a democracy, and democracies have elections--that is a fact.
    So yes, there was an election, and your person lost and someone else won. That's part of living in a democracy: sometimes the elections don't go your way.
    Deal with it.

  • monika zalewska Zalewska


    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 8 months ago

      monika, goodness I'm sorry to see you that are going crazy like I am - let me try to get this out like you do - AHAHAHHAH... nope, I'm already tired doing it. :)

  • Alternative For Canada
    Alternative For Canada 8 months ago


  • Lomjjh Thoroughbred
    Lomjjh Thoroughbred 8 months ago +2

    Political correctness is almost gone, in your face!

  • Bobby B
    Bobby B 8 months ago +2

    Threatening Electors, is called voter suppression. Keith.

  • Lflower1 Stars
    Lflower1 Stars 8 months ago +2

    The Electrol College should be abolished!

  • LordThor
    LordThor 8 months ago +6

    Trump Wins! Keith, how about jump out the nearest window. You have been Trumped by the real Resistance!

    GQ sucks, and so does Keith Olbermann!

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 8 months ago

      Yes LordThor And Trump is magnificent! NOT!!

    • GunControlKillsKids
      GunControlKillsKids 8 months ago

      Hey, don't laugh, their resistance is armed to the teeth... with safety pins! LMAO.

  • MoeGreensLeftEye
    MoeGreensLeftEye 8 months ago +7

    ...annnnd the electoral college vote just sealed the deal. Trump wins.

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 6 months ago

      MoeGreensLeftEye!, HA, HA, I think you are getting more and more insane by each of your comments. And I think you have reason to be! lol. :)

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 8 months ago

      Yep, and now we have a dictator.

    • msc D-A
      msc D-A 8 months ago

      Amazing...thank you for this woman. Having Haters means you are doing well.

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez 8 months ago +2

    Olbermann is a loon.

  • Alexandria Schulz
    Alexandria Schulz 8 months ago

    ahp! TOo bad he just got all the electoral votes he needed. JUST NOW. Great plan hamilton.

    • Matthew Martin Rodgers
      Matthew Martin Rodgers 8 months ago

      Trump will be the funnest President ever. It's hilarious watching all these Liberal Moonbats try to find something else week after week to stop the inevitable--we voted for him Liberals...let it go...your party is shrinking like the Wicked Witch of the West.

  • MoeGreensLeftEye
    MoeGreensLeftEye 8 months ago +6

    "The Resistance" lol the only thing Olbermann can resist is stable employment

  • Tiger TV
    Tiger TV 8 months ago +5

    It like a beautiful symphony. Trump slowly driving the liberals insane.

  • люблю пельмени

    Я пытаюсь что-то понять из того что он несёт, но потом я вспоминаю, что я школьник, который не знает английского

    • Dan Sam
      Dan Sam 8 months ago

      Мария Соколова yea, that's right.

  • OmegaRage
    OmegaRage 8 months ago +1

    Hey Keith get back in the bathtub!

  • Jrg1820fb
    Jrg1820fb 8 months ago

    Why is doing what he/you want done is being patriotic. Just part of self absorbed nonsense that is far too common in this country today.

  • Jrg1820fb
    Jrg1820fb 8 months ago +1

    He sounds like an  Evangelical minister picking and choosing passages that best serve his interests. No Alexander Hamilton was not talking about Russia possibly interfering with the election.  You should stop Keith.

  • The Spin Jerks
    The Spin Jerks 8 months ago

    come along keith. It's nap nap time. Take your medication make sure you swallow it this time. We don't want another Russian coup video. /facepalm

  • bgmnzz
    bgmnzz 8 months ago

    Is Vladimir Putin afraid of a girl? Is Putin afraid of a 68 year old grandmother? Is Condelezza Rice a communist? Is Robert Gates? Simple questions.

  • aekazitt
    aekazitt 8 months ago +2

    Any Evidence that Russia was behind this?

    • ksol1460tv
      ksol1460tv 8 months ago

      +aekazitt  "it does not warrant enough to make an allegation AFTER the election..." Many of the allegations were brought up months BEFORE the election. President Obama talks about this in last week's press conference.  Other than that, I take your points and we will just have to see what happens.

    • ksol1460tv
      ksol1460tv 8 months ago

      This explains it: http://wapo.st/2i5sp5e

  • Stephen Lessard
    Stephen Lessard 8 months ago


    • ksol1460tv
      ksol1460tv 8 months ago

      Keith never does videos at weekends. They tend to come out on Tues., Wed. and Thurs. He will probably speak about Obama's press conference in the next one.

  • alton gifford
    alton gifford 8 months ago +1

    We don`t have the tyranny of the majority. We have the tyranny of the minority.

  • Gerardo Gerardo
    Gerardo Gerardo 8 months ago


  • Robin Beers
    Robin Beers 8 months ago

    "little arts of popularity" rather.

  • Robin Beers
    Robin Beers 8 months ago

    "talents for low intrigue" and "the low arts of popularity' should be on Drumpf's hats.

  • DynamicUnreal
    DynamicUnreal 8 months ago +6

    The electoral college is there to prevent tyranny of the majority. I do not support it's removal. Besides coincidentally it creates a sort of game of strategy that can weed out a terrible campaign such as Hillary Clinton's. If the electoral college is used to remove a president elect than it will succeed in absolutely destroying this country to shreds. What the man in this video is proposing is not a way to save America, but to ignite a 21st century civil and final war.

    • Matthew Martin Rodgers
      Matthew Martin Rodgers 8 months ago

      The electoral college protected the regions of America the way it was supposed to. We don't answer to California or New York City. Outside of Cal, Trump had the pop vote by 3 million over Clinton.

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 8 months ago

      Yes, DynamicUnreal, so all you our saying is that our 1 vote does not matter and we can be "weeded out". Sounds like fascism to me.

  • JØ۷モ
    JØ۷モ 8 months ago +2

    THANK GOD TRUMP WON!! I prefer Trump to all the establishment cronies you recommend.

  • JØ۷モ
    JØ۷モ 8 months ago

    You prefer Banker-controlled establishment puppets to Trump??.. YOU ARE A DELUSIONAL HYPOCRITE.

  • JØ۷モ
    JØ۷モ 8 months ago

    TRUE PATRIOTS SUPPORT TRUMP! Hillary is the true foreign-backed usurper, you dumb hypocrite.

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 7 months ago

      Whatever Jae Phoenix. Many "patriots" in this country bother me because they tend to be... guess what... racists! Period. And these racists helped get Trump into office. Try to deny that if you can.

    • dave Skerritt
      dave Skerritt 8 months ago

      Ha! I agree Tuck Frump 141. Sieg Heil to our Hitler, Donald Dump!

    • Tuck Frump141
      Tuck Frump141 8 months ago

      Sieg Heil!

  • Mary Phillips
    Mary Phillips 8 months ago

    And what an ultimate triumph it will be over liberalism for Trump, in this final battle of 2016, to even vanquish Hamilton!

  • dead eye30o6
    dead eye30o6 8 months ago

    Keith Olbermann is fake news and is exactly what the media warn us about

  • AppleCoreCafe
    AppleCoreCafe 8 months ago +1

    GOP Frankenstein 2017

  • Berry Tharp
    Berry Tharp 8 months ago

    It is time to become the loyal opposition. Treason wont end well for the left

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